Whoosh! Just Lena's luck, she dies right before she gets the chance to act opposite a living person
Boyd discovers Lena unconscious
on her miserable Pine Cone bed

Lena Kundera

September 19, 2003

(Lena appearance)
Last update: 01/18/04

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COMMENTARY 1 by Solvay


Lena Kundera (Olga Sosnovska)
Boyd Larraby
Kendall Hart


Lena is found unconscious on her bed next to a box of garden insect poison by Kendall and Boyd


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

Kendall decides to hire Lena as a way to help Bianca. Kendall and Boyd find Lena unconscious in her room with a container of poison by her side.

From About All My Children

[Kendall] says Adam’s right; there’s no way she can run these companies on her own. Boyd asks if she really thinks Bianca is in any shape to take on that kind of responsibility right now? Kendall doesn’t mean Bianca, but Lena, who knows more about Enchantment and Cambias than anybody else. She can offer her a nice, big, fat raise that would make anyone jealous, and she’ll come crawling back, thanking her in two different languages! Boyd still doesn’t trust her, but Kendall says Michael used a lot of other people, not just Lena. He asks how, exactly, this helps Bianca? Kendall tells him Bianca still loves Lena. She knows they broke up, but sooner or later Bianca’s going to want to get back together with her, and when she does, Lena will be waiting for her. Boyd thinks getting them back together would be a great way to stick it to Erica, but Kendall says people can think whatever the hell they want to; she’s doing this for Bianca! She says she’s going to find Lena, and asks if he’s with her?...

As they get to Lena’s room, Kendall says she’s glad Boyd is here because Lena will know she’s making a serious offer. She gets no answer to her knock, and finds the door unlocked. They go in to find Lena unconscious on the bed. Boyd sees the box of poison and exclaims, “Oh my god, no—Lena!”

From Soap Slut

Ah, a full recap. It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Okay, I have a beef with the credits. They take the Lena/Joanie frame out but leave Henry’s? Ugh. It’s an unusual opening scene today: the rising sun. There are several shots of sleeping Pine Valley denizens. First there’s Greenlee, lightly napping at the boathouse in a sitting position. Then we have Mary, sleeping fitfully, wherever she is. Followed by Lena at the Pine Cone, Bianca in her own bed and Kendall, looking quite stunningly angelic sleeping on the couch in the Enchantment CEO office. Finally, we have Mia, hair a mess and hungover as she wakes up next to Nekkid Aidan... Kendall knows that she can’t run these companies all by herself. She needs someone with some business know-how, especially about Enchantment and the Cambias business. She wants to hire Lena. Wha-? All right! Lena with some screentime and in a Kendall scene to boot. Christmas has come early this year... Kendall has changed into something blue and ruffly. It’s definitely a step DOWN in tastefulness and if she wants to entice Lena into teaming up with her, Kendall should have stayed in her previous outfit. Anyway, Kendall approaches Lena’s room at the Pine Cone with Boyd. Did she make him go to her place while she changed? Did she let him join her in the shower? Sorry, I keep getting sidetracked. Kendall bangs on Lena’s door. No answer. Kendall yells. No answer. They think it’s weird that Lena isn’t responding since her car is in the parking lot. In a town where people constantly walk through the park to get from place to place, how is that weird? Kendall tries the door. It’s open so she and Boyd let themselves in. Lena lies passed out cold in her darkened room. They panic upon finding the box of poison...

From Lianca Recaps

Episode summary: Bianca and Greenlee bond awesomely at the boathouse; Jack finds Bianca and Greenlee together at the boathouse; looking to offer Lena a job, Kendall and Boyd go to her room at the Pine Cone and find her unconscious.

No previouslies. And Lena, officially, appears in neither set of credits.

Sunrise, music. Could be Etta James. Whatever it is. I really dug this montage; I thought it kicked some a**. It goes like this: Sunrise: "One of these mornings . . ."...

Lena, curled up on the bed at the Pine Cone: "And I'll be gone . . ." [bada** organ chord]...

