Season 3, episode 11
Series 311
1st release: 01/11/03
2nd release:
Last update: 01/16/04

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SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye
COMMENTARY 1 by Adriane Saunders
COMMENTARY 2 by Beboman

Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow
Ron Rifkin as Sloane
Michael Vartan as Vaughn
Carl Lumbly as Dixon
Kevin Weisman as Marshall
Melissa George (Lauren Reed)
Greg Grunberg (Eric Weiss)
David Anders as Mr. Sark
Victor Garber as Jack Bristow

Terry O'Quinn (Kendall)
Bill Bolender (Oleg)
Mark Bramhall (Lazarey)
George Gerdes (Analyst)
Steven Shaw (Minister)
Yasha Blackman (Man in the wheelchair

Written by Jesse Alexander
Directed by Lawrence Trilling

Broadcast on ABC, 9-10pm, Sunday nights.


Sydney finally learns the shocking truth about her missing two years from an unlikely source. Twoevilmonks.org

SOMETHING SPECIAL IN THE AIR -- Yeah, there's something special, all right. If by "special" you mean "Kendall comes back and basically regurgitates not only the past ten episodes, but also delivers a synopsis of the past two seasons, and then tells Syd her ovaries have been robbed and Sark's gonna fill 'em full of Rambaldi DNA." If that's what you mean, well, by all means, you are correct and you win a brand new Elvis Chia pet. Don't forget to water it and give it lots of love. You'll have plenty of time to watch it grow, because this episode? LASTS FOREVER. TWoP

Thank you for flying Exposition Airlines. Full Disclosure - There are exits at either end of the plane. Unfortunately, they're all locked, and you're trapped here for the better part of an hour, listening to Kendall tell Sydney about how she really was Julia Thorne during the Lost Years, and that the Covenant harvested some of Syd's eggs in order to plug them full of Rambaldi DNA so we could all rejoice at the second coming of a man who invented a bunch of machines that don't really do much at all. Welcome aboard. Coffee? Tea? Shotgun? Poison darts? An escape pod? Fasten your seatbelts for takeoff, dudes. It's a long ride. TWoP


This synopsis is by Sally Dye.


Scenes from previous episodes, culminating with Marshall showing Sydney what was inside the cube she found in Graz -- the human tissue of Milo Rambaldi. The sample is studied and photographed by DSR agents, whom Marshall calls "the jerks". Sydney learns that the agents are planning to take the cube and its contents away and challenges them, but they say they have jurisdiction over it. Jack tells Sydney that they will find out about the last two years, but that this is now a dead end. They must look for other leads.

At her place that night, Sydney studies her notes. She hears the sound of glass breaking and gets her gun to go and investigate. When she goes outside, she is shot with a tranquilizer gun.

Sydney wakes up on a plane. She is astonished to see Kendall sitting next to her. He says he is with Special Research. The team with the cube was ambushed and now the Covenant has the cube, along with Rambaldi's DNA. He says they need to talk about the past two years. Sydney says that she doesn't know anything about that. Kendall says he does. Sydney wants to know why he didn't tell her about it earlier. Kendall: "Because you asked me not to."

Act 1

Kendall tells Sydney that a dead body with her DNA was found in her burned apartment. She was believed by all to be dead. Nine months later, Kendall says he received a phone call from Rome -- it was Sydney. They met secretly and Sydney revealed what had happened to her. She said the last thing she remembered after shooting Allison was waking up in a van, tied and gagged. A Covenant scientist named Oleg was with her. He injected her with a paralysis drug. She could see what was happeneing but couldn't move. He explained how they extracted DNA from her teeth and injected it into the teeth of the replacement corpse in her apartment. He took her to her own funeral, and they watched from a distance as Vaughn cast her ashes into the sea. Oleg told her to accept the fact that she was no longer Sydney Bristow.

She was then taken to St Petersburg. She wasn't cooperative, so Oleg brainwashed her. It took months. Then he used hypnosis to convince her she was Julia Thorne, a contract killer. Then she was tested. She was given a knife and told to kill a man who was strapped in a wheelchair. She took the knife and plunged it into his chest.

Act 2

Sydney asks Kendall who the man was, but Kendall doesn't know. He says that she told him, though, that she was never really brainwashed -- she was only pretending to be. Her early training in Project Christmas had conditioned her to be resistant to brainwashing.

Kendall says that Sydney wanted to go home, but he convinced her that she would be placing herself and everyone she loved in danger. She had to continue as Julia Thorne. Sydney said she had to see Vaughn. Kendall said it had been nine months, but Sydney said that Vaughn still loved her, so she went to find him. When she got to his place she saw him kissing Lauren and was unable to confront him. So she returned to her covert life as Julia Thorne.

Next Julia was sent to Algeria where she met Simon Walker. They were sent by the Covenant to search for the cube. Through the search she met Lazarey, who was also very interested in Rambaldi. The Covenant wanted her to get information on the location of the cube from him and then kill him. But she went to Lazarey and warned him, and they worked together to fake Lazarey's death.

Kendall tells Sydney that the Covenant believes her to be the "Chosen One", about whom the Rambaldi prophecy was written.

Julia and Lazarey began working together to find the cube for the CIA. They traced it to a cave in the Fish River Gorge. There they found a buried vault which housed the cube. Lazarey had the many keys that were required to open the vault, but a hidden trap caught his hand. Sydney had to cut off his hand to get him out before the cave collapsed around them. But they got out with the cube. Sydney was supposed to take the cube to Kendall, but she never showed up. Kendall says he received a video instead and turns it on, telling Sydney that she "might want to sit down for this."

