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Last update: 03-07-04
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LisDrl, 01/29/04
Jkc, 01/29/04
Alicia Healey, 02/01/04
Jim FBtE Yuen, [03/24/02], 02/14/04
A.J. Putnam 02/15/04
Lydia M. Woods, [03/22/02, 02/02/03], 02/18/04
Erin O'Connell 02/25/04
Leamond A. Allen 02/28/04
Amberly 03/07/04


Candi Raxter, [06/15/02], 01/16/03
No One in Particular, 02/01/03
Lydia M. Woods, [03/22/02], 02/02/03
Daela Gibson, 02/14/03
Sandra Lawrence, 02/18/03
Beth Goodman, [04/02/02], 02/19/03
Nusi Dekker, [03/25/02], 02/27/03
David Hamel, 04/01/03
Gail Futoran, [03/24/02], 04/11/03
Ana Salvador Gomez, 08/11/03
Christina Bjornstad, 08/27/03
David Milligan, [04/14/02], [12/28/02], 11/27/03


Cynthia Ward Cooper, 03/21/02
Lydia M. Woods, 03/22/02
Anonymous 01, 03/22/02, 04/12/02, 08/26/02
Janie O., 03/22/02, 08/22/02
C. Boeckmann, 03/22/02
Jonathan Law, 03/22/02
Kym Masera Taborn, 03/22/02
Inga Horwood, 03/23/02, 05/02/02
Jim Yuen FBtE, 03/24/02
Gail Futoran, 03/24/02
Rebekah Meuir of Texas, 03/24/02
Nusi Dekker, 03/25/02
A New Fan, 03/27/02
Anonymous 02, 03/30/02, 04/04/02
Christi Clogston, 03/31/02
Beth Goodman, 04/02/02
Amber Coakley, 04/02/02
In Memory of Kevin Smith 02, 04/04/02
David E. Milligan, 04/14/02, 12/28/02
Danielle Walther, 04/30/02
Anonymous 05, 04/30/02
Anonymous 04, 05/03/02
Diane C. Bonacci, 05/03/02
Elizabeth Johnson, 05/03/02
Sergio V. Sandoval-Perez, 05/04/02
Anonymous 03, 05/09/02
Demeter, 05/09/02
Anonymous 06, 05/09/02
Scrounge, 05/21/02
Xanonymous, 05/26/02
Beboman, 05/28/02
Alana Bowman, 06/03/02
Candi Raxter, 06/15/02
Julie Slagle, 08/12/02
erocfan, 10/22/02


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01-10-04: It's a new year! Woo-hoo! And I have plans...GREAT PLANS...but I need to expand. This is the year I want to restore all the graphics to the journal. I want to include transcripts and a clip service for the Lena Kundera Episode Guide. I want to develop and maintain the Kim Possible and Adult Swim areas. I want to finally decide what the heck I am going to do with Uber uber Alles. I am even looking into t-shirts! Woo-hoo! Big year. But I need space and I need $$$ to rent more space. If any one of the annual 1.8 million visitors to this site would like to send some discretionary PayPal bucks my way, I shall not say NO. In fact I will say THANK YOU and will bless your children and your children's child seven generations.

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