Whoosh! I'm a straight girl, Bianca, so this doesn't mean anything
Maggie comforts a distressed Bianca

Lena Kundera

July 28, 2003

(Lena mention)
Last update: 12/25/03

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Erica Kane
Kendall Hart
Biker bar clientele
Bianca Montgomery
Maggie Stone


Leaving the biker bar, Maggie takes Bianca her to her dorm room (Lena reference)


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

No Lena mention

From About All My Children

Erica thanks her for the votive candles tied with the same ribbon Bianca used for the bags of birdseed, and adds that she’s glad Bianca has this to focus on instead of what she thinks she’s missing with Lena.

From Soap Slut

No mention of Lena

From Lianca Recaps

Ick. Bianca's starting to crumple now and looks like she's ready to burst into tears. Hello, Maggie to the rescue maybe 10 minutes ago? Pre-dancing? That would have been good. Maggie stands up and yells that she's got cold beers on the house, and that clears up the melee! Phew! Nothing says roadhouse patron like wanton cruelty matched only by an unquenchable thirst for cheap beer! Maggie tries to get Bianca off the table, but Binks says she's not afraid of "them" and won't let herself get hurt. Mags can tell that Binks is still on a wig in progress, so she claims to be afraid for herself, and that gets Binky's attention. Awwww. Bianca really should be a superhero or something. Team up with Lena to fight for justice. Binks's uniform could be her Vengeance '03 Dress from the Enchantment press conference. Maggie makes the perfect sidekick in that regard, come to think of it. Not as smart, not as cool, always finding ways to get into trouble. Sort of like Daphne on Scooby-Doo. Right, I should stop fantasizing and re-regard the storyline from hell. So anyway, Maggie again asks Bianca to "come down" (too bad she wasn't at the clinic the other day), and they skedaddle, but not before Mags tells the understandably riled Pit bartender to put the brewskis on her tab. The bar riff-raff think this is hilarious. Oh, AMC. Outside, Maggie asks for Bianca's keys, and Bianca demands to know that Maggie is okay and that "they" didn't hurt her. Then she weaves and lurches as Maggie says she's "never seen [Bianca] this drunk before." On Diet Coke and vodka? Eeeech. Binks says she has to go get back for her mom's wedding tomorrow.


This all gay recap is by C.K..
Read all the All Gay Re-caps at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheAllGayRecap/.

Coming whenever C.K. sends it to me. I am looking so forward to it. A day without CK's recap is like a day without sunshine. I need my vitamin E, you know. We all do. Yes, I must contain my anticipation. But it's sooo hard.


This parody is by LizzieT.

At SOS Greenlee tried to get Jack to read Mary's letter.
Tad: I don' think you should read that.
Jack: Why not? It's not like something in that letter could really change my life could it?
Tad: Er...uh....I just don't think you should be reading your mail at a bachelor party.
Boyd: Even though as bachelor parties go this one is pretty dull.
Aiden: Oi agree. Aren't there any ookers coming?
Tad: We don't need hookers. I'll just tell you all about what I'm doing now as a private eye.
Aidan: Yew Yanks don't know much abowt aving a gewd toim dew yew?
Tad: See that guy over there with Greenlee? All the Fusion girls are looking for him.
Boyd: As part of their Sexiest Man contest. On line voting started today you know.
Tad: This is for their personal use. It seems they all want this guy for their own.
Boyd: Great. I guess this explains why I haven't had any air time in weeks.
Aidan: And whoi Oi'm ere at the bar with yew boys.
Tad: You got it. He's the new hot guy. We're starting early this time telling everyone how hot he is. They decided they waited to long with Carlos and that's why no one realized he was hot.
Jack: I don't know about this guy. If I had a daughter I wouldn't want him hanging around her. Oh look, he's leaving with Greenlee now.

Simone and Carlos were also at SOS.
Simone: So did you vote yet in our Sexiest Man contest? Online voting started today you know. Oh and Carlos, would you do something for me? I've found the most wonderful sexy man.
Carlos: I told you I'm not ready for a relationship Simone.
Simone: Not you! Though he does remind me of you. He's a newbie that's on all the time and we have to talk about how hot he is all the time. But I want this guy. Would you check him out for me?
Carlos: I really am yesterday's news aren't I?

Maggie distracted the drunks in the bar to help Bianca.
Maggie: Hey everyone. You can vote over here in Fusion's Sexiest Man contest.
Drunk 1: Oh good! I was wondering when online voting would start.
Drunk 2: This contest was a great idea. Whoever thought it up was a genius.
Drunk 3: Let me at that website. I've been looking forward to this for months.

