Whoosh! What's this I keep hearing about Kinks? Is there something going on with you and your sister?
Erica no longer thinks that
Lena is the cause of Bianca's distress

Lena Kundera

August 11, 2003

(Lena mention)
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Erica Kane
Boyd Larraby
Kendall Hart
(no Lena)


Kendall wonders if there is something more going on than Bianca's break up with Lena (no Lena)


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No Lena mention

From About All My Children

As the storm lights up the sky, Erica thanks Boyd for coming so quickly. When he says her message sounded urgent, Erica tells him it’s Bianca—she hasn’t been able to reach her, and wonders if he knows where she is? Boyd doesn’t, saying he hasn’t seen her since the announcement about Jackson; he thinks she just wants to be left alone for a little while, and that she took the breakup with Lena pretty hard. Seeing the look on Erica’s face, he asks if something is wrong? Erica explains that she has seen Bianca shut down like this before, and hope she isn’t doing it again; she would want her to come to her for anything, and isn’t sure that’s what she’s doing right now. Boyd agrees to look for her, and tells Erica to try not to worry—he’ll find her and take care of her....

Kendall goes on that everyone thinks Bianca’s problem is Lena; when people break up, sometimes they do weird things, so what’s the big deal? Erica exclaims that she found her sister in the park with a match in her hand, and she just lets it go? Didn’t it seem odd to her, or even dangerous? Why didn’t she stop and really talk to her, “What kind of a sister are you? Don’t you even care about Bianca at all?”

Kendall insists that of course she cares about Bianca, but she told her to leave her alone, and she did. She asks when Erica is going to realize that she’s all grown up, but Erica insists she needs them all right now. Kendall feels, if her problem is Lena, then she’ll get over it; as far as she’s concerned, Lena and Michael could fall into a hole and never be heard from again! Erica asks if Bianca mentioned Michael? Kendall says no, but he made a few comments about her. When Erica asks what he said, Kendall tells her he just said Bianca was a lot sweeter than she is or something like that, and how he would like her better if she was more like Bianca, “You know how sleazy he is.” Erica turns away and cries it can’t be true, “Not Bianca, not my baby! No, it didn’t happen; Michael couldn’t have… No, it didn’t happen!” Kendall asks what didn’t happen? What does she think Michael did? Erica turns to face her, but can’t get the words out. As the realization dawns, Kendall exclaims, “Oh, no—no!” She recalls that there was panic in Bianca’s face, and Erica agrees David said Bianca was in panic mode when Maggie was holding a knife on Michael after the wedding; David was convinced enough to come and warn her. Kendall’s sure Erica’s just letting her imagination get the best of her; they’re all afraid of Michael, whether or not they want to admit it, and that’s why Jackson has guards for them. Erica insists something happened to Bianca; she hasn’t been herself since that night. She goes on that she ran away from Myrtle’s, she’s not eating, and this burning of her clothes, and she’s never thought it was Lena. Kendall tells her to stop, “You can’t think that Michael did to Bianca what he tried to do to us?” Before Erica can answer, Bianca comes in and asks, “Mom, Boyd said that you needed me?”

From Soap Slut

Where the h*** have the previouslies gone? I never get any anymore, and for once it isn't my own fault...

From Lianca Recaps

Previously on AMC: Nothing, apparently.

At Erica's penthouse, the storm is raging "outside," i.e., behind the nighttime Pine Valley cityscape backdrop. StraightHair!Erica, clad in a tight red short-sleeved top (is it cashmere or something?) tucked into what trancer at TWoP described as "peach leather pants with extended camel toe zipper [hee]," opens the door for Boyd and thanks him for coming over so quickly. Boyd exposits that the message sounded urgent and wonders what's up. Erica is worried about Bianca, whom she can't locate. Boyd hasn't seen her "since the announcement about Jackson" (which was "yesterday" according to various window cityscapes and characters' wardrobe changes) and guesses that she wants to be left alone. He mentions how hard she took "the breakup with Lena." Erica crosses, looking distressed. Boyd wonders if something is wrong. She says that she's seen Binks "shut down like this before," and hopes she's not doing it again. She says that she would want Binks to come to her about anything, but she's "not sure that's what she's doing right now." Boyd offers to look for her, much to Erica's relief. He tells her not to worry too much and goes. Erica rakes her hand through her hair, then crosses to the phone, but before she can dial, there's a knock at the door. "Bianca," she calls, and runs to open it. But it's Crazy Bitz! Aw yeah. Erica brings her hand to her face and whines, "what do you want now, Mary?" Mary tells her that they've got "a major problem on [their] hands" with trying to reconcile Jackson and Greenlee, and she's willing to take any insults if Erica will listen to her. Erica thinks Mary is playing her for a fool...

