Whoosh! Lena was undetered in her confession although the police station around her morphed into a Chekov play
Lena continues confessing but this
time to a bunch of Kanes and a Maggie

Lena Kundera

November 6, 2003

(Lena appearance)
Last update: 11/21/03

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Lena Kundera (Olga Sosnovska)
Derek Frye
Bianca Montgomery
Justin McCoy
Kendall Hart
Jackson Montgomery
Aidan Devane


Lena repeats that she spiked the allergy pills, admits that she wanted to poison Michael, and Bianca faints; Jackson challenges Lena on her veracity and she tells him about using the insect poison for her own suicide attempt; Kendall tells Aiden that she has to remain in PV so she can support Bianca and fight for Lena; Derek and Justin accuse Lena of shooting Michael; Lena denies it; Derek tells her they know she bought a .38 that night


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

Lena confesses that she poisoned Michael's allergy pills with the intention of killing him. Bianca collapses as Derek and Jack take Lena away for more questioning. Lena denies shooting Michael even after Derek reveals he knows she bought a gun the night Michael disappeared.

From About All My Children

Lena repeats that Kendall did not poison the allergy pills Ryan took—she did! She didn’t mean to hurt Ryan; she left those capsules there for Michael because she wanted him to die—a slow, agonizing death! Derek and Justin want to hear more details of her confession to attempted murder. Kendall urges her to keep her mouth shut, but Lena insists she has nothing to hide. As Jack argues with the Acting Chief and the brash young ADA, Aidan reminds Lena she has rights and advises her to listen to Jackson and not say a word without her attorney present. Lena insists Ryan almost died because of her; she wants to clear her conscience once and for all! Derek eagerly suggests they go someplace more private, but Lena wants everyone to hear and to judge her. She says that night after the hearing, she came up with a plan to murder Michael Cambias, “And I executed it.” She was in shock after the hearing—it was unthinkable that he got off! He was free to terrorize Bianca again, and she knew he would. He went after Bianca because she was sweet and innocent and trusting, and he would have kept after her until he crushed her, so she had to stop him. She had to be smarter than Michael, and that’s where the pills came in. She knew Michael had allergies and took over-the-counter medicine for them. She bought the poison the night of the hearing. The following morning she put on a pair of gloves and broke into his house when he wasn’t there. She found the pills and put poison in some of them, and then she just waited. When she heard he was missing, she just prayed he had taken a lethal dose and crawled under some rock to die! She conspired to kill Michael Cambias; they can arrest her now and let Kendall go. She asks Bianca to forgive her for making more trouble, but Bianca doesn’t want them to lock her up! Lena reminds her she said going to prison would seem more a reward than a punishment. Bianca, Aidan and Maggie leave the room, and Kendall asks Derek if she can go now? Derek will let her know her status after they get Lena’s formal statement, and Kendall also leaves the office. As Derek closes the blinds, Bianca insists it’s not right! Lena did everything she did to protect her, and she’s the one that should be punished, “All she did was love me!” She appears dizzy, and passes out in Aidan’s arms. Bianca comes to and insists she’s okay. Aidan wants to call a doctor, but Kendall tells him Bianca’s fine; she’s upset because Lena just dropped a major bombshell on her. Aidan argues that she keeled over, and Kendall tells him to back off! When he asks what she’s not telling him, Kendall insists it’s nothing.

Jack knows Lena loves Bianca and would do everything in her power to keep her from further suffering; he asks if she claimed to put the poison in those capsules in order to keep Kendall out of jail? Lena insists she poisoned those pills, and she can prove it! She tells Derek to call Dr. Hayward or Dr. Grey, “They’ll tell you I used that very same poison to try to take another life—my own.”

Bianca says it was the truth—she does need her now, “You’re my sister and I love you.” Kendall says she loves her, too, and she’s going to fight for her and Lena. Bianca thinks she has her own battles to fight right now, but Kendall shrugs that she and Ryan can play Clash of the Titans any time, “You’re family.” She says she is so strong, and is going to make an amazing mother. Aidan watches as the sisters hug.

