Whoosh! Erica, the fact that I am leavimg the show in a couple months should not one bit affect my investigation of, um, anything.
Erica reports Lena's concerns to Anna

Lena Kundera

July 18, 2003

(Lena mention)
Last update: 12/23/03

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Bianca Montgomery
Juan Pablo
Erica Kane
Anna Devane
Jackson Montgomery
Michael Cambias
David Hayward


People start thinking Bianca's acting weird because of Lena.


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

No mention of Lena (sniff)

From About All My Children

No mention of Lena (sniff)

From Soap Slut

Kendall explains why she's worried about Bianca to Mumbles, who listens with that stupid and inappropriate smirk on his face. She thought Binks was past all the grief about Lena. Mumbles invites Kendall to follow him, because he knows where Bianca might be. First of all, what the h***? He's psychic now or something? Secondly, considering what happened the last time Kendall trusted a strange and charming (though I'm using that term in the loosest possible sense here, believe me) guy, she's just going to follow him off somewhere after dark with no one else around? Serial killers can be charming too, y'know...


This all gay recap is by C.K..
Read all the All Gay Re-caps at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheAllGayRecap/.

Coming whenever C.K. sends it to me. I am looking so forward to it. A day without CK's recap is like a day without sunshine. I need my vitamin E, you know. We all do. Yes, I must contain my anticipation. But it's sooo hard.


This parody is by LizzieT.

Tad called Liza over to the gallery.
Tad: I think the perfect man for you is someone you knew in high school.
Liza: You mean you?
Tad: Are you nuts? The angry villagers have calmed down a little. Don't get them stirred up again. Now listen to this voice from your past.
Voice: Liza, remember back in high school when you plotted and schemed and made poor Jenny Gardner's life a living hell? Those were the days weren't they?
Liza: Is that Greg? I heard he got killed off of some other soap. Did you bring him back for me?
Tad: Sorry. This is Alfred Vanderpool. Remember him?
Alfred: Hello Liza. I'm here to give you and Tad a chance to do some comic schtick. Then the audience will realize you're meant to be together.
Angry Villagers: Want to make a bet? :::grumble grumble:::::lighting torches:::::

Erica was worried about Bianca.
Erica: Oh Opal, this is my punishment. My daughter is gone because I've kept Jack from his daughter Greenlee.
Opal: So if Bianca turns up safe and sound you'll tell Jack all about the little bun he left in Mary's Easy Bake Oven?
Erica: And ruin my life? Not a chance.
Opal: I noticed your police guard was gone. Do you think it was wise to let him leave?
Erica: Of course. I have my crackerjack Enchantment security team on high alert. They used to work for Edmund at Wildwind. He recommended them highly.

Simone was still trapped in the elevator at Fusion.
Simone: Oh well, since I'm here I might as well have a few fantasies. I'll start with Carlos. Oh look, there he is dangling at the end of a rope.
Lizzie: Yessss! Watching him has made me want to hang myself - now he's the one at the end of the rope.
Simone: He's coming to rescue me.
Lizzie: You mean he's not dead? :::sob::: I guess I was expecting too much. This is Simone's fantasy not mine.
Simone: Now Carlos has left me. I'll fantasize about Jamie.
Jamie: This should be fun. Kiss me Simone. I'm being written out. Give me a happy memory to take with me before I go.
Tad: Forget it son. I'm taking over this fantasy.
Simone: What about Liza?
Tad: I think the angry villagers have her trapped in a 7-11. Let's make out.
Simone: This is the best fantasy yet. Wait, where are you going?
Tad: Sorry. I'm in the other comic relief scenes for today too. I'm only one man.
Simone: Now I'll have another fantasy. Officer Sean! Oh no! I want a real contract character, not a sweet but chubby recurring character. Will I ever get out of here?