Boyd tells Kendall he's all for helping Bianca, but Kendall "need[s] to stay focused" because there's a "huge threat hanging over [them]," namely, the demolition of the building at Pier 23. She agrees, but Adam has "opened [her] eyes": she can't run all her companies on her own. Boyd doesn't think Bianca is in any shape to take those responsibilities on, but Kendall duhs that she's talking about Lena, who "knows more about Enchantment and Cambias than anybody," she says. She'll give her a big raise, and Lena will "come crawling back thanking me in two different languages." Boyd is still skeptical, because he doesn't trust Lena completely, and Kendall reminds him that "Michael used a lot of other people . . . not just Lena." So how does this help Bianca? Kendall knows that Binks still loves Lena, and when she's ready again, the HPF will be waiting for her. Yeah, Boyd says, and this is also a "great way to stick it to Erica." "People can think whatever the hell they want, but I'm doing this for Bianca," Kendall says. She grabs a portfolio (I think) and declares she's going to find Lena. At the door, she asks Boyd if he's with her. Looking pissed and stressed, he stares at her...

Kendall, in a frilly blue sleeveless top avec plunging neckline and black skirt, arrives at the Pine Cone with Boyd in tow, which she's glad of, because she thinks he'll help her credibility with Lena. She knows on the door and yells Lena's name, but there's no answer—odd, because Kendall is "positive" Lena's car was in the parking lot. So she tries the knob, and the door opens. They go inside and see Lena on the bed with the empty box of poison. Boyd tries to feel for a pulse under Lena's lolling head as Kendall yells to her...


This all gay recap is by C.K..
Read all the All Gay Re-caps at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheAllGayRecap/.

Lena parts are indicated in red for those who only want a Lena fix


  • Everyone sleeps.
  • Everyone wakes up.
  • Everyone's reality sucks.
  • Everyone loves the boathouse.
  • Everyone still wants Michael to pay.
  • Everyone knows where everyone else is.

The Set-Up – While she sleeps the sleep of the widow, the sun rises on Greenlee’s face; Mary is curled on the back seat of a car, sleeping the sleep of the destitute. Lena sleeps the sleep of the suicidal; Bianca and Kendall sleep the sleep of the troubled and Mia sleeps the sleep of the drunk.

Mia wakes up; her arm lands on a chest and she freaks: I would freak, too, if that chest had no breasts.

Mary is jolted awake by a slamming door; she bolts upright and comes face to rear view mirror with Jack.

Technicolor Bianca dreams of herself in black and white; Kendall is there, too, giving voice to VolderFetus: she asks not to be blamed, says it’s not her fault and that she just wants to love her. Apparently, in her dreams, Bianca is astigmatic.

Kendall, asleep on the couch in her office, wakes up to find Adam; his arm offers her orange juice.

BJ’s – Reggie is willing to bet that Mary has spent "more than one night in the backseat of a car." Heh. Jack is an asshole and makes sure anyone within a 5-mile radius can hear Mary’s story of woes.  I understand frustration, but that’s just stupid and callous.

Mary: "Because daddy cut me off and took away every bit of security that I had and - "
Jack: "And somewhere a lonely socialite just weeps for you openly."


Mary asks Jack for some money because, after all, she spared him from paying child support over the years, not to mention that she’s given him Greenlee, so, really, he owes her. Jack agrees – what? – but on one condition. What could the condition be? I couldn’t possibly speculate: this show is far too advanced for me.

The Boathouse – Greenlee tells Leo she can’t take off her wedding ring. Have you tried Crisco?

Bianca stomps in, sees Greenlee and tries to leave, saying she is "the last person" she wants to see. The last? So, Lena is what, next to?

Greenlee sort of apologizes for disrupting the wedding with readings from The Book Of Mary, then suggests they vent and pick on Kendall since she’s on both their shit lists. Bianca reacts as if Greenlee has suddenly muted into a rodent.

Enchantment – Adam has brought breakfast and an agenda: he's there to propose a merger of sorts, but I can’t make out what those round and crunchy things are.

Tempo – Once again, Ryan is hiding in plain sight: he’s such a stupid log.

Liza walks in, wonders if Beastmund’s secretary comes in a kit with an "underground fence" and then sniffs the air.

Liza: "What’s that? I smell – Ryan."

Oh, so he never changed his shirt the first time he was in town, either?

