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Season 1, episode 14
Series 114
1st release: 05-15-00
2nd release:
Production number: 1215
Approximate shooting dates:
Last update: 11-19-00

SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Gina Torres (Hel)
Victoria Pratt (Sarge)
Jennifer Sky (Cleopatra)
Patrick Kake (Mauser)
Elizabeth Hawthorne (Voice)

Rupert Cocks
Stephen Lovatt (Schrager)

Written by Carl Ellsworth
Directed by Andrew Merrifield

Filmed in Auckland, New Zealand, by Renaissance Pictures in association with Studios USA. Executive producers Rob Tapert, SamRaimi, R. J. Stewart; co-executive producer, Eric Gruendemann; producer, Chris Black, Janine Dickins; co-producer, Mike McDonald,associate producer, Sam Clark; camera, Kevin Riley; editor, Cushla Dillon; music, JosephLoDuca; casting, Marie Adams, Beth Hymson-Ayer, Tracy Hampton.


Sarge's life is saved by the underwater Bailey in an attempt to keep the underworld from being destroyed.

The underwater Bailey saves Sarge's life.


This synopsis is by Sally Dye .


Scenes are shown from Part 1, leading up to the confrontation with the Bailey.

Hel and Sarge try to free Cleo from the red beams but can't. Sarge wants to shoot the Bailey, but Hel stops her. Cleo says the Bailey is speaking to her and that it used the image of her mother to bring her to it. It had crashed in the ocean and Granger's people recovered it and acquired its technology. Of course, Hel and Sarge wonder if it is the Bailey that took Raina, but Cleo says she asked and didn't get an answer. Cleo says the Bailey is being slowly killed by the underwater people.

Granger and Shrader burst in with guns drawn. Sarge says to get behind her and activates her shield. Shrader shoots her, and Sarge goes down as if there were no shield.

Act I

Hel thinks their shields must not be amped up enough, but Cleo says that the technology they stole from the Bailey enabled them to make weapons that can get past their shields. They are all taken back to their quarters. Sarge is badly hurt, but Shrader denies her medical attention.

Hel discovers that Sarge has a collapsed lung. She makes an incision in Sarge's chest to help her breathe. Sarge says she knows that Hel is thinking of all the times she told Sarge her attitude was going to get her killed someday, and now it's happened. Hel says no, she was thinking of all the times Sarge had saved their lives. The three join hands.

Shrader gloats that he has finally extracted a power cell from the Bailey and it should give their "device" more yield. He is going to target the underworld. The entire network of tunnels and levels will be destroyed and the ocean will flood everything.

Cleo doesn't want Sarge to close her eyes, but Sarge seems to become unconscious. She doesn't open her eyes until Cleo calls her Rose. Sarge: "I told you never to call me that." Cleo and Hel are relieved. Granger enters and Hel knocks him down and takes the case he's carrying. He tells them that Shrader is going to destroy the underworld. His case turns out to be a first aid kit. Hel takes it and is about to make Sarge's incision larger, but Sarge says no, Hel is just dragging it out. Hel says yes, for as long as it takes. Sarge: "You must be a fun date." Sarge passes out, and Hel can't get her to respond.

Act II

Cleo starts doing CPR. She says she was a lifeguard. Granger gives them a device from the first aid kit that acts like paddles in an ER to shock Sarge's heart. It works. Granger tells them that they must leave Sarge to go stop Shrader. Hel says they will never leave Sarge behind. She and Cleo support Sarge and they set out. On the way, Sarge collapses. Hel can't revive her. They are near where the Bailey is, and it sends its red light into Sarge. Sarge's eyes pop open and she sits up, apparently healed.

Sarge says the Bailey communicated with her and that it wants them to vaporize it so no more information can be taken from it. They do as it asked. The Bailey dies. Sarge looks at Cleo and Hel: "You wanna go save the world?" They go off to stop Shrader.

They find Shrader and his helpers setting off the device. While Hel and Sarge fight, Granger and Cleo go to disarm the device. Cleo says the Bailey had shown her how to do this earlier. They are successful in stopping the countdown. Shrader is about to kill Hel and Sarge when Granger knocks him down a shaft. Hel asks Granger to come with them. Granger says he must stay and convince his people that their two worlds can live in harmony.

Back at the lab, Mauser pronounces Sarge completely healed with no evidence that any trauma even occurred. They all wonder why the Bailey would have healed Sarge and helped them destroy the device if the purpose of the Baileys is to destroy the underworld. Hel says maybe that isn't their purpose. Cleo is just happy they are all together and okay. Cleo: "Would you guys lose all respect for me if I cried?" Hel and Sarge: "Again?" But they all join in a group hug.

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