Whoosh! The big news is that Lena has plans to leave the Pine Cone!
Bianca and Lena finally find time
for some awkward small talk

Lena Kundera

September 29, 2003

(Lena appearance)
Last update: 10/08/03

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COMMENTARY 1 by Solvay


Lena Kundera (Olga Sosnovska)
Dr. Maria
Bianca Montgomery
Kendall Hart


At the hospital, Bianca inadvertantly sees Lena; Lena tells Bianca she got food poisioning from some bad mussels; Lena and Bianca make awkward small talk; Kendall comes to the hospital and thinks Lena told Bianca about the suicide attempt but Lena lets her know she told Bianca she was accidently poisoned


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

Bianca encounters Lena at the hospital but doesn't learn of Lena's suicide attempt.

From About All My Children

Bianca goes to the hospital to see Maria, and overhears Dr. Grey telling Lena there doesn’t seem to be any neurological damage. Lena asks if the poison wasn’t absorbed? Maria says no, and she can release her later today. Bianca comes in the room and asks what she’s doing here, “Did you say that you were poisoned?” Lena agrees she said food poisoning; she ate some mussels, and the food poisoning was so bad she had to come to the ER. Maria backs her up, agreeing that she was extremely ill. Bianca protests that she said something about possible neurological damage, but Maria assures her that Lena’s going to be all right; she was very, very lucky. She leaves to give them some space to talk, and Bianca asks if Lena’s telling her everything? Lena agrees she’s telling her everything she needs to know. She smiles that it’s so good to see her again, and tells Bianca to talk to her. Bianca hesitates before saying she doesn’t need to worry about her anymore; she sits on the bed and says she’s working really hard to reclaim her life. Lena says things are improving for her, too, and she’s making some big changes; believe it or not, Kendall offered her a job as her right-hand woman. The pay is really generous and she can move into a really nice apartment; she’s treating her very well. Bianca repeats that’s great, and it’s funny because Kendall has helped her out a lot, too, and she doesn’t even think she knows it.

Lena thinks there’s more to Kendall than meets the eye. Lena asks if Maggie’s been looking out for her? Bianca agrees Maggie has been a really good friend. Bianca attempted to leave and told and tells Lena to take care of herself, “And stay away from that poison!” Kendall comes through the door and exclaims, “Oh my god, you told her?” Lena quickly asks why she shouldn’t tell Bianca she had food poisoning? Kendall says they were going to tell her, but figured she had enough on her plate already. Bianca tells Kendall Lena told her she hired her, and Kendall agrees she needs someone to take care of her financial matters that she trusts. Bianca asks to speak to Kendall for a minute. She says goodbye, and goes out into the hallway with Kendall.

From Soap Slut

Bianca sees Lena at the hospital but remains in the dark about the plot contrivance-- I mean, "suicide attempt," despite Kendall barging in and almost blabbing it to her.


This all gay recap is by C.K..
Read all the All Gay Re-caps at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheAllGayRecap/.

Lena parts are indicated in red for those who only want a Lena fix


  • Whipped cream has a cameo.
  • The poison is gone.
  • The clipboard suffocates.
  • Chemistry befuddles Ryan.
  • Cell phones fall into the wrong hands.
  • Mussels take the fall.
  • Fusion shares change owners.
  • The invitations arrive.

The Set-Up – In his bed, Tad checks under the covers to make sure he’s all there. After a night with Si-Moan, I can’t really blame the guy.

At Fusion, Liza says she’s a chicken and Mia doles out advice that makes sense. My head explodes.

At Kendall’s, Aiden says he loves Kendall because he doesn’t understand her.

At the cabin, Erica shows up with the rape hair and a copy of the town’s rag. AMC is so cheap that Michael’s picture on the front page is actually a publicity shot.

At his place, Edmund hands Ryan the lab report on the piece of scotch-soaked glass; Ryan detectivewanks that he’d rather "pin the murder" on David than on anyone else. Ryan, have you met yourself? ‘Cause I’d rather pin the murder on you.

The Hospital – Bianca is looking for Dr. Grey – I’m sorry, I mean Chesty LaRue; a nurse tells her she’s in with a patient and, since the door is open, Bianca feels she can just nose in and take a look. And the patient is Lena, who has suffered no "neurological damage;" Lena doctorwanks that "the poison was not absorbed."

Bianca: "What are you doing here Lena? Did you say that you were poisoned?"