Kendall apologizes for frightening Erica but says that she seemed preoccupied. "Well there's a storm coming up again, for heaven's sake," Erica says, and Kendall replies that that's why she came over, to make sure that Erica was okay. Erica appreciates the concern but says she's fine; her preoccupation was about Bianca (she gestures toward the thunder and lightning outside). Kendall thinks that Binks must be fine; "I mean, she knows to come in from the rain," she says, dropping an anvil of dramatic irony. Erica doesn't say anything but is clearly troubled. Kendall offers some tea, but Erica blows off the suggestion rather rudely, so she offers to go, since although she thought that after the last storm, Erica might want some company, she clearly doesn't feel like talking to her. Erica asks her to wait. She brings up what Kendall had said a while ago about seeing Binks in the park in the middle of the night after the last storm. Kendall rehashes how Binks was acting weird, seemed off, and was standing over the garbage can (she doesn't call it a "thing" this time) with a lit match, and made up a nonsensical excuse when Kendall asked her about it. Erica wonders if Binks might not have lost an earring after all. Kendall mentions going back later, when they were all looking for Missing!Binks, and finding Bianca's burnt shirt in the can. When she asked Bianca about it, she was told "to mind [her] own business, more or less." "Well, why didn't you just keep asking her?" Erica presses, a little incredulous. "I mean, since it seemed so odd, why didn't you just keep after her?" Kendall wants to know what this is all about—after all, why can't Erica just ask Bianca about it? "Maybe it's too late," Erica says cryptically. Frustrated, Kendall says that Lena is probably the problem, and that breakups can cause people to do some weird things. "I mean, what's the big deal, anyway?" Erica can't believe what she's hearing. "My goodness, you find your sister standing there in the park with a match in her hand and you just let it go?" Kendall is a little stunned and tries to offer a weak apology, but Erica keeps going: "Didn't it seem odd to you; didn't it seem even dangerous to you? I mean, why didn't you just stop for a minute and really talk to Bianca? What kind of a sister are you; don't you even care about Bianca at all?" Harsh, but, well, word, Erica. On the other hand, if this storyline weren't so bullshit contrived anyway, Kendall wouldn't have had her head up her own ass in quite so extreme a fashion. Kendall looks a little pissed but confused.

She defends herself to Erica, saying she left Bianca alone because Binks asked her to, and Erica should realize that Binks is "all grown up." "Well, she needs us," Erica replies. "She needs us all right now." Kendall thinks that Bianca will simply get over Lena eventually, and adds, "I mean, as far as I'm concerned, Lena and Michael can fall into a hole and never be heard from again." At this, Erica spins around and asks if Bianca mentioned Michael. No, Kendall says, but Michael did make some comments about her, about her being "a lot sweeter" than Kendall, "and how if I was more like Bianca, he would've liked me better." Eww. Those comments are a lot more disgusting when Erica's hearing them second-hand than they were when we first heard them coming out of Will deVry's mouth. Erica is taken aback and denials that "it just can't be true, not Bianca, not my baby." Kendall asks what Erica thinks Michael did. Erica turns and looks at Kendall with her hands pressed to her chest, but doesn't say anything. "Oh, no . . . no," Kendall says, horrified. Commercials.

Sitting down now, Kendall remembers the "panic in [Bianca's] face," and Erica mentions what David said about Bianca's panic after Maggie held a knife on Michael at the Valley Inn after the wedding (again, "last night," according to cityscapes and wardrobe changes, but they'll probably say it was a week ago or some s***). Kendall doesn't think that means anything necessarily, but Erica thinks it means something that David thought it important enough to come talk to her about it. Kendall reassures Erica that her imagination's probably getting the better of her, and that they're all afraid of Michael, "even though [they] don't want to admit it," which is why Jackson has guards for them—not like we've seen them lately, though. Erica looks like she wants to believe it for a second, but she shakes her head again and says that "something happened," since Binks hasn't been the same "since that night." She ticks off the running away from Myrtle's, not eating, the clothes-burning—"and I don't think it's Lena; I've never thought it was Lena." Hee! That's some bulls*** right there. Erica, do you remember offering Lena $3 million to stay away from Binky? Sigh. One of the last glimpses of Real!Lena.


