Season 4, episode 21
Series 421
1st release: 05/18/05
Last update: 01/30/06

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SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow
Ron Rifkin as Sloane
Michael Vartan as Vaughn
Carl Lumbly as Dixon
Kevin Weisman as Marshall J. Flinkman
Victor Garber as Jack Bristow
Greg Grunberg as Eric Weiss
Nadia Santos as Mia Maestro

Angela Bassett (Director Chase)
Lena Olin (Irina Derevko)
Andrew Divoff (Lucien Nisard)
Alex Wexo (US Marshall)

Written by Monica Breen and Alison Schapker
Directed by Lawrence Trilling

Broadcast on ABC, 9-10pm, Wednesday nights.


This synopsis is by Sally Dye.

18 months ago: At the British embassy in Vienna, Jack waits in an alcove for Irina to arrive. She joins him, and they drink champagne. He suggests they dance. As they do, he tells her she broke his heart. She says she won't do it again. They kiss. Then he asks how it felt when she gave the order to kill her own daughter. She says he wasn't supposed to find out. He demands to know why, and she says it had to be done. He takes out a gun and shoots her between the eyes.

Present day: Jack remembers this as he and Sydney discuss what Dixon says he saw in Prague. Sydney says it's impossible. Jack reminds her of Project Helix. Sydney still thinks it's just a distraction. Jack insists that they pursue the lead.

The team begins running down every lead they have on Irina. Weiss pulls Vaughn aside to ask if he's popped the question yet. Vaughn says it's just not the right time. Marshall uses security tapes from the DSR break-in to ID the ring leader. He is Lucien Nisard, a former Covenant member. Jack says to check the Blackwell Index. Marshall is surprised that the Index is still around, since it was supposed to be turned over to Langley.

Vaughn finds Nadia checking the files on Martin Bishop, the man who she thought killed her mother. Vaughn tells her she should talk to Jack. So she goes to Jack's office and asks what he hasn't told her. He confesses that he killed Irina because Elena made him believe Irina had put out a contract on Sydney's life. Nadia says she hopes Irina is alive, and Jack should, too.

News reaches the team that the Russian city of Sevogda is in chaos for some unknown reason. Everyone there seems to be going crazy and fighting in the streets. They see a large red ball hovering over the city and realize it's the Rambaldi endgame in progress.

The team discusses what is happening in Sevogda. Elena and Sloane's purpose is not really apparent, but stopping them is imperative. Marshall says the Rambaldi device must be shut down properly or it would be like a nuclear blast times 10 million. Jack says Irina must be found because she may be the only person with the knowledge they need. They have located Lucien Nisard and decide to interrogate him about Irina's whereabouts.

Sydney tells Vaughn she has had a sense of dread concerning this mission. He kisses her and says they will get through this. He starts to reach for the ring, but Marshall comes in to tell them their plane is waiting.

Sydney apologizes to Nadia for not telling her the truth about Irina's death. Nadia says that doesn't matter -- now they just need to find her.

In Ibiza, Sydney and Vaughn enter a club and spot Nisard at the bar. Sydney: "You want to be rough or you want me to be rough?" Vaughn says she's always rough. Sydney: "Are you talking about home or on ops?" Vaughn: "Both." He says he's not complaining. Sydney says if she's rough it's because he likes it. Then she wonders if they're on comms. Jack interrupts to tell them yes, they're both on comms right now. Sydney: "We'll both be rough." They go over to the bar and make out in front of Nisard. Sydney catches his eye and motions him toward them. He comes over and they all go into one of the restrooms. Sydney disarms him and shoves him into the wall. She gets his cell phone, and Vaughn transmits its contents to Marshall. Sydney asks him about Irina Derevko. She shoves his head into a stool until he tells her Irina is alive -- Elena found the Helix Protocol and doubled Irina. It was the double who was killed.

Jack tells Nadia that Irina is being held in Guatemala. He and Nadia are to meet Sydney there to try and extract her.

In Tikal, Jack shows Sydney and Nadia a satellite map of the camp where Irina is being held. Sydney and Nadia are to go down river to the camp and find Irina. Jack will be monitoring nearby. Nadia tells Sydney she has a feeling of dread, and Sydney says she's feeling it, too. Nadia says she wants to be the one to tell Irina who she is. They head down the river.

That night, Sydney and Nadia arrive at the camp and pull their boat up onto the shore. Jack guides them to Irina's location using the satellite's thermal imaging, but when they reach it, they don't see anything. Jack says they're standing right next to her. Sydney sees an underground bunker, and they open it up. Inside, Irina is sitting. Sydney: "Mom?" Irina doesn't respond, so Sydney jumps down into the bunker. Irina recognizes her as Sydney cuts through her bonds. Irina: "I knew you'd come." They get her out of the bunker and move toward the boat, but trip an alarm. Sydney is caught up in a snare. Nadia goes back to delay the guards, and Irina cuts Sydney down. They finally get to the boat, and Sydney throws a grenade and destroys the camp. They get away.

Jack is waiting at the rendezvous point when Sydney and Nadia arrive with Irina. She walks up to Jack and they look at each other for a long moment. Then Irina slugs Jack in the jaw.

On the plane, Sydeny fills Irina in on Elena and Sloane's doings. Irina describes some of the torture Elena put her through to find out the contents of a Rambaldi manuscript called "The Flood". Irina had finally told her everything. She tells Sydney that she can dismantle the device, and there's no other way to stop it. They tell the pilot to change course and head for Russia. Irina goes to clean up, and Nadia hands her some clothes she brought along. Irina thanks her and then stops and takes a long look at her. She gasps as she realizes who Nadia is. She goes to her and cups her face in her hands. Then they embrace.

Director Chase asks Vaughn where Jack is. Vaughn tells her about the mission to rescue Irina. Chase orders the plane diverted from its course.

When the plane lands, Irina is taken into custody, even though Sydney protests that she's helping them and is not a threat.

Sydney goes to Chase and tells her they don't have time to debate. Chase says the Russians are preparing an airstrike on Sevogda. Sydney says that will release toxins into the atmosphere -- it will be catastrophic. She says this is just what Elena wants. Chase says she will not trust Irina Derevko. Sydney says when Chase put Sloane in charge of APO, she asked Sydney to trust her, and now he's going to do more damage than they can imagine. They need to stop him, "and the only person who can do that is my mother." She tells Chase that "this time you have to trust me."

Irina is released and goes with Jack. He tells her that she is to accompany them to Sevogda, but afterwards she must return to CIA custody. Irina agrees. She asks how his jaw is. He says he's been through worse. She says if the situation had been reversed, she would have found another way. Jack says he has regretted what he did every day since. Irina apologizes for her "indiscretion with Sloane". Jack: "Of all the things you've done, that's what you're going to apologize for?" They smile at each other. He says she will enjoy getting to know Nadia -- she's exceptional. Irina: "I wonder where she gets that from?"

Jack, Sydney, Vaughn, Irina and Nadia prepare to parachute out over Sevogda. Irina and Nadia make plans to spend more time together after all this is over. Vaughn calls Sydney over to him and says he had planned it all out differently, but he might not get another chance to do this. He says he wants to spend the rest of his life with her and try to make her as happy as she has made him. He shows her the ring and asks her to marry him. They kiss, and Sydney says they are going to make it.

One by one, all five of them parachute from the plane and dive toward the city and the huge red ball hovering over it.

To be continued.

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