Well, Lena knew you’d eventually have to go to the hospital, so she devised a wicked, wicked plan and made sure she’d be there to have you "unexpectedly" run into her. Those Poles, who can trust them?

Edmund’s – Ryan tries to talk chemistry with Edmund, but I keep on seeing a clucking chicken: is it just me?

Cow Central – David and Erica have the same conversation about the date book they had last week; Maggie arrives and wonders whether, since Michael’s body was found, she should tell the police what she knows. Poor David: he’s a genius amongst peasants.

Kendall’s – Kendall doesn’t want Aiden to investigate Michael’s murder even though he plans to do so in order to clear her name; a most riveting conversation about "getting the hook" and "trust" is interrupted by Greenlee who, apparently, is upset that the bear she just crossed ripped off half of her shirt.  The good half.

Tad’s – Tad’s doing something to Simone's toes; my once least favorite guy on the show, NuJamie, interrupts. Just for that, I’ll send him roses. They’ll have thorns, lots of thorns, but they’ll smell good.

On her way out, Simone picks a cell phone at random: why would it occur to her to check it and make sure it’s hers when she can walk into Fusion with yesterday’s clothes on, followed later by Tad looking for his cell phone? I’m onto you, AMC: I can now spot your contrivances a contrivance away!

The Hospital – Poison, what poison? Oh, that. It was, huh, food poisoning, that’s it!

Lena: "It was just one of those stupid things."
Bianca: "You’re in the hospital."

Yeah, I’m pretty sure Lena knows that.

Dr. Maria – "She was extremely ill. […] She’s gonna be just fine: she was very, very lucky."

Aww, you care, you really do! What’s this about anyway: why must I like everyone except the two people whom I tuned in to watch on April 21st? And except for Ryan. And NuJamie.

Bianca: "That’s it, right? You’re telling me everything."
Lena: "Oh, yes: everything you need to know."

It’s good to know the very rare Lianca scenes we’re getting are written for the enjoyment of BAM fans, isn’t it? Lena’s not telling Bianca she had the bug pellet buffet so that Bianca won’t be upset - just as Maggie would have ordered. Of course, should they ever reunite, this will come back to bite Lena in the *ss: Bianca will break up with her again for having lied and BAMmers will revel in the pit of our despair, chanting "We told you so! Lena just cannot be trusted: she’s a liar!" even though they, too, think Lena should keep quiet about the suicide attempt. Ah, to not be a sycophantic hypocrite.  [No, that was not me on the phone with Olga: I just happen to know what sycophant means and I can use it in a sentence.  Pass the snacks.]

Lena invites Bianca to stop and chat for a bit, about anything.

Lena: "There must be something you want to tell me."

No, not that, Bianca: Lena really means that there must be something you  can actually say to her other than "I can’t do this, Lena," or "Not now, Lena."

Bianca: "You don’t need to worry about me anymore: I’m working really hard to reclaim my life."

Lena shares some news of her own and tells Bianca that Kendall has hired her and she plans to move to "a very nice apartment." Yeah, even a cubicle would be an improvement over the Pine Cone.

Bianca says Kendall has been helping her, too, which prompts Lena to remark that "there’s more to Kendall that meets the eye." Which eye, the left or the right?

Kendall’s – You know, there is "more of Kendall that meets the eye:" it's her cleavage.  In that shirt. Growr.

Kendall looks at the pictures in her copy of the Pine Valley Bulletin – hey, why does her copy have a different front page?

Greenlee offers to buy Michael’s shares of Fusion so that Kendall will have an infusion of cash should the Cambias assets be frozen; she will keep her shares and remain a partner.  Kendall agrees to the plan and takes off for the hospital for what I’m sure will be a smooth and subtle Kendall/Lena/Bianca minute. As smooth and subtle as Arnold’s accent.

Cow Central – Erica agrees with David that "sometimes it’s a good idea to stay out of things" and that now is the time to "concentrate on Bianca." Erica, if Maggie were to concentrate on Bianca any more than she already does, she won’t have a life or a story line of her own. Oh, wait: that’s already the case. Carry on then.

The Hospital – Bianca tells Lena that, yes, Maggie has been helping her and has been "a really good friend."

As a LAB fan – I know, I've been so subtle that you couldn’t possibly have picked up on that – I am extremely glad that Lena has, several times, made reference to and respected Maggie’s role in Bianca’s life; once she understood and accepted that Bianca could not, for whatever reason, be near her to recover, Lena’s only concern has been with making sure Bianca had a support system around her: that effectively erases the Lena: Stalker 0.5 moniker I gave her.