This all gay recap is by C.K..
Read all the All Gay Re-caps at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheAllGayRecap/.

Coming whenever C.K. sends it to me. I am looking so forward to it. A day without CK's recap is like a day without sunshine. I need my vitamin E, you know. We all do. Yes, I must contain my anticipation. But it's sooo hard.


This parody is by LizzieT.

Kendall couldn't get the mysterious phone call out of her mind.
Kendall: I'll just call the number of the mysterious phone caller again. Hmm, twenty five rings - maybe he's in the shower or something.
Hotel operator: Hotel Las Vegas. Sorry, all of our beach front rooms are booked at this time.
Kendall: I found this number on my caller ID. Actually it wasn't on MY caller ID. I had broken into this guys apartment to steal $500,000 and it was on his caller ID. Anyway, the voice sounded a lot like my ex-fiancee who dumped me during a thunderstorm which oddly enough we're having right now. You see, he caught me taking off my shirt in front of another guy who oddly enough is with me tonight. So could you tell me if he's staying at your hotel? His name is Ryan Lavery.
Hotel operator: Sorry. There's not a guest by that name staying here. However there was a mysterious arm that checked in earlier with another guest. Do you think that might be him?
Kendall: Was it wearing a shirt?
Hotel operator: Yes.
Kendall: Then it probably wasn't Ryan. I think when he gets back he'll be shirtless at first.
Aidan: Oo were yew cawling?
Kendall: No one. Do you ever miss someone so much that you hear their voice when they're not there?
Aidan: Yes. Sometoims Oi think Oi ear Mowreen tawking tew me, especially when Oi'm wawking past the melon section in the grocery store.

Over at Wildwind Edmund had a surprise for Maria.
Edmund: Happy anniversary!
Maria: Which anniversary is this?
Edmund: The anniversary of the day I thought you died a fiery death in that plane crash. Brooke always threw a big party for this day but I thought we'd celebrate more quietly.
Maria: How sweet! Let's have sex.
Edmund: So much for quietly.
Maddie: Mommy, daddy, I'm scared.
Edmund: Is the thunder frightening you?
Maddie: No. I'm afraid I'll have that nightmare about the monster screaming again, the way I have every night since Mommy came home. It's really scary the way it screams "I'm coming, I'm coming".
Maria: It's OK Maddie. We'll play your favorite game and have a lovely heartwarming family moment.
Maddie: Should we wake up Sam and let him play too?
Edmund: Who?
Sam: Me. The blonde kid, remember?
Maria: What are you doing down here?
Sam: The attic got struck by lightning and released the electric locks so I escaped.
Maddie: Let's play my favorite game now. Then we can bounce up and down on the bed.
Edmund: That was my plan for the night before you kids showed up. Now I'll just go downstairs and get some things to make ice cream sundaes. There might be a few people in the audience that haven't gone into insulin shock yet from all this sweetness.

Jack confronted Juan Pablo in the hotel room.
Jack: (&%$ it, where's my daughter?
Juan Pablo: She is not here. I have not seen her.
Jack: Oh yeah, well, this is her dress. How do you explain that?
Juan Pablo: In my country a man is not ashamed to wear a sundress on occasion.
Jack: Don't hand me that you *^&*$#. What have you done to my little girl?
Juan Pablo: Careful. You are starting to remind me of how you acted about That Kit Fisher Person. You do not want a replay of those unfortunate days.
Jack: Sorry. I just want Greenlee to know she doesn't have to go through this alone.
Juan Pablo: But she is not alone.
Jack: OK. I just want Greenlee to know that she doesn't have to go through this with only a newbie, especially one who's not going over all that well.