Derek comes back and says he talked to Maria Grey, and she confirmed that Miss Kundera swallowed the same poison they found in the allergy capsules. Jack is stunned, and says he’s so sorry. Lena tells Derek he has the proof, and should just go ahead and charge her with attempted murder. Derek and Justin ask if she didn’t think poisoning Michael was a long shot, especially since she only doctored some of the capsules? Maybe the pills were a blind, or maybe she couldn’t leave Michael Cambias’ death to chance, so she went out and got herself a gun and shot him! Lena insists she didn’t shoot Michael and has no idea who did, but Derek doesn’t believe her.

Kendall tells Aidan Bianca’s still a little freaked out about Lena, but she’s holding up. She says she can’t leave Pine Valley because Bianca and Lena need her...

Derek says he found out that Miss Kundera bought a .38 caliber gun the night Cambias disappeared, the same caliber gun that killed Cambias. He gets that Lena wanted Michael Cambias dead to protect Bianca, but needs to hear the rest of the story. He urges her to make it easy on all of them and cut a deal with the D.A., “All you have to do is confess that you shot and killed Michael Cambias.”...

From Soap Slut

Lena confesses to spiking *sscicle's pill bottle but not to killing him, despite Tarzek's best efforts to get her to. They know she had bought a gun. So what? Everybody who KNEW *sscicle was toting guns all over town that night.


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Lena parts are indicated in red for those who only want a Lena fix


  • Mary sends the cows to pasture.
  • Colby is the new Babe.
  • Maggie meets the background.
  • Kendall pimps for DiTech.
  • Bianca faints a faint.
  • Pine Valley meets Sunnydale.

The Set-Up – At the hospital, Juan Pablo looks hot.  I’ll ignore the sucking face thing.

At Tad’s, Liza walks in with MiniBoob. Babe! I meant, MiniBabe.

At Adam’s, Babe wears her foulard like a belt just like Maggie does: need I say more?

At the police station, Lena reiterates that she, not Kendall, poisoned Michael’s antihistamines. Bianca doesn’t want to hear it, but Lena insists.

Lena: "I didn’t mean to hurt Ryan: I left those capsules there for Michael."
Derek: "Why?"

Are you stupid? Oh, wait: I already know the answer to that.

Lawyers be d******: Lena just wants to clear her conscience and she wants to do so in front of everyone.

Pfft, you’re so selfish: what about the children, the children! What? Maggie’s not a child? My mistake.

The Hospital – Borearlos is dead to the world, just like Sancho Panza intended: now, whom do we have to pay to get J.R. and Babe in that same condition?

Outside his room, Conte De Mumbles is losing it, but it’s ok ‘cause that new haircut looks fine – and I can forgive just about anything when a good haircut is involved.

Adam’s Crib – J.R. and Babe chat about Ryan, Kendall and the poison pills, all of which impresses Babe.

Babe: "This story has got everything but shoulder pads and a Krystle/Alexis catfight."

Oh, I think fake chests, Argentinean gangs, hair flips, cradle robbers and regular and elbow porn more than make up for the lack of shoulder pads, Babe.

In the library, Mary is looking for Babe, which confounds both J.R. and me, but Mary has more faith and thinks Babe might enjoy Animal Farm.

U-huh. Yeah, maybe if Animal Farm had been written by Aesop and not George Orwell.

Tad’s Pad – Tad links all the bovine connections for Liza and draws her a picture of a pasture, but Liza thinks it might all be a big "cow-incidence." Get it? ‘Cause Babe and Betsy and the…yeah, meh.

Police Station – *sshat was a bastard and Lena wanted him to die. That’s it. Oh, ok, fine, FINE! Lena, knowing Michael as well as she did, knew that he’d never leave Bianca alone, that he’d keep going after her until he broke her and left her an empty shell, so she decided to kill him. She bought poison the night of the hearing and, the next morning, put on some gloves and filled some of Michael’s antihistamines with the poison.

Lena: "That’s it: I conspired to kill Michael Cambias. You can arrest me now and let Kendall go."

