Whoosh! The trip idea's great, Lena, but let's first get you into some clean clothes first.
Lena and Bianca plan a
European holiday together

Lena Kundera

July 07, 2003

(Lena appearance)
Last update: 12/13/03

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Michael Cambias
Generic police officers
Erica Kane
Kendall Hart
Adam Chandler
Lena Kundera (Olga Sosnovska)
Bianca Montgomery
Alexander Cambias


Bianca and Lena make up; they bond on a bench in the park; the most carefree and longest banter these two characters have ever had; before they can have sex or even kiss, Adam calls Lena away


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

07/07/03 At the police station, Bianca is surprised when Erica thanks Lena for helping to put Michael behind bars. The approaching storm, along with seeing Michael, brings back haunting memories for Erica. Kendall realizes that Erica is unsettled. Adam informs Michael that with Lena's help, they uncovered physical evidence of Michael's crimes that will keep him in jail for many years. Michael becomes enraged when Adam berates him as he remembers his own father doing the same thing. Erica visits Michael to assure herself that he is locked away in jail. Michael accuses Erica of being a tease with men and claims she asked for his advances. Kendall arrives and orders Michael to back off of Erica. Michael warns Kendall that he isn't through with collecting his revenge against her and Erica. Kendall later finds Erica in her car, paralyzed with fear as she remembers her rape by Richard Fields. Bianca and Lena put the past behind them and look forward to having a future together. Bianca returns to Myrtle's and finds no one home. As the light s go out due to the storm, Bianca is horrified to come face to face with Michael.

From About All My Children

Kendall asks Erica if this is it, the day she actually thanks her for bringing down Michael? Following Erica’s gaze, Kendall sees Bianca and Lena, and tells Erica they’re together—she should just accept it! Erica is surprised to see Adam come into the station, and he tells her he understands the police caught Michael Cambias, along with his embezzling CFO. Erica swears she’ll come after him with everything she has if he’s here to bail Michael out, but Adam assures her he’s not here to bail Michael Cambias out—he’s here to bury him! Erica cringes as a loud clap of thunder is heard. Adam explains what he has in mind, and Erica agrees it sounds like he’s laid the groundwork for an airtight case. Adam tells her that Lena’s done the lion’s share; she’s very brave and very determined. Ms. Kane agrees she’s determined!..

Lena thanks Kendall, saying she owes her her freedom—what she did was incredible! Kendall modestly says she didn’t do it alone. Bianca also expresses her gratitude, saying Kendall really came through for and for Lena, When Kendall smiles and says that’s what big sisters are for, Bianca returns the smile as she agrees she’s beginning to figure that out. Erica comes up and tells Lena she deeply regrets the ordeal she went through. She knows a jail cell is the scariest place on the planet, especially when you’re falsely accused, and she’s very thankful all of this is over for her. Lena thanks her for being so understanding. Erica says she’s exhausted, and suggests to Bianca that she drop her at Myrtle’s before this storm breaks out or, better yet, spend the night with her—they’ll have hot chocolate with marshmallows and catch up. Bianca thanks her, but takes Lena’s hand as she says she already has plans for tonight and will see her tomorrow. Michael watches as Bianca and Lena leave the station together. “Well, anyone else up for a hot chocolate mother-daughter combo?” Kendall asks hopefully. When Erica doesn’t reply, Ms. Hart sighs that she didn’t think so and says goodnight. A great clap of thunder peals as she turns to leave, and Erica grabs for her arm; she continues to hold on as she looks over at Michael. “Erica, what is it?” Kendall asks. Erica tells her she just caught her heel, but again grabs her arm at the next clap of thunder. Kendall asks if she’s frightened of the storm, but Erica tells her not to be such a drama queen! When Kendall suggests she walk her out to the parking lot, Erica shrugs it off—she doesn’t need an escort! Erica asks an officer for some water while she waits for Jackson. Kendall watches Erica’s reaction to the storm, and listens as Ms. Kane makes a request concerning Michael Cambias.

