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Season 3, episode 02
Series 302
1st release: 02/12/01
2nd release:
Production number: V1505
Approximate shooting dates:
Last update: 02-16-01

SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Gina Torres (Hel)
Victoria Pratt (Sarge)
Jennifer Sky (Cleopatra)
Patrick Kake (Mauser)
Elizabeth Hawthorne (Voice)

Joel Tobeck (Creegan)
Josephine Davison (Marla)
Matthew Sunderland (Tox)
Vivian Bryan (Woman)
Bruce Burfield (Guard)

Written by Jeff Vlaming and Chris Black
Directed by Mark Beesley

Filmed in Auckland, New Zealand, by Renaissance Pictures in association with Studios USA. Executive producers Rob Tapert, SamRaimi, R. J. Stewart; co-executive producer, Eric Gruendemann; producer, Chris Black, Janine Dickins; co-producer, Mike McDonald,associate producer, Sam Clark; camera, Kevin Riley; editor, Cushla Dillon; music, JosephLoDuca; casting, Marie Adams, Beth Hymson-Ayer, Tracy Hampton.


Creegan uses one of his ingenious gadgets to switch bodies with Hel, in an attempt to avoid his execution. ExciteTV

Creegan tries to switch bodies with Hel in order to avoid his execution. ClickTV


This synopsis is by Sally Dye .


A tribunal is held to sentence Creegan. He has been found guilty of crimes against humanity and mutanty and conspiring with the Baileys. Marla condemns him to death. Hel and Sarge are satisfied with the outcome, but Cleo is disturbed. She doesn't believe in capital punishment. Voice interrupts their discussion to tell Sarge that there is a situation. Sarge: "You think maybe you could give me a signal when you're about to shout in my ear?" Hel: "Get used to it." Sarge doesn't want to get used to it and wants to know when Voice and Hel are going to kiss and make up. Voice says Hel isn't ready, and in the meantime, Sarge is acting team leader. They need to get to the maximum detention block because there is a situation with Creegan.

When they arrive at the detention block, they find that Creegan has taken a meditech hostage and will speak only to Hel. Creegan says he can tell Hel things about Voice. Hel says let the guy go first. Creegan does, and Hel steps into the cell. Creegan turns away and spits out one of his teeth. He crushes it and there is a tiny microchip in his hand. He puts the chip into his mouth, turns and grabs Hel and kisses her, transferring the chip to her mouth. When they break apart, "Creegan" looks totally shocked: "That's my body!" "Hel" knocks her against the wall and the guards rush in, stunning her. Cleo asks if "Hel" is alright, and "Hel" says sure, no harm done. Sarge wants to know what "Creegan" said and "Hel" says that "he must be mad" .

Act I

The team go to a bar. Cleo and Sarge think "Hel" is acting strangely but go along. "Hel" asks Voice how she feels about the situation, expecting an answer through the receptor. Sarge and Cleo look at him even more strangely. Sarge responds that Voice says justice is being served, and "Hel" realizes that he no longer has the receptor.

"Creegan" is protesting that she is not Creegan but of course no one listens. The guy in the next cell - a mutant named Tox - reminisces about the time he and Creegan had masterminded the bloodbath that stopped the first peace talks. "Creegan" tells him that he is going to help her escape.

Cleo is planning to demonstrate against the execution by carrying a protest sign that reads "Demolecularization - It may be tidy, but it's still murder" . Sarge says she will go, too, just to watch them "scatter that sick bastard's molecules." "Hel" declines to accompany them, saying that Creegan has been such an important part of her life that she couldn't stand to see him vaporized. Sarge and Cleo leave, while "Hel" eyes Mauser in a speculative way.

In the detention block, Tox calls out that Creegan is going to "off himself" . Guards come running. "Creegan" grabs the bars of the cell and the force field begins to electrocute her. The guards shut down the force field. "Creegan" is thrown back against the wall and lies unmoving. The guards pick her up, and she begins fighting the guards and subdues them, apologizing as she does so. More guards pour into the cell block, and she uses the deactivator on one of them to open all the cell doors. The prisoners all get out and fight with the guards.

"Hel" is searching the lab for some clue to Voice's whereabouts. Mauser asks if there is a problem. "Hel" uses his gauntlet to knock Mauser out and then laughs evilly.

"Creegan" escapes the prison riot and finds Cleo demonstrating at the entrance to the cellblock, where she is ignored by all the passersby: "What is this - Texas?" Suddenly "Creegan" grabs her and pulls her into an alcove. She tries to convince Cleo of her identity and that she must get to Marla's chambers to delay the execution. Cleo wrenches free and runs back to the corridor shouting: "Creegan has escaped! Somebody shoot him!" "Creegan": "So much for not believing in capital punishment." "Creegan" gets to Cleo and pleads with her to believe her. They are surrounded by guards. Sarge pushes through the crowd and aims her gauntlet at "Creegan".

Act II

The other escaped prisoners spill into the corridor, blocking Sarge's shot. "Creegan" drags Cleo with her and runs down a side corridor.

"Hel" has decided that Mauser is the key to getting to Voice. He is trying to remove his receptor when Voice comes over the loudspeaker to tell "Hel" that "Creegan" has escaped.

Sarge returns to the lab to get "Hel". Voice tells Sarge she is getting readings that Mauser is badly damaged. "Hel" says that Mauser is fine and they should go look for "Creegan". Sarge says they can track Cleo through her gauntlets.