I’m not sure there’s a complaint left here ‘cause I doubt Ryan would file charges and *sshat is long gone but, still: this is d*** refreshing!  Oh, sure, this confession will bite Lena's *ss later but, for now, it's great to know that she has enough integrity to come forward and tell the truth - unlike everyone else in this town.

Lena: "I’m sorry, forgive me for making any more trouble."
Bianca: "I don’t want them to lock you up Lena."
Lena: It’s ok. Remember what I said: going to prison won’t be a punishment.  It’ll be like a reward."

Reward for what? You didn’t kill Michael, you doofus. Oh, and Maggie? That was some powerful emoting you were just doing: the wallpaper method looks great on you.

Outside Frye’s office, Bianca makes a half-*ssed attempt at blaming herself for Lena’s predicament.

Bianca: "It’s not right. The only thing – everything Lena did she did to protect me. I’m the one who should be punished, not her. All she did was love me, all she did was – "

Well, this is just the worst time to faint, Binky! I’m on to you, I know you did it just because you’re scared of declaring your love for Lena in front of Maggie: you can’t pivot while you faint! Pfft.

Back in Frye’s office, Lena rolls her eyes at Jack when he says he knows she "cares" about Bianca – that’s right, because she’s a perverted idiot and loves her so, there!

Jack: You would do anything in your power to make sure that Bianca had no more suffering ever, wouldn’t you?"
Lena: "I’d give my life."

And you almost did once so – no more resealable boxes of bug poison for you, mmmk?

Jack wonders whether Lena might have confessed in order to spare Bianca and to protect Kendall, but Lena has no patience left for any more crap and reveals that she used that same poison to try to kill herself.

Oh, well then: I take back all those rants I wrote on the absurdity of Lena’s attempted suicide because, if it serves the Who Killed *ssicle plot, it’s just fine, FINE! Here, Megan, I’ve got a resealable mouse trap for you.

The Hospital – Borearlos wakes up. I fall into a coma.

Police Station – Bianca feels better, but Maggie goes to fetch some water because Kendall and Bianca need to bond – and they do, over VolderBaby and love and candy and all that is fluffy in the world.

Kendall: "You are so strong: you’re a champion and you’re going to make an amazing mother."

What’s this, Buffy meets the mortgage broker?

Derek walks back inside the office and says that Dr. Grey confirmed Lena did indeed try to commit suicide by ingesting the same kind of poison that was found in Michael's pills.

Lena can’t wait to be placed under arrest, but Frye and MiniTarzan decide to stick Michael’s murder on her, too, because this show’s had a murdered lesbian, a raped lesbian and a suicidal lesbian, but not a murderous one: why settle for the Lesbian Stereotype Trifecta when you can get the Four-Leaved Queer Clover?

The Last Scenes – At Adam’s, Mary places all her cows in a row.

At Tad’s, Simone gets ready to write a sex chapter – and that’s fine, but her nails scare the hell out of me.

At the police station, Derek finds out Lena owns a .38 and tries to get her to confess; outside, Aidan breaks up with Kendall and ushers in Ryan.

Ryan: "Hope I’m not too late. Tell me how I can make it better."

Well, you could throw yourself off the roof, break your arms and be forever incapable of removing your shirt: how does that grab you?

TOMORROW ON ALL MY CHILDREN: Greenlee questions Juan Pablo; Kendall and Ryan end up on a roof; Mary gives Adam some good news; Babe confesses.


From SkiffyPup
I LOVE topless Kendall. That must be the reason I am already forgiving her for not getting Lena out of a jam immediately. More topless Kendall on Monday!

Big of Lena to say, "s'okay Kendall." and take the pressure off her even when Lena is the one with her liberty at stake! Gee, and she doesn't even know about Voldertot yet.

