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Season 1, episode 05
Season 105
1st release (U.S.): 03/31/97
Production number: 4V05
Last update: 02/28/05

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SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy Summers)
Nicholas Brendan (Xander Harris)
Alyson Hannigan (Willow Rosenberg)
Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia Chase)
Anthony Stewart Head (Rupert Giles)

Mark Metcalf (The Master)
David Boreanaz (Angel)
Christopher Wiehl (Owen)
Geoff Meed (Militia Guy)
Paul-Felix Montez (Mysterious Guy)
Robert Mont (Van Driver)
Andrew J. Ferchland (Young Boy)

Written by Rob Des Hotel and Dean Batali
Directed by David Semel

WB, Monday, 9pm


Buffy sets her sights on the mysterious and brooding Owen and she opts to go on a date rather than help Giles prevent a prophecy about an unstoppable vampire rising to help the Master. Giles decides to face the prophecy alone and gets himself trapped and when Buffy is forced to save him she learns that Owen is a little too enticed by her dangerous lifestyle. TVTome


This synopsis is by Sally Dye.

Buffy fight a vampire in the cemetery. Buffy: "We haven't been properly introduced. I'm Buffy, and you're history." She stakes the vamp and he turns to dust. Giles critiques her technique -- he says she's spending too much energy instead of going in for the kill. He notices a strange ring amongst the dust and says he must consult his books about it.

The Master announces the coming of the Anointed -- the Master's great warrior. He says the Brethren of Aurelius -- a new group of vampires -- will meet the Anointed. He tells them that they must not let the slayer stop them.

Giles studies the ring and the symbols on it, which represent the Order of Aurelius. A student, Owen, comes to the library looking for an Emily Dickinson book. Buffy follows him to the stacks, saying that she loves books, too. Owen leaves with his book, saying he will see Buffy in math class.

At lunch, Willow is properly impressed that Owen talked to Buffy. They see Owen sitting alone at a table, and Buffy goes over with her tray. Cordelia is heading for the same chair and knocks Buffy's tray out of her hands. Owen helps Buffy pick up her lunch. Cordelia asks Owen if he is going to the Bronze that night. Owen turns to Buffy and asks her to meet him there, stunning Buffy and Cordelia.

Willow thinks it's a big deal, meeting Owen at the Bronze. Buffy agrees. Giles interrupts, saying that by his calculations, the Order of Aurelius will bring forth a warrior called the Anointed, which will rise from the ashes of five, and it's all going down tonight. Buffy is dismayed and hopes his calculations are off, saying that she has a date for tonight, but he insists that her slayer duty comes first.

That night, Buffy and Giles wait in the cemetery, but nothing happens. Buffy happily heads for the Bronze, after Giles warns her not to let Owen know that she is the slayer.

A van is heading for Sunnydale. On board is the driver, a woman and her little boy, another woman, and a wild-eyed guy who keeps bothering the others. A vampire steps out in front of the van and causes it to crash. They kill the driver and then head for the others.

Buffy gets to the Bronze and spots Owen dancing with Cordelia. Sadly, she turns and leaves.

The next day, Owen comes up to Buffy at her locker and asks where she was last night. She stammers that her watch broke. He says he'd like to try it again tonight. Buffy agrees happily.

That evening Buffy is getting ready to go out when Giles bursts in with the newspaper. He shows her the headline: "Five Die in Van Accident." He says it may have something to do with the prophecy, and wants them to check out the funeral home where the bodies were taken. Owen arrives in the middle of this discussion, but Xander and Willow distract him from the conversation. Buffy is exasperated with Giles: "Clark Kent had a job! I just want to go on a date!" Giles agrees that it only a slim possibility that one of the five dead people could turn out to be the Anointed. Buffy says if the apocalypse arrives, to beep her. She and Owen leave for the Bronze. Giles says he is going to the funeral home anyway, just to check it out. Willow and Xander think they should go, too, and follow him.

At the Bronze, Owen discusses Emily Dickinson with Buffy. He compares his life to Emily's uneventful one, saying that there are more important things in life than dating. Buffy starts to feel guilty and checks her pager, but there are no messages.

Giles arrives at the funeral home, but is surrounded by vampires and barely gets inside by holding them off with a cross. He barracades himself in the morgue area and is shocked to see Xander and Willow peering in the window. Since the window is barred, he can't get out that way, so he tells them to go get Buffy.

Angel comes to the Bronze and tells Buffy that there's something serious going on and she should be out there. Owen comes back with drinks and Buffy introduces him to Angel, whom she knows...from work. The awkward moment is broken when Willow and Xander rush in to tell Buffy she is needed...somewhere. Xander improvises that he and Willow want to double date with Buffy and Owen and why don't they go to...the funeral home. Owen is intrigued and thinks it's a great idea. Buffy doesn't want Owen anywhere near the funeral home, so she tells him she will be back and runs out with Willow and Xander.

When they get to the funeral home, they realize too late that Owen has followed them. Buffy leaves Owen with Willow and Xander and goes to look for Giles. She finds the morgue's door smashed in and the room in disarray. Suddenly one of the vaults opens up and Giles comes out from where he had been hiding from the vampires. Buffy tells Giles to stay there and goes back to the others. She takes them to an office and says to barracade the door while she....goes to the bathroom. Owen is fascinated and pokes around while Willow and Xander pile things in front of the door. He opens a curtain and sees what appears to be a dead body on a gurney covered by a sheet. They notice that the body is moving. The sheet is thrown off, and the wild-eyed man from the van, now a vampire, stands up. Owen, Willow and Xander shove the things away from the door and run out into the hall. They meet Buffy and she tells them to get out of the funeral home. They run to the entrance, but it is guarded by vampires. They run back down the hall. Owen hears a crash and runs to help Buffy, who is fighting the vampire. Owen runs in a hits the vamp from behind, but he knocks Owen out. Buffy thinks he is dead and fights the vampire all over the room, finally shoving him into the furnace. Owen then comes to, and Buffy tells him they scared the guy away. Owen is a little woozy and says he'd better get home. Xander volunteers to see that he gets home safely.

Buffy feels that she has totally blown it with Owen. They run into each other at school the next day, and Owen surprises her by saying he'd like to see her again. He says that almost getting killed made him feel really alive. He wants to know when they can have another night like it. Buffy sighs and says she is not free any night, but they can still be friends. Owen nods in agreement, and Buffy sadly watches him walk away.

Buffy tells Giles that Owen would probably get killed if she let him stay in her world. She says at least they stopped the Anointed, though, and kept the prophecy from coming true. Giles agrees, saying that the Master is probably having a really bad day.

The Master tells the Brethren that the slayer will not know the Anointed, and he will lead her into hell. He looks down at the figure seated at his side: "Welcome, my friend." It's the little boy from the van.


This episode and "The Witch" were released together on 15 September 1998 as the first 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' home video box-sets. While in the Bronze, Buffy mutters, "Bite me". The camera then cuts to Angel giving Buffy a look. This is a clever and subtle foreshadowing of Angel's vampiric revelation two episodes later.

The quote "Here endeth the lesson" made by the Master was originally in the movie, Interview With the Vampire. It was said when Louis and Claudia first go to see the play about vampires pretending to be humans pretending to be vampires.

The L.A. based group, Velvet Chain, Plays the song 'Strong' in this episode.

Fast National Rating: 2.8, Rank: 5/11 WB shows.

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