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(legal drama)
Season One 2001-2003
Season Two 2004

Season One 2001-2003
(H01/101) Bannon Custody Case(09-02-01)
[Johnny Quest - Bannon vs. Quest: family law custody]
(H02/102) Very Personal Injury (09-23-01)
[Superfriends - Apache Chief vs. Javalux (Coffee Shop): civil law tort]
(H03/103) Shaggy Busted (07-07-02)
[Scooby Doo - The People vs. Shaggy: state criminal]
(H04/104) Death By Chocolate (07-14-02)
[Yogi Bear - The U.S. vs. Booboo: federal terrorist]
(H05/105) Shoyu Weenie (07-21-02)
[Jabberjaw - Shoyu Weenie vs. Jabberjaw and the Neptunes: federal copyright]
(H06/106) The Dabba Don (07-28-02)
[Flintstones - The U.S. vs. Flintstone: federal racketeering]
(H07/107) Deadomutt I (05-25-03)
[Dynomutt: Dog Wonder - The People vs. Harvey Birdman: murder one]
(H08/108) Deadomutt II (06-01-03)
[Dynomutt: Dog Wonder - The People vs. Harvey Birdman: murder one]
(H09/109) X, The Exterminator (06-08-03)
[? - ?: ?]

Season Two 2004
(H10/201) Blackwatch Plaid (01-01-04)
[Secret Squirrel - The People vs. Secret Squirrel: Flashing]
(H11/202) Trio's Company (04-18-04)
[Inch-High Private Eye - Inch-High Private Eye vs. ?: Unlawful termination]
(H12/203) The Devlin Made Me Do It (04-25-04)
[Ernie Devlin - ? vs. Ernie Devlin: Tort]
(H13/204) High Speed Buggy Chase (05-02-04)
[Speed Buggy - The People vs. Speed Buggy: high speed chase]
(H14/205) SPF (05-09-04)
[Ding-A-Ling - The People vs. Ding-A-Ling: internet porn]
(H15/206) Back to the Present (05-16-04)
[The Jetsons - The Future vs. The Present: polluting the planet]
(H16/207) Grape Juiced (05-30-04)
[Grape Ape - ? vs. Grape Ape: steroid use]
(H17/208) Peanut Puberty (06-06-04)
[Augie Doggie - ? vs. ?: ?]
(H18/209) Gone Efficien...t (06-13-04)
[Yakky Doodle - In Re Yakky Doodle: Name change]
(H19/210) TBA (07-18-04)
[? - ?: ?]

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