Crazy-eye FrankenLavery is disturbing to me. Overmanic freak. JR/Jaime/Boobe ... ? The only one I like is Jaime. Why? Because the character has been in stories off and on this year and was integrated in before being brought forward. JR and Boobe arrive and *BOOM* frontburner, baby! No one give a fuck when they do that, don't they understand that? No? CLUE: Everyone is loving Mary and Adam no matter what *sshat plot they've been tied to this year. Adam is a vet and Mary was properly integrated into Pine Valley. mmmmkay?

Loved the "why are you inappropriately touching me?" look Lena gave FrankenLavery! BWAH! Apparently, it made him horny enough to tear Kendall's top off. That's what it would do to me too. Heh.

This brings me to another big problem ... Ryan's white knight act is as irritating as Juan de la FishCake's and Carlos-fluffing of yore. Why do they keep throwing the next man whatever down our throats? Develop a character and integrate them slowly, please. Have Aiden and Tad carry the hot monkey sex burden until that happens. Oh. And NuJaime. Oh and BIANCA and LENA need to get their freak on already! How much more begging must I do? And I'd better get equality of screentime and explicitness, or I'll go postal on AMC's ass.

Re: Lena's "Ellen" outfit: Not so butch when you look at the high high high heels she had on. This, along with the way she looks and the way she carries herself, pushes the whole ensemble into fellagirly territory. For those of you who may not know- Fellagirly basically means, "Engine trouble? Oh, I'll fix it. I think I have some tools right here in my purse. Yes, here they are right under my makeup bag."

From zenjen71

Tis the Kane sister bond fest that only matters. Lena's feeling for Binky don't quite matter just yet.

Weirdness: #1 After Lena poured her heart out and confessed. Bianca up and left the room without a word.

Weirdness: #2: Someone closed the blinds on Lena as she and Binky were looking at each other thus preventing Lena from witnessing Binky's fainting spell.

Weirdness: #3 Bianca than admits to caring for Lena when she is out of the room of course.

Weirdness: #4: Kendall admits to wanting to help Lena when she is out of the room of course.

Is there a rule on this show about not talking directly to the character of Lena. Must she always be left in the dark?


This parody is by LizzieT.

Lena parts are indicated in red for those who only want a Lena fix

Lena's confession was met with surprise.
Lena: I put the poison in the capsules. I wanted him to die.
Justin: Why would you want Ryan Lavery to die?
Lena: Not him you imbecile. Michael Cambias.
Justin: Oh yeah? Well he's already dead so who's the imbecile now?
Derek: Justin, why don't you sit in the corner quietly and color in your coloring book?
Justin: All right. I'll try not to get out of lines.
Derek: Now tell me Lena, why did you want Michael dead?
Lena: Are you serious? It was because...because...:::sob:::
Derek: You mean....?
Lena: Yes. There's nothing worse than a man with a bad rug. I wanted Michael dead so I put insect poison in his allergy pills. Then when I heard he had disappeared I hoped he had crawled off to a warehouse and jumped on a meathook to die. I thought it would be ruled justifiable homicide, I would be a hero, and I would be guaranteed front burner storylines from now on.
Brooke: Oh Lena, I used to be that naive once.
Jack: You saw how upset Bianca was when Kendall was arrested.
Lena: Yes. It broke my heart to see her pain.
Jack: And you'd do anything to make her feel better?
Lena: Of course I would.
Jack: So are you sure you're not confessing so that Kendall will go free and Bianca will be happy?
Lena: Are you insane? I may be a reformed bad girl but I'm not that reformed. I really did try to kill Michael. I also took the insect poison and tried to kill myself.
Jack: How awful!
Lena: It was. But on the bright side I also got rid of the cockroach problem at the Pine Cone.
Derek: I think the poison was a cover for what you really did. I think you shot Michael.
Lena: That doesn't make any sense. Why would I go to all the trouble of stuffing poison in all those tiny capsules if I was going to shoot him anyway?
Derek: Please. I'm the law enforcement professional here. I'll decide what makes sense. When I called Dr. Gray earlier I found out that you had bought a gun.
Lena: Maria told you I bought a gun?
Derek: I'm asking the questions here. You bought a 38. I think you used it to shoot Michael.
Lena: That's strange. Everyone on the message boards thought my gun was bigger than a 38. But I didn't shoot Michael. Do you think I'd confess to poisoning him and lie about shooting him?
Derek: Stop trying to confuse me. Who do you think I am - Justin?