Bianca and Lena stare at each other. And stare. Aww, remember the EyeF**king? This is more like EyeSnuggling. Lena’s embarrassed and self-conscious. I don’t know why ‘cause her hair looks great.

Kendall arrives and hears Bianca tell Lena to "stay away from that poison."

Kendall: "Oh my god! You told her?"

See? Smooth and subtle.

Tad’s Pad – Let’s see…booty call…Tad is the father who does not need approval…"that" is not "this" and, yeah, I’m done.

Fusion – Simone walks in with fresh clothes and her I-had-sex face. Oh, and pastry – ‘cause, you know.

An invitation arrives. Ryan’s plan for The Big Reveal is in motion then? Great, ‘cause I’ve been really bored with the whole thing: once that’s done, I can look forward to other, more frustrating and pointless stories.

Liza calls Tad and, guess what? Simone answers. Because the cell! She picked up the wrong one! And Tad has hers! Feh. Maybe AMC would be more enjoyable for us all if we would just stop thinking.

Tad arrives; he and Simone do the cell switch and – you know how bad liars either over explain or explain without being asked to in order to cover their tracks? Yeah, that: that’s what Tad’s doing. And that’s how Liza finds out. AMC? Sensitivity: check into it.

Cow Central – David’s received the invitation, too. Erica calls home and verifies that she has received it as well. Oh, don’t worry: it has nothing to do with Michael at all, why would you think that? The fact that it’s from his father – his dead father - and seems to involve everyone in town should not make you suspicious at all.

The Hospital – Lena tells Kendall that Bianca stopped by and she saw no reason to hide the "food poisoning" from her. Kendall’s quick on the uptake and tells Bianca that she and Lena planned to tell her about it but figured she "had enough on [her] plate already."

Lena: "Without worrying about me."

See? Even Lena’s a BAMmer: I guess that means Bianca and Maggie will get it on any day now. You know, right after Bianca, the Big, Bad Lesbian, converts Maggie and gets her very own toaster.

Bianca: "Well, I mean, food poisoning can make you feel like you’re dying."

Oh, you have no idea, Bianca.

Bianca pulls Kendall outside to ask her about Michael: was he really alive when Kendall said he was and did she really marry him? ‘Cause both Erica and Jack disappeared the night of the prelim and, well, you know. Kendall assures her that Michael "was alive after that" and that Bianca can "take that to the bank." In what kind of account could she deposit this then?

Bianca: "Thank you. You said I didn’t have to worry about him anymore."
Kendall: "Yeah, well, you don’t. I promised you that I would never let anyone hurt you ever again and I meant that."
Bianca: "I know that now. You take care of yourself."

That’s all well and good, but – if Kendall made that promise and Michael turned into Popsicle after that, would you not wonder about the promise in the first place? I don’t think Kendall did it, but still. Oh, and I’m glad to see that the sisterly bonding fest continues even after the Lena’s suicide contrivance to get them together at the clinic.

The Last Scenes – At Fusion, Tad offers to accompany Greenlee, Mia, Simone and Liza to "the séance."

At the cabin, Erica runs the risk of getting her very own negativity thread at the BAM Board for questioning whether Maggie will really "keep quiet."

Outside the cabin, a bug the size of a coconut is on a tree: Aiden is listening.

At her place, Kendall finds her invitation to The Big Reveal.

At Edmund’s, Ryan looks at a picture of Gillian (who?) and says that "sometimes it’s impossible to imagine [she’s] gone for good." So, she’s coming back then?



This commentary is by K. Faygen.

Kendall has replaced Michael as Lena's partner in crime...

Still in the hospital garb, but things are looking up

Never was there a comb happier to meet a head than the one that was pulled through Lena Kundera's hair today!

After suffering several long days without make-up and shampoo, sometime over the weekend the siren call of hygiene beckoned, and Lena took a shower and put on her face.

Praise Clinique!

While still wearing the shapeless off-the-wrack hospital 'nightgown' of yester-week, Lena managed to look positively radiant on today's episode. Her face was aglow with subtle yet lively blush, and I do believe there was some moisturizing foundation used as well...for a nice even base color.