Adam asks Michael if he thought he could loot his company without having to answer to him for it? Michael insists Bob Barrett acted alone, but Adam says they have Barrett’s sworn affidavit. Michael insists there’s no evidence, but Adam scornfully says they have e-mails, phone records and money transfers, and they, he and Lena, are going to use them all to bury him. Cambias laughs as he asks who’s going to believe that lying lesbos’ word? Adam insists they have all the proof they need to put him away for a long time, and prove he was the “brains” behind this pathetically transparent procedure, “Isn’t it strange how greed and stupidity often go hand in hand?” He gloats that he orchestrated Michael’s demise when he hired him; he just had to sit back and wait until he self-destructed. Adam adds that he can only imagine how his poor father must feel, saddled with an incompetent son not even fit to wipe his shoes. Michael recalls his father’s words, calling him an embarrassment every day of his life and saying he hasn’t earned the right to call him “Father”. Michael furiously tells Adam to get out of here, and Chandler chuckles as he leaves. Michael looks up to see another visitor—Erica, and she looks terrified. When he asks what she wants, Ms. Kane tells him she had to see for herself that the animal was properly caged. Michael laughs that if he got out, they would finish what she started in her office that night, and both know what really happened; she said he tried to rape her, but she wanted it as much as he did! When he suggests she reach in here and give the condemned man something to smile about, Erica says he’s disgusting. Michael wonders why she doesn’t leave. He thinks she’s got the tease down to an art form, showing a man what it could be like to own her and then take it all away, leaving him wanting more!...

Bianca and Lena look up as a flash lights up the sky and Lena thinks it looks like the heavens could open up at any moment! Bianca laughs not to tell her she’s afraid of a little thunder and lightning and Lena jokes that she doesn’t even watch the Weather Channel, “Too much violence!” Bianca recalls reading her mother’s old Nancy Drew books when she was a little girl, “And it always seemed like, whenever Nancy was racing to solve a mystery, she was always racing one heck of a storm.” She concludes that somehow she always managed to do solve the crime, save the day, and beat the odds! She strokes Lena’s hair as she says that’s what she loves about her; she has raced so many of storms (a couple of them for her), and survived every one of them, strong and fearless, “I’m so sorry for turning my back on you.” Lena smiles that the storms are over; they’ve survived and are together and that’s all that matters. She says she’d like to take her away for a week, but Bianca asks why not the whole summer? Lena said she wanted to take her to Prague, so why don’t they just go? Lena agrees they could; they could start in Prague, and go wherever their hearts lead them. As Bianca says she likes the sound of that, Adam comes up and apologizes for interrupting. He explains that they’ve got a fairly solid case against Cambias, but there’s a line on an associate of his in Hong Kong, Donald Chong, who has worked with Lena before; he’s volunteered to hand over documents to ensure that Cambias gets a long prison term, but he insists in speaking with her tonight. Lena looks at Bianca, who tells her, “Ask yourself what Nancy Drew would do!” Lena agrees to call her later and Adam offers her a ride home. Bianca thanks him, but would rather walk; Lena tells her to be careful, because she’ll be racing the storm...

Bianca gets home as the lights go out.

Erica fumbles with her keys, and then sits in her car, paralyzed with fear as the storm rages. She screams in terror as the lightning flashes and sobs as she looks at the window and sees the face of Richard Fields!

As Bianca searches for a flashlight in the darkened house, a hand reaches out and grabs her wrist!

Erica cries, “No, don’t touch me!” Kendall opens the door and promises no one is going to hurt her!

Bianca asks, “Who are you? What do you want?” The man raises a lighter to his face—it’s Michael!

From Soap Slut

Previously on All My Children
Maggie was lukewarm to Henry’s enthusiasm. Good.
Carlos dumped Greenlee. Well, I would have rather it been the other way around… But good.
Bianca and Lena reconciled and hugged. Good.
*sshole threatened to get even with those who wronged him. Not good...

Boyd’s actually out on a hot date… with Myrtle. Well, he could definitely do worse...

More exposition by Boyd as he tells Mags all about *sshole “going down” and “staying down.” Oh Boyd, don’t pretend that’s not exactly what you want, just in a completely different way. Oh, and Marc Menard did a total oopsie and looked at the camera...

Erica’s looking a little… detached right now. Kendall wonders to her if she’s even going to bother thanking her. Oh, Erica’s distracted because of Lena and Bianca. Kendall notices this and tells her that she needs to accept that Lianca are together. Erica snaps at Kendall to mind her own business.

Is that a rip in the shoulder of Erica’s shirt or is that actually supposed to be a fashion statement? We may never know...

