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Season 1, episode 15
Series 115
1st release: 03/03/02
2nd release: none to date
Production number: E644
Last update: 08/09/03

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SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye
COMMENTARY by Adriane Saunders

Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow
Victor Garber as Jack Bristow
Ron Rifkin as Sloane
Merrin Dungey as Francie
Carl Lumbly as Dixon
Kevin Weisman as Marshall
Michael Vartan as Vaughn
Bradley Cooper as Will

Amy Irving (Emily Sloane)
Sarah Shahi (Jenny)
Michelle Arthur (Abigail)
Jorgo Ognenovski (Kessar)
Bryan Rasmussen (Officer Cohen)
Don Took (Agent Grey)
Ken Olin (David McNeil) - no screen credit

Written by J.J. Abrams and Jeff Pinkner
Directed by Ken Olin

Broadcast on ABC, 9-10pm, Sunday nights.


This synopsis is by Sally Dye.


Scenes from last week's episode, culminating in Sydney caught in crossfire three stories up. She cuts the cable she is hooked to and swings down, crashing through a window on the opposite side of the street. A chase ensues with Sydney distracting her pursuer with a mannequin. She gets behind him and takes him out, only to run headlong into Sark's bodyguard. He is about to shoot Sydney when he is shot by Dixon. Sydney and Dixon escape.

Back in LA, Will is awakened by Jenny, who asks what he is wearing to the awards dinner. Will doesn't know what she's talking about. She tells him he has won the Kaplan award for writing the most inspirational story of the year. She suggests they celebrate, but Will makes excuses. Later he calls Sydney and asks her if she wants to go out and celebrate with him.

Sloane has a video of Will talking to David McNeil. He tells Jack he is concerned because McNeil knows too much about SD-6. Jack suggests they find out exactly what the conversations are about. Sloane says to take care of it immediately, because "there are some truths that Sydney must never learn."

Act I

Francie is returning all of her engagement presents. She tells Sydney she just doesn't know how to take off her engagement ring. Sydney holds up her left hand, showing Francie that she's still wearing hers too. Solemnly, they take them off together.

A delivery man enters Will's office and asks for directions. On his way out he plants a bug on Will's jacket. He returns to his car and begins monitoring everything Will says.

Sloane tells Sydney and Dixon that he believes Sark to be holding Kessar prisoner until the K-directorate delivers the Rembaldi manuscript to him. Marshall has analyzed Sark's speech and believes him to be from Ireland, Galway in particular. Based on the fact that a K-directorate boat has just docked in Tunis, and a flight is scheduled from there to Galway soon, Sloane believes the transfer will take place in Tunisia. Sydney and Dixon's mission is to intercept the book and bring it back.

Vaughn gives Sydney a camera to photograph the Rembaldi book with before handing it over to SD-6. The CIA believes the book to be an instruction manual of some sort, but to what, they don't know. Vaughn suggests that Sydney use her friendship with Sloane's wife Emily to plant a bug in Sloane's house. Sydney is indignant, since Emily is dying of cancer, and she doesn't want to use her this way. Vaughn clinches it by saying that if Emily is innocent, then without her ever knowing it, this will be an opportunity to accomplish something good. Sydney does call Emily, but can't bring herself to put the plan into action.

Will and McNeil discuss the companies who have used his encryption software. Will has found a common denominator -- a retired CIA operative named Alain Christophe, who is on the board of several of the companies. As Will is heading home, his van is intercepted. Two men get out and pull him from his car at gunpoint.

Act II

In Tunisia, Sydney -- in a bikini and blond wig -- pulls up alongside the K-directorate boat and, in Russian, asks for gasoline. She sprays knock-out gas into the guard's face and gets to the deck, where a man has a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist. She takes him out, too, picks the lock on the case, and starts photographing the pages of the manuscript. She is interrupted when she hears another K-directorate agent approaching. Sydney pretends to be necking with the unconscious agent and knocks the newcomer out when he gets close enough. She radios Dixon that she's got the book, and he tells her that Sark just arrived. Sydney changes the plan and hijacks the K-directorate boat, leaving Sark and his men standing on the dock.

