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Neon Genesis Evangelion

Season One 1995-1996

Season One 1995-1996
(01/101) Angel Attack
(02/102) The Beast
(03/103) A Transfer
(04/104) Hedgehog's Dilemma
(05/105) Rei I
(06/106) Rei II
(07/107) A Human work
(08/108) Asuka strikes
(09/109) Both of you, dance like you w
(10/110) Magma Diver
(11/111) The day Tokyo-3 stood still
(12/112) She said, "Don't make others
(13/113) Lilliputian Hitcher
(14/114) Weaving a story
(15/115) Those women longed for the to
(16/116) Splitting of the breast
(17/117) Fourth Children
(18/118) Ambivalence
(19/119) Introjection
(20/120) Weaving a story 2: oral stage
(21/121) He was aware of that he was a
(22/122) Don't be
(23/123) Rei III
(24/124) The beginning and the end, or
(25/125) Do you love me?
(26/126) Take care of yourself

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