Bianca was very upset.
Bianca: Lena only did this to protect me. It's not fair that she be punished.:::clunk::::
Aidan: Blimey! Shewd Oi get a doctor?
Kendall: No. She's fine.
Baby: She may be fine but I'm feeling a little queasy.
Maggie: I'll get you some water.
Bianca: That would help.
Baby: And make sure it's imported. I don't drink that awful stuff out of the tap.
Kendall: I'm sorry Aidan. I can't leave the country and go on the run with you. Maybe next time.
Aidan: That's awl roit Kendall. Oi'll still be roit boi yew're soid.
Kendall: So you're leaving me. Then go! I don't care!
Aidan: Awl roit, Oi will......Did this scene mike any sense at awl?
Kendall: No. But it's a setup for Ryan to appear and maybe signal the beginning of a Kendall/Ryan/Greenlee triangle.

Babe and JR talked.
JR: Where did you get that cow bracelet?
Babe: I just found it. I think it's from your Uncle Stuart. He's so different from your father.
JR: I know. Sometimes I forget they're played by the same actor.
Babe: So should we go upstairs and have one of our daily sex scenes?
JR: No. I need to get busy on taking over Chandler Enterprises. I want you to go out with Jamie while I stay in the library and read up on the business of running Chandler......uh, how do you spell Chandler?
Babe: R-I-C-H
Jamie: So you want me to take Babe over to PVU?
JR: Yes. She's going to audit some classes.
Jamie: Like what? Adultry 101?
Babe: Hey, I could teach that one. I was thinking more in lines of a seminar on fleecing the family fortune.

Later Mary talked with JR.
Mary: I was going to take Babe shopping.
JR: Babe looks just fine.
Mary: Of course she does dear. Why she already has friends on every street corner in town. Did you know that Jamie is quite fond of her? I think he gave her a gift that has special meaning for both of them. I also think he may have given her a bracelet.

Greenlee went to see Carlos.
Juan Pablo: Go away and never darken my door again. You turned my brother in to the tabloids.
Greenlee: Blow it out your ear. I'm not here to see you. I'm here to see Carlos, though how I knew he was in this unopened wing of the hospital I have no idea. How is he?
Maria: Unconcious. Still no signs of life.
Greenlee: Actually with Carlos that may be concious. Why don't I talk to him? Carlos, I know you can hear me. You need to wake up. You're being written out soon. At least wake up long enough for a big exit scene.
Carlos: I...I....
Juan Pablo: He's awake! He's having a little trouble speaking but he's awake.
Greenlee: Actually for Carlos this is coherent.
Maria: Carlos is getting better. Now you should go to Greenlee and tell her you really love her.
Juan Pablo: I cannot do that. It would be too dangerous for her.
Maria: So you're willing to lose her forever?
Juan Pablo: Yes. It was meant to be. We never really had much of a fan base.

Mia and Simone came to see Greenlee.
Greenlee: Hey you two. I wasn't sure if you guys were still on the show or not.
Mia: We've just been so busy counting the votes in the Sexiest Man contest.
Greenlee: That contest was over weeks ago.
Mia: I know. But they haven't written any new dialogue for me. I did get a new haircut though.
Greenlee: I know. I'm sorry. Now let's talk about me. I hate Juan Pablo. He dumped me because he thinks I told the tabloids about Carlos.
Simone: No he doesn't. He knows Mary Smythe is the one who did that. I wonder why I just called her Mary Smythe to you when she's your mother and you probably know her last name? Oh well, if Juan Pablo dumped you it wasn't because of the tabloids. He must just have gotten sick of you for some reason.
Greenlee: Thanks Simone. I can always count on you to cheer me up.