Kendall and the Newbie were at the park.
Kendall: I'm looking for my sister.
Newbie: Maybe I can help you. Yesterday I was mysterious, wealthy, and flirtatious. Today I am being mysterious and kind. I think your sister may be at the boathouse.
Kendall: Why would you think that?
Newbie: Isn't that where everyone in this town ends up eventually? I may have only been in town for two episodes but I'm not stupid.
Kendall: Have you ever thought about applying for a job with the PVPD? They could really use someone like you.
Newbie: Sorry. I must go. Besides being mysterious and kind I'm also slated to be heroic today. I must go rescue someone. Perhaps we will meet again.
Kendall: I hope so. Maybe this time they brought in a newbie just for me.

Back at Fusion.
Simone: Won't anyone help me get out of here?
Newbie: You rang?
Simone: ::gasp:::Hallelujah Chorus breaks out::::
Lizzie: Excuse me but I'd just like to point out that I used the Hallelujah Chorus as background not long ago in the Carlos/Greenlee break-up scene. Are you people stealing my stuff?


Michael: Get used to it. Don't make me keep saying it. Wherever you go, I will follow. I'll even get there first. You will never escape me. I will always, always find you.

Opal: Well, a hearty "howdy do" to you, too.

David: Where the h*** were you and Erica when she started slipping into this strange behavior? I'm sure it didn't happen overnight. So don't you dare turn me into the villain here!

Opal: Oh, gosh, almighty, look at the time. I was supposed to be back to relieve Petey's babysitter an hour ago. She's scared to death of him.


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Kendall finds Bianca's burnt clothes (no Lena)]

[amc030718a starts]
Man: Isn't it possible?
Kendall: What?
Man: That I might help you find what you're seeking.
Kendall: Oh, thank you, but no, I don't think so.
Man: But you're unhappy. It's dark and you're alone. Naturally, you are frightened. Forgive me.
Kendall: Bianca?
[Kendall finds the burned clothes in the trash can]
Man: What did you say?
Kendall: Bianca, my sister.
Man: You're searching for her?
Kendall: Yeah. Yeah, I am, and now I'm really scared.

***** (clip b) [Erica reports Bianca missing to Anna (no Lena)]

[amc030718b starts]
Anna: Hello, Erica.
Erica: Hello. Yes, you did it, then? You put the APB out on Bianca?
Jack: Well, actually, Anna wants to ask you a few questions.
Erica: All right. I don't know what more I can tell you.
Anna: Jack said that Bianca left Myrtle's, and she was carrying a suitcase.
Erica: Yes. Apparently. I mean, that's what I was told, and she apparently didn't say a word to anyone, no goodbyes.
Anna: Do you think maybe she went to see some friends or vacationing for a couple of days?
Erica: No, no. When I saw Bianca, she was very upset.
Anna: Which was when?
Erica: Yesterday.
Anna: Ok, and you argued?
Erica: No, no, nothing like that. As a matter of fact, Bianca promised to help us with our wedding plans.
Anna: So you didn't fight, and she wasn't angry at you?
Erica: No. No, nothing -- please, Anna, something is really wrong. Please, please do everything you can to find Bianca before something really terrible happens.

***** (clip c) [Bianca still having Michael hallucinations (no Lena)]

[amc030718c starts]
[Bianca gasps]
Michael: You're a smart girl, Bianca. You should know by now that you can't run away from me.