Beastmund says he’s the one with the stinky aftershave, tells Liza not to worry about the story on Kendall because it has too many holes and sends her on her way.  Ryan sniffs his shirt.

Roach Motel, Aiden’s Room – Even with a hangover, Mia pimps the sexiest man contest; Ryan does some of the weakest sit-ups I’ve ever seen and then shares his hangover solution with Mia: it involves spinning around and crossing the threshold to the – bathroom?

BJ’s – Jack is willing to give Mary a monthly allowance on one condition: she must leave town and come back only if Greenlee asks to see her. Poor Mary: Greenlee has her money and her man: she has nothing left and she’s still the bad guy. Ah, revenge. Wish I could say that like Sideshow Bob. No deal.

Enchantment – Adam has no trouble with the idea of Kendall as figurehead of Chandler Enterprises, but he wants to run the company. So, what you’re saying is that you’ll be Dick Chaney to her George W. Bush? No deal.

After Boyd walks in, Kendall declares that Adam "inspired" her and she now has a way to help both Bianca and herself and, this time, no one will get hurt. No, but I bet someone will be very, very pissed off.

The Boathouse – Bratianca doesn’t care about Kendall because, as far as she’s concerned, she can do whatever she wants. Greenlee wishes Leo were there to help Bianca deal with everything and offers to help in his place.

Bianca: "Well, I am ok so you and everybody else can just stop asking me – "

See, she’s fine, FINE! Just like I’ve been saying: she’s perfectly well-adjusted.

During the arm-flailing, Bianca breaks a nail, which leads to bonding over an emery board. While filing, Greenlee tells Bianca that her testimony against Michael was "the bravest thing" she’d ever seen "anyone do;" she stops buffing and holds Bianca’s hand. Careful Greenlee: if Maggie sees you holding Bianca’s hand, she’ll cut off yours.

Tempo – Ryan is all about the hiding, but not much about the not shouting – something he and Beastmund are doing about some woman whose name is Gillian and about whom not only do I know nothing, but have no interest in. Finally, Beastmund sends Ryan on a recon mission to see the building about to be demolished and tells him the shortest way to get there is through the park, via the boathouse. Contrivance, thy name is AMC.

The Boathouse – Greenlee and Bianca both cry over cereal commercials. Once, when I was in Italy, I started crying during an ad; it was not until the end of it that I found out the ad was for a new, eco-friendly washing machine: that made me cry harder.

Bianca thanks Greenlee, who resumes the buffing and reminds Bianca they’re now cousins and should try to bury the hatchet – but not all the way, otherwise they’d have nothing to do on the day they become half-sisters.

I am in commercial hell because, even though these Binky/Greenpea scenes are so contrived they’re giving pretzels a bad case of twister envy, I still think they’re sweet as (holy) hell. Not sure about those cousin/almost half-sisters EyeHoYay, but I’ll overlook the ick factor now that the truth about those eco-friendly washing machines ads has been discovered. Really, I’ve got nothing to stand on.

BJ’s – Having a family means more than sharing blood ties, Jack says, which means Rob Tapert will sue AMC for stealing Xena’s lines.

Jack hands the keys to the Habitat for Humanity house to the new owner and is then interrupted by Adam, who wants to talk about Kendall.

Adam: "What are you doing about Kendall?"
Jack: "I’m handling it."

He is? What’s he doing? When?

The Roach Motel – Aiden dumps Mia in the shower to take care of her hangover; they share a moment that is all kinds of wrong, wrong, wrong but, thankfully, before my eyes begin to bleed, they stop.

BJ’s – Jack says he’s on the Kendall/Michael connection like white on rice, but Adam thinks that would be true only if Jack were colorblind.

Adam: "Please, your department couldn’t find dirt under a rock."

Bwah! Oh, that’s so true. I think I’ll cry now.

Jack and Adam decide a public place is the best place to have a loud I-want-to-kill-Michael-more-than-you-do conversation; Jack walks out, so I’m pretty sure Adam won.