Act 3

On the video, Sydney apologized to Kendall for not going along with their plan. Sha said the cube wouldn't be safe with the CIA. She said she had found someone to help her ensure that no one would ever find it. That someone was going to remove her memories. She said that if she came back and didn't remember, not to tell her anything about what she'd been through.

Kendall says the Covenant believes that Rambaldi will return in the form of a child. They think his DNA can be used to fertilize the eggs of the Chosen One. Sydney pulls up her shirt and looks at the scar on her stomach, realizing that the Covenant must have already extracted her eggs.

Kendall wants to know how Sydney was led to the location of the cube. She remembers Sloane giving her the envelope that contained the key to the apartment in Rome, which led to all the other events of the past few months.

Sydney calls Marshall and asks if he put a tracer on the cube before it was taken. At first he says no, but finally admits that he did. Sydney wants to know where it is.

In a lab, overseen by Sark, technicians extract the Rambaldi DNA and add it to test tubes with the name "Sydney Bristow" on it.

Act 4

Sydney, Weiss, Vaughn and Dixon are briefed on the mission to recover the DNA. Before they leave, Dixon confesses to Sydney that he was there when Kendall received the call from her and has known about her past all these months. He says he now understands her life at SD-6 and realizes how hard keeping things from those you love is.

In Patagonia, Sydney and the team parachute out over the location of the lab. They get into the compound and a gun battle breaks out between them and Sark and his men. Sark escapes, but many of his men are shot. Dixon says that Kendall wants all of the test tubes brought back for analysis. Then he turns to Sydney and says, "Do your thing." Sydney blows up the lab and all the test tubes apparently burn up. They check the bodies of Sark's men and find one alive -- it's Lazarey.

Sark makes a phone call, telling someone that his father is still alive and to "take care of it."

Back in LA, they take Lazarey to the hospital. He asks Sydney if she knows about "the passenger," but he is very weak. She says they will talk at the hospital. When Lazarey is taken from the ambulance, several shots are fired, and Lazarey is hit.

On a nearby roof, the sniper packs up a gun and pulls out a phone. The sniper turns around -- it's Lauren. On the phone she reports that the matter is taken care of.


This commentary is by Adriane Saunders.

Tedious and lame describes this episode from start to finish.. But for a tweak of interest when Syd remembers Marshall probably put a tracer on Rimbaldi's DNA, yawns and eye rolls are my only reactions. I keep looking at my watch, counting minutes until the episode is finished. The title, "Full Disclosure", may say it all. This episode is no more, really, than a "debriefing" for Syd, a detailed, and frequently farfetched rewind of her forgotten two years. Better those years remained undisclosed. A blank is preferable to a bore.

Three quarters of this episode plays like a clip show or an overdrawn teaser, full of repetitious flashbacks, and goofy explanations of previous actions. Lots of past and little present. Talking heads and tears, over long dialogue, and acting more ham and melodrama than anything remotely suspenseful, interesting or Alias-like. What happened, Jesse Alexander? You usually write terrific scripts. This script is a stinker.

The only highlight for me is a one minute reappearance of Lena Olin, Syd's all-Season-absent mother (who may or may not return to the series, though sorely missed). Her appearance, alas, is only an excerpt from Season Two finale, just before Olin bungie jumps off the skyscraper to escape Syd. That one minute only reminds me how much Olin brings to plot and suspense and relationship in Alias. Good luck to J.J. Abrams getting her back.

Meanwhile, some "good news" for Alias and Jennifer Garner (Syd Bristow). TV Guide's readers just voted Garner "Favorite Female Actress in Drama for 2003." That is 30 million readers. Not bad. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for this week's episode.


This commentary is by Beboman.

I'm still in a state of shock; this episode really carried a big bag at the end. But before we get to the end, there are a few things we need to take a look at.

First and foremost, I really liked this episode. I was beginning to get tired of all this, "What happened to me during those two years" song and dance. Sydney was, by no means, turning into a whining female like Buffy did when her friends brought her back from the dead, but the whole thing was beginning to get annoying.

The timing for revealing what happened was just right and the way it was done was excellent. Who would have said that Kendall would be the one with the key to the whole thing? Everything was explained just right; they did not drag it out or make it too unbelievable.

At first, I thought Sydney was been captured again by the Covenant. However, when I saw Kendall, I thought he was going to arrest her for something new. When he started his story about what happened to Sydney, I was left with my mouth open. It took a while for it to close. Everything was so well explained. By the way, did I say I really liked this episode?

Then there was Marshall; boy, he truly came through for Sydney this time. I liked his part in the whole thing. He saved the day without even realizing it. Then there was Dixon, who finally got a taste of his own medicine. He learned that Sydney had known for such a long time that he was not working for the CIA, but for the Alliance. He had treated Sydney badly and now it was his turn to keep a secret and not be able to tell her about it. That scene between them was good, and a needed one.

It was interesting to see how easy the good guys entered the den of evil to destroy all of Sydney's insemination mixture. I thought it was too easy. The action scene that followed was fine, nothing out of the ordinary, and Sydney was able to destroy all of the specimens created from her eggs and Renoldie's DNA, or at least that is what we are led to believe. She was also able to rescue Lazarey.

Now comes the end when Lazarey is shot as they are taking him out of the ambulance at the Naval hospital. We find out the killer is none other than Lauren, Vaughn's wife. Now that is a great big twist, but it explains to the audience why the Covenant was able to manipulate Sydney in such a way that she was able to lead then to the Renoldie's box. It also explains why the Covenant knew every single one of Sydney's moves. Now let's see how long it will take the CIA to figure out that Lauren is a traitor.

This was a very good episode; very well written, directed and especially well acted. I really did enjoy it.


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