***** (clip d) [Juan Pablo offers to help Kendall find Bianca recognizes (no Lena)]

[amc030718d-inc starts]
Kendall: This was hers. Oh, I should have paid closer attention to her.
Man: There was trouble between you?
Kendall: Yeah, well, we've had our differences over the years.
Man: Of course, you're sisters.
Kendall: She disappeared. No one knows where Bianca is, and I found her here yesterday. She was -- she was standing right here. She was acting really weird, though.
Man: In what way?
Kendall: She was distracted, and I don't know, I can't really describe it.
Man: And now she's run away?
Kendall: Well, we don't know. We just found out that she left the boarding house where she lives.
[amc030718d-inc ends]
Man: What does she look like?
Kendall: She's pretty. She's about my height, big, dark eyes, short, dark hair, kind of a heart-shaped face. Our mother's freaking out.
Man: Has she recently suffered disappointment? I mean, Bianca.
Kendall: I guess. I mean, she did, but I thought she was getting over it.
Man: So she has been unhappy because of love?
Kendall: Yeah.
Man: So perhaps she needs some time alone.
Kendall: Yeah, well, if that's the case, then why didn't she just tell us about it?
Man: I think I know where she is. Come. I forgot, we don't know each other. Follow me, then.
Kendall: Why put yourself out for me?
Man: You need assistance. If I can give it, why turn away?

***** (clip e) [Erica continues telling Anna what happened (Lena mention)]
Erica: I saw Bianca yesterday at Myrtleís, and when I arrived, Lena was with her. Actually, when I arrived, then Bianca sent Lena away, and Bianca was very upset and very, very distracted.
Anna: So do you think that maybe she and Lena are having problems?
Erica: Well, Lena said that there was nothing new. She did say that Bianca canceled a trip that they were planning to take and that Bianca said -- actually, she insisted on staying here to help us plan the wedding, and then all of a sudden Lena announced that Bianca had left.
Jack: Listen, listen, listen. Relax. We're going to find her. Ok?
Erica: Jack, Myrtle said that Bianca is not eating.
Jack: Really? Bianca was anorexic.
Anna: Oh.
Erica: She almost died, and if I lose my baby to that disease --
Jack: You listen to me. You are not going to lose her to anything, I promise you.
Erica: Ok, look, I know that she hasn't been missing long enough --
Anna: It's all right. We're going to put out an APB. We'll do all we can.
Erica: You understand?
Anna: Yes.
Erica: Of course you do. Of course.
Anna: I do have to warn you that we're working with a reduced roster.
Erica: You're understaffed?
Jack: No, it's because of the special assignments.
Erica: Yeah, your guard and --
Jack: And Lenaís and Miaís and --
Erica: I see. Well, I would like all those officers out there looking for Bianca.
Anna: But while Michael Cambias is out on bail --
Jack: And unaccounted for, we have to make sure that any women he might be targeting are protected.
Erica: All right, well, with the security here in the building, Iím perfectly safe. I would like my officer back out on my patrol.
Anna: All right. We can reassign Matosian, yeah.
Erica: Great, and actually, all the rest.
Jack: No, whoa, whoa. I need to talk to the other women before I can do a thing like that. You understand.
Erica: All right, of course. Please, but do that, then. Call them.
Anna: You know what? We can do this back in the office, and Iíll start it.
Jack: Ok.
Erica: Thank you.
Jack: I'll be right there, Anna. Listen, Biancaís going to be home before you know it, ok? I promise you that. Don't you worry, sweetheart.

***** (clip f) [Bianca still hallucinating (no Lena)]

[amc030718f starts]
Michael: Get used to it. Don't make me keep saying it. Wherever you go, I will follow. I'll even get there first. You will never escape me. I will always, always find you.
Michael's voice: Always. Always. Always.

***** (clip g) [David finds out Bianca's missing (no Lena)]

[amc030718g starts]
Jack: Anna, have you talked to Manardi in Philadelphia yet?
Anna: What, me? No, sorry. Hi.
David: Hi. Is this a bad time?
Anna: Bianca's missing.
David: Bianca?
Anna: Yeah. Oh, gosh -- dinner. Can we make a rain check?
David: No, no, don't worry about that. Tell me more about Bianca.
Anna: Apparently, she was behaving oddly and took off, and no one knows why or where she's gone, so --
David: Oh, d*** it! I knew I should have kept her with me.
Anna: Do you know something about this?
David: I brought Bianca to the clinic this morning. She wound up on the roof.
Anna: What?
Jack: How did she get up there?
David: That's not important, and what happened is I got up on the roof, and I saw her standing there at the edge. I pulled her back before she could fall.
Jack: Before she could fall, or before she jumped?