Liza went to visit Tad.
Tad: What happened to you Colby? Did you get a makeover from Babe?
Colby: That's the story. Actually TPTB wanted me jazzed up to reel in that important kindergarten demographic.
Liza: Why don't you go watch tv?
Colby: Fine. I'll just do another shameless Dynasty plug even though Dallas is also airing on Soapnet and I personally think it was the superior prime time soap. Besides, a "who shot JR" plot might go over really well on our show right about now.
Liza: Kids. They grow up so fast.
Tad: Tell me about it. I think Jamie is boinking JR's wife.
Liza: Really? I can see you're concerned about this. I'll show that I'm your bestest friend in the world by ignoring your worries and cracking cow jokes. What does a cow use to do math?
Tad: I don't know. But I do know that comedy isn't your strong suit.
Simone: Sorry to interrupt. That angry villagers called and said to get right over here. They said the lame attempts to make you and Liza sound like Tracy and Hepburn were a bunch of bull and that if you didn't stop they'd be forced to commit mooder.
Liza: I'd better leave. Those angry villagers don't have much of a sense of humor.
Simone: Good. Now we can get to our own storyline.
Tad: Do we have a storyline?
Simone: Yes. It's not much of one and so far it's all sexual in nature but it's a storyline.
Tad: But what about Jamie, Babe, and JR? What about Carlos and Juan Pablo?....What the h*** am I talking about? Let's make out.


Lena: I wanted him to die a slow, agonizing death.

Lena: Protect me from what, the truth? Everybody knew what Michael was capable of, and I was his match in every way.

Jack: I urge you to seek counsel before you say another word.
Lena: Why, so they can twist the truth and get me out of this?

Lena: I had to stop him. But I had to be careful. Michael's smart. I had to be smarter.

Lena: When I heard that he was missing, I just prayed that he'd taken a lethal dose and crawled under some rock to die. And that's it. I conspired to kill Michael Cambias. You can arrest me now and let Kendall go.

Kendall: So, can I go now?

Bianca: I'm the one who should be punished, not her. All she did was love me.

Bianca: Kendall, you have your own battles to fight right now.
Kendall: You mean with Ryan? No, we can play clash of the titans anytime. You're family.


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Lena admits to spiking Michael's allergy pills]

[amc031106a starts]
Lena: Kendall didn't poison the allergy capsules that Ryan took. I did.
Bianca: Lena, don't say that.
Lena: It's the truth. I didn't mean to hurt Ryan. I left those capsules there for Michael.
Derek: Why?
Lena: Why? Because I wanted him to die a slow, agonizing death.

***** (clip b) [Lena requests a public audience for her statement]

[amc031106b starts]
Justin: Wow. That's -- that's some confession you just made, Ms. Kundera.
Derek: Yeah, I'd like to hear it again, in more detail.
Kendall: No, Lena, don't.
Lena: I have nothing to hide, Kendall.
Kendall: No, I mean it. Keep your mouth shut.
Derek: Ease off, Kendall.
Jack: You and McCoy just take a break, would you?
Justin: Jack, she just confessed to attempted murder!
Jack: Yeah, and you can't question her without an attorney present. You bring charges against her, it'll be tossed out of the court --
Derek: Not if she waives her right to an attorney, Jack!
Aidan: Remember what I said, Lena. You have rights, rights that will protect you.
Lena: Protect me from what, the truth? Everybody knew what Michael was capable of, and I was his match in every way.
Jack: Lena, Lena, Lena, Lena, -- please, please -- please, I urge you to seek counsel before you say another word.
Lena: Why, so they can twist the truth and get me out of this?
Aidan: Listen to Jackson.
Lena: No, Ryan almost died because of me -- an innocent man. Forget the lawyers. Let me just clear my conscience once and for all.
Derek: Yeah, that's right, Ms. Kundera. Let's go someplace a little more private.
Justin: Yeah.
Lena: No, let's do it out here, out in the open, in front of witnesses. Let's them judge me. That night after the hearing, I came up with a plan to murder Michael Cambias, and I executed it.