Enchantment – Kendall tells Boyd that Adam helped her see she cannot run all those companies on her own, which leads poor Boyd to think Kendall intends to hire Bianca to run them with her. Boyd, sweetie, what are you thinking, you twit! Kendall’s going to hire Lena, not Bianca – because she has experience and she "knows more about Enchantment and Cambias than anyone else." Oh, and it’ll piss off Erica.

Boyd: "All right, but exactly how does this help Bianca?"
Kendall: "Bianca still loves her."
Boyd: "Kendall, they broke up."
Kendall: "Yes, I know that but, sooner or later, Bianca is going to want to get back together with her and, when she does, Lena will be waiting for her."

Kendall snarked on the Bianca Yo-Yo! I want you, no I don't, I want you again, but not now that you're in prison, I want you again, forgive me, I was wrong, I'm breaking up with you. Hee. I heart you, Kendall.

The Last Scenes – At the boathouse, Greenlee and Bianca’s gigglefest over nail polish is interrupted by PapaUncle!Jack, who not only knew Bianca would be there, but also seems to know about her "appointment." Bianca tells Greenlee that "sometimes things aren’t so bad once you give them a shot," so Greenlee hands her some Fusion nail polish. *snort* Greenlee tells Leo that "Bianca is a sweet person – even if Erica is her mother." Heh. Ryan runs up and runs off once he sees Greenlee, who follows him because, damn it, she saw him! And, well, smelled him.

At the roach motel, Mia thanks Aiden and prepares to take The Walk Of Shame. Once she leaves, he answers the phone and asks Clive to get him a job "as far away from Pine Valley as possible." After the fuss he’s made about Michael, I’m supposed to believe he just wants to leave? U-huh.

At his house, Adam walks in to find the best dressed bum in the history of the world: Mary Polanski.

Back at the roach motel, Kendall knocks on Lena’s door. Just once I’d like to know how these people find out where tertiary players are staying, just once! Kendall and Boyd make their way in and find an unconscious Lena lying on her bed next to the box of bug poison. Great: from the lovest love that ever loved to a bug pellet buffet.

NEXT WEEK ON ALL MY CHILDREN: Adam wonders what kind of scam Mary is scheming; Greenlee tells Juan Pablo that "the problem is Ryan;" Erica points at Jack; at the clinic, Bianca and Maggie run into Kendall.


This commentary is by Solvay.

My god, neither Olga [Sosnovska] nor Lena can catch a break. We used to have "I love you Bianca" Lena for 40 second intervals once a week. Now we'll have SuicideLena for 20 second intervals. Each week it will be a different method of suicide...she'll try a belt over the shower curtain rod and the rod will break...she'll try carbon monoxide poisoning in her car and run out of gas. Each time someone will find her, rush her to the clinic, swear everyone to secrecy and then leave her completely alone. Before each attempt we'll hear her muttering to herself that she can't even find anyone to have lunch with and yet they won't leave her alone to do herself in. The list of "acting partners" will grow...the belt, the shower curtain rod...anyone but a live human being. The dialogue will always be the same, "Lena, Lena, can you hear me?" The cast will start a pool as to who gets to find her and what the method will be. As to Olga's dialogue...who needs dialogue? She'll convey everything via the position her body is found in and extent to which she can mimic death.

And why the secrecy about the attempt? Unless Lena requests it I am going to be really ticked off if it's all to protect Bianca's mental state. "Oooh, this would upset Binks. Let's not tell her. And let's not get help for Lena either."

David may not spill the beans, but Maggs probably will. "Bianca, your ex is so unstable. I don't see how she was ever your type." Wonder if the BFF knows Bianca's best friend was Leo and not her. Wait? How did he die again?!

McTavish needs to expand her knowledge of gay and lesbian cinema beyond The Children's Hour and Lost and Delirious. I know it was silly of me to think that she would commit character assasination on Binks and not on Lena as well. Wow, two birds with one...um...rape. Good aim Megan. I guess we now know what Olga meant when she said that Lena loved Bianca so much and in ways that perhaps weren't healthy. I assumed not healthy for Bianca, not deadly for Lena.

Next week...Bianca and her attack dog at the clinic...Lena rushed to the clinic. Will Binks find out that Lena is in the next room "fighting for her life"? This all could be (slightly) redeemed for me if Bianca rushes to Lena's side, emerges from her pod and tells everyone to leave her and Lena the f*** alone. Likely scenario? I ain't holding my breath. Second non-breath holding scenario. Lena tells Bianca she doesn't want to see her.