Adam fluffs Lena. I’m strangely okay with this particular instance of fluffing. He declares Lena to be brave for her willingness to testify against the scary Asshole. Erica pretends to agree. Adam goes to depose himself to Jackson.

Lena graciously thanks Kendall for clearing her name. Kendall is modest and shares the credit with others. I know, I’m surprised too. Bianca chimes in with her own gratitude. Kendall’s all, aw shucks, “What are big sisters for?” “I’m beginning to figure that out,” giggles Bianca. Awww. Erica shoehorns her way into the conversation. The tension level escalates, even as Erica gives an apology to Lena without actually saying the words, “I’m sorry.” Gee, I wonder where Kendall gets that from…

Erica wants Bianca to crash at her place where they will drink hot cocoa and braid each others’ hair. Bianca weighs that against the prospect of hot sex all night with her recently sprung-from-jail girlfriend and takes all of about a nanosecond to politely decline. Kendall chirps, “Well, anyone else up for a hot chocolate, mother-daughter combo? Didn’t think so.” Heh, well at least she’s developed a sense of humor about being the unfavorite daughter. Kendall is about to wander off when the thunder rumbles again and Erica grabs her arm in fright. Kendall halts and looks at Erica concernedly before they both look over at *sshole on the phone...

Adam taunts *sshole in his cage, asking him if he really thought he could get away with raiding Chandler Enterprises. He goes on with his game of Spear the Sociopath, starting with all the evidence against him and then moving on to how disappointed *sshole’s father must be. *sshole flashes back to Press Conference Day (May 19) where Alex sneered about what an embarrassment his son was. He yells for Adam to get the h*** out. Adam sneers and does so. Cue Erica’s entrance...

Bianca and Lena cuddle on a park bench and goggle at the action the sky is getting. It’s certainly more than we’ll ever see between these two. Well, we’ll just pretend that they’re making out heavily during other people’s scenes and commercial breaks.

*sshole wastes no time in bringing up that incident in Erica’s office, declaring that she actually wanted him. She’s repulsed and of course denies it, not that it makes any difference. He’s disgusting as he says that it’s not rape if the person is asking for it. He grabs at her through the bars and she shrieks and jumps back. Kendall yells at him from the outside of the jail that she’ll kill him if he touches her mother. God, I bet Kendall is just repulsed that she willingly slept with this slimeball...

Lena wants to sweep Bianca away from Pine Valley for a week. They discuss the prospect of going to Prague. Adam interrupts and needs Lena to speak with an associate of *sshole’s because the guy won’t hand over incriminating evidence without talking to her first. Bianca understands that the *sshole case is important so she and Lena part ways.

Erica runs off so *sshole flaps his gums at Kendall instead. He declares that she’s unlovable which is the real reason nobody likes her. Uh, whatever. Kendall’s got tons of friends now, that s*** doesn’t fly. Kendall is so pissed that she’s nearly speechless (because nothing short of cutting out her tongue will render her completely mute) and runs out herself.

*sshole’s lawyer arrives. He yells at Marvin to get him sprung. Great, I’m going to have to put out a hit on Marvin for liberating this f***...

Bianca arrives at a very dark and deserted boarding house.

A nervous Erica starts her car, a very nice Jaguar. She pants and screams in fear at the lightning. The sky opens up and rain starts to fall. She screams again as Kendall pounds on her window and flashes back to the sight of Richard Fields looming over her.

Bianca looks through the desk for a flashlight. A hand grabs her wrist.

Erica continues to scream as Kendall opens the car door and tries to calm her down.

The intruder in the boarding house flicks a Bic and holds it up to his face. It’s *sshole. Apparently, one of InvisiSammy’s portals goes from the jail to the boarding house.

On the next All My Children
*sshole is doing extremely unpleasant things to Bianca.
Erica hysterically unloads her angst on Kendall.


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This parody is by LizzieT.

Over at the jail Lena was being released.
Erica: Lena, I want to say I'm...I'm...s.s.s.s.s.or.r.r.r.y for what you've been through. There, that wasn't so hard. I know how awful it is to be in jail. Did you have my old cell by any chance?
Lena: I think so. There were designer sheets on the bunks and turn down service each night.
Erica: That was it. Anyway I'm glad that you're out of jail.
Lena: Do you approve of my seeing your daughter now?
Erica: Not a chance. Bianca, why don't you come home with me and we'll drink hot chocolate?
Bianca: During a heat wave? No thanks, I'm leaving with Lena.
Kendall: I'll drink hot chocolate with you.
Erica: Hot chocolate during a heat wave? Are you crazy?

