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Lauda Whoosha!

This is the place where we brazenly show off the awards we have received. If you would like to give us an award, please email us at No award is too small for us. We will take any and all praise and adulation that you feel like sending our way!


ThE XenA ShrinE's
ThE XenA ShrinE's "EternaL BondS" award (November 2001)

Blitzgal's Xenaverse Master's Award
Blitzgal's Xenaverse Master's Award (July 2001)

A Site to Remember Award
Scarlet Skies "Site to Remember" for July 2001

Site of the Month June 2001
Lucy Lawless Tapert's website "Site of the Month" for June 2001


Aida's XENA: WP Page website gave us their Xenites Choice Award 2000 in August 2000!

We just keep on battling on!
The ROCFiles website gave us their Award of Website Excellence in June 2000!

Steak and chakrams for all! Oh, you said 'stake'?
The Staked Chakram website gave us their Battle On Award in June 2000!

You have entered into the XENA ZONE
The XENA Zone website gave us their Award of Excellence in February 2000!

Fork's Xena Page website gave us their Imperial Xena Site Award in January 2000!


We win awards in different LNAGUAGES!
Atenea's Xenaverso website gave us the "Xenamedalla" for services beyond the line of duty in October 1999!

Maytha thinks we are EXCELLENT!
The XenaVerse Role Playing Web Page website gave us the "Xenaverse Award of Excellence" in October 1999!

We are young...we are Herkless!
The Young and the Hercless website gave us the "Widow Twanky's" Award in September 1999!

We are very helpful!
Francisco's Xena en Españ&ol website gave us the "Friends AID Award" in September 1999!

We're bodacious!
Dea gave us a Bodacious Award in August 1999!

We've won!
Claire gave us an award in March 1999. Woo hoo!

We won again!
Leeloomna gave us another award in March 1999. Woo hoo again!

We're well designed!
Hey, Andrew gave us another award! This time for excellence in design in January 1999.


Apparently we're not so good for the eyes
In December 1998, Chelsea gave us an "Unhappy Optometrist Award"! Thank you...we think.

We're bright!
In October 1998, Xenrielle gave us a Bright Star Site Award!

We're excellent!
In August 1998, Rebecca gave us an Excellent Site Award!

We're satisfying!
In August 1998, Abe gave us his Award of Xenite Satisfaction!

We're a Best Bet--you betcha!
In August 1998, Sandy and Lori of The Internet SF, Fantasy and Horror TV Yellow Pages gave us a Best Bet Award!

We got the illustrious Award of Illusia!
In July 1998, we won the illustrious Award of Illusia!

Gabrianne thinks we're heavenly!
In July 1998, Gabrianne told us we had heavenly vision!

Wendy thinks we are beautiful!
In July 1998, Wendy let us know that she thinks we are beautiful!

Rusty loves what we do!
In May 1998, Rusty gave us a Best Xena Site Award. Thanks, Rusty!

We're a 10-Star site!
In April 1998, we received a Number Ten 10 Star Site! Award for "coolness above and beyond the call of duty for web masters and web mistresses" from Alistair "No10" Erskine.

Heather thinks we rule!
In April 1998, Heather gave us the ultimate Web honor--a Glammy award! We can now die happy.

Twist o'lime
In April 1998, we were recognized by "Wonderland With a Twist of Lime." Makes me want a Corona.

They think we're totally cool!
In March 1998, we received Andrew's Xenaverse "Totally Cool" Award!

They think we're great!
Maybe the Oscars inspired all the award-givers! In March 1998, we also received a "Pyramid Web Ring Award."

We're Excellent!
In January 1998, we received a "K.C.'s Free Resources Award". We quote: "We Love Xena, and although we usually give awards to 'business and resource sites', we feel the contribution of the Men of Xena Calendar qualifies you to receive our award for online excellence and making the web a better place for all involved without charging and arm and a leg!" Well, alrighty then! Thanks, K.C.

We're the best!
In January 1998, we also received a "Best of the Web" award. January seems to be the month for non-Xena-related Web awards!


We smell good!
In December 1997, we were given the honor of "Best Smelling Site on the Web"! We are proud to have made it to the Top Ten and we are especially honored to be included on a list with "Why Cats Paint"

Ronny's Xena Award
We won Ronny's Xena Award for July 1997!

Site of the Night
We were Site of the Nite on May 24, 1997!

Total TV Top Ten
We were one of the Top Ten sites for Total TV's May 1997 article.

Xena Site Leadership Award
We also won a Xena Site Leadership Award, April 1997.

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