Cleverly hiding the dark circles of suicide and depression that were bruising her eye area, Lena dabbed concealer under her eyes and then covered with a blending powder. A moody brown shadow barely dusted her eyelids nicely drawing attention to her dark, smoldering eyes. She smartly topped off the look with a nice neutral lipstick.

Most notable today was Lena's shiny clean, casual hair style. Finally turning her back on the clumpy oily hair she wore last week, Lena appears to have shampooed and conditioned her silken locks. Afterward, her hair was blown into natural part and styled accordingly...using very little hair product. Sometimes less is more!

While certainly not the Lena of yore, it's nice to see her making an effort to pull herself together.

Two out of a possible five stars.


This commentary is by Solvay.

A few things I thought were of note. I think Bianca let slip a bit of her true feelings for Lena. When she heard Maria and Lena talking through the open door she marched into the room in full girlfriend/lover mode. And I don’t mean BFF [best friends forever] girlfriend. She was demanding answers of both Maria and Lena. It just played to me like Bianca’s attitude was “ok Doc, she’s my lover, spill the beans, I want my questions answered”. And she had the corollary mode for Lena. “You’re telling me everything right?” If they had really split up in Bianca’s mind I don’t think she would feel it was her place to be so demanding of information that clearly wasn’t her right to know as an ex. Later in the scene she had more time to think and backed off. But that entrance was IMO her gut reaction and reflected her true feelings without the benefit of time to think about how she might come across. Maria looked a bit stunned, and I think her “I’ll give you space to talk” line reflected her realization that something beyond a friendly visit was taking place. I know if I were Lena I’d be a hell of a lot more p***** by this time and would likely have told Bianca to please leave the room since she wasn’t my lover anymore so I could finish my conversation with my doctor. But that's just me.

There was a lot of nonverbal signaling as well. We’re all accustomed to the nonverbal meaning when someone shakes their head from side to side. It means no. And up and down means yes. I learned a long time ago to watch for incongruity or dissonance between the words spoken and the nonverbal signals someone is conveying. When they don’t match it is a good signal that the person is either lying or doesn’t really believe what they’re saying. The Lianca scenes provided great examples of this phenomenon.

Bianca: “That’s it right? You’re telling me everything?”
Lena: “Oh yes. Everything you need to know.”
(Lena shakes her head from side to side in the “no” response while saying this.)

Lena: “So good to see you again.”
(Slight “no” headshake. Meaning: I am happy to see you, but kind of not at the same time cause I thought I could get out of the hospital without you seeing me at all.)

Lena: “Talk to me.”
Bianca: “Of course. About anything in particular?”
Lena: “Anything you want.” (Shaking head “no” again. Lena is thinking "but not really anything".) “There must be something you want to tell me.”
(No “no” head shakes here. Ahh, here is the real point.)

Bianca used the opposite, “yes” on a negative: “You don’t need to worry about me anymore.”
(But instead of shaking her head “no” on the “don’t need” she shook her head “yes”.)

There were other instances as well later on.

Props to Olga [Sosnovska] for her acting choices in those scenes. She always seems to add that little extra that makes the scene so much better. The eyes up and down Bianca as she walked out as well as biting her lip after answering Kendall were perfect.

As to Eden [Riegel] and whether she wants BAM? I don’t think so. I refer to Olga’s Sirius OutQ response to the question about physical intimacy for Lianca. She began her reply, “if it was up to us…”. I think they both want Lianca.

And yes, I am hanging out on the sunny side of the street lately. Why do you ask?


This parody is by LizzieT.

Lena parts are indicated in red for those who only want a Lena fix

It was the morning after for Tad and Simone.
Tad: Good morning. Care for some whipped cream?
Simone: Last night was great. Are you sure the angry villagers are OK with this though?
Tad: Who do you think furnished the whipped cream?
Jamie: Wow! Dad! Having fun?
Tad: Don't you ever knock?
Jamie: Why? It's more interesting this way. Besides, you didn't knock when you caught me about to have sex with that girl I met in a bar. It's only right that I get to interrupt you when you're about to have sex.
Lizzie's Dad: Son, you'd better be glad you weren't my kid. You'd be in military school so fast you wouldn't know what hit you.
Tad: I'd love to stay here and talk about sex with you but I just realized Simone has my cell phone. I'd better go pick it up or some odd coincidence might happen and our secret would be revealed.