Juan Pablo and Greenlee were back at her apartment.
Juan Pablo: You seem distracted oh lovely one. Is something distressing you?
Greenlee: I'm just thinking about Fusion's sexiest man contest. Online voting started today you know.
Juan Pablo: Yes. I am thinking of investing in your little company because of this brilliant Sexiest Man contest. But I sense you are also distracted by the letter.
Greenlee: What letter?
Juan Pablo: The one the camera keeps focusing in on.
Greenlee: I just think there may be something important in this letter.
Juan Pablo: Then you should read it. Perhaps the contents will change your life. Of course you could also read the "Greenlee is Jack's daughter" sign in the corner of the screen and save time.

Mary caused problems at the Valley Inn.
Mary: Ooops, I just stepped on the bride from the top of the cake. Hmm, do you think I might be a little psychotic as well as being a *&%#*? Now I'll just turn over the wedding cake too.
Kendall: How could you do that? You've ruined the cake! And it said in the icing that the voting on the Sexiest Man contest started today online!
Mary: I'm not the one ruining things. Erica is ruining Jack's life and Greenlee's life too. I don't want her to be the kind of mother to Greenlee that she's been to you.
Kendall: You mean Greenlee is Jack's daughter?
Mary: Finally someone in this town that can put 2 and 2 together. Do you know how many hints I've dropped lately?
Erica: What happened to my cake?
Kendall: Mary knocked it over. But don't worry. The wedding cake baker is on your speed dial. I'll order another one. But what are you going to do about Greenlee being Jack's daughter?
Erica: Nothing. What possible good could come from telling him?
Kendall: Greenlee could have a father that loves her. Jack could have the biological child he thought he'd never have.
Erica: OK, let me rephrase that. What possible good for me could come from telling him?
Kendall: I see your point. I think you're wrong but I'll keep your secret.
Erica: Thank you. I really owe you for this. Is there anything I can do for you?
Kendall: You could be sure to vote in the Sexiest Man contest. It started today you know.
Erica: I've got the web site bookmarked. I think Val has his favorites narrowed down already.


Bianca: No! Don't touch me! I swear to you, I'll kill you! I'll kill you all! I swear to god! Stay back! Stay back! Get back!

Maggie: Hey, boys! Hey, I got cold beers on the house!

Man: Hey, what about all these drinks? Who's going to pay for them?
Maggie: Yeah, yeah, yeah, just put them on my tab!

Maggie: You were scared? Scared of what? What happened?
Bianca: I didn't want it to happen again.
Maggie: You didn't want what to happen again?
Bianca: Rape.

Bianca: He always comes when I sleep.


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Kendall thanks Erica for letting her be part of the wedding (Lena mention)]
Kendall: Oh, this is so beautiful. I mean, this room is absolutely breathtaking.
Erica: Oh, it is, isn't it?
Kendall: Well, I mean, you slaved over every last detail. Jack really is the one you've been waiting for all your life, isn't he?
Erica: Yes. Yes, he really is. He's everything to me.
Kendall: Oh, I'm so happy for you guys. And thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this.
Erica: Well, Kendall, I should be thanking you.
Kendall: Me? What?
Erica: For these votive candles. This was wonderful of you to bring these. They're beautiful.
Kendall: Oh, thank you. Well, I used the ribbon that Bianca used to tie the bird seed together.
Erica: Yes, I know. I see that. They're gorgeous. Thank you.
Kendall: Oh.
Erica: Oh, and I'm so glad that Bianca has this wedding to focus on now, you know? Except that I just hope that the wedding somehow doesn't make her feel bad about what she thinks that she's missing with Lena.
Kendall: Well, I'm sure she's so excited about being your maid of honor, she's not thinking about anything else.
Erica: Oh, speaking about thinking about anything else, I never spoke to the maitre d' about the parking. Excuse me.
Kendall: Mm-hmm. Ok.

***** (clip b) [Bianca gets weirder at the bar (no Lena)]

[amc030728b starts]
Man: Come on, little girl. Show's over.
Bianca: No!
Man: Get down from there --
Bianca: No!
Man: Oh, nobody tells me -- ok, sweetheart, get down off the table.
Bianca: Stay away from me! Get back!
Man: Hey, come on, let's get her.
Bianca: No! Don't touch me! I swear to you, I'll kill you! I'll kill you all! I swear to god! Stay back! Stay back! Get back!