Greenlee expressed her anger on the beach.
Greenlee: Augghhhh! Come and get me Mother Nature! Give it your best shot! You can't do anything to me! :::slips on rocks::::OK I was really just be dramatic here. I didn't actually mean for you to trap me on a rock on the beach. Now I'm stuck. Hey Jack, come rescue your little girl!
Jack: You rang?
Greenlee: How touching. A fantasy of Jack coming to my rescue as my daddy. And look, he's wearing the same thing in my fantasy as he is on the rest of the show. We must truly share a special connection. Now I'll have a fantasy about me as a little girl with Jack.
Little Greenlee: I'm sad Daddy. My sandcastle washed away and I'm not as cute as Angel Leora was.
Jack: That's OK my little princess. We'll build another sand castle - or maybe a little sand cosmetics company. I'll do all the things that a daddy should do with his little girl.
Little Greenlee: Will you take me on the ferris wheel?
Jack: Of course.
Little Greenlee: Will you spin me around in circles?
Jack: Of course.
Little Greenlee: Will you let me go to Cancun with my boyfriend on spring break when I turn 16?
Jack: Not on your life.
Greenlee: OK, maybe growing up with parents who didn't care had it's advantages.
Jack: Greenlee, do you need some help?
Greenlee: How did you know I was here?
Jack: I was in the parking lot and I saw you over here.
Greenlee: You realize of course that anyone who'd ever been to Atlantic City will know that's impossible.
Jack: I just say the lines. It's not my fault if they don't make any sense. Now let me get you out from under that rock.
Greenlee: Go away. I don't need you.
Jack: Don't give me any of your backtalk young lady. I still haven't decided how long you're going to be grounded for this little stunt of yours. Now can you walk on that ankle or should I carry you?
Greenlee: Oohh, how about a piggy back ride? Please daddy please?
Jack: OK.:::groan::: Too bad I didn't find out you were my daughter when you were younger and my back was stronger.


Erica: Didn't it seem odd to you? Didn't it seem even dangerous to you? I mean, why couldn't you just stop for a minute and really talk to Bianca? What kind of a sister are you? Don't you even care about Bianca at all?


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Erica asks Boyd to help her find Bianca (Lena mention)]
[Door opens]
Boyd: Hey.
Erica: Oh, Boyd, thank you so much for coming by so quickly.
Boyd: Of course. Your message sounded urgent. What's up?
Erica: It's Bianca.
Boyd: Is everything all right?
Erica: I hope so. It's just that I haven't been able to reach her, and so I wondered, do you know where she is?
Boyd: I'm sorry, I don't. I haven't seen her since -- well, since the announcement about Jackson. I think she just probably wants to be left alone for a while. She took the breakup with Lena pretty hard.
Erica: Yeah.
Boyd: Erica, is something wrong? Why is it so urgent?
Erica: Well, I've seen Bianca just shut down like this before. I hope she's not doing that again. I would want her to come to me about anything. I just am not sure that's what she's doing right now.
Boyd: Ok, well, if it'll make you feel better, I'll look for her.
Erica: Oh, thank you. Thank you, Boyd.
Boyd: Sure. And try not to worry, all right? I'll take care of it. I'll find her.
Erica: Thank you.
Boyd: Ok.

