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Last update: 01/10/03

01-10-03. Jennifer Garner is in the February issue of Glamour magazine, with the purple cover.

12-21-02. Alias star Jennifer Garner is nominated again for a Golden Globe Award for "Best Actress" in a Dramatic Series. Last year she won the award.

11-28-02. Jennifer Garner has a supporting role in the soon-to-be-released Catch Me If You Can, a film directed by Stephen Spielberg and starring Leo Decaprio. Tom Hanks also has a supporting role. Catch Me If You Can is based on a true story of master con man Frank Abignail. Garner plays a call girl. On Barbara Walters 20/20 on ABC-TV November 27, 2002 showed a clip from the film. Spielberg spoke about Garner as lead in for the clip, calling her "very talented".

11-14-02. http://www.ABC.com now offers an "online" Alias underground game. Members ONLY but anyone can sign up on the site.

09-18-02. Jennifer Garner is on the cover of this week's TV Guide in the U.S. and Garner was interviewed last night on the "Regis & Kelly Primetime Special" at 10pm on ABC-TV, 17 September 2002. Great interview, taped chasing Garner round the set for Alias in Los Angeles. Lots of "in action" clips of Garner from last season's episodes. And Garner expects this season's scripts to be even better than last years, making the whole year last season "just a set up" for what's coming this season. Also interviewed on the Special was Ben Afflick, who co-stars with Garner in the soon-to-be released action movie Daredevil.

09-16-02. 11 Emmy Nominations for Alias in 2002, including 'Best Writing", Best Supporting Actor--Victor Garber, and Best Actress of course--Jennifer Garner.

09-11-02. Jennifer Garner is the cover and feature article for the September 2002 Issue of Allure magazine. Title of the article is "Jennifer Garner Prepares to Kick B---".

09-10-02. Alias star, Jennifer Garner, is on the cover of the September 13, 2002 Issue of Entertainment Weekly.

06-15-02. Jennifer Garner will co-stars with Ben Affleck in a film about a comic book superhero called Daredevil. Release date: President's Day weekend in February 2003. Click on http://www.actionadventure.about.com for more information about the film, and an interview with Affleck and Garner.

06-15-02. According to Entertainment Tonight, Jennifer Garner is "in talks" to star in a film called 13 Going on 30, for which she will be paid $3 million.

06-15-02. Alias action figures are scheduled to appear for sale later this year, Series One in October 2002, and Series Two in December. For more information, check Entertainment Tonight, June 2002, or click on http://www.sd-6.com> The same website offers Alias plot synopses, videos, music, photos, and screensavers.

06-15-02. Check out E-Bay, http://www.ebay.com for all kinds of Jennifer Garner paraphenalia, and other Alias items.

06-02-02. Jennifer Garner is the cover and feature article for the July Issue of "Women's Life". It is not clear whether there's a Canadian vs. US version of this magazine.

06-02-02. Jennifer Garner was one of the hosts (along with Arnold Schwartzneggar and others who often do their own stunts) on the "2002 Stunt Awards" on Friday May 31, 2002 at 8 pm, on ABC-TV.

05-03-02. TV Guide Online has a Season Finale Preview up that mentions the Alias finale. Take a look at http://www.tvguide.com/tv/shows/finale2002.asp. They had a Today's TV column on April 26, 2002 on Felicity up a couple of days that mentioned that Producer Abrams might have plans for Keri Russell on Alias. Read it at http://www.tvguide.com/tv/020424.asp. From Aliasdiva.

04-10-02. Jennifer Garner will make a guest appearance on the Season Finale of Felicity, May 22, 2002, reprising her role as Noel's ex-girlfriend. Noel is played by Scott Foley, Garner's real life husband.

04-10-02. Useful and informative weblink available on Entertainment Weekly website: http://www.ew.com/ew/aliasguide. Included are biographies and photographs of the actors plus weekly episode updates.

04-10-02. The ABC-TV News show, 20/20 Downtown interviewed Garner on March 6, 2002, 10 pm.

04-10-02. Jennifer Garner was the cover and feature article for the March 8, 2002 issue of Entertainment Weekly.

