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It was once rumored that Excel Saga would join Adult Swim.
It has not transpired yet, but we are hopeful.
So, in great hope and expectation, we present an episode guide.

Excel Saga

Season One 1999

Season One 1999
(E01/101) The Plan To Murder Koshi Rikudo
(E02/102) The Woman Who Came From Mars
(E03/103) Sacrifice Of The Deadly Hell Of Escape
(E04/104) Weird Love
(E05/105) Amazing Giant Tower
(E06/106) Cold Is Winter
(E07/107) Underground Melody
(E08/108) Viewer Rating Escalation Week
(E09/109) Bowling Musume
(E10/110) Menchi's Great Adventure
(E11/111) Withdraw
(E12/112) Big City Part 2 (There Was No Part 1)
(E13/113) New Years Hidden-Talent Contest
(E14/114) Tekoire
(E15/115) More Booster Shot Memorial
(E16/116) Find Love Again
(E17/117) Animation USA
(E18/118) Municipal Forces Daitenjan
(E19/119) Menchi's Adventure Part 2
(E20/120) All About Pedro
(E21/121) Visual K
(E22/122) Dear, Mother
(E23/123) Millenium Soldier Legend
(E24/124) For Yours If It Can Die?
(E25/125) Done
(E26/126) Overdone

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