Greenlee arrived at Fusion.
Greenlee: Have I missed anything?
Simone: Nope. We were just talking about sex toys and promoting our stupid sexiest man contest.
Mia: Why aren't you with Carlos?
Greenlee: We broke up. This is one of the happiest days of my life.
Mia and Simone: Yessssss! :::high fives all around::::
Greenlee: Oh all right. I've lost Carlos. I'm devestated.
Mia: Poor Greenlee. Carlos was so hot.
Simone: He's the hottest of the hot. The epitome of hot. If you look up hot in the dictionary there's a picture of Carlos.
Mia: You're really racking up those bonus bucks aren't you?
Simone: Just a few more hot references and I can afford a trip to Aruba. So Greenlee, are you going to be trying to win Carlos back?
Greenlee: Not if there's any justice in this world.
Simone: I think we should have a sexiest man contest.
Mia: We already are having one. Don't you pay attention to the show?
Simone: Not when the Fusion girls are on. Seriously, I mean our own personal contest for each of us to find our sexiest man.
Greenlee: Count me out. God only knows who'll they'll stick me with this time.
Mia: No, this could be fun. We each have to land a newbie or returning character before September.
Simone: Count me in. This crop of newbies will surely be better than the last crop.
Greenlee: All right. I'll play too. If I don't they might try to make me reconcile with Carlos.

It was party night at SOS.
Myrtle: Did you come to hear Henry play?
Maggie: I don't know. I think I'm delirious. Do you realize I'm wearing a full length slip over my jeans?
Band girl: Oh Henry. You're so hot.
Henry: I am.
Band girl: Not really. They're just trying to convince the audience that you are. We call it the Carlos Effect.
Carlos: Hello pretty lady. I've lost my phone number. Can I have yours?
Maggie: What?
Carlos: I just might be your post-Henry romance if you play your cards right.
Maggie: Auuuggghhhhh! ::::clunk::::::
Carlos: I guess the joy of this was just too much for her.


Kendall: Is this the day where you actually thank me for bringing down Michael? They're together, Erica. Accept it.

Kendall: You're thanking little old me?

Bianca: Oh, thank you, Mom, but -- actually, I already have plans tonight. See you tomorrow.

Kendall: Well, anyone else up for a hot-chocolate mother-daughter combo? Didn't think so.

Erica: Don't be such a drama queen.

Michael: Lena. Who the h***'s going to believe that lying lesbo's word?

Bianca: I can't believe I ever doubted you. I am so sorry for turning my back on you.
Lena: Hey. The storm's over. Look, we survived and we're together and that's all that matters.

Bianca: Ask yourself what Nancy Drew would do.

Lena: Look, I'll call you later, if it's not too late.
Bianca: Ok. Oh, it will never be too late.

Michael: Erica uses men, and men use you. Oh, poor Bianca’s so screwed up she has to get it from women.


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Previously on AMC: Bianca asks Lena for forgiveness]

Previously on "All My Children"
Henry: I just got a job with a band, Maggie. Let's go to S.O.S. and celebrate.
Maggie: Yeah, I don't think so.
Carlos: You used me, Greenlee, so now we're over.
[amc030707a-inc3 starts]
Bianca: Can you ever forgive me for walking away from you?
[amc030707a-inc3 ends]
Michael: My attorneys will have these charges dropped before you know it. I owe each of you a very special debt.

***** (clip b) Clip B [Michael asks for his attorney (no Lena)]

[amc030707b starts]
Officer: Ok, Cambias. We got a cell in the hottest section waiting.
Michael: What about my phone call to my lawyer?
Officer: You heard the D.A. This one goes strictly by the book.
Second Officer: No ticket to freedom, because one of P. V.'s finest blew it.

***** (clip c) [Kendall tells Erica to accept Lena being with Bianca (no Lena)]

[amc030707c starts]
Kendall: Is this it, Erica?
Erica: What?
Kendall: Is this the day where you actually thank me for bringing down Michael? They're together, Erica. Accept it.
Erica: Look, why can't you just mind your own business? Adam. Adam, what are you doing here?
Adam: I understand the police caught Michael Cambias along with my embezzling C.F.O.
Erica: If you are here to bail out Michael Cambias again, I swear to you, I will come after you with everything I have.
Adam: Erica, Erica, no. I'm not here to bail him out. I'm here to bury him.

