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Season 3, episode 04
Series 304
1st release: 02/26/01
2nd release:
Production number: V1509
Approximate shooting dates:
Last update: 04-08-01

SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Gina Torres (Hel)
Victoria Pratt (Sarge)
Jennifer Sky (Cleopatra)
Patrick Kake (Mauser)
Elizabeth Hawthorne (Voice)

Martin Csokas (Krider)
Tamati Rice (Dylan)
Josephine Davison (Marla)
Geoff Knight (Kavilo)
Aaron Lupton (Morgue Guard)
Lee Mroszak (Investigator)

Written by Carl Ellsworth
Directed by Chris Graves

Filmed in Auckland, New Zealand, by Renaissance Pictures in association with Studios USA. Executive producers Rob Tapert, SamRaimi, R. J. Stewart; co-executive producer, Eric Gruendemann; producer, Chris Black, Janine Dickins; co-producer, Mike McDonald,associate producer, Sam Clark; camera, Kevin Riley; editor, Cushla Dillon; music, JosephLoDuca; casting, Marie Adams, Beth Hymson-Ayer, Tracy Hampton.


A memory scan seems to confirm Marla's accusation that Sarge killed a noted member of the Black Watch. ClickTV

Sarge is charged with the murder of Dylan Degaillen, a noted member of the Black Watch who was acting as a double agent for Marla. Excite TV


This synopsis is by Sally Dye .


Sarge is spending a romantic evening with a former Black Watch member, Krider. He prepares drinks for them and they toast: "To our new lives." Sarge had thought she was the only one of their old gang who had gotten out of the business. He says she is glad she kept the name Sarge, which he gave her -- it stands for sensual, arousing, raw, gorgeous and erotic. They kiss.

Kavilo, an aide of Marla's, enters a guarded room and asks the man there, Dylan, if he has information for him. Dylan says the Watch has "made him" and he is in danger. Just then alarms go off. A figure leaps into the doorway and starts taking out the guards. It's Sarge. She kills all the guards and faces Dylan. He protests that he's not armed. Sarge blasts him several times and then leaves.

Marla summons the team when she discovers the bodies. Sarge looks strangely at the dead men, especially Dylan. She starts picturing bits and pieces of what happened the previous evening. Marla explains that Dylan was a Black Watch member who was feeding them information about the Watch's new project. A guard brings in a security chip and replays the hologram of the night's events. The hologram shows Sarge killing the men. Sarge says that can't be her.

Act I

Sarge repeats that it can't be her on the hologram. Marla says she's under arrest anyway. Voice tells Hel that they have agreed to folow Marla's law, but Sarge deserves the benefit of the doubt. Marla says the penalty for murder is death and the trial won't take long with the security hologram as evidence. While the discussion is going on, Sarge continues to have flashbacks about leaving the Black Watch and hearing them tell her they would hunt her down for eternity, and seeing Dylan's face, looking pleadingly at her as she shot him. Marla says if the team doesn't cooperate, she'll consider them accessories and arrest them too. Voice tells Hel to get Sarge out of there. Marla orders her guards to arrest Sarge and a battle erupts. The team fights its way out of the room and runs down the corridor and jumps down the shaft, with the guards in pursuit. Voice gives Hel the electronic key to a secret level, and the team pulls up and swings through the entrance.

Voice says that Marla's justice is getting a touch swift, but they need to resolve the situation. Hel asks Sarge where she was last night and she says she was with Krider. Cleo asks if he will vouch for her. Sarge is still having flashbacks, but they set out for Krider's place.

When they arrive, Krider confirms that Sarge was there, but says that she told him she had "unfinished business" with Dylan. Security alarms alert them to the fact that Marla and her guards are closing in on them. Marla calls in that they have ten seconds to surrender. Hel says no way. The guards break in the door and start firing. Hel, Cleo and Krider take cover, but Sarge just stands there. She keeps seeing herself shooting Dylan, over and over again. She throws down her gauntlets and surrenders. She tells Hel: "This is how it's got to be. I've got to take responsibility for my actions." Hel wants to know what actions. Sarge says she did it, she killed Dylan.