02-11-02. Jennifer Garner of "Alias" is the cover and is the feature story for the February 14, 2002 issue of Rolling Stone, now on the stands. The article covers quite a bit and even includes mention of Xena -- and other "b*tt kicking babes". Check it out.

01-24-02. Alias has been renewed for a second season.

01-24-02. Jennifer Garner won a Golden Globe for her acting on Alias. The show did not take the Best Drama award, though. The show did win, however, the People's Choice Award (CBS) for "Favorite New Drama Series" on January 14, 2002.

01-10-02. Quentin Tarantino begins a two-part guest stint in The Box I and The Box II. The Pulp Fiction auteur (who nabbed an Oscar for the 1995 film's script) plays McKenas Cole, a former SD-6 operative left for dead after a botched mission in Chechnya. Now he's back and ready for revenge, taking the Credit Dauphine headquarters by siege. His goal: Crack the agency's wired-to-blow vault and give the duplicitous Sloane a fatal lesson in torture techniques. But what Cole doesn't know is that two brave Bristows are on the loose somewhere in the building, cooking up a desperate plan to save the day.

12-26-01. Alias was nominated for the Golden Globe for "Best Drama" and Jennifer Garner was nominated for "Best Actress in a TV Drama". Her competition: Lorraine Bracco, "The Sopranos"; Amy Brenneman, "Judging Amy"; Edie Falco, "The Sopranos"; Lauren Graham, "Gilmore Girls"; Marg Helgenberger, "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation"; and Sela Ward, "Once and Again". She is in good company. The Golden Globes are awarded on January 20, 2002.

12-19-01. The Family Channel will air an ALIAS marathon of episodes 1 through 11 on January 1, 2002 starting noon EST.

12-19-01. ALIAS has also been nominated for a People's Choice Award for "Best New TV Show".

12-11-01. Quentin Tarantino will be guesting as a villain on Alias (reported in yesterday's USA Today Life section). Filming is happening now. Airing will be after the new year.

12-11-01. More excerpts from an interview with ALIAS star, Jennifer Garner on the "Rosie O'Donnell Show" in November 2001:

