Whoosh! Lena could never decide whether to massage Michael's neck or just strangle him
Although eventually Lena wanted to kill Michael,
they did make great evil partners in the beginning

Lena Kundera

April 3, 2003

(Lena appearance)
Last update: 09/28/03

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Michael Cambias (William De Vry)
Lena Kundera (Olga Sosnovska)


Previously on AMC: Michael tells Lena that Boyd's formula is his real target


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No Lena mention

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No Lena mention

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Previously on All My Children
Isabella was seriously deluded.
Carlos received Greenleeís apologetic voice mail.
The *sshat and Lena discussed the real target of their deception: Boyd.
Chris said something. I didnít care.


This parody is by LizzieT.

No Lena parts today because there was no Lena in the actual show, only the "Previously on AMC"

Aidan arrived at Wildwind to check on Maria.
Maria: Maddie's feeling better but I think I should stay just in case.
Edmund: I'll just take Maddie upstairs so you and Aidan can have some privacy. I'm Mr. Civilized this month instead of Mr. Neanderthal like I was during February sweeps.
Maria: I'll answer the door. Apparently the staff of this million dollar mansion must be in the attic along with Sam.
Mia: ::::giggle:::: I came by to see if I could get some attention from Edmund. I was here earlier but that witch Isabella Santos chased me off.
Maria: ::::giggle:::: It's a good thing I have amnesia or I'd probably be offended that you're chasing my husband and criticizing my mother.
Edmund: Hey, great, Mia's here. Aidan you should stay too - all night if you want. We'll all hang out together.
Aidan: Blimey! Yew Yanks dew ave a stringe way of dewing things don't yew?
Maria: I don't care what fantasies TPTB have - we're not all spending the night together. You two have to leave.
Edmund: But it's my house.
Maria: Look buddy, I've finally developed a slight maternal instinct and I'm staying with my child. Don't worry, it will probably be gone by tomorrow and so will I.
Aidan: Oi don't suppose yew wont to mike out on the couch whoil e's gone dew yew?
Maria: I don't know. One of the kids might come downstairs and see us. Of course it's not like they're my kids so who cares.
::::::kiss kiss kiss::::
Maddie: I'm going to be in therapy for the rest of my life. Forget therapy - I'll probably end up as a regular on Jerry Springer.

Mia and Edmund went to the gym.
Edmund: When I said that on our first date I wanted us to get all hot sweaty and physical, this wasn't really what I had in mind. But let's make the best of it. Show me how to box.
Mia: I don't know. I might hurt you.
Edmund: Go ahead. Pretend I'm Jake.
Mia: ::::::whack:::::
Edmund: ::::::thud:::::
Mia: Great. Another leading man bites the dust. I really am the kiss of death.
Edmund: Speaking of kisses -
::::::kiss kiss kiss::::
Edmund: I hope you don't mind my kissing you after we've only had 3 scenes together.
Mia: That's OK. I'm used to the rushed style of romance on AMC these days. Jake proposed after we'd only had 5 scenes.
Maddie: Daddy, please come home. Mommy's doing that thing with Aidan that Abuela says will cause her to burn in hell.

Carlos and Greenlee talked about their feelings.
Greenlee: I'm sorry I was so mean to you. I just thought I'd done my time with a partner with limited acting abilities when I was with Scott Chandler.
Carlos: So you think I'm not good enough for you.
Greenlee: I didn't say that. I know I need a new love interest and they hired you just for me so I'm willing to make the best of it.
Carlos: I want to show you something about me that no one else knows.
:::::dance dance dance:::::
Carlos: What does that tell you about me?
Greenlee: That acting may actually be your strongest talent?

Kendall turned to Boyd despite the fact that he was on a date with Simone.
Kendall: Oh Boyd, what will I do without Michael. Hold me. Comfort me. Oh look, there's Michael now. See you later Boyd. Pick up the check will you.
Boyd: Do you think it's possible I'm Jack Montgomery's long lost son?
Kendall: I was so afraid you were gone forever Michael. People are written out of here at a moment's notice.
Michael: I bought the condo across from yours Kendall. I want to help you stick it to Erica. If only you could think of the one thing her company has that you don't . The one tall blonde thing that's sitting right over there.
Kendall: She has Boyd the chemist! Aren't you proud of me for coming up with that all by myself?
Michael: Good girl. :::pat on the head:::: Here's a treat. Now if only you could find a way to get Boyd's formula for me - I mean for you. I only said for me because I feel like we're one person.
Kendall: Oh Michael, you really do love me don't you?

Chris confronted Jack about his affair with Erica.
Chris: All dis time you was boinkin her behind my back. Did de two of youse laugh about it? Was I just a big joke to youse?
Jack: I never thought of you as a joke. Some of those message board people did, but not me.
Chris: Youse wanted her back all along didn't youse?
Jack: Yes I did. She belongs with me - especially in my bed.
Jack: OK, maybe it would have been smarter not to mention the bed part. :::thud::::
Reggie: Oh man. First I get a home with a guy that gets sent to prison. Now I get a home with a guy who's got a nutcase FBI agent after him. The foster care system in this country sucks.

Bianca tried to get Erica to see the truth about her life.
Bianca: When are you going to grow up Mother?
Erica: Not as long as there's a decent plastic surgeon on the planet.
Bianca: I said grow up, not grow old. You keep doing the same old thing over and over. You take a guy to your bed, you make plans to wed then you hop back in the sack with Uncle Jack. You're whole life sounds like something out of Dr. Seuss. Why don't you just face the fact that you're in love with Uncle Jack?
Erica: I don't love him anymore. He was so mean to me today. There I was, breaking up with another man right there in his office where I had just told him five minutes before that I loved him and he didn't even offer me any sympathy. Can you believe it?
Bianca: Mom, you just don't get it. I'm really afraid that someday I'm going to end up just like you.
Erica: You mean you might be straight after all?
Bianca: No Mom, I mean drifting from lover to lover but ending up alone. Look at my track record so far. What if I'm the gay version of you?
Erica: I wouldn't worry about that. This is ABC daytime you know.


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Previously on AMC: Michael tells Lena that Boyd's formula is his real target]

Previously on "All My Children"
Isabella: Maria will come back to the people who truly matter to her.
Greenlee: Carlos, it's Greenlee. Please call me. I need to talk to you. I'm sorry.
[amc030403a-inc starts]
Michael: Erica is so worried about Enchantment; she has no idea that my real target is Boyd Larraby's formula.
[amc030403a-inc ends]
Chris: I see you now for who you really are, and I'm through.


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