And finally...add a box of rat poison to the growing list of Olga's acting partners. It appeared in three scenes and didn't have to be fluffed like Carlos to be noticed.


This parody is by LizzieT.

Because Lena's storyline is so sad, she does not appear in the parody.

Liza came by to see Edmund.
Liza: I need to talk to you about the article you're doing on Kendall. Wait...what's that smell? It smells like Ryan.
Ryan: :::sniffs under arms:::looks perplexed::::
Edmund: What do you mean it smells like Ryan? Ryan's nowhere around. It's not like he's hiding right behind those open blinds or anything.
Liza: That smell just takes me back to a night in the woods, a fire in the distance, and boinking a grieving widower ::::sniffs the air:::: Yes, it smells like Ryan in here.
Edmund: That's me you smell. I used to be a grieving widower and I've been boinking a lot lately.
Liza: I guess that's what it is. Too bad. Maybe I wouldn't have to deal with a bunch of angry villagers if I could hook back up with Ryan.

Kendall woke up to find Adam in the office serving breakfast.
Kendall: What are you doing here?
Adam: Don't believe everything you read on the internet. I'm still here. I came to congratulate you.
Kendall: On what?
Adam: On being smart enough to give me my company back. You can't possibly run a company like Chandler Enterprises.
Kendall: Sure I can. I was one of the founders of Fusion. I know all about business.
Adam: Bwahahahahahahahahaha! You certainly have a great sense of humor. Now give me my company back or I'll destroy you.
Kendall: Wait a minute. Does this mean we weren't working together on the "Michael Plan"?
Adam: It looks that way doesn't it? Whatever it is you've done I don't know anything about it.
Kendall: And whatever it is you and Palmer were up to, I don't know anything about it.
Lizzie: That's right! Throw me another curve ball! Make me tear up another 47 flow charts! I don't care! I'll solve this thing yet:::foams at the mouth::::

Mary told Jack she needed money.
Mary: Surely you can spare something for the woman who's the mother of your child. Think of all the money I saved you in back child support.
Jack: You're right. I do owe a lot of money in child support.
Mary: I knew you'd see it my way.
Jack: I'll send a big check to Greenlee as soon as the banks open.
Mary: Rats. Foiled again. So what about me?
Jack: I'll pay you to leave town and never come back.
Mary: Forget it. I may not have a contract but I'm still a force to be reckoned with. This town needs a character like me. I'm off to find my next storyline.

The group at BJ's celebrated handing over the keys to the Habitat House.
Jack: So while it was a pretty boring storyline at least it established Reggie as an important character and you extras got a house out of the deal.
Maria: I'm just so glad I got to be a part of it. You and your three boys will be so happy.
Extra: Three boys? I only have two sons.
Maria: Then who's the kid sitting next to me?
Sam: It's me, Sam. You know, Maddie's brother.

Later Adam confronted Jack.
Adam: Why haven't you arrested Kendall?
Jack: Because she hasn't committed any crime.
Adam: When has that ever mattered in Pine Valley? If you won't do it I'll go straight to the chief of police.
Jack: You can't. She left town while you were gone.
Adam: How about Derrick?
Jack: No one's seen him in months.
Adam: The commissioner?
Jack: Missing since the Sweeney mess a couple of years ago.
Adam: No wonder this town is in such a mess. How could you have let Michael Cambias get away?
Jack: Get away? I wanted him dead. ....I said I WANTED HIM DEAD. ....There. No point in wishing someone dead if only one person hears you. Now everyone here today heard me threaten him.
Adam: Oh yeah? Well two can play at that game. I'll SEE MICHAEL CAMBIAS AND ALL OF HIS KIND DESTROYED. There. You're not the only one who's made threats in public.

Adam went home to find a surprise house guest.
Mary: Hello Adam my dear dear meal ticket - I mean friend.