ROSIE: There's also a great sort of love interest on Alias. You had your fiance--
GARNER: Which one do you think is the love interest?
ROSIE: Oh, definitely the reporter guy who's on to you.
GARNER: Do you?
ROSIE: Oh, yeah, totally.
GARNER: Interesting.
GARNER: Really. What do you think about the cutie, cutie Michael Vartan?
ROSIE: Totally cute. But, I don't think you--well, I can see you developing that. But I think that other guy's got a wicked crush on you. And, then when you kiss--
GARNER: How cute is he? I mean, aren't they cute guys?
ROSIE: They're cute. And, they're like--NOT models, but they're still adorable.
GARNER: Mmm! And, like sexy.
ROSIE: Sexy! Yeah! Except he's on to you that reporter guy. What's his name?
GARNER: His name is Bradley Cooper.
ROSIE: Did you almost forget?
GARNER: No, I almost called him by his character's name, which is so embarrassing--Will Tippen.
ROSIE: [Laughing] Which is what I did, cheating in High School--the answer is--[long pause, more laughing]
GARNER: No, Bradley Cooper.
ROSIE: I have never seen him before, and I have never seen you before.
GARNER: Well, we've both been around. A lot.
ROSIE: What have you done besides this?
GARNER: Hmm? I did a series a couple of years ago called "The Time of Your Life", with Jennifer Love Hewitt.
ROSIE: With Jennifer Love Hewitt. See, I don't remember you in that.
GARNER: Yeah, that was me.
ROSIE: See, I don't remember you in that. Sorry.
GARNER: And I played one of the nurses in "Pearl Harbor" with the curly hair and the glasses.
ROSIE: I didn't see "Pearl Harbor". It's too long. [Audience laughs] No, you know why. Here's why. I didn't even see it. It could have been good. But, it said "3 hours". Do you know what that means to a person who's trying to lose weight? [More laughter] That is the extra large popcorn. There's no way I could see that movie.
GARNER: I am so with you there. Yeah, yeah.
ROSIE: So you did that too.
GARNER: Yeah, I did that, then "Felicity". I had a guest on "Felicity", where I met my own cutie, cutie--my own man, Scott Foley.
ROSIE: Yeah, Scott Foley. He's adorable, and he's here.
GARNER: Yeah, he's here.
ROSIE: Is that an engagement ring I see?
GARNER: Oh no, we're married. We've been married a year.
ROSIE: How old are you!?
GARNER: I'm 29.
ROSIE: You are!! I thought you were like 20!
GARNER: No, I'm a grown up.
ROSIE: You're an adult! [Audience laughs]
GARNER: Yeah, I'm married and--I've been married a year and two weeks.
ROSIE: And you met him on that show.
GARNER: Yeah, we met on the show and then that was kind of it.
ROSIE: Wow! Now, let me tell you something. I thought you were this young actress that nobody had ever seen do anything. And, I'm like, "who's the Julia Roberts look alike who's kicking butt on ABC?"
GARNER: I'm a hundred.
ROSIE: You've been around.
GARNER: Yeah, yeah.
ROSIE: So, how was the wedding? Was it a big ta-do?
GARNER: No, it was just 30 people in our backyard. And we were engaged for 6 weeks. And [laughing] we just kind of put it together and got married.
ROSIE: Six weeks. And, how did you know he was the one?
GARNER: Um, he took me to Paris a couple of months in. I mean, he really courted me and every date was followed up with flowers, and "thank you for going with me". He asked if he could kiss me the first time--you know, all the stuff. He quit smoking, which was huge.
ROSIE: Ah! That's just excellent.
GARNER: Yeah, it's huge. He quit after two and a half years!
ROSIE: But, you can't live with a smoker. No, not possible.
GARNER: No! And then he took me to Paris, and he was such a gentleman. And, then, oh good--yeah.
ROSIE: Six weeks and then you got married.
GARNER: No, oh no, we dated for 2 years.
ROSIE: Oh, I thought you were talking 6 weeks.
GARNER: No, no. We were engaged for 6 weeks.
ROSIE: And then you went to Paris? Wait a minute! [Audience laughs] You were married, and--
GARNER: [To the audience] Do you understand me? [More laughter] Thank you!
ROSIE: Oh, so it's me!! [Laughter] You met him on "Felicity"--
GARNER: We met on "Felicity".
ROSIE: Then you got engaged.
GARNER: We met on "Felicity". We went to Paris a couple of months into our courtship.
ROSIE: Uh, huh.
GARNER: You're with me.
GARNER: And then a year in, we bought a house. Anyway. Then two years in, we got engaged. Six weeks after the engagement, we were married.
ROSIE: [Shouts] I like that, Jennifer.
GARNER: [Shouts back] Thank you. [Audience laughs]
ROSIE: Where'd you grow up?
GARNER: West Virginia.
ROSIE: West Virginia. And, where did you study acting?
GARNER: Dennison University.
GARNER: In Ohio.
ROSIE: That's a good place. Never heard of it. [Audience laughs] We're going to take a break and talk more about your show because I love it. It's Alias. It's on right before "The Practice". It's on ABC.
GARNER: It's on Sunday nights, ABC.
ROSIE: They know "The Practice", most people--you know, 10 o'clock.
GARNER: Yeah, before "The Practice", Sunday nights.
ROSIE: Yeah, they know, Sunday nights before "The Practice", Sunday nights on ABC, yeah. And it's a great show, and Victor Garber, from Broadway, plays her dad.
GARNER: And, Ron Rifkin, from Broadway.
ROSIE: Yeah, he's great.
GARNER: And Carl Lumbly, from Broadway. Mmm!
ROSIE: Ron Rifkin is a horrible SD-17, or whatever it is. [Everyone laughs] He is the corrupt CIA-pretender-to-be!
GARNER: He is so creepy!
ROSIE: Ah, he's bad!
ROSIE: And he's a little bit on to you, honey. He's on to you.