***** (clip b) [Erica questions Kendall about Bianca on the nght of the storm (Lena mention)]

Erica: You scared me coming up behind me like that.
Kendall: I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't have, but you just seemed so preoccupied.
Erica: Well, there's a storm coming up again, for heaven's sake.
Kendall: Well, that's why I came here -- to make sure you were ok.
Erica: I appreciate that. I do. But I'm fine. I'm fine, thank you. If I seem preoccupied, it's because I was thinking --
Kendall: Erica, it's ok. I understand.
Erica: No, I mean that I was thinking about Bianca. I was just hoping that she would come home.
Kendall: I'm sure Bianca's fine. She knows to come in from the rain.
Kendall: Erica, do you want me to make some tea?
Erica: Tea won't do any good. I mean, thank you, but [amc030811b-inc starts] I just don't feel like a cup of tea right now.
Kendall: Well, obviously, you don't feel like talking to me, either.
Erica: Oh, no, Kendall, this has nothing to do with you. It's not you.
Kendall: Well, I just thought that after the night of the other storm, maybe you would want some company, but apparently not, so I'll go.
Erica: No, no. Please, Kendall, wait. Kendall, the night of the other storm --
Kendall: Yeah?
Erica: After you left here, you saw Bianca. You told me that you saw Bianca in the park?
Kendall: Yeah, I saw her in the park.
Erica: So right after the storm, Bianca was in the park. Didn't that seem strange to you? I mean, how did she act?
Kendall: Why are you asking me this?
Erica: Please, just tell me, how did she seem to you? How was she acting?
Kendall: I told you and Jack that she -- I mean, she was a little off. And then there was that thing with the match.
Erica: What about the thing with the match?
Kendall: Well, she -- you know, she was holding the match. She was standing over the garbage can holding this lit match. And when I asked her what that was all about, she made up some excuse about looking for a lost earring or something like that. It made absolutely no sense.
Erica: Well, why not? I mean, why -- couldn't she have dropped an earring? It was dark, and so she was looking for it with a match?
Kendall: Well, because after you sent me looking for her, I went back to the park, and I found Bianca's shirt that had been burnt, and it was in the same garbage can.
Erica: Well, didn't you ask her what she was doing?
Kendall: Yes, I did --
Erica: And what did she say? What did she tell you?
Kendall: To mind my own business, more or less.
Erica: Well, why didn't you just keep asking her? I mean, since it seemed so odd, why didn't you just keep after her?
Kendall: Erica, what is this all about? I mean, if you want to know why Bianca was burning her shirt, why don't you just ask her?
Erica: Maybe it's too late.
Kendall: Why is it too late? Too late for what?
Erica: Never mind.
Kendall: Look, people -- everybody thinks that Bianca's problem is Lena. When people break up, they do really weird things sometimes. What's the big deal, anyway?
Erica: What's the big deal? My goodness, you find your sister standing there in the park with a match in her hand, and you just let it go?
Kendall: I -- I'm sorry -- Erica --
Erica: Didn't it seem odd to you? Didn't it seem even dangerous to you? I mean, why couldn't you just stop for a minute and really talk to Bianca? What kind of a sister are you? Don't you even care about Bianca at all?

***** (clip c) [Erica tells Kendall her suspicions about Bianca (Lena mention)]

[amc030811c starts]
Kendall: Erica, why are you angry with me? Of course I care about Bianca. But she told me to leave her alone, and so I did. When are you going to realize that she's all grown up?
Erica: Well, she needs us. She needs us all right now.
Kendall: Yeah, well, if her problem is Lena, then she'll get over it. I mean, as far as I'm concerned, Lena and Michael can fall into a hole and never be heard from again.
Erica: Did Bianca mention Michael?
Kendall: No, though he made a few comments about her.
Erica: What? What did he say?
Kendall: Just that she was a lot sweeter than I am or something like that. You know how sleazy he is. And how if I was more like Bianca, he would like me better.
Erica: No. No, it just can't be true. Not Bianca, not my baby.
Kendall: What -- Erica, what are you talking about? What's wrong? What -- did something happen to Bianca?
Erica: Michael couldn't have. No, it didn't happen.
Kendall: What -- what didn't happen? Erica, what -- what do you think Michael did?
Kendall: No. No.

***** (clip d) [Erica tells Kendall she never thought it was Lena who was causing Bianca's distress (Lena mention)]

[amc030811d starts]
Kendall: There was panic in her face.
Erica: Yes. When Maggie was holding a knife on Michael after the wedding, David said that Bianca was in panic mode.
Kendall: Well, that doesn't mean --
Erica: Well, David was convinced enough to come here and tell me and warn me.
Kendall: Erica, I'm sure you're just letting your imagination get the best of you.
Erica: You really think so?
Kendall: Well, you know, we're all afraid of Michael, even though we don't want to admit it. That's why Jackson has guards for us.
Erica: Something happened. Something happened to Bianca. She hasn't been herself since that night. I mean, the running away from Myrtle's, and not eating, and this burning of her clothes. And I don't think it's Lena. I've never thought it was Lena.
Kendall: Erica, stop. You can't really think that -- you can't think that, can you? You can't -- you can't think that Michael -- that he did to Bianca what he tried to do to us?
[Door opens and closes]
Bianca: Hey. Mom, Boyd said that you needed me?


I have the following clips (incompletes are marked "inc"):
amc030811b-inc.mpg (28.7m; 2:48) Erica questions Kendall about Bianca on the night of the storm (Lena mention)
amc030811c.mpg (13.9m; 1:21) Erica tells Kendall her suspicions about Bianca (Lena mention)
amc030811d.mpg (15.2m; 1:29) Erica tells Kendall she never thought it was Lena who was causing Bianca's distress (Lena mention)

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