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Lupin the Third

Season One 2003
Season Two 2003
Season Three 2004

Season One 2003
(01/101) The Return of Lupin III
(02/102) Buns, Guns, and Fun in the Sun
(03/103) To Be, Or Nazi Be
(04/104) 50 Ways to Leave Your 50 Foot Lover
(05/105) Gold Smuggling 101
(06/106) Shaky Pisa
(07/107) Cursed Case Scenario
(08/108) The Disorient Express
(09/109) Now Museum Now You Don't
(10/110) ZenigataCon
(11/111) Who's Vroomin Who?
(12/112) Sleight Before Christmas
(13/113) I Left My Mind in San Fransisco
(14/114) Curse of the Jumbo Juju
(15/115) Case of the Risible Dirigible
(16/116) Crude Reproduction, Perfect Frame
(17/117) Sheik-down

Season Two 2003
(18/201) My Birthday Pursuit
(19/202) A Safe Bet
(20/203) Hell Toupee
(21/204) Last Mastery
(22/205) Lupin in Paradise
(23/206) Auntie Ballistic
(24/207) Rats to You
(15/208) The Lair of the Land-Shark
(26/209) Shot Through the Heart
(27/210) Little Princess of Darkness

Season Three 2004
(28/301) Revenge of La Nerd

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