Greenlee and Bianca talked at the boathouse.
Bianca: Were you thinking about Leo?
Greenlee: What makes you say that?
Bianca: Well, this is where you got married. And with all those commericials they're showing for Vegas these days I'm sure you can't help feeling a little sad.
Greenlee: You're right. I miss him terribly but somehow I feel like he's still with me - especially on Monday nights on NBC.

Later Greenlee saw a face from the past.
Greenlee: Ryan! I thought that was you. Get back here Lurker Boy! You're busted!


Boyd: Do you really think bianca's in any shape to take on that kind of responsibility right now?
Kendall: Not bianca. Lena.

Kendall: I can offer her a nice big fat raise that would make anyone jealous, and she'll come crawling back, thanking me in two different languages.

Kendall: Boyd, michael used a lot of other people, not just lena.

Boyd: Kendall, they broke up.
Kendall: Yes, i know that, but sooner or later, bianca's going to want to get back together with her. And when she does, lena will be waiting for her.


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Montage of various characters sleeping, including Lena]

amc030919a-inc starts]
[no speaking parts: Greenelee, Mary, Lena, Bianca, Kendall, and Mia]

***** (clip b) [Kendall tells Boyd her plan to hire Lena]

Boyd: I'm all for helping bianca, kendall. You know that.
Kendall: Right. Well, then, what is your problem?
Boyd: My problem is there's a huge threat hanging over you, over both of us. All right, you need to stay focused.
Kendall: I am focused, ok, boyd? And I know what you've done for me and how much it's cost you. I do.
Boyd: Kendall, stopping the demolition of this building is critical. Come on, we've got too much riding on this. This should be the only thing on your mind right now.
Kendall: What the h*** else do you want me to do? The owner refused to meet with me before this afternoon.
Boyd: Just don't get sidetracked, ok? Not now.
Kendall: I'm not. But adam's right. He completely opened my eyes. There's no way i can run these companies on my own.
Boyd: Do you really think bianca's in any shape to take on that kind of responsibility right now?
Kendall: Not bianca. Lena.
Boyd: Lena?
Kendall: Yeah, lena. Why not? She knows more about enchantment and cambias than anybody else.
Boyd: You're serious?
Kendall: Yeah, I'm d*** serious. I can offer her a nice big fat raise that would make anyone jealous, and she'll come crawling back, thanking me in two different languages.
Boyd: Kendall, i don't know.
Kendall: Listen, I know that you still don't trust her.
Boyd: Yeah, with good reason.
Kendall: Boyd, michael used a lot of other people, not just lena.
Boyd: All right, fine. But exactly how does this help bianca?
Kendall: Bianca still loves her.
Boyd: Kendall, they broke up.
Kendall: Yes, i know that, but sooner or later, bianca's going to want to get back together with her. And when she does, lena will be waiting for her.
Boyd: Right. Not to mention getting them back together would be a great way to stick it to erica.
Kendall: People can think whatever the h*** they want to. I'm doing this for bianca.
Boyd: Where are you going?
Kendall: I'm going to find lena. Are you with me?

***** (clip c) [Kendall and Boyd find Lena unconsious next to a box of garden insect poison]

amc030919c starts]
Kendall: Ok. [knocks on door] I'm so glad you're here. At least now, Lena will know that I'm making her a serious offer.
Boyd: It's ok.
Kendall: Ok. Lena?
Boyd: You sure that was her car in the parking lot?
Kendall: Yeah, I'm positive. [Kendall tries the doorknob and it opens] That's weird. [They enter] Lena?
Boyd: Lena?
Kendall: [They see Lena lying on her bed] Lena?
Boyd: Is she ok?
Kendall: I don't know. Lena.
Boyd: [Boyd sees the garden insect poison] Oh, god, no.
Kendall: What?
Boyd: No. Lena!
Kendall: Lena?
Boyd: Lena -- Lena, wake up.
Kendall: Oh, my god, lena. Lena!
Boyd: Lena, wake up.
Kendall: Lena, wake up. Lena, lena, can you hear us?


I have the following complete clips: C
amc030919c.avi (5.8m; 0:38) Kendall and Boyd find Lena unconsious next to a box of garden insect poison

I have the following incomplete clips: A
amc030919a-inc.avi (3.2m; 0:25) Montage of various characters sleeping, including Lena
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