***** (clip c) [Lena tells her story about trying to kill Michael and Bianca faints]

[amc031106c starts]
Lena: After the hearing, I was in shock. Michael got off. It was unthinkable. I knew better than most how sick and twisted he was, but the worst was what he did to Bianca. And there he was, a free man, free to terrorize her all over again. And I knew that he would because with Michael, once you're his target, one attack was never enough. He'd come after you time and time and time again until he broke you. And he came after you, Bianca, because you were innocent and good and trusting, and he would never have left you alone until he crushed you and there was nothing left, until you were empty, just like he was. So I had to stop him. But I had to be careful. Michael's smart. I had to be smarter.
Derek: Is that where the pills come in?
Lena: Yes. I knew that Michael had allergies and that he took over-the-counter medicine for them. So, the night of the hearing, I bought the poison. The following morning, I put on a pair of gloves and I broke into his house when he wasn't there. I found the pills, and I filled some of them with poison, and then I just waited. And when I heard that he was missing, I just prayed that he'd taken a lethal dose and crawled under some rock to die. And that's it. I conspired to kill Michael Cambias. You can arrest me now and let Kendall go.
Jack: Lena, the first thing we're going to have to do is to make this statement formal, all right?
Lena: Yes. I'm sorry. Forgive me for making any more trouble.
Bianca: I don't want them to lock you up, Lena.
Lena: It's ok. Remember what I said. Going to prison won't be a punishment. It'll be like a reward.
Kendall: So, can I go now?
Derek: I'll let you know your status after we get Lena's formal statement.
Bianca: It's not right. The only thing that -- everything that Lena did, she did to protect me.
Maggie: Bianca --
Bianca: I'm the one who should be punished, not her. All she did was love me. All she did --
Kendall: Bianca --

***** (clip d) [Bianca recovers outside the room where Lena is being interrogated (no Lena)]

Aidan: Easy.
Maggie: It's all right.
Aidan: Easy. Take it easy.
Bianca: It's ok. I'm ok.
Aidan: You're as white as a sheet. I think I'm going to call a doctor.
Bianca: Oh, I don't need a doctor.
Aidan: Come on, just to be safe.
Kendall: No, Aidan, leave her alone. She's fine, she's fine.
Aidan: She looks everything but fine.
Kendall: No, Aidan, listen to me, ok? She's upset, all right? Lena just dropped a major bombshell on her.
Aidan: Bianca just keeled over, Kendall.
Kendall: Yeah, she needs a few minutes to get herself together, not a doctor.
Aidan: And calling the doctor's not going to do any harm.
Kendall: Aidan, just back off, ok?
Aidan: What are you not telling me, Kendall?
Kendall: Nothing.

***** (clip e) [Lena tells Jackson about her suicide attempt]

[amc031106e starts]
Jack: Just give me a moment, please.
Derek: Fine, fine, fine.
Jack: Lena, I know how much you care about Bianca.
Lena: I love her.
Jack: I know you do. And you saw how upset she was when Kendall was arrested.
Lena: It broke my heart to watch her beg to have her sister released.
Jack: And you would do anything in your power to make sure that Bianca had no more suffering ever, wouldn't you?
Lena: I'd give my life.
Jack: Yes. Tell me something, Lena -- is that what you just did in here? Did you claim to put the poison in those capsules so you could ease Bianca's pain? Did you confess to a crime that you did not commit in order to keep Kendall out of jail?
Lena: I poisoned those pills, and I can prove it. Call dr. Hayward. Call Dr. Grey. They'll tell you that I used that very same poison to try and take another life -- my own.

***** (clip f) [Kendall tells Bianca she will fight for Lena (no Lena)]

Kendall: You feeling better?
Bianca: Yeah, I am, a little bit.
Maggie: How about some water?
Bianca: Yeah, that sounds great.
Maggie: Ok.
Kendall: Hey -- should i call david?
Bianca: Kendall, the baby and I are just fine.
Kendall: Are you sure? I was really -- I was really touched by the way you stood up for me out there, the way you just jumped up and shouted how much you needed me.
Bianca: You know what, Kendall? It was the truth. I do need you now. You're my sister. I love you.
Kendall: I love you, too. And I'm going to fight for you. I'm going to fight for you and Lena. I'm going to convince her that she needs a really great lawyer, and I'm going to put together a dream team, and they're going to be unbeatable.
Bianca: Kendall, you have your own battles to fight right now.
Kendall: You mean with Ryan? No, we can play clash of the titans anytime. You're family. You are so strong. You're a champion. You're going to make an amazing mother. Amazing.

