Whoosh! You have got to be kidding, yes? Who would dump me four times?
Lena is a woman who needs no excuses
except sometimes about clothes and hair

Lena Kundera

February 24, 2003

(Lena appearance)
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Michael Cambias (William De Vry)
Adam Chandler (David Canary)
Henry Chin (Ivan Shaw)
Liza Colby (Marcy Walker)
Greenlee Du Pres (Rebecca Budig)
Kendall Hart (Alicia Minshew)
Lena Kundera (Olga Sosnovska)
Boyd Larraby (Marc Menard}
Bianca Montgomery (Eden Riegel)
Mia Saunders (Amelia Heinle)
Maggie Stone (Elizabeth Hendrickson)


Fusion party; Lena and Bianca flirt (1st non-date); Michael approaches them looking for Kendall and Lena avoids looking at him


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

[Not a darn thing about the Lenameister and Bianca]

From About All My Children

...They all turn at the sound of the elevator opening, but their faces fall at the sight of their first guests. Kendall dismissively says, "Oh, it's you." Bianca looks around the empty room and asks, "So what happened to the Party of the Decade?" Kendall demands to know what she did, aside from her mother's dirty work, as usual?...

"You're blaming me because your party is a bust?" Bianca laughs, adding that she and her mother have better things to do than pull the plug on their lame little party. Kendall maintains that she did the damage and now she's here to gloat. Boyd speaks up for the first time, saying that Bianca is here as his guest. Kendall counters that dating your boss' daughter won't get you anywhere, and "She doesn't really go for your type, if you know what I mean." Liza and Adam step off the elevator as Bianca tells Kendall she doesn't go for being slammed because her guests didn't show up. Kendall still thinks Binks is responsible, but insists she's not going to let her sabotage their company or this party! Liza tells her no one's sabotaging anything, and Adam suggests that maybe they're just fashionably late. Mia retorts that fashionably late is half an hour; this is a disaster! Liza tells them not to panic, but Kendall says if they tank, then that's it. Mia agrees they're through, but Greenlee insists they're just getting started - she's not going to let them go down! Kendall thinks they're going from zero to nowhere real fast, but Greenlee tells her to wait - the night's not over...

Kendall finds Boyd and apologizes for slamming his guest. Bianca comes up as Boyd is telling Kendall not to apologize to him - she should apologize to Bianca. Kendall does so, blaming it on opening night jitters. "What's your excuse the rest of the time, Kendall?" Bianca asks. Lena arrives and Kendall notes, "Oh, well, another Enchantment spy in from the cold?" Kendall tells her, since she's here, to enjoy it, "Oh, and be sure to tell Erica every single detail!" She hands Lena and Bianca their "Goody bags", and tells them to have fun before heading off to her other guests...

Bianca raises her glass in toast, "To checking out the competition." Lena agrees, "And to beating them." She asks if Bianca is here for Erica, and Ms. Montgomery tells her she's here for herself, "What's your excuse?" Lena asks if she needs one, and Bianca tells her she doesn't think her mother would be too thrilled if she knew that Lena was partying at Fusion. Lena smiles as she says she doesn't think Erica will mind so much. Bianca grins as she asks, "She sent you, didn't she?" Lena only asks, "Delicious champagne, isn't it?" Bianca is tickled, and tells Lena that Erica totally blew her off when she told her about the party, and now here she is, "What kind of a game are you and my mom playing?" Lena doesn't know exactly, but she likes being a player, and on the winning side.

Maggie and Henry arrive, and Henry asks if she wants to go say hello to her friend Bianca? Maggie suggests they get something to eat first...

Bianca watches a woman walk by and exclaims, "Wow, that dress is unbelievable! If only I had the figure to pull that off…." Lena takes her arm and asks, "Oh, Bianca, what are you talking about? You do -- you'd look fabulous in that dress!" Michael comes up and asks if anybody has seen Kendall Hart, but they can't help him. Up on the roof, Kendall and Boyd share another dance...

From Soap Slut

Boyd and Bianca arrive. Kendall immediately jumps down Bianca’s throat, accusing her of sabotage...

Bianca rolls her eyes at Kendall’s accusation, saying that both herself and Erica have better things to do than tank the Fusion party. Bianca and Kendall continue to snipe, but I’ve become interested in how they’ve managed to get the Fusion logo projected onto the elevator doors. Cool. Greenlee finally reigns in the panic and says that they just need to wait...

Kendall apologizes to Boyd for slamming on his date. He appreciates the gesture but points out that she owes the apology to Bianca, not him. So Kendall turns around to her sister and looks like she’d rather gargle glass than do so. (Oh come on, you knew I was going to throw in that overused glass-gargling term sooner or later.)...

