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(sci-fi comedy)

Season One 1999
Season Two 1999-2000
Season Three 2000-2001
Season Four 2001-2002
Season Five 2002
Season Six 2003

Season One 1999
(F01/101) Space Pilot 3000 (03/28/99)
(F02/102) Episode Two: The Series Has Landed (04/04/99)
(F03/103) I, Roommate (04/06/99)
(F04/104) Love's Labors Lost in Space (04/13/99)
(F05/105) Fear of a Bot Planet (04/20/99)
(F06/106) A Fishful of Dollars (04/27/99)
(F07/107) My Three Suns (05/04/99)
(F08/108) A Big Piece of Garbage (05/11/99)
(F09/109) Hell is Other Robots (05/18/99)

Season Two 1999-2000
(F10/201) A Flight to Remember (09/26/99)
(F11/202) Mars University (10/30/99)
(F12/203) When Aliens Attack (11/07/99)
(F13/204) Fry and the Slurm Factory (11/14/99)
(F14/205) I Second That Emotion (11/21/99)
(F15/206) Brannigan Begin Again (11/28/99)
(F16/207) A Head in the Polls (12/12/99)
(F17/208) Xmas Story (12/19/99)
(F18/209) Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love (02/06/00)
(F19/210) Put Your Head on My Shoulder (02/13/00)
(F20/211) Lesser of Two Evils (02/20/00)
(F21/212) Raging Bender (02/27/00)
(F22/213) A Bicyclops Built for Two (03/19/00)
(F23/214) How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back (04/02/00)
(F24/215) A Clone of My Own (04/09/00)
(F25/216) The Deep South (04/16/00)
(F26/217) Bender Gets Made (a.k.a. Bendfellas) (04/30/00)
(F27/218) My Problem With Popplers (a.k.a. The Problem With Popplers) (05/07/00)
(F28/219) Mother's Day (05/14/00)
(F29/220) Anthology of Interest I (05/21/00)

Season Three 2000-2001
(F30/301) The Honking (11/05/00)
(F31/302) War is the H-Word (11/26/00)
(F32/303) The Cryonic Woman (12/03/00)
(F33/304) Parasites Lost (01/21/01)
(F34/305) Amazon Women in the Mood (02/04/01)
(F35/306) Bendless Love (02/11/01)
(F36/307) The Day the Earth Stood Stupid (02/18/01)
(F37/308) That's Lobstertainment! (02/25/01)
(F38/309) Birdbot of Ice-Catraz (03/04/01)
(F39/310) Luck of the Fryrish (03/11/01)
(F40/311) The Cyber House Rules (04/01/01)
(F41/312) Insane in the Mainframe (04/08/01)
(F42/313) Bendin' in the Wind (04/22/01)
(F43/314) Time Keeps on Slipping (05/06/01)
(F44/315) I Dated a Robot (05/13/01)

Season Four 2001-2002
(F45/401) Roswell That Ends Well (12/09/01)
(F46/402) A Tale of Two Santas (12/23/01)
(F47/403) Anthology of Interest 2 (01/06/02)
(F48/404) Love and Rocket (02/10/02)
(F49/405) Leela's Homeworld (02/170/02)
(F50/406) Where the Buggalo Roam (03/03/02)
(F51/407) A Pharaoh to Remember (03/10/02)
(F52/408) Godfellas (03/17/02)
(F53/409) Futurestock (03/31/02)
(F54/410) A Leela of Her Own (04/07/02)
(F55/411) 30% Iron Chef (04/14/02)
(F56/412) Where No Fan Has Gone Before (04/21/02)

Season Five 2002
(F57/501) Crimes Of The Hot (11/10/02)
(F58/502) Jurassic Bark (11/17/02)
(F59/503) The Route Of All Evil (12/08/02)
(F60/504) A Taste Of Freedom (12/22/02)

Season Six 2003
(F61/601) Kif Gets Knocked Up A Notch (01/12/03)
(F62/602) Less Than Hero (00/00/03)
(F63/603) Bender Should Not Be Allowed On TV (00/00/03)
(F64/6045 Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles (00/00/03)
(F65/606) The Why Of Fry (00/00/03)
(F66/607) The Sting (00/00/03)
(F67/608) Bend Her (00/00/03)
(F68/609) Obsoletely Fabulous (00/00/03)
(F69/610) The Farnsworth Paradox (00/00/03)
(F70/611) Three Hundred Big Boys (00/00/03)
(F71/612) Spanish Fry (00/00/03)
(F72/613) The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings (00/00/03)

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