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Season 3, episode 01
Series 301
1st release: 02/05/01
2nd release:
Production number: V1501
Approximate shooting dates:
Last update: 02-16-01

SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Gina Torres (Hel)
Victoria Pratt (Sarge)
Jennifer Sky (Cleopatra)
Patrick Kake (Mauser)
Elizabeth Hawthorne (Voice)

Joel Tobeck (Creegan)
Darryl Brown (Carter)
Patrick Griffiths (Betrayer leader)
Bruce Burfield (Guard)
Stephen Butterworth (Researcher)
John Leonard (Betrayer #1)
David Geary (Betrayer #2)

Written by Carl Ellsworth (part one) and Melissa Blake (part two)
Directed by Chris Graves

Filmed in Auckland, New Zealand, by Renaissance Pictures in association with Studios USA. Executive producers Rob Tapert, SamRaimi, R. J. Stewart; co-executive producer, Eric Gruendemann; producer, Chris Black, Janine Dickins; co-producer, Mike McDonald,associate producer, Sam Clark; camera, Kevin Riley; editor, Cushla Dillon; music, JosephLoDuca; casting, Marie Adams, Beth Hymson-Ayer, Tracy Hampton.


Hel releases the evil Creegan from prison, believing he can help her find her father. ExciteTV

Hel convinces the evil Creegan to help her search for her father in exchange for giving him Voice. ClickTV


This synopsis is by Sally Dye .


Mauser is running a video of Hel's father at her request. Hel believes that the figure is not a hologram and that her father is really alive.

Hel visits the prison level but is denied access. She stuns the guard. Voice interrupts to tell Hel to stop or she will have to stop her. She says Hel's father is dead. Hel says she doesn't trust Voice anymore. She pulls the receptor from behind her ear. Voice begins controlling the entrances to keep Hel out, but Hel blasts her way into the holding area and frees Creegan from his suspended animation tube. She tells him that her father is alive and he is going to help her find him.

Act I

Creegan says he hopes Hel brought a shovel. He thinks it's a trick of some kind. Hel shows him the hologram she found of him and Voice together.

Sarge is awakened by Voice. Sarge jumps up and sees Mauser and says wow, I just dreamed I had Voice inside my head. Voice interrupts to say it's true. Sarge has a little trouble adjusting. Voice says there is no time to argue. Sarge says they will definitely be discussing this later. Cleo emerges from her room, teddy bear in hand, saying this had better be good. Sarge and Mauser are looking at a video of Hel and Creegan escaping. Voice says Cleo and Sarge must go after Hel -- the only problem is there's no way to track her. Sarge says they will go, but the voice receptor must be removed first. Voice says no, she is going, too, or another team will be sent.

Hel tells Creegan the deal -- he helps her find her father and she lets him walk, or they find out how well he can shaft-fall with his hands tied and no shaft gear. Creegan says her father is dead because he killed him. Hel shows him the video of her father. Creegan says he must have escaped somehow, but if he helps Hel, he wants more than just his freedom -- he wants Voice. Hel agrees.

Voice directs Cleo and Sarge to Level V-94. Sarge doesn't like being ordered around by Voice, but they go.

Hel and Creegan arrive at Voice's psionic headquarters, and Creegan talks Hel into freeing his hands. They blast their way into the facility. Creegan deactivates the containment shield, revealing a transplane generator, similar to the one that Raina used on Cleo. Hel realizes that it was Voice's weapon all along. Creegan says that he and Hel's father, Carter, had helped create it, but that Carter had convinced Voice that Creegan was psychologically unfit. Hel: "Guess the hair and make-up didn't help." Hel takes the transplane generator. Creegan enters Carter's coordinates in a locator, which reveals his location to be just below the surface. Creegan then smashes the locator so Hel will still need him to guide her there. Just then Sarge and Cleo enter. Sarge: "Hey, Hel. What's going on?"

Act II

Hel tells Sarge and Cleo to back off, that this doesn't concern them. Sarge takes issue with that statement. Cleo recognizes the transplane generator, and Sarge tells Hel that she now has the voice receptor. Creegan reveals that Hel has promised to give him Voice in return for his help. Sarge and Cleo are disbelieving. Sarge: "Hel, as much as I would like Voice to shut up, I don't think giving her to Creegan is the way to go." Voice tells Sarge to shoot Hel before it's too late, but Hel fires the transplane generator at Creegan and then turns it on herself. They both vanish. Cleo pleads with Hel to stay, but she and Creegan slip through them and out the door.

Creegan and Hel leap through several floors to what Creegan says is the level where her father will be found. Hel is picking up readings on her scanner, and Creegan says that someone else must be on the psionic plane with them.

Voice tells Sarge that she picked up a transmission to a Bailey facility before Hel and Creegan left. She says either Hel or Creegan must be working for the Baileys. Voice tells Sarge that Hel must be dealt with. Sarge wants to bring Hel home, and Voice says, "If possible." Cleo wants to know what it's like having Voice in your head. Sarge: "It's like a headache that talks."

