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Season 1 (2002)
09/20/02	F01/101	THE TRAIN JOB
09/27/02	F02/102	BUSHWHACKED
10/04/02	F03/103	OUR MRS. REYNOLDS
10/11/02	[pre-empted]
10/14/02	F01/101R2	The Train Job 
10/18/02	F04/104	JAYNESTOWN
10/25/02	F05/105	OUT OF GAS
11/01/02	F06/106	SHINDIG
11/08/02	F07/107	SAFE
11/15/02	F08/108	ARIEL
11/22/02	[pre-empted]       
11/29/02	[pre-empted]
12/06/02	F09/109	WAR STORIES
12/13/02	F10/110	OBJECTS IN SPACE	
12/20/02	F11/111	SERENITY I
12/20/02	F12/112	SERENITY II
12/27/02	[Cancelled]

Non-aired episodes
			Heart of Gold
			The Message

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