Meanwhile over at Fusion...
Mia: Simone, you look happy this morning. Did you find someone to have sex with?
Simone: I could look happy for other reasons you know.
Mia: Like what?
Simone: OK, I found someone to have sex with. It was great too.
Liza: Look at this. We just got an invitation to the Valley Inn from Alexander Cambias. This could be important. I'll just call Tad and set up an odd coincidence to reveal your secret.
Mia: How strange. Liza is calling Tad and your cell phone is ringing.
Liza: Simone, did you get Tad's cell phone last night?
Simone: His cell phone wasn't all I got if you know what I mean.
Liza: :::sniff sniff::::So I've lost my chance with Tad. He's moved on with someone else. ...What's that sound.
Mia: The angry villagers are singing "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" out in the parking lot.

Bianca was shocked to find Lena in the hospital.
Bianca: What's wrong with you? Did I hear someone say poison?
Lena: It was food poisoning.
Maria: Wow, you're quick.
Lena: I know. I used to be an industrial spy. Yes Bianca, I had food poisoning. That's what it was all right. I didn't swallow poison out of despair because of our relationship or anything like that. Can you stay and talk for a while?
Bianca: Maybe for a few minutes. I think we're only allowed a 5 minute scene every three weeks.
Lena: True. And we wasted 2 1/2 minutes on the food poisoning thing. So tell me, how are you?
Kendall: Oh no! You said you weren't going to tell Bianca about the rat poison.
Bianca: Rat poison?
Lena: She means bratwurst poisoning.
Kendall: Oh yeah, bratwurst poisoning. Wow, you're quick.
Lena: It's a gift.

Erica went to see David.
Erica: They found Michael's body. What if they think we murdered him?
David: They won't. No one knows what we did. I'm not sure if the writer's even know what we did yet.
Erica: Aidan found my date book.
David: No one pays any atttention to Aidan. Don't worry. They don't have any real evidence connecting us to ....you know.
Erica: I think we can call it the murder now.
David: I know. But I kind of like saying....you know.
Maggie: They found Michael's body. Should I tell them what I know?
David: No.
Erica: What do you know about ....you know?
Maggie: I don't know. So I should keep quiet?
David: Haven't you learned anything from me Maggie? Telling the truth never helps anything.
Erica: You look sad David. What's wrong?
David: It's been a tough year. My brother was written out and ended up on prime time. Anna was written out and barely got a goodbye scene. The audience cried for three weeks after Leora died. I guess it just all gets to me sometimes.
Erica: Why don't you let me help?
David: How?
Erica: We could talk about me and get your mind off of your problems.
David: You're too kind.
Erica: Don't mention it. So you're sure no one can connect us to what happened that night?
David: Of course I'm sure. It's not like anyone is listening to our conversations or analyzing broken glass from the Scotch decanter.
Aidan: Blimey! Oi'm glad Oi decided to listen in on their conversightion.
Ryan: So the broken glass from the Scotch decanter showed that the Scotch was drugged.
Edmund: And we all know who that points to don't we?
Ryan: Who?
Edmund: David Hayward.
Ryan: Oh yeah. I knew that.


Voice of Maria: There doesn't seem to be any neurological damage.

Bianca: No, I didn't misunderstand anything. You said poison. I heard you.
Lena: Poison, yes, from food. I did not say it right.

Lena: Yes, I ate some shellfish -- some mussels. The food poisioning was so bad I had to come to E.R.

Bianca: That’s it, right? I mean, you’re telling me everything?
Lena: Oh, yes, everything you need to know.

Lena: Talk to me.

Lena: I can move into a very nice apartment.

Bianca: Stay away from that poison.

Bianca: Food poisoning can make you feel like you’re dying.

Kendall: I needed someone to take care of my financial matters that I trust.

Kendall: [whispering] Food poisoning?


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Bianca inadvertantly finds Lena in the hospital]

[amc030929a starts]
[Bianca goes up to a nurse]
Bianca: Excuse me.
Nurse: Mm-hmm.
Bianca: I am looking for Dr. Maria Grey.
Nurse: Oh, she's right in there with a patient [pointing to the room behind her]. She shouldn't be long.
Bianca: Oh great, thank you.
[Bianca cautiously goes up to the room]
Voice of Maria: Well, you check out fine, Lena. [Bianca's interest is peeked] You know, there doesn't seem to be any neurological damage.
Lena: So the poison wasn't absorbed?
Maria: No, and I can release you later today.
[Bianca walks into the room]
Lena: Bianca
Bianca: What are you doing here, Lena? Did you say that you were poisoned?