Act II

Sarge says she is not going to let Hel and Cleo go down for something she did. The guards take her away. Hel demands that Marla scan Sarge's memories. Marla agrees but makes Hel check her weapons first.

They put Sarge in a mnemonic extractor. Cleo: "A high tech lie detector". Sarge focuses on her memories of the night before. She sees herself and Krider drinking a toast. She hears herself saying that Dylan had hunted her for years after she left the Watch. Then she sees herself shooting Dylan. Marla asks Hel if she's satisfied now. Marla thinks Sarge is still working for the Watch. Sarge denies it. Marla says Sarge is to be taken to the cryochamber and frozen until sentencing. She suggests that Hel and Cleo say their goodbyes.

Sarge apologizes to Hel and Cleo and says she guesses she didn't change after all -- she's still the same killer she always was. Hel and Cleo don't believe it. Hel reminds Sarge that she had never even mentioned Dylan to her in all the years they had known each other. Sarge says she must have blocked it out. Cleo says maybe hypnosis would reveal more of what Sarge has blocked out. She says she was a psych minor and studied hypnotherapy. Voice says what have they got to lose -- let Cleo give it a try. But they have to keep Sarge from being frozen first.

The guards take Sarge to the cryochamber. When they get there, Mauser is waiting and takes out the guards. As the team makes their escape, Marla calls after them that they and Voice have just started a war.


Back at the lab, Hel and Mauser power up the defenses. Voice says to hurry because Marla has ordered her guards to bring them in dead or alive.

Cleo instructs Sarge to take deep cleansing breaths and close her eyes. She counts down from 5 to 1. Amazingly it works, and Sarge is asleep. Cleo takes her back to the night before. Sarge remembers Krider telling her about Dylan. She says she had never heard of Dylan before. She pictures Dylan hitting her and wakes up. She says Dylan is alive.

The team takes off for the morgue. They stun the guards and find Dylan's body. Hel has Mauser run a scan on it and determines that the body was only hours old when it died. The body must be a clone of some sort.

Marla and her guards almost catch them as they're getting out of the morgue, but they throw a distortion grenade and escape. They then go back to Krider's place. It seems deserted, but when they go in, Sarge seems to fall under the hypnotic spell again. Hel asks what's going on, didn't Cleo say she was a major psycho? Cleo corrects her: "Psych minor!" Sarge pictures Krider and Dylan taking her into a hidden room, where they tie her down and use a machine to create a clone of her.

Act IV

Sarge wakes up and tells Cleo she did kill Dylan. Cleo looks at Sarge and sees that her arms are starting to disintegrate. Cleo: "Hel! She's the clone!" Sarge pictures Dylan and Krider explaining their new method of flash cloning. It duplicates you and your memories in a flash. Krider gave the clone memories that Dylan had tried to kill her for years and that she wants to kill him. They need Marla to think Dylan's dead. Sarge's clone was then sent out to kill Dylan's clone.

Hel finally breaks through the wall and finds the hidden room. Krider and Dylan are there and open fire. Sarge is still there, too, strapped to the machine. Sarge breaks free and she fights Krider while Hel fights Dylan. Hel throws Dylan over to the door just as Marla and her guards burst in. They grab Dylan. Sarge throws Krider onto the machine and hits the button. Krider merges with another clone of Sarge and falls to the floor and disintegrates.

Marla apologizes for "the mix-up" and says she's glad things worked out. The team goes over to the body of Sarge's clone. Hel: "Looks like limited life span is a flaw in the technology." Sarge says they got what they wanted from her -- a killer. Cleo says no, Sarge only kills when she has to, for the team. Hel says they wanted a cold-blooded murderer and that's not Sarge, Sarge: "Not anymore."

Note: Martin Csokas has, of course, played Borias and Kraftstar on "Xena". Tamati Rice has played Vercinix in "When in Rome" and Archangel Raphael in several different episodes. Josephine Davison was Cleopatra and Artemis on "Xena".

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