***** (clip h) [Bianca thinks Kendall is Michael (no Lena)]

[amc030718h starts]
Michael: Bianca, what do you think you're doing?
Bianca: No, please. Just let me go. Leave me the h*** alone!
[Michael is Kendall this time]

***** (clip i) [Kendall tells Bianca to come home (no Lena)]

[amc030718i starts]
Kendall: Well, this is the thanks I get for tracking you down?
Bianca: Kendall, I never asked you to, ok?
Kendall: Yeah, well, excuse me for caring, Bianca.
Man: This is your sister?
Kendall: Yeah, you wouldn't know it by the way she's acting.
Bianca: Ok, all right, stop freaking out, ok? You can leave me alone. I'm fine.
Kendall: Yeah, well, tell that to Erica. She's threatening to cancel her wedding because of you, Bianca.
Bianca: What? No -- why?
Kendall: She thought you were lying dead in some ditch. I'm telling you, if you do not want Mom to cancel her wedding to Jack, you have to talk to her right now. Find her right now, and tell her why you ran off.

***** (clip j) [Erica tells Opal about Bianca's disappearance (Lena mention)]

[amc030718j-inc starts]
[Doorbell rings]
Opal: Hey there, honey. Well, a hearty "howdy do" to you, too.
Erica: Oh, Opal. Bianca is missing.
Opal: Bi-- well, what do you mean? Missing how?
Erica: She's gone. She's vanished.
Opal: Well, now, you're sure you're not jumping to conclusions here? Maybe she's just, you know, gone off for a few days with her friend Lena.
Erica: No, she's not with Lena. She's run away.
[amc030718j-inc ends]
Opal: Well, what makes you think that?
Erica: Oh, it's a long story. Oh, this is my punishment. I've known for so long that Greenlee is Jack's daughter, but I can't tell him.
Opal: Honey, you're not being punished.
Erica: Oh, yes, I am. I've lost my daughter because I am keeping Jack from his.

***** (clip k) [David tells Jack and Anna about Bianca's roof incident (no Lena)]

[amc030718k starts]
David: I ran into Bianca at the park yesterday, and she seemed a little off. So I stopped by Myrtle's this morning to see how she was doing.
Jack: And how did she seem then?
David: Well, she didn't seem well, frankly. She fainted, so I brought her to the clinic to have her checked out; and before we can get to her, she slipped away.
Jack: And she ended up on the roof?
David: Yeah, yeah, and that's when I pulled her away from the edge.
Jack: David, did she seem suicidal to you?
David: Of course I asked her about that.
Jack: And?
David: But she denied it, ok? And she was rather convincing, I might add.
Jack: So you find an obviously disturbed woman teetering on the edge of the roof, and all you do is walk away? You don't do anything about it? You don't call me? You don't call her mother? You're a doctor, for God's sake.
David: Where the h*** were you and Erica when she started slipping into this strange behavior? I'm sure it didn't happen overnight. So don't you dare turn me into the villain here!
Anna: Jackson, do you want to check the area hospitals?
Jack: Yeah, obviously, I better.
Anna: All right, David, come with me.
David: I want to help find her.
Anna: Yeah, stay out of Jack's way, would you?
David: And yours?
Anna: I didn't say that.
David: Yeah, but if anything happens to Bianca, it's my fault, right?
Anna: I wish you wouldn't put words in my mouth.
David: What you really want to say is, stay from Bianca before she ends up like Leora.