Cleo gets the drop on "Creegan" with her gauntlets: "You just keep your distance, freak, or I'll just zap that clown make-up right off your face!" "Creegan" says fine, she just hopes Sarge's trace finds them before Marla's guards do. Cleo says she's not leading her friends into a trap and strips off the gauntlets and throws them down the shaft. Sarge's trace locks in just in time to track the gauntlets all the way down the shaft.

"Creegan" and Cleo meet Tox and some of the other escaped prisoners. They suggest that they go to the old hide-out. "Creegan" agrees.

"Hel" watches a hologram of the escape. Sarge marvels that "Creegan" seems to be trying to copy Hel's moves, but is not flexible and "has no ass". "Hel" rolls his eyes, but recognizes Tox and tells Sarge to charge her gauntlets and follow him.

Tox leads "Creegan" and Cleo into the old hide-out. Tox says that Cleo is just a liability now and that she should be killed. "Creegan" says she grabbed Cleo, so Cleo belongs to her. Tox says okay, you kill her.


"Creegan" takes the weapon, but points it at Tox and asks if Tox is giving her orders. Tox stutters out that of course he's not. "Creegan" says he's going to have a little fun, and takes Cleo out of the room. Cleo: "Whatever you're going to do, just get it over with, but no kissing." "Creegan": "Sorry, Cleo, you're not my type." Suddenly a suction cord shoots out and pulls Cleo across the shaft to Sarge. "Hel" drops down behind "Creegan" and is about to shoot her when Marla arrives and stops him, saying the law will deal with "Creegan". "Creegan" tries to call out to Sarge that "Hel" isn't Hel, but the guards stun her. "Hel" just laughs.

"Creegan" is locked into the demolecularizer. "Hel", Sarge and Cleo watch, with "Hel" chuckling fiendishly. Cleo is beginning to be suspicious of "Hel". When "Hel" goes down to get a closer look, Cleo and Sarge discuss how strange "Hel" has been acting - how she uses words Hel has never used before, keeps calling Cleo Cleopatra, and didn't remember that Sarge had the voice receptor.

Marla asks "Creegan" if she has any last words. "Creegan" tells Marla what she told her when she saved Marla from slavers. Marla is puzzled, thinking it is a trick of some kind. Cleo shouts out that something is wrong. "Hel" tells Cleo to be quiet and demands that the execution proceed. Marla says no, she is granting a 24 hour stay to sort this out. "Hel" goes berserk, firing at Marla and the guards. Sarge and Cleo push forward, but before they can reach him, "Hel" pushes the button to start the demolecularization. The doors to the room automatically close, shutting everyone out except "Hel" and "Creegan". Marla grabs a remote control and looses "Creegan's" restraints. "Creegan" leaps from the chair just as it dematerializes.

"Hel" and "Creegan" face off. "Creegan" hits "Hel" and knocks the microchip out of his mouth. Hearing the door locks opening, "Hel" blasts a hole in the wall and flips through it just as Sarge, Cleo, Marla and all the guards burst in. Cleo and Sarge ask if it really is Hel, and "Creegan" says yes, it is. She shows them the microchip and explains how the exchange was made. Cleo apologizes for not believing her, and Sarge says she hopes the chip will change them back, because she just doesn't know if she can look at that face every day. Marla's guards go after "Hel". Voice tells Sarge that someone has reencrypted the lab's defense system. They know that "Hel" has returned to the lab.

When they get to the lab entrance, "Creegan" is able to go through, but Cleo and Sarge can't. "Hel" welcomes "Creegan" and says he wanted to keep the party a little more intimate. He says that he is going to set off the defenses so that anyone outside the entrance will be blasted, and then he will self destruct the whole lab.

Act IV

"Creegan" calls to Sarge and tells her and Cleo to get away, but Sarge says they are not leaving her. Sarge radios Marla to tell her to keep back. Sarge says she will try to get into the lab through a hidden door and turn off the self destruct system. She tells Voice she will need her help with the force field.

"Hel" tells "Creegan" that he doesn't want to make any deals, even after "Creegan" offers to have his death sentence commuted. "Hel" says he has one more thing to do. He is still trying to remove the receptor from Mauser, who is unconscious - i.e. off-line. "Creegan" leaps forward and grabs "Hel" , but "Hel" pushes the self destruct button before "Creegan" can stop him. The lab will be obliterated in a minute and a half.

Sarge gets through one force field, but is stuck in the shaft when she hears the self-destruct countdown begin.

"Creegan" and "Hel" fight. Sarge gets free and radios Cleo to leave - she's not going to make it in time. Cleo refuses to go. Sarge makes it to the override button just as the countdown reaches one second. "Creegan" takes advantage of "Hel's" fury that the lab didn't explode to kiss him and transfer the chip.

Cleo falls through the entrance and covers Hel, thinking she is still Creegan. Creegan thanks Cleo and runs out the entrance. Sarge drops through the trap door, and they both look at Hel. Cleo: "You are still Creegan, right?" Hel just shakes her head.

Hel gets Mauser back online. She says she is disappointed that Sarge and Cleo couldn't tell the difference between her and a megalomaniacal killer. Sarge says Creegan put on a good show, and Hel has to admit there is a little of the tyrant in both of them. Sarge: "Don't get me wrong. I love that about you." Cleo is sad that she let Creegan get away. Sarge reminds her that Cleo's gut feeling saved Hel's life, and Hel says that because of Cleo she will see tomorrow. This cheers Cleo up somewhat, and the three share a hug.

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