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Big O

Season One 2001
Season Two 2002

Season One 1999
(B01/101) Roger the Negotiator
(B02/102) Dorothy, Dorothy
(B03/103) Electric City
(B04/104) Underground Terror
(B05/105) Bring Back My Ghost
(B06/106) A Legacy of Amadeus
(B07/107) The Call from the Past
(B08/108) Missing Cat
(B09/110) Beck Comes Back
(B10/111) Winter Night Phantom
(B11/112) Daemonseed
(B12/113) Enemy Is Another Big O
(B13/114) RD

Season Two 2003
(B14/201) Roger the Wanderer
(B15/202) Negotiations with the Dead
(B16/203) Day of the Advent
(B17/204) Levithan
(B18/205) The Greatest Villian
(B19/206) Eyewitness
(B20/207) Stripes
(B21/208) The Third Big
(B22/219) Hydra
(B23/210) Twisted Memories
(B24/211) The big Fight
(B25/212) The War of Paradigm City
(B26/213) The Show Must Go On

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