***** (clip c) [Maggie gets Bianca safely from the bar (no Lena)]

[amc030728c starts]
Man: Oh, you're in trouble now, baby.
Maggie: Hey, boys! Hey, I got cold beers on the house!
Maggie: Come on! Take them, take them. Bianca -- Bianca, calm down.
Bianca: It's ok, Maggie. I'm not afraid of them. I'm not going to let them hurt me.
Maggie: Bianca? Bianca, but I'm a little scared for myself right now, ok? So if you come down, then you can help me.
Bianca: Ok. Yeah, ok. It's going to be ok. I won't let them hurt you, Maggie. I promise.
Maggie: Ok. I believe you, ok? Just come down.
Bianca: Ok. All right.
Maggie: Come on, come on. Come on, you've got to go. Come on.
Man: Hey, what about all these drinks? Who's going to pay for them?
Maggie: Yeah, yeah, yeah, just put them on my tab!
Maggie: Ok. Give me your keys because you can't drive right now.
Bianca: You're ok, right? They didn't hurt you. You promise me?
Maggie: I'm fine. I swear, yes. You saved me, ok? Oh, my god, I've never seen you this drunk before. Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Come on, where are you going?
Bianca: I have to go home. I have to go back to my mom's.
Maggie: No. No, you don't.
Bianca: I do, Maggie. It's her wedding tomorrow to Uncle Jack. She needs me.

***** (clip d) [A drunk Bianca starts to get sick (no Lena)]

[amc030728d starts]
Maggie: Ok. All right, all right.
Bianca: Oh, god.
Maggie: Light. Right over there. Right there. Yes. Ah, thank you.
Bianca: Oh, god. Oh, I can't be here.
Maggie: Yes, you can. Why not?
Bianca: I can't. I -- I am my mother's maid of honor.
Maggie: Oh, that's tomorrow.
Bianca: But she's expecting me tonight.
Maggie: No, no, no. Look, just stay right there, ok?
Bianca: Ok.
Maggie: Don't move. Don't worry. I called her in the car, remember?
Bianca: Oh, yeah. Hey, did you say hi to her for me?
Maggie: Yes, I did. And then I told her that you'd be spending the night here, ok?
Bianca: Ok.
Maggie: So don't worry. You know what? Let's just get you to bed because you do not want to be spilling your cookies all over Erica's dress tomorrow.
[Bianca giggles]
Bianca: Oh, god. That is not funny, Maggie.
Maggie: I'm sorry.
Bianca: Don't say those kinds of things to me --
Maggie: I'm sorry.
Bianca: Not now.
Maggie: I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Bianca: Oh --
Maggie: What?
Bianca: Oh, god. Oh, no, I need to lie down.
Maggie: No, no, no, you don't. No, you don't. Is the room spinning? Is the room spinning? Ok, because --
Bianca: All over the place.
Maggie: Ok, you're going to be sick. We got to go to the bathroom. Listen, listen -- really, close your eyes. Close your eyes. Shh. Close your eyes. I know. Ok. Listen.
Bianca: Oh --
Maggie: You just have to trust me, ok?
Bianca: Ok.
Maggie: Come on. We're going to walk to the bathroom. I know, I know, I know. Hurry, hurry. We want to make it to the bathroom.

***** (clip e) [Bianca tells Maggie she was raped (no Lena)]

[amc030728e starts]
Maggie: Did the shower help?
Bianca: Uh-huh. Thanks for the t-shirt.
Maggie: You're welcome.
Bianca: Maggie, I don't know why you put up with me tonight. I am such a mess. I am so sorry.
Maggie: Bianca, you don't have to apologize. I care about you and I'm worried about you, that's all. I know something is terribly wrong with you, and I just don't know what it is, and I need you to tell me. Can you tell me, please? I've never seen you drink like that. You scared me tonight the way that you threatened those guys. You're not that type of person. You're just not like that.
Bianca: I was scared.
Maggie: You were scared? Scared of what? What happened?
Bianca: I didn't want it to happen again.
Maggie: You didn't want what to happen again?
Bianca: Rape.

***** (clip f) [Maggie comforts Bianca as she tries to sleep (no Lena)]

[amc030728f starts]
Bianca: Maggie?
Maggie: Yeah, I'm right here. I'm right here.
Bianca: Will you make sure that he doesn't come?
Maggie: What?
Bianca: He always comes when I sleep.
Maggie: Just sleep. You're safe. And I won't let him come.


I have the following clips (incompletes are marked "inc"):
amc030728b.mpg (4.6m; 0:27) Bianca gets weirder at the bar (no Lena)
amc030728c.mpg (15.2m; 1:28) Maggie gets Bianca safely from the bar (no Lena)
amc030728d.mpg (13m; 1:16) A drunk Bianca starts to get sick (no Lena)
amc030728e.mpg (20.2; 1:59) Bianca tells Maggie she was raped (no Lena)
amc030728f.mpg (10.5m; 1:01) Maggie comforts Bianca as she tries to sleep (no Lena)

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