Creegan and Hel enter a facility with an open skylight through which Baileys are descending. Creegan says the journey is over, and Hel sees her father standing next to some machinery. He turns when Hel says, "Dad?" and they stare at each other.


Hels' dad is obviously on the psionic plane, too, because he walks through things. He says he wishes she hadn't found him. He is shocked to see Hel with Creegan and asks what she has done. He tells her to leave while she still can. Hel: "Not without some answers." Creegan grabs the transplane generator and shoots Hel's father. Carter becomes visible to the betrayers and they attack him. Hel's gauntlets have no effect because she's still invisible. Hel gets the transplane generator and shoots Creegan and then herself. Then she fights the betrayers. At Creegan's order, the betrayers grab Hel and Carter. The head betrayer says they received Creegan's communication, and he has served them well. Creegan takes the voice receptor from Hel and says, "Oh, will I ever."

Hel and Carter are put in a cell. Carter says that being able to exist in psionic form was the reason he was chosen for this mission, but that it has slowed his aging process, so that's why he looks the same to Hel. Hel is angry that his mission was more important to him than she was. He says that he and Voice thought it was best.

Mauser has tracked Hel and Creegan to the Bailey command center. Cleo: "Is that like the Death Star?" Voice says that Cleo can get into the center by passing herself off as a betrayer. Cleo proves this by moving like a robot. Mauser says no, she should act human like him. Cleo and Sarge exchange raised eyebrows at that comment. Mauser gives her the identification chip from her betrayer double so she will emit a betrayer signal. Sarge says to stay cool and think on her feet. Cleo: "Improv is my specialty."

The lead Bailey makes a deal with Creegan to supply him with a betrayer army in exchange for finding Voice.

Carter tells Hel that he had been exposed to radiation and can access the psionic plane at will. He can't escape from the cell, though, because the Baileys have put up a damping field around it. But he wouldn't leave Hel anyway. He says that the Baileys are born here. They need humans becuase they absorb human neural tissue.

Cleo and Sarge approach the center. Sarge is in chains, and Cleo is her betrayer captor. The guards run a scan on Cleo and verify her authenticity. Sarge is taken to the detention cell. Cleo has to undergo a weapons check. When her arms don't turn into betrayer weapons, she says she must have a malfunction and is sent off to maintenance. She slips away into the facility.

Creegan and the lead betrayer are using the voice receptor to track Voice's location.

Sarge is taken to Hel and Carter's cell. Hel asks what the plan is, and Sarge says not to worry, they've got a betrayer on the case.

Cleo stumbles upon the transplane generator and is about to get it, but Creegan recognizes her.

Act IV

Cleo convinces Creegan she is a betrayer and that the real Cleo is dead. Creegan thinks that Hel has had a betrayer on her team the whole time. Creegan: "What was I thinking? Voice wouldn't send that dimwitted blonde in to save Hel!" Cleo says she must continue her patrol.

Sarge asks Hel how long she had been keeping them in the dark. Hel says she didn't want them dragged down with her. Carter: "It's not easy to give up everything you love to do something you have to, is it?"

Cleo finally finds the holding cell and opens the door. She is excited to meet Hel's dad, but Sarge interrupts to ask if she got any weapons. Cleo: "Oh, well, everyone around here can make their own." Voice says they can't leave without the voice receptor. Cleo says she knows where it is. Carter wants the team to leave and let him get the receptor, but Hel says it was her mistake, so she will get the receptor.

Cleo enters the control room just as Creegan is about to lock in on Voice's location. She grabs the transplane generator and blasts the locator machine. The betrayers all arm themselves and open fire. Cleo jumps behind a barrier with Hel, Sarge and Carter and puts up her shield. They are trapped. Carter asks Hel to forgive him and vanishes into the psionic plane. Creegan says he wants to kill Hel himself, but Carter appears and throws Hel and Sarge gauntlets. Creegan attacks Carter and they fight. Creegan says he's glad he didn't kill Carter 12 years ago because now he can kill him in front of his daughter. Carter: "Then you'll have to be a better killer than you were a scientist and a friend." Creegan stabs Carter. Hel screams and flips over and kicks Creegan down. Sarge takes out the last of the betrayers and comes to hold Creegan while Hel runs to her father. Carter says he knows Hel thinks he left her, but he was always there when she needed him most. Hel says she needs him now. Carter says he loves her and then dies. Hel wants to kill Creegan, but Voice says they must bring Creegan in alive. A Bailey descends and trains its weapons on them, but Hel flips over to the transplane generator and uses it to transport them all to the psionic plane.

Cleo and Sarge comfort Hel. Voice says she can't trust Hel to be the team's leader anymore. Hel says the feeling's mutual. Cleo: "Where does that leave the team?" Hel: "I don't know."

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