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Sealab 2021
(sci-fi comedy)

Season One 2001
Season Two 2002
Season Three 2003-2004
Season Four 2004

Season One 2001
(S01/101) Chickmate (09/02/01)
(S02/102) Radio Free (09/09/01)
(S03/103) Predator (09/16/01)
(S04/104) Happy Cake (09/23/01)
(S05/105) Lost in Time (09/30/01)
(S06/106) I, Robot (10/07/01)
(S07/107) Little Orphan Angry (10/14/01)
(S08/108) Waking Quinn (10/21/01)
(S09/109) All That Jazz (a.k.a. Jazz Cola) (10/28/01)
(S10/110) Murphy Murph and the Feng Shui Bunch (12/09/01)

Season Two 2002
(S11/201) In the Closet (04/07/02)
(S12/202) Stimutacs (04/28/02)
(S13/203) Swimming in Oblivion (05/05/02)
(S14/204) Der Dieb (aka Martian Law) (05/12/02)
(S15/205) Policy (11/03/02)
(S16/206) Hail Squishface (11/10/02)
(S17/207) Bizarro (11/17/02)
(S18/208) Legend of Baggy Pants (11/24/02)
(S19/209) Tinfins (12/08/02)
(S20/210) 7211 (12/15/02)
(S21/211) Feast of Alvis (12/29/02)

Season Three 2003-2004
(S22/301) Brainswitch
(S23/302) Vacation
(S24/303) Fusebox
(S25/304) Article 4
(S26/305) Return to Oblivion
(S27/306) Splitsville
(S28/307) Tourist Season
(S29/308) Red Dawn
(S30/309) Meet Beck Bristow
(S31/310) I, Robot, Really
(S32/311) Frozen Dinner
(S33/312) Tornado Shanks

Season Four 2004
(S34/311) ASHDTV (06/20/04)
(S35/312) Chalkboard Jungle (06/27/04)
(S36/313) Dearly Beloved Seed (07/04/04)
(S37/401) Craptastic Voyage (07/11/04)
(S38/402) Let `Em Eat Corn (07/18/04)

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