***** (clip g) [Derek and Justin accuse Lena of shooting Michael]

[amc031106g starts]
Jack: I still think it's a good idea that you get --
Dderek: I talked to Maria Grey.
Justin: And?
Derek: She confirmed that Ms. Kundera swallowed the same poison that we found in the allergy capsules.
Jack: My god, Lena, I'm so sorry. I had no idea.
Lena: No, let's just finish this, ok? You have all the proof that you need, so go ahead and charge me with attempted murder.
Derek: I have a few more questions first.
Lena: Go ahead.
Derek: You put poison in those capsules because you were hoping that Cambias would swallow them.
Lena: Yes.
Justin: But obviously he never even got around to taking them.
Lena: Apparently not.
Derek: Well, didn't you realize the insecticide was a long shot?
Justin: Especially when you said you only doctored some of the capsules, right?
Lena: What are you getting at?
Derek: What we're saying is that maybe the pills were a blind.
Justin: Could be that, or maybe you decided to go home and you couldn't leave Michael Cambias' death to chance.
Derek: So you went out, and you got yourself a gun, and you shot him.
Lena: I did not shoot Michael. I have no idea who did.
Derek: Well, I don't believe you.

***** (clip h) [Kendall tells Aidan she cannot leave because of Bianca and Lena (no Lena)]

Aidan: How's Bianca?
Kendall: She's still a little freaked out about Lena, but she's holding up. Listen, Aidan, about this little trip that you and I planned --
aidan: You don't want to leave Pine Valley?
Kendall: I can't. I really need to stay here for Bianca and Lena. They need me.
Aidan: I understand.
Kendall: Really?
Aidan: Yeah.
Kendall: So where exactly does that leave us?
Aidan: With me by your side until this investigation's over with.
Kendall: And then what?
Aidan: Best not look too far ahead, eh?
Kendall: Flat-leaver.
Aidan: What?
Kendall: You're going to leave me. You're going to leave me because of Ryan, because you think I'm not finished with Ryan. It would serve you right if I did go back to him.
Aidan: Why don't you do whatever you want to do?

***** (clip i) [Derek tells Lena that they know she bought a .38 that night]

[amc031106i starts]
Jack: Whoa, Derek, will you just slow down? You have nothing to connect Lena to the Cambias homicide.
Derek: No, you slow down, Jack. When I was out there on the phone talking to Dr. Grey, I found out that Ms. Kundera made a buy the night Michael Cambias disappeared.
Jack: A buy? And what kind of buy would that be?
Derek: A .38, the same caliber gun that killed Cambias. Now, Ms. Kundera, you said you wanted Michael Cambias dead to protect Bianca Montgomery from a serial psychopath. Now, I get that. I think we all get that. But right now I need to hear the rest of the story. And, please, make it easy on yourself. Make it easy on all of us. Cut a deal with the D.A. All you have to do is confess that you shot and you killed Michael Cambias.


I have the following clips (incompletes are marked "inc"):
amc031106a.mpg (3.9m; 0:23) Lena repeats her confession just in case someone missed it the first time
amc031106b.mpg (10.6m; 1:02) Lena admits to attempting to kill Michael
amc031106c.mpg (26m; 2:33) Lena tells her story about trying to kill Michael
amc031106e.mpg (9m; 0:53) Lena tells Jackson about her suicide attempt
amc031106g.mpg (9.9m; 0:58) Derek and Justin accuse Lena of shooting Michael
amc031106i.mpg (8.8m; 0:52) Derek tells Lena that they know she bought a .38 that night

I am eliciting volunteers to host the clips throughout the web. If you have 5-100megs of space you can lend to this project, please let me know!

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