Will is dragged into a warehouse with a bag over his head. The men are wearing ski masks and speak through voice distorters. They show him pictures of his sister, his parents, and Sydney, and tell him they will all be innocent victims unless he stops his investigation now. He says he understands. They knock him out. As they leave, the leader pulls off his mask -- it's Jack.


In LA, an agent reports to Sloane that the captain of the boat has been questioned, but is a civilian and knows nothing. Sloane orders him killed.

Emily Sloane calls Sydney to thank her for her earlier call. She says she's feeling stronger and invites Sydney to come to dinner and bring a guest. Sydney later tells Vaughn that she didn't want to accept, but she did. Vaughn gives her a bug shaped like a paper clip to plant there. He tells her that some of the Rembaldi pages have been decoded, but there is one page that is blank, numbered 47. They need the original. Jack is going to try and get that page and substitute a counterfeit, but hasn't managed it yet.

Will's cell phone rings, bringing him back to consciousness on the warehouse floor. It's Sydney. She asks if she woke him up -- she says he sounds awful. He says no, he's just working. She asks him to go with her to the Sloanes'. He agrees. Then he calls Jenny to come pick him up. On the way back to the office, Will breaks up with her. Jenny is enraged, slams on the brakes and tells him to get out, even though they are still in the middle of nowhere.

Sydney meets with Vaughn and Jack, who tell her that Sloane took the Rembaldi book home with him and is planning to send it to Germany for decoding. The switch of page 47 must take place tonight. Vaughn is going to call Sydney on her cell while they are at dinner. She is to go into Sloane's study to take the call and get into his vault using a sophisticated electronic device. She will plant a fake page in place of the real page 47 and smuggle the real thing out. Vaughn seems a little jealous when Sydney reveals that she asked Will to go with her.

Sydney and Will arrive at the Sloanes' and are greeted warmly by Emily. Jack is also there, supposedly to discuss "bank" business with Sloane. Sloane takes Sydney to the study to show her the book. He tells her it's being sent to England for decoding. Over dinner, Emily realizes Will wrote the article that was voted most inspirational. It was the story of a migrant worker who rebelled against his cruel master. She describes for the others how all the migrant workers were afraid to leave because the master would kill them. Sydney, Jack and Sloane all realize the irony of the story, but Emily and Will are oblivious. Emily tells Will she voted for him. Sydney's phone rings, supposedly a call from Francie, and she goes into the study, gets into the vault, and makes the switch. Meanwhile, Sloane gets up from the table to get some wine. Sydney just gets the book back into the vault when Sloane walks in. He says she looks pale. She says her friend is having a rough time.

Act IV

Jack reports to Sloane that he has dealt with Will Tippin. Sloane says that Will has arranged a meeting with McNeil today. They will monitor the conversation. If Will does not drop the investigation, he will be killed as he comes out of the prison.

Will tells McNeil that he must stop the investigation. McNeil begs him to continue -- he says that they are so close. Will tells him that his family has been threatened and he has no choice.

Vaughn is told that the CIA techs have figured out how to read the Rembaldi manuscript. Vaughn looks at it with a strange expression on his face and says to cancel all his meetings. He calls Sydney, and she comes to meet him. He tells her how they used the vial of liquid that Cole took from the SD-6 vault, and it made the ink on the blank page show up. He shows her the page. It's a drawing of her. Sydney just looks at it with a stunned expression on her face.


This commentary is by Adriane Saunders.

From Bond to Bristow, "007" to "00-47", Alias is definitely "on the same page"! In this episode that is more than a figure of speech! The "page" Sydney Bristow is on is "47" in 15th century seer Rimbaldi's notebook. Yet another astonishment! Seven centuries before Syd is even born, Rimbaldi "expects" her! "Page 47" even includes a sketch of Syd's face!