***** (clip b) [Lena tells Bianca that she was suffering from food poisoning]

[amc030929b starts]
Bianca: No, I didn't misunderstand anything. You said poison. I heard you.
Lena: Poison, yes, from food. I did not say it right.
Bianca: Well, what happened?
Lena: Oh, it was just one of those stupid things.
[Maria tries to look innocent]
Bianca: You’re in the hospital.
Lena: Yes, I ate some shellfish -- some mussels. The food poisioning was so bad I had to come to E.R.
Maria: She was extremely ill.
Bianca: You said something about possible neurologial damage?
Maria: No, she's -- she's going to be all right.
Bianca: Okay, so there's no residiual damage at all?
Maria: NO, no ,no, she’s gonna be just fine. She was very, very lucky. I'll give you some space to talk.
[Maria leaves the room]
Bianca: That’s it, right? I mean, you’re telling me everything?
Lena: Oh, yes, everything you need to know. It is so good to see you again. Talk to me.
Bianca: Well, of course. About anything in particular?
Lena: Anything you want. There must be something you want to tell me.
Bianca: You don’t need to worry about me anymore. I’m -- I'm working really hard to reclaim my life.
[Bianca sits on the bed]
Lena: That's wonderful. You know, I -- things are improving for me, too. I am making some big changes.
Bianca: That's great! Like what?
Lena: Believe it or not, but Kendall has offered me a job.
Bianca: Kendall?
Lena: As her right-hand woman. The pay is very generous and I can move into a very nice apartment. She's treating me really well.
Bianca: That's great. That's funny, because Kendall has helped me out a lot too. And I don't even think she knows it.
Lena: And, you know, the -- I think there's more to Kendall than meets the eyes.

***** (clip c) [Bianca and Lena make awkward small talk]

[amc030929c starts]
Lena: So, Maggie's looking after you?
Bianca: Oh yeah. Maggie has been a really good friend. I really should be going. Are you getting out of here today?
Lena: Yes, so they tell me.
Bianca: That's good. Well, take care of yourself. Stay away from that poison.
[Kendall enters the room]
Kendall: Oh my god! You told her?

***** (clip d) [Kendall thinks Lena told Bianca but Lena tells her its food poisoning]

[amc030929d starts]
Kendall: I thought you weren't going to say anything to her.
Lena: Bianca was a shocked to find me here. Why shouldn't I tell her I've had food poisoning?
Kendall: Oh, right. Well, we were going to tell you, but Lena and I figured that you have enough on your plate already.
Lena: Without worrying about me.
Bianca: Well, I mean, food poisoning can make you feel like you’re dying.
Lena: Yes, I was terribly dehydrated, but now I can't wait to get to work.
Bianca: Lena told me that you hired her.
Kendall: Yeah, I needed someone to take care of my financial matters that I trust.
Bianca: Well, that's awesome. [Looking at Kendall] Do you think that I could talk to you alone for just a minute?
Kendall: Yeah, sure, of course.
[Bianca turns to Lena]
Bianca: Bye Lena
Lena: I'll see you.
[Bianca leaves and Kendall turns to Lena]
Kendall: [whispering] Food poisoning?
[Lena shrugs and bits her lower lip]
[Kendall leaves the hospital room]


I have the following unprocessed clips (when I get the transcrpt they will be processed)
amc030929a.avi (5.6m; 0:34) Bianca inadvertantly finds Lena in the hospital
amc030929b.avi (17.5m; 2:09) Lena tells Bianca that she was suffering from food poisoning
amc030929c.avi (6.7m; 0:39) Bianca and Lena make awkward small talk
amc030929d.avi (9.4m; 0:59) Kendall thinks Lena told Bianca but Lena tells her its food poisoning

The above described clips can also be found on my shared folder on AIM (http://www.aim.com to download). My user name on AIM is kymtaborn. E-mail me with your AIM user name (ktaborn@lightspeed.net) and I will give you access to the shared folder. When you have access, you can right click my user name on your buddy list and then click on get file. That should get you into the shared folder. If you have problems, then tweak your firewall. The downloads are slow because it has to go through the AIM filter AND often there are a lot of people downloading along with you. I apologize for the slow speed but this is the only way that I can distribute the clips at this time.

I am eliciting volunteers to host the clips throughout the web. If you have 5-25megs of space you can lend to this project, please let me know!

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