GARNER: I'm not saying anything.
ROSIE: He is, I'm telling you. I watch the show. I see scenes that you're not in. [Everyone laughs] He's on to you. We're going to be back with Jennifer Garner right after this. [Commercial] Back with Jennifer Garner, who's no relation to James Garner.
ROSIE: No. No one in your family is an actor, just you.
ROSIE: But, I understand you love the Martha Stewart.
GARNER: Martha was here yesterday, wasn't she? On the show.
ROSIE: Yup, she's enjoyable. You love it.
GARNER: I love the Martha Stewart, everything about it.
ROSIE: The catalogue, the show?
GARNER: The catalogue! How good is the catalogue? The online catalogue.
ROSIE: Do you order a lot?
ROSIE: I do.
GARNER: Do you?
GARNER: The shows, the magazines--I'm a fan. And, "From Martha's Kitchen" I like even more than Martha Stewart, because it's just the cooking.
ROSIE: Are you a good cook?
GARNER: I don't know. Yeah.
ROSIE: Do you have a favorit, favorite recipe? Is there a special at the Jenny Garner house?
GARNER: I like the baked. No, I like to cook anything. I mean, she makes a lovely rack of lamb, Martha.
ROSIE: Yeah, she does.
GARNER: And, I'm very fond of that recipe, and a really good, quick spagetti sauce that's done by the time you're spagetti is done boiling.
ROSIE: And, you know, she's really soothing--the way she talks.
GARNER: Yes! That's a good point. She calms me down.
ROSIE: She's the "Mr. Rogers" of Craft Making.
GARNER: Yes, thank you. Now, you're into the craft thing.
ROSIE: I'm very crafty.
GARNER: I'm not very good at the crafty.
ROSIE: I've heard that, Jennifer. [More laughter] I'm not just saying that. I've heard that. I said to Martha once, when she was on the show, I said to her, "What did you do yesterday?" This was back in October, and she said [immitates Martha Stewart's voice]"I went outside and picked some fresh butternut squashes, and I made myself a lovely soup." And I went, "Who in god's name could actually answer that and being true?" I go, "Are you lying, or is that a joke?" And she goes, "Oh no, the butternut squashes are absolutely ripe." She's hysterical!
GARNER: Well, when I'm unemployed--which obviously I have been, since you think I was just born yesterday.
ROSIE: No, you're not going to be unemployed, because this show is a big hit.
GARNER: Yeah, yeah.
ROSIE: It is, it is. And, it's a really, really good show.
ROSIE: That show, and the show "24" are the two best new shows.
GARNER: You like that show?
ROSIE: I think it's great.
GARNER: Yeah, that Keiffer Sutherland. MmmHmm.
ROSIE: Yeah, he's a cutie.
GARNER: Yeah, he is.
ROSIE: Stop talking about other men. You're married. And, he's here, and he's coming out.
GARNER: I know.
ROSIE: And he's coming out, right now.
GARNER: Is he really?
ROSIE: Yeah, Scott Foley, ladies and gentleman. [Audience claps. Band plays.] [To Scott Foley] I didn't know you were married. Who knew! Last time you were here, Scott Foley, we had Minnie Driver trying to pick you up.
FOLEY: I know.
ROSIE: Minnie Driver was totally into you.
FOLEY: It was good.
ROSIE: Yeah.
FOLEY: I had fun.
ROSIE: You met her, and you knew right away?
FOLEY: Minnie? Yeah, I was--
ROSIE: No, no, no--Jenny.
FOLEY: Yes, Jenny, I knew right away. It took a little convincing, on my part. I'm ready to go, and ready to, you know, get in there and--what? [Audience laughs]
ROSIE: I know you meant emotionally.
FOLEY: Yeah, and she was just coming out of a relationship, a little standoffish. But, Paris has a way of breaking through any issues that she had.
FOLEY: And, things worked out pretty well, I think.
ROSIE: And how is it with your schedules, when you're both doing hour jobs.
GARNER: Crazy.
ROSIE: You never get to see each other that much.
GARNER: Well, "Felicity" is by the same--JJ Abrams created both "Felicity" and "Alias". So, we shoot on the same lot.
ROSIE: Oh, that's good.
GARNER: So I go over and watch him play his video games, and he comes over and watches me fight.
ROSIE: And karate chop.
FOLEY: Yeah, we're very close.
ROSIE: I met that little J.J. Abrams when he sold his first script. I think he was something like 22 years old. He's a very talented young man.
FOLEY: He's amazing. And, "Regarding Henry"?
ROSIE: Yeah.
FOLEY: He's unbelievable.
ROSIE: He's very good. I didn't know he played on both those shows. Tell him I said "hello".
GARNER: We shall.
ROSIE: Now, you write me into SD-7.
GARNER: You can so be in SD--you want to be in CIA?
ROSIE: No, I want to be in SD-7. I want to be like someone who's planted in there to take down Ron Rifkin. You know, I want to be the person who, you know--
GARNER: Are you sure you don't want to fight?
ROSIE: No, nah.
GARNER: You can fight.
ROSIE: No, no, I want to give him a shot of something that numbs him, and, and--he falls in love with me.[Audience laughs.] I don't know, something.
GARNER: Something interesting.
ROSIE: Yeah, I want the nice font where they spell "CAIRO". Even if we don't go there, I just want it to say like, you know--"AUSTRALIA", like that.
GARNER: We've never been to Australia.
ROSIE: That would be fun.
GARNER: We'll save it for you.
ROSIE: The show is--it rocks! I'm not kidding you, it's my favorite show. "Alias".
GARNER: Please watch.
ROSIE: It's on at 9 o'clock ABC, Sundays. And, you got to watch it. You two are delightful. I'd like to have you over for Christmas.
FOLEY: Love to.
ROSIE: OK, then we will.

