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Lena Kundera

March 02, 2004

(Lena appearance)
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Lena Kundera (Olga Sosnovska)
Bianca Montgomery
Maggie Stone


After Maggie feeds Bianca some pancakes, Lena arrives to tell Bianca that she has found the perfect house for her. Maggie is surpised and asks Bianca if she is moving. Bianca says yes because the apartment is too small for her and a baby. She also tells Maggie that she asked Lena to look for something bigger. Maggie becomes upset and Bianca says that she was not expecting Lena to be so successful so quickly. Lena tells Bianca that the house has room for a au pair, and Bianca tells her she does not want to have an au pair. Lena asks Bianca how she will be able to run the various businesses without help, and Bianca tells her that she has Kendall and her to run the businesses. Lena agrees. While Lena is talking about the house, Maggie has post traumatic stress about Portia, the painting from Hell. Breaking Maggie's reverie, Bianca mentions that she needs lots of things for the baby, so Maggie offers to make a list and to get them for Bianca. Bianca then decides to check out the house in an hour. Jamie comes to the apartment and Maggie drops everything to leave with him. Jamie asks her outside the door if she was okay and Maggie said that she just had to get out of there. Bianca asks Lena if she thought Maggie was acting weird, and Lena, who no doubt thinks everything Maggie does is weird, agrees. Bianca tells Lena that she feels bad about moving out but she has got to get on with her life and staying at the apartment will not help her do that. Bianca leaves, telling Lena that she will meet her at the new house. Thus Lena is again the last person to leave an apartment where she does not live. Babe and JR announce they are giving Bianca a baby shower tomorrow (but in Pine Valley time that means Friday).


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Maggie feeds a Bianca wishing to be more independent


The ring makes its weekly appearance


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Lena tells Bianca she ound a house for her]

From Sosnovska Symposium's Play-By-Play by Akakel (transcripts coming soon)

mags: now you're gorgeous
b: see what happens? i end up wearing all my food. you aren't going to fatten me or my baby up
mags; you need to come up with a name for the baby
KNOCK at the door
LENA: hey bianca! I found it...start packing. It's the perfect house for you
so excited!
mags; you didn't tell me you were moving...(arms crossed)

***** (clip b) [Lena describes the house to Bianca and Maggie]

From Sosnovska Symposium's Play-By-Play by Akakel (transcripts coming soon)

b: i asked lena to do some house hunting bec i was supposed to rest
LENA: b gave me an idea of what she was looking for
mags: you gave me no warning
LENA: i'm going to get some water...goes to kitchen
b: this place is cramped for us, let alone a baby
mags: i knew you'd be moving out eventually, but i thought i'd hear it from you
b: i didn't expect she'd find something so quick...Lena, why perfect?
LENA: it's a bungalow, neighborhood with families, kids...with a room for an aupair, etc..
b: wait, i'm going to take care of my baby myself...why would you think i'd need an aupair?
LENA: not that i think you're not capable, but running Cambindustries, etc., I thoughtj you'd be busy

***** (clip c) [Lena describe the house some more and Maggie thinks of Portia]

From Sosnovska Symposium's Play-By-Play by Akakel (transcripts coming soon)

b: no way i'll be a parttime mom.
lena: i just assumed you'd want to hire some parttime help
mags: first clue, never assume anything about bianca
lena: so, about companies
b: well, they're well run, kend and you to help, right?
LENA: as long as you need
mags: i think it's a great idea, single moms do it all the time, i mean...my mom had no clue
b: so tell me more about the house
lena; lena; (so cute and exicted) so much light. and the porch, hammock...dining room. I can already imagine you living there, with all the floppy toys all over the place. Your daughter will bring all her jpretty pictures home and you can put them all over the wall..." then morphs into mag's f/b of hanging portia everywhere. 
Mags flash of she and b putting up Portia
b: mags? what do you think?
mags: wha? oh, i think it's ideal (so opposite and pouty)
b: me too. i'm gonna call marianj right now to take a look
b goes for phone

***** (clip d) [Lena is devastated that she forgot about a basement]

From Sosnovska Symposium's Play-By-Play by Akakel (transcripts coming soon)

b: we can go in an hour
LENA: once you see this house you'll be sold
mags: you can put the washer/dryer on the same level and keep an eye on the baby, etc
b: that's a great idea...hugs her
lena looking uncomfortable
LENA; i didn't even think about the basement...
b: there's so much i need to do, to get..etc
mags; make a list and I'll take care of all of it for you
lena: and anything i can do...
JAMIE knocks on the door
mags covers: thank god...where've you been? i thought i'd been stood up
jamie looking confused
mags excuses herself quickly
out in the hall
jamie: what was that about?
mags: survival. i had to get out of there before i said something wrong, i'd regret, etc (teary)
jamie puts his arm around her...let's go

***** (clip e) [Bianca and Lena discuss Maggie's weirdness]

From Sosnovska Symposium's Play-By-Play by Akakel (transcripts coming soon)

b: just me or did mags exit seem
lena: sudden?
b: and weird. kend's trial put my move on hold
lena; you never talked about it?
b: around it. 
lena; she looked like she'd been punched
b: if i'd know i would've had you talk to me about the house somewhere else. i feel guilty
lena: about leaving mags? be honest. maybe mags should move in?
b: i feel sad, but with the baby on the way i need to establish my own life
lena; so, should we go?
b (touches her arm): actually can i meet you there? i have a stop to make
lena; sure...see you there...


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