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Aqua Teen Hunger Force
(fast food comedy)

Season One 2001
Season Two 2002
Season Three 2003
Season Four 2004

Season One 2000-2002
(A01/101) Rabbot (12/30/00)
(A02/102) Escape from Leprauchpolis (09/09/01)
(A03/103) Bus of the Undead (09/30/01)
(A04/104) Mayhem of the Monninites (10/14/01)
(A05/105) Balloonenstein (12/23/01)
(A06/106) Space Conflict from Beyond Pluto(04/07/02)
(A07/107) Ol' Drippy (04/21/02)
(A08/108) Revenge of the Mooninites (05/05/02)
(A09/109) MC Pee Pants (05/19/02)

Season Two 2002-2003
(A10/201) Dumber Dolls (11/03/02)
(A11/202) Bad Replicant (11/10/02)
(A12/203) Circus (11/17/02)
(A13/204) Love Mummy (11/24/02)
(A14/205) Dumber Days (12/01/02)
(A15/206) Interfection (12/08/02)
(A16/207) PDA (12/15/02)
(A17/208) Mail Order Bride (12/22/02)
(A18/209) Cyberetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future (12/29/02)

Season Three 2003-2004
(A19/301) Super Birthday Snake (05/25/03)
(A20/302) Super Hero (06/01/03)
(A21/303) Super Bowl (06/08/03)
(A22/304) Super Computer (06/15/03)
(A23/305) Supermodel 06/22/03)
(A24/306) Super Spore06/29/03)
(A25/307) Super Surloin (08/31/03)
(A26/308) Super Squatter (09/07/03)
(A27/309) The Meat Zone (09/14/03)
(A28/310) Super Trivia (09/21/03)
(A29/311) Universal Re-Monster (09/28/03)
(A30/312) Total Re-Carl (10/05/03)
(A31/313) Revenge of the Trees (10/12/03)
(A32/314) Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary (10/19/03)
(A33/315) The Shaving (10/26/03)
(A34/316) Broodwich (11/02/03)
(A35/317) Kidney Car (11/16/03)
(A36/318) The Cubing (11/23/03)
(A37/319) Frat Aliens (11/30/03)
(A38/320) The Clowning (12/07/03)
(A39/321) The Dressing (12/14/03)
(A40/322) The The (12/21/03)
(A41/323) The Cloning (12/31/03)
(A42/324) The Last One (12/31/03)

Season Four 2004-2005
(A43/401) Video Ouija (04/25/04)
(A44/402) Unremarkable Voyage (05/09/04)
(A45/403) Gee Whiz (08/29/04)
(A46/404) Remooned (09/05/04)
(A47/405) Robositter (09/12/04)
(A48/406) E-Dork (09/19/04)
(A49/407) Little Brittle (09/26/04)

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