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Martian Successor Nadesico

Season One 1996-1997

Season One 1996-1997
(01/101) To Go Like a Man
(02/102) Leave the Blue Earth to Me
(03/103) Too Early for Goodbye
(04/104) Charmed by Aqua Space
(05/105) Ruri's Navigation Logs
(06/106) Sort of Like a Fateful Decision
(07/107) The Song You'll Sing One Day
(08/108) Lukewarm Cold Equation
(09/109) Miracle Operation of the Kiss
(10/110) Dangers of Femininity
(11/111) Finding Yourself in a Routine Plot
(12/112) Those Unforgettable Days
(13/113) There Is No Single Truth
(14/114) Let's Go with Hot-Blooded Anime
(15/115) Boyfriend from a Distant Planet
(16/116) Our War Has Begun
(17/117) Belated Reunion
(18/118) The Sound of Water is the Sound of Me
(19/119) The Captain of Tomorrow
(20/120) Fight Silent, Fight Deep
(21/121) The Fields Where We Once Ran
(22/122) Protect the Visitor
(23/123) The Place We Call Home
(24/124) Ordinary Justice
(25/125) Being Myself

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