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The Brak Show
(situation comedy)

Season One 2001
Season Two 2002
Season Three 2003

Season One 2001
(B01/101) Leave It to Brak: Goldfish (09/02/01)
(B02/102) Diff'rent Braks: Time Machine (09/02/01)
(B03/103) Gimme a Brak: War Next Door (09/09/01)
(B04/104) The Braks of Life: Hippo (09/09/01)
(B05/105) B.J. and the Brak: Mr. Bawk Ba Gawk (10/07/01)
(B06/106) Laverne & Brak: Mobab (10/21/01)
(B07/107) Brak's My Momma: Expiration Day (11/04/01)
(B08/108) Father Knows Brak: Psychoklahoma (12/02/01)
(B09/109) Petticoat Brak: The Eye (12/30/01)

Season Two 2002
(B10/201) Poppy (04/14/02)
(B11/202) Bully (04/28/02)
(B12/203) Mother, Did You Move My Chair? (05/12/02)
(B13/204) President Dad (05/26/02)
(B14/205) Brakstreet: Men in the Band (11/03/02)
(B15/206) Feud (11/10/02)
(B16/207) Runaway (11/17/02)
(B17/208) The New Brak (11/24/02)
(B18/209) Pepper (12/01/02)
(B19/210) Dinner Party (12/15/02)
(B20/211) We Ski in Peace (12/29/02)

Season Three 2003
(B21/301) Braklet, Prince of Spaceland
(B22/302) Coma
(B23/303) Shadows of Heat
(B24/304) Splat
(B25/305) Enter the Hump
(B26/306) Sexy New Brak Show Go
(B27/307) All That I Desire You
(B28/308) Cardburkey

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