***** (clip l) [Bianca agrees to go home (no Lena)]

[amc030718l-inc1 starts]
Bianca: Ok, I will. I will. Just tell Mom I'll call her, ok?
Kendall: No, no, no, no. Wait a minute. Uh-uh, and give you a chance to run off? I don't think so. No, Bianca, listen to me. Erica needs to see you. She needs to see you now. She's terrified.
Bianca: Ok. Um -- fine.
[Bianca leaves]
[amc030718l-inc1 ends]
Kendall: You are almost enough to make me believe in miracles.
Man: Because your sister is safe?
Kendall: I would have never come here, and if you hadn't come along, then who knows --
Man: I'm happy to help.
Kendall: You've never seen me before. You've never seen Bianca. You talk to me for five minutes, and you knew exactly where to find her. You're like some kind of guardian angel or something.
Man: No. I passed your sister before I found you. When you spoke of Bianca, I realized that you were looking for her.
Kendall: Well, lucky for me you have a good memory.
Man: I never forget a beautiful face. Now I always remember yours. Take care of your sister.
[amc030718l-inc3 starts]
Michael: I'll be right behind you, Bianca. Always.

***** (clip m) [Bianca comes home to Erica with Kendall (no Lena)]

[amc030718m starts]
Opal: Just keep telling yourself that no news is good news.
Erica: Opal, I need to know that she's -- Bianca! Oh! Thank God you're all right! You're all right! Where have you been? Where did you find her?
Kendall: I found her at the boathouse in the park.
Erica: Oh, thank God you're all right. You are, aren't you?
Bianca: Yes, Iím fine.
Opal: Honey, your mama has been pacing trenches in the rugs over you.
Erica: Well, when I heard that you had packed your bags and left Myrtle's, and you didn't say goodbye or anything --
Bianca: I'm sorry. You know, I didn't -- I'm sorry that everybody got so freaked out. There was nothing to worry about. I'm fine. Really.
Erica: Oh, all right. Then -- then, why did you leave?
Opal: Oh, gosh, almighty, look at the time. I was supposed to be back to relieve Petey's babysitter an hour ago. She's scared to death of him.
Erica: Yeah. Thanks so much for keeping me company.
Opal: Oh, honey, anytime.
Erica: Ok. Will you call Jack? Will you tell him that Biancaís back, she's safe.
Opal: Will do.
Erica: Ok. Thanks.
Opal: Y'all take care now, you hear?
Erica: Kendall -- Kendall, I can't seem to find my new faxes from Olaf.
Kendall: The ones for -- for your dress?
Erica: Yes. Exactly. Would you mind looking on my desk in the library? Because I'm going to need them tomorrow.
Kendall: Sure. Yeah, yeah, I'll find them.
Erica: Thank you, honey.
Bianca: Kendall said that you were going to cancel the wedding if I didn't come back?
Erica: The wedding can wait.
Bianca: No, Mom. Come on.
Erica: Bianca, tell me everything from the beginning. Why did you pack up your bags and leave?
Bianca: You know, I was only going to be gone for, like, a day or maybe two.
Erica: Myrtle says you're not eating, so Iím going to ask you again. Now, truth. I'm begging you. Please, honey, tell me. Tell me what's wrong.