***** (clip d) [Adam compliments Lena while talking with Erica (Lena mention)]

[amc030707c starts]
Adam: So, you see, Erica, there is no way in h*** Cambias is going to walk away from this.
Erica: Well, Adam, it sounds like you've laid the groundwork for an airtight case.
Adam: Well, Lena has done the lion's share. She's very brave and very determined.
Erica: Yeah. Determined. That's what she is.
Adam: Well, I have to go see Montgomery and give him my deposition. Are you sure you're all right here alone?
Erica: Well, of course. I mean, I'm hardly alone.
Adam: Yeah, of course. Well, I guess we'll see each other in court.

***** (clip e) [Lena thanks Kendall for clearing her name]

[amc030707e starts]
Lena: Kendall -- thank you. I owe you my freedom.
Kendall: What, you're thanking little old me?
Lena: Yes. I mean, really, tracking down Bob Barrett all the way down in the Caymans, bringing him back here to turn state's evidence against Michael -- it's incredible.
Kendall: Well, I didn't do it alone.
Lena: Well, you did it, and I'm so grateful.
Bianca: Me, too. Kendall, you really came through for Lena and for me.
Kendall: Yeah, well, what are big sisters for?
Bianca: No. I'm beginning to figure that out.
Erica: Well, it's been quite a night. Lena, I deeply regret the ordeal you went through. I know that a jail cell is the scariest place on the planet, and when you're falsely accused -- well, I am very, very thankful that all of this is over for you.
Lena: Thank you. Thank you, Erica, for being so understanding.
Erica: Oh, well -- look, I, for one, am just exhausted. Bianca, why don't you let me drop you at Myrtle's, you know, before this storm breaks out, ok? Better yet, why don't you spend the night with me? Spend the night. We'll have hot chocolate and we'll have marshmallows and we'll catch up.
Bianca: Oh, thank you, Mom, but -- actually, I already have plans tonight. See you tomorrow.
Kendall: Well, anyone else up for a hot-chocolate mother-daughter combo? Didn't think so. Well, good night, Erica. Sleep tight.
Erica: Oh --
[Erica gasps]

***** (clip f) [Kendall notices Erica is spooked by the coming storm (no Lena)]

[amc030707f starts]
Kendall: Erica, what is it?
Erica: Oh -- nothing. Just my heel, the heel on my shoe. I lost my balance.
Kendall: No, no, you look scared to death.
Kendall: Well, what -- is the storm scaring you?
Erica: Are you kidding? Stop that. Don't be such a drama queen. I mean, my heel -- I lost my balance, I slipped. End of story.
Kendall: Listen, listen, if you're done here, I can walk you out to the parking lot.
Erica: Well, I hardly think that I need an escort. Besides, I’m waiting. I'm waiting for Jack. Excuse me.
Kendall: Mm-hmm.
Erica: May I have a glass of water, please?
Officer: No trouble at all, Ms. Kane.
Erica: Thank you.
Erica: Thank you so much.
Erica: Oh, one more thing. I have another request. This concerns Michael Cambias.

***** (clip g) [Michael calls Lena a "lying lesbo" (Lena mention)]

[amc030707g starts]
Adam: Did you actually think you could pull it off? Did you think you could loot my company without having to answer to me for it?
Michael: Sorry, Adam. You're hanging this on the wrong guy. Bob Barrett, your C.F.O., acted alone.
Adam: No, we have his sworn affidavit.
Michael: Well, I guess he's lying then, because I had nothing to do with any insider trading --
Adam: Tell it to the jury, not that they'll believe you once we've presented the evidence.
Michael: Yeah, well, there is no evidence.
Adam: Oh, Michael! We have e-mails, phone records, money transfers, and we're going to use them all to bury you.
Michael: And who exactly is "we"?
Adam: We would be me and Lena Kundera.
Michael: Lena. Who the h***'s going to believe that lying lesbo's word?
Adam: Bob Barrett has already admitted that you gave him $100,000 to disappear. That's all the proof we need to put you away for a very, very long time and to prove that you were indeed the mastermind -- should I say, the brains behind this whole pathetically transparent procedure.
Michael: Why don't you go to h***.
Adam: Isn't it strange how greed and stupidity often go hand in hand? You probably thought you were acting of your own free will, but you were playing right into my hand.
Michael: Guard! Get this guy out of here.
Adam: I orchestrated your demise when I hired you. I didn't think it was going to be this easy, but obviously, all I had to do was sit back and wait until you self-destructed.
Michael: Guard!
Adam: I can only imagine how your poor father must feel. Poor Alexander, saddled with an incompetent son. You're not fit to wipe his shoes, Michael.
[Flashback begins]
Alexander: You have been an embarrassment to me every day of your life. Ms. Kane, Cambias industries welcomes you to its board of directors.
Michael: Father!
Alexander: Don't call me that! You haven't earned the right!
[Flashback ends]
Michael: Why don't you just get the h*** out of here and go! Get! Go! Out of my sight.

