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Season 1, episode 11
Series 111
1st release: 04-24-00
2nd release:
Production number: 1210
Approximate shooting dates:
Last update: 11-16-00

SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Gina Torres (Hel)
Victoria Pratt (Sarge)
Jennifer Sky (Cleopatra)
Patrick Kake (Mauser)
Elizabeth Hawthorne (Voice)

Zoe Bell (Female Betrayer)

Written by Chris Black
Directed by Wayne Rose

Filmed in Auckland, New Zealand, by Renaissance Pictures in association with Studios USA. Executive producers Rob Tapert, SamRaimi, R. J. Stewart; co-executive producer, Eric Gruendemann; producer, Chris Black, Janine Dickins; co-producer, Mike McDonald,associate producer, Sam Clark; camera, Kevin Riley; editor, Cushla Dillon; music, JosephLoDuca; casting, Marie Adams, Beth Hymson-Ayer, Tracy Hampton.


When a Cleopatra look-alike turns up, Hel and Sarge must determine which is Cleo and which is a Betrayer clone. ClickTV

Cleopatra, Hel and Sarge must fight a clone of Cleopatra.


This synopsis is by Sally Dye .


Cleo is running from a betrayer. It catches her and tells her she must go "back to the lab". Cleo pretends to agree and gets away, releasing a mechanism so that a huge door falls on the betrayer. Sarge and Hel are having a drink in one of those underground night clubs when Cleo comes bursting in. To everyone's amazement, another Cleo steps out of the ladies' room at that moment.

Act I

Hel and Sarge point their weapons at the "new" Cleo. She insists that she really is Cleo, that she was taken with Lily to the betrayer factory and that she escaped when an explosion occurred. She says the other Cleo must be the betrayer. Sarge and Hel decide they must all go back to the lab and sort things out, so they put both Cleos in containment shields.

Mauser is not able to tell which Cleo is real. Cleo and "Cleo" each try to prove she is the real thing. They both have all of Cleo's memories. Sarge says, "I suppose we could kill them both," but this idea finds favor with no one. Hel suggests that their carbon levels be tested to determine their ages. The real Cleo is 21.632 years old. The other Cleo is only 22.3 days old, so she must be the betrayer. Hel and Sarge blast her and she appears to be dead, but is not regenerating as betrayers do. Voice wants to know what is going on and Hel says she might have just killed Cleopatra.

Act II

Sarge covers the other Cleo. But Mauser says the one they shot is the betrayer and she is sending out a distress signal to other betrayers. Sarge goes to check the perimeter defenses. The betrayer Cleo slowly starts to heal herself. Cleo says that the betrayer Cleo really thinks she is Cleo and so when she escaped the betrayer factory, she did the only thing she could think of -- she came home. When the betrayer Cleo wakes up she still tries to convince the others she is the real Cleo until Mauser shows her her wound.

Cleo begs Hel to try to save the betrayer Cleo, just as Mauser had been saved earlier. Sarge returns to report that another betrayer is near. The two Cleos reminisce about her family and begin to bond over their shared memories. Sarge and Hel go to confront the other betrayer but are unable to stop it, and it follows them back to the lab. A fierce battle ensues and the betrayer seems almost invincible. Things appear hopeless when the betrayer Cleo suddenly leaps out and confronts the other betrayer, her arms turning into betrayer weapons, which shocks her as much as it does the others. When the smoke clears, the other betrayer is destroyed, but the betrayer Cleo is badly damaged as well. She doesn't want to heal herself because "that's what betrayers do". Hel tells her that she saved them all and that's what humans do. Cleo begs her not to give up because she is the only one who shares the memories of her life and understands her. The betrayer Cleo thanks Cleo "for the memories" and dies.

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