Kendall finally works up the nerve to approach Bianca and apologize. She blames it on the party nerves. “What’s your excuse the rest of the time, Kendall?” Bianca shoots back. She has an amused tone to her voice and the joke IS funny, but geez Bianca. Can’t you be a little more gracious? As I recall, Kendall never got an apology for Bianca’s leapt-to assumptions that Kendall set that fire. Lena arrives. Kendall assumes she’s there as Erica’s spy and remains in high-spirits as she instructs Lena to make sure she tells her boss every detail...

Lena and Bianca bond over their spying. Bianca concludes that Erica sent Lena to snoop and realizes that her mother is more concerned about the competition than she let on.

Maggie and Henry arrive. He sees Bianca and wonders if they should say ‘hi.’ Maggie notices that Bianca seems to be flirting with Lena and decides to postpone...

Bianca drools over some girl in a dress and wishes that she had the figure to pull off that look. Lena assures her that she does. Michael interrupts to ask if either of them have seen Kendall. Bianca says no, while Lena avoids eye contact...


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Bianca and Kendall snark (no Lena)]

[Elevator opens]
Kendall: Oh. It's you.
Bianca: So what happened to the party of the decade?
Kendall: What did you do?
Bianca: I didn't do anything.
Kendall: Except your mother's dirty work, as usual.
[Music plays]
Bianca: You're blaming me because your party is a bust?
Kendall: You, Erica -- same thing.
Bianca: Oh, come on. Mom has better things to do than pull the plug on your lame little party.
Mia: Lame? This party cost us a lot of money.
Bianca: And so do I, thank you.
Kendall: Please. You did the damage and now you're here to gloat.
Boyd: Hey, Bianca is here as my guest.
Kendall: Really? Well, way to go, Boyd. In case you haven't noticed, dating your boss' daughter won't get you anywhere. She doesn't really go for your type, if you know what I mean.
Bianca: I don't go for being slammed because your guests didn't show up.
Kendall: Yeah, thanks to you. You know what -- I’m not going to let you sabotage our company or this party.
Liza: No one's sabotaging anything.
Kendall: Great. Well, Liza, where the hell is everybody?
Adam: Maybe they're just fashionably late.
Mia: God, fashionably late is a half an hour. This is a disaster.
Kendall: Oh, my God, oh, my God, the press! The press is coming. You know what, we're going to be a laughingstock. I have to head them off right now.
Liza: No, no panicking.
Greenlee: We put our last dime into this, I called in favors. I promised an event. This is unacceptable.
Kendall: If we tank, then that's it.
Mia: We're through.
Greenlee: No. No, we're just getting started.
Kendall: Hello?
Greenlee: I'm not going to let us go down.
Kendall: Well, if you haven't noticed, we're going from zero to nowhere real fast.
Greenlee: Just wait. The night's not over.

***** (clip b) [Lena shows up at the Fusion party]

Bianca: What? What?
Kendall: Bianca. I just wanted to say I’m sorry. I'm sorry, ok? Blame it on the opening-night jitters.
Bianca: [amc03024b-inc starts] What's your excuse the rest of the time, Kendall?
Kendall: Oh, well, another Enchantment spy in from the cold?
Lena: The town's littered with these. I thought why not.
Kendall: Well, since you're here, enjoy it. Oh, and be sure to tell Erica every single detail. Goody bags. Have fun.

***** (clip c) [Lena and Bianca bond]

[amc030224c starts]
Bianca: To checking out the competition.
Lena: And to beating them. Are you here for Erica?
Bianca: No, I'm here for myself. What's your excuse?
Lena: Do I need one?
Bianca: Well, I don't think my mother would be too thrilled if she knew that you were partying at Fusion.
Lena: I don't think Erica will mind so much.
Bianca: She sent you, didn't she?
Lena: Delicious champagne, isn't it?
Bianca: You know, when I told her about this, she totally blew me off, and now here you are. What kind of a game are you and my mom playing?
Lena: I don't know exactly, but I like being a player and on the winning side.
Bianca: Aha.
Henry: Wow.
Maggie: Beats carbocation rearrangement, huh?
Henry: Yeah, so far. Hey, there's your friend Bianca. You want to go say hi?
Maggie: Oh, later. Let's go get something to eat first.

***** (clip d) [Flirting begins between Bianca and Lena]

[amc030224d-alt.mpg starts][amc030224d-inc1 starts]
Bianca: Wow. That dress is unbelievable. If only I had the figure to pull that off.
Lena: Oh, Bianca, what are you talking about? [amc030224d-inc2 starts] You'd look fabulous in that dress.
[amc030224d-inc1 ends]
Michael: Excuse me, has anybody seen Ms. Kendall Hart?
Bianca: Kendall Hart? Well, she was here before. I don't know where she went off to.


I have the following clips (incomplete marked inc):
amc030224b-inc.mpg (3.9m; 0:23) Lena shows up at the Fusion party
amc030224c.mpg (12.6m; 1:14) Lena and Bianca bond
amc030224d-alt.mpg (2.8m; 0:21) Flirting begins.

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