***** (clip h) [Bianca keeps talking about Nancy Drew to Lena for some unknown reason]
[Lena and Bianca in the park]
Bianca: Whoa.
Lena: It feels like the heavens could open up any moment.
Bianca: Oh, come on. Don't tell me you're afraid of a little thunder and lightning?
Lena: I don't even watch The Weather Channel. Too much violence.
Bianca: You know, when I was a little girl, I would just read my mother's old Nancy Drew books.
Lena: Oh.
Bianca: And it always seemed like when Nancy was racing to solve a mystery, she was also racing one heck of a storm. And somehow, she always managed to do both -- solve the crime, save the day, and beat the odds. And that's what I love about you. You have raced so many storms -- a couple of them you raced for me -- and you've survived every single one of them. You have been so strong and so fearless. I can't believe I ever doubted you. I am so sorry for turning my back on you.
Lena: Hey. The storm's over. Look, we survived and we're together and that's all that matters.

***** (clip i) [Erica visits Michael in jail (no Lena)]

[amc030707i starts]
Michael: What do you want, Erica?
Erica: I had to see that the animal was properly caged.
Michael: You wanted to make sure I couldn't get out, because if I did, we'd finish what you started that night in your office. But we both know what really happened that night, don't we? I mean, you said I tried to rape you, but, I mean, really, you wanted it as much as I did, didn't you?
Erica: No.
Michael: Well, why don't you call the guard. Why don't you reach in here and give the condemned man something to think about, huh, something to smile about.
Erica: You are disgusting.
Michael: Well, if I make you sick, why don't you go? No, because you'd rather toss that mane, wet those parted lips. I tell you, you've got the tease down to an art form. You let a guy imagine what it would be like to take you, to own you, and then you pull it all away, always leaving them wanting more. Is that right? Well, let me tell you something. It's a dangerous game you're playing, Erica. It's the same game you were playing that night in Hollywood when you cried rape. And you know what, sweetheart? It's not rape if you're asking for it, like you did back then, like you did that night in your office with me, and like you are right now. Isn't that right? You're asking for it now. Aren't you? Aren't you?
[Michael reaches for her through the bars]
[Erica screams]
Michael: Come here.
Kendall: Touch her and I'll kill you!

***** (clip j) [This time Adam interrupts Lena and Bianca from consummation]

[amc030707j starts]
Lena: Bianca?
Bianca: Mm-hmm?
Lena: I want to take you away somewhere for a long weekend. No, no, not a week.
Bianca: Well, how about the whole summer?
Lena: Hey, don't tempt me.
Bianca: Why not? We can do it. I mean, you said that you wanted to take me to Prague. Let's just go.
Lena: Well, I mean, we could, and we could start in Prague and then go wherever our hearts lead us.
Bianca: Yeah, I like the sound of that.
Adam: Excuse me. Sorry to interrupt.
Lena: Adam. What is it?
Adam: Yes, I just was talking to Jackson Montgomery. He feels we have a fairly solid case against Cambias.
Lena: Uh-huh.
Adam: But there's a line on an associate of Cambias headquartered in Hong Kong?
Lena: Oh, Douglas Chow. Yes. I've worked closely with him in the past, yeah.
Adam: Good. Well, he has volunteered to handle the documents that would guarantee Cambias a very long prison sentence, but he insists on speaking with you.
Lena: Oh, you mean tonight?
Adam: The sooner, the better, yes.
Lena: Oh --
Bianca: Ask yourself what Nancy Drew would do.
Lena: Look, I'll call you later, if it's not too late.
Bianca: Ok. Oh, it will never be too late.
Bianca: Yikes.
Adam: Can I offer you a ride home, Bianca?
Bianca: No. Actually, I want to walk.
Lena: Well, look, be careful. It looks like you'll be racing the storm.
Bianca: I'll be very careful.