But, flip back a few pages first. We do not get to "Page 47" until the end, and even then only after Syd steals the page from SD-6 Sloane. She does this is Sloane's own home, switching "Page 47" with a blank page she smuggles into his house in her nylons. Sloane is in the next room having dinner. At the last second, he comes into the room, nearly catching Syd in the act. "You look pale," he tells her. Yeah, really!

Where does Syd get her nerve? Nothing seems to dent her resourcefulness, not Sloane, and not even walls. In this week's opener, Syd all but levels a building, crashing feet first--from high above, on an overhead cable--straight through a wall. Wall and window explode inward at the impact, showering debris all around.

Guards--with machine guns--race after her. Syd runs as fast as she can to get out of the building and into the street. A freight elevator takes her down. When the elevator reaches the ground, a guard riddles the elevator door with machine gun fire. The door opens. For one heart-stopping moment--and some tricky camera angles--Syd looks dead on the floor. But, no, she grabs the guard from behind! How did she do that? This girl anticipates!

For those who like to likewise "anticipate", here are "highlights" from Episode 15:

1--ABDUCTION: Will Tippin--still investingating "SD-6" with David McNeil--is abducted and beaten by Syd's father, Jack, in disguise. Jack makes clear to Will, "back off" or family and friends, including Sydney (nice touch), will be killed. Will's conversation later with McNeil in prison is intense and heartfelt. With an assassin from SD-6 and Syd's father listening over a "bug" on Will's jacket, Will tells McNeil, "I can't. I'm sorry." McNeil looks stunned as Will says he is dropping the story, "I'm you. I'm exactly where you were before they killed your wife." The SD-6 assassin outside puts down his gun, and Jack at SD-6 Headquarters sighs his relief. Another of Syd's friends will not now be killed. Whew!

2--FRIENDSHIP: Syd values her friends, with openness and a welcoming self-knowledge. As Francie agonizes over the end of her engagement, she says to Syd, "I haven't been able to do this," meaning take off Charlie's ring. Wordlessly, Syd holds up her own hand. She is still wearing the engagement ring from her long dead fiance, Danny. "Here's an idea," Syd tells Francie. Wordlessly again, she holds up her ring finger. Francie understands, and together, they remove their rings. Much warmth and understanding shows in this scene.

3--THEFT: SD-6 dispatches Syd and Dixon to Tunisia to intercept Rimbaldi's notebook. A yacht is delivering the manuscript to Stark, Director of Operations for "The Man". (This is the same notebook K-Directorate agent Anna Espinosa stole from Syd, underground in Argentina several episodes back.) Argentina to Moscow to Tunisia, Rimbaldi's notebook gets around. Just like Syd. With a little guile, a bright smile, fetching bikini (great abs!), and some instantly effective "knockout" spray, Syd more or less takes over the yacht. Just as she is unwrapping the manuscript to take snapshots for CIA (her countermission), a guard she missed comes up on deck. Quick thinker that she is, Syd pretends lovemaking with a guard she already knocked unconscious. Clever. After more knockout spray, Syd is down the stairs and ready to leave the yacht. But, Dixon--on the beach with a communication link to Syd--warns Syd that Stark has arrived. Stark is walking down the dock toward the yacht. Then, Syd surprises us all again! She steals the yacht! What a hoot! Syd comes for a package, but ends up stealing the whole yacht! A little humor--and a lot of gall.

Under the skillful direction of Ken Olin, this episode really rips. Speed and surprise and split second timing fast forward the plot. Lots goes on, all over, and amongst many. That is usual for Alias, but still, the pace is sometimes so fast an hour seems like minutes. Breathe, remember to breathe.

Fast forward to the end. Play back to the small bottle McKenas Cole stole from the SD-6 vault in Episode 13. [See Part 2 of "The Box".] That bottle turns out to contain a liquid that makes "invisible ink" visible. That blank page in Rimbaldi's notebook, "Page 47", turns into a page with a sketch. That sketch is of Syd, drawn by Rimabldi in the 15th century. Like Syd, Rimbaldi too "anticipates".

So can we anticipate, even more next week from "Page 47", and agent Sydney Bristow, alias "00-47".

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