12-01-01. Excerpts from an interview with ALIAS star, Jennifer Garner on the "Rosie O'Donnell Show" in November 2001:

ROSIE: Now, from my new favorite TV show, Alias--please welcome the beautiful and talented, Jennifer Garner. Hi, Jennifer Garner. I love the show.
GARNER: Thanks. I love your show. I'm so glad you like ours. When we first heard on the set that Rosie is talking about the show today, we stopped in our tracks.
ROSIE: Well, it's so well done, and you're so good. And, you know what, you really have to pay attention to that show.
GARNER: You really have to pay attention.
ROSIE: Because you are basically recruited by SD-7.
ROSIE: Whatever. And, um, you think they're the FBI, CIA.
GARNER: I think they're the CIA.
ROSIE: But they're not, but you don't know that.
GARNER: No, I think I'm working for the good guys. And I'm so not working for the good guys.
ROSIE: Well, good for Garber, [who] also works for SD-6--or 7. And he's your father and you're sort of estranged.
GARNER: Yeah, we've had a rough time.
ROSIE: But he's a double agent.
GARNER: He's a double agent, as am I.
ROSIE: That's where it gets tricky, everybody. Right! And it's complicated in a great way. So when you watch it you're "what?" "where?" "whah?"
GARNER: Shooting it, I reread the scripts every night, so I know what I'm doing the next day. Because I just get so confused. My brain, I can't handle it!
ROSIE: And you do a lot of great karate. You are tough.
GARNER: I know! I watch it, and I can't believe it!
ROSIE: And did they make you take karate?
GARNER: Well, auditioning. When I was auditioning for it, I wanted the job so badly. You know how that happens sometimes. I'm going to get the job, I'm going to get the job. So I opened up the yellow pages and there was this guy who taught martial arts close to my house, Master Yu. And I went every day for a private lesson, the whole month that I was auditioning. And I bought the white suit, and the belt--the little white belt for beginning. And I bowed all the time, every direction, and Master Yu just kicked my b*tt every day.
ROSIE: Because it looks like you know what you're doing when you do those flippy turns and kicks.
GARNER: Thanks, man. Want to fight?
ROSIE: No, no, I don't, cause you're tough. Do you have--you have a stunt double.
GARNER: I have a stunt double. I do all the fights, then she does all the fights. So if there's a ridiculous, out of control kick, you know, it might be her. [Audience laughs.]
ROSIE: Remember that big guy, remember [in Morocco}, the big guy that went through the beads? That huge guy?
GARNER: That huge guy! I think that was mostly me [doing the fight stunts].
ROSIE: [Gasps] And you know what, you get to play all different kinds of characters, because you're always getting assignments.
GARNER: Yeah, and the languages!
ROSIE: You get to speak different languages.
GARNER: We're very global on Alias.

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