***** (clip k) [Michael's lawyer gets him out of jail (no Lena)]

[amc030707k starts]
Michael: Oh, this is touching, this is touching -- the rejected daughter stepping in to protect the mother who tossed her aside. Hmm, I got to finish that.
Kendall: You are pure evil.
Michael: Kendall. I mean, how could you say that? I mean, didn't I love you when no one else could stand to be around you? And all those nights that I held you while you whined about how your mommy hated you, because you were the child of rape? Let me tell you something. It's not rape. It's because you're so d***** unlovable, just like your sister, just like your mother. Erica uses men, and men use you. Oh, poor Bianca’s so screwed up she has to get it from women.
Kendall: You're sick, and I'm going to make sure that you pay.
Michael: Oh, I'll get what's coming to me. You can count on that. Bye, gorgeous. [Kendall leaves] Oh, jeez. [MIchael's attorney enters] Marvin, you said five minutes. Where the h*** have you been?
Marvin: Michael, I had to stop by the clerk's off--
Michael: Shut up and get me the h*** out of here, ok? Go.

***** (clip l) [Bianca comes home, the lights go out, and she finds she is not alone (no Lena)]

[amc030707l starts]
[Bianca goes home and the lights go out]
[Bianca gasps]
[Cut to Erica turning on her car and starts to freak out]
Erica: Oh --
[Erica gasps]
[Erica cries]
Erica: No!
[Pounding on window and havig visions of Richard Fields, her childhood rapist]
Erica: Oh! No! No! No!
Bianca: I know that Myrtle has a flashlight somewhere.
[Bianca rummages through a desk drawer]
Bianca: Come on.
[Bianca screams as someone grabs her wrist]
Erica: No! No! No! No! No! Don't touch me! Don't come near me, please, please --
Kendall: Erica, Erica, it's ok! It's ok, Erica! It's just me!
Erica: No! No!
Kendall: No one's going to hurt you, I promise!
Erica: No! No! Please go! No!
Bianca: Who are you? What do you want? `
[It is Michael]


I have the following clips (incompletes are marked "inc"):
amc030707a-inc3.mpg (1m; 0:05) Previously on AMC: Bianca asks Lena for forgiveness
amc030707b.mpg (3.9m; 0:23) Michael asks for his attorney (no Lena)
amc030707c.mpg (8.5m; 0:49) Kendall tells Erica to accept Lena being with Bianca (Lena inference)
amc030707d.mpg (9m; 0:53) Adam compliments Lena while talking with Erica (no Lena)
amc030707e.mpg (21.8m; 2:08) Lena thanks Kendall for clearing her name
amc030707f.mpg (10.5m; 1:02) Kendall notices Erica is spooked by the coming storm (no Lena)
amc030707g.mpg (27.6m; 2:42) Michael calls Lena a "lying lesbo" (Lena mention)
amc030707h.mpg (13m; 1:16) Bianca keeps talking about Nancy Drew to Lena for some unknown reason
amc030707i.mpg (15.6m; 1:31) Erica visits Michael in jail (no Lena)
amc030707j.mpg (17.8m; 1:44) This time Adam interrupts Lena and Bianca from consummation
amc030707k.mpg (12.7m; 1:15) Michael's lawyer gets him out of jail (no Lena)
amc030707l.mpg (19.8m; 1:56) Bianca comes home, the lights go out, and she finds she is not alone (no Lena)

The above described clips can also be found on my shared folder on AIM (http://www.aim.com to download). My user name on AIM is kymtaborn. E-mail me with your AIM user name (ktaborn@lightspeed.net) and I will give you access to the shared folder. When you have access, you can right click my user name on your buddy list and then click on get file. That should get you into the shared folder. If you have problems, then tweak your firewall. The downloads are slow because it has to go through the AIM filter AND often there are a lot of people downloading along with you. I apologize for the slow speed but this is the only way that I can distribute the clips at this time.

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