***** (clip n) [Anna cancels the search for Bianca (no Lena)]

[amc030718n-inc starts]
Anna: And check all the accident reports, would you?
[Knock on door]
Anna: Yeah, come in?
Jack: Anna, everything's ok. Bianca's home. She's with Erica.
Anna: Oh, ok. It's ok. She's been found. Cancel that. Thank you.
Jack: Yeah, Kendall actually found her -- at the boathouse, of all places.
Anna: Oh, wow. Ok, so, just, you know, go be with her. I'll take care of all this.
Jack: Well, actually, Erica wants to be alone with her for a while. I just wanted to come by and let you know, of course.
Anna: Sure. I'll cancel the APB.
Jack: Ok, great. Thank you. Thank you so much for everything, really.
Anna: Not at all. Yeah, hold on, Sean, hold on. Jack, I hope this is a happy ending for Bianca.
Jack: Oh, me, too. Thanks again.
Anna: Yeah. Sorry, Sean. Pull back the APB on Bianca. She's been found. Yeah. Great. Thanks. Did Jack tell you? Good, come in.
David: No. What?
Anna: Bianca's been found. It's ok. She's at Ericaís.
David: What a relief. That's great.
Anna: And listen, you were wrong. If anything -- if something had happened to her, I would never have held you responsible.
David: But I would have been. I let her walk away when I knew that she needed help.
Anna: Why did you do that?
David: Bianca accused me of wanting to save her, because I couldn't save Leora.
Anna: Is that the only reason?
David: I keep screwing up, Anna. With everyone. With Bianca, with you.
[amc030718n-inc ends]
Anna: Yeah, well, you can't expect everything to heal instantly.
David: No, listen to me. It's not going to work out with us. Not anymore. Not without Leora.
Anna: Is that why you came back?
David: I just want to end the pain, Anna.
Anna: What are you saying?
David: I'm saying I want to end it -- you and I. I want to end it while we can still walk away.

***** (clip o) [Bianca sees Michael for real (no Lena)]

[amc030718o starts]
Bianca: I'm sorry that I scared you.
Erica: Oh, honey, I don't care about that at all. It's just your -- your health, your happiness that I'm concerned about. You know what? Maybe you'll feel better after some tea. Orange or mint?
Bianca: You know what? Either one would be great.
Erica: Ok. Ok.
Michael: Well, we meet again. Well, what's wrong? You don't look so happy to see me.
Bianca: Stop this!
Michael: In fact, you look like you've seen a ghost. Are you all right?
Bianca: You are not real. I'm going to get rid of you.
Michael: Well, after all we've shared, that's not very kind.
Bianca: I mean it. I am sick of this. You can't control me. You can't control my thoughts.
Michael: Sweetheart, you're not making any sense. What --
Bianca: No, no, no. You can't take one more step.
Michael: Why are you being so distant?
Bianca: You're not real. You don't exist! You are not here!
Michael: Well, of course I'm here. Why would you say I'm not? Here --
[Bianca gasps]
Bianca: Oh, my God! It's you.
Michael: In the flesh.


I have the following clips (incompletes are marked "inc"):
amc030718a.mpg (7.1m; 0:41) Kendall finds Bianca's burnt clothes (no Lena)
amc030718b.mpg (10.3; 1:01) Erica reports Bianca missing to Anna (no Lena)
amc030718c.mpg (8.1m; 0:48) Bianca still having Michael hallucinations (no Lena)
amc030718d-inc.mpg (6.8m; 0:40) Juan Pablo offers to help Kendall find Bianca recognizes (no Lena)
amc030718e.mpg (22.9m; 2:14) Erica continues telling Anna what happened (Lena mention)
amc030718f.mpg (6m; 0:35) Bianca still hallucinating (no Lena)
amc030718g.mpg (8.4m; 0:49) David finds out Bianca's missing (no Lena)
amc030718h.mpg (3.5m; 0:20) Bianca thinks Kendall is Michael (no Lena)
amc030718i.mpg (5.9m; 0:34) Kendall tells Bianca to come home (no Lena)
amc030718j-inc.mpg (4.9m; 0:29) Erica tells Opal about Bianca's disappearance (Lena mention)
amc030718k.mpg (13.3m; 1:18) David tells Jack and Anna about Bianca's roof incident (no Lena)
amc030718l-inc1.mpg (4.7m; 0:28) Bianca agrees to go home (no Lena)
amc030718l-inc3.mpg (3.9m; 0:23) Michael makes another visitation
amc030718m.mpg (25.6m; 2:30) Bianca comes home to Erica with Kendall (no Lena)
amc030718n-inc.mpg (12.7m; 1:14) Anna cancels the search for Bianca (no Lena)
amc030718o.mpg (19.4m; 1:54) Bianca sees Michael for real (no Lena)

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