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APRIL 2000

Here is the archive!!!

These babies cover April 2000...that's why we call it an ARCHIVE!

Last update: 05-11-00

04-23-00. Found on eBay 4/23/00:

An original casting script for the upcoming Xena, Warrior Princess episode titled "Heart of Darkness". Xena and Gabrie [sic] lface [sic] down Lucifer himself, who has been sent to Earth to fulfill the prophecy of Xena's enternal damnation! This casting script is for several parts within the story arc and comes from one of the agencies who submitted acotrs [sic] for the roles. It is an original and comes bound on colored paper with some notations from the production. A very rare and collectable item for any Xena fan!
Note: Casting scripts (also known as sides) are used to cast actors and actresses in films and television series and may differ from the actual shooting script. The item being offered is an original casting script obtained from sources involved in the casting process.
This happened last year with the script for ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA, so it has a good chance of being accurate information. The only bad news is it looks like they are going to drag the half-baked pseudo-Christian themes of the 3rd through 5th seasons into the 6th. I would have prefered they had kept Joxer but got rid of this silly story arc. I guess it was too much wishing for a 6th season without either.

04-21-00. Found posted on Missy Good's website:

Today's Pithy Comments - Friday, April 21, 2000 12:50:35 PM
Rumor note. There has been a rumor floating around that someone from the fanfiction community has been asked to write a Xena script for next year.

Well, it's true. I've signed a freelance contract to submit a script for next season. I've participated in story meetings, and had the story approved, and I'm working on a first draft of the script for submission.

There really isn't much hoopla to go with this - it's been a wonderful, amazing process - the people I've worked with have been super, and I'm looking forward to continuing the project.

I'd like to thank all the folks who've written to wish me luck - I appreciate the good thoughts very much.

04-21-00. Ted Raimi did an interview with IGN.COM's Sarah Kuhn on April 17, 2000, and during it he said in the second to last episode (EVE), something huge happens to Joxer and it's resolved in the last episode (MOTHERHOOD).

04-18-00. Being old is the least of Joxers problems. Appears that the actor who plays Joxer, Ted Raimi, has gotten a movie gig and since the show will be winding down next season, the character of Joxer will be written out of XWP. It appears that the 25 years in the future timeline will remain the show's timeline to the end of the series. The question is, will Joxer be killed, move out of town, or just fade away? Also WHEN? At the end of this season? There are rumors that he will be popping up in some of the early shows next season, but then Ted Raimi's current convention schedule looks like he's going to be Stateside the majority of time he would have to be filming if he were in any early 6th season episodes. So, it looks like Joxer might be gone by the end of this season. However, it also looks like Virgil and Eve (aka Livia) will be in a story arc lasting some several episodes and into the 6th season at least 3-6 episodes. Lose one, gain two!

04-18-00. Hey! Looks like RenPic has been trolling the fan fields for new blood. At first they love the Internet fans, then they dismiss them, and now...what do you know, looks like they are at least thinking of anointing some lucky fan to do some pitching for the show. Shades of Star Trek Batman! At this point, no fan has come forward publicly and said, Tis I", even though everyone and their brother has their thoughts on who it is. Remember, the first fan that wrote for Star Trek was David Gerrold's "Trouble with Tribbles".

04-18-00. Ted Raimi did an interview with IGN.COM's Sarah Kuhn on April 14, 2000. Ms. Kuhn wrote, "Speaking of Xena, Ted is quite excited about the last few episodes of this season, which are set to start airing later this month. "[They're] big, man!" he crows. "Big, big, big!" He keeps referring to some "huge" development that's going to take place at season's end...".

04-06-00. Originally we thought the Old Joxer was just a one episode thang. NO WAY. Looks like the gals do a Rip Van Winkle and reappear 25 years later as they were before they Rip Van Winkled. Everyone else is 25 years older, including Joxer, who apparently has married and settled down with Meg. And they stay that way until at least 3-5 episodes into the 6th season. There is no word whether they will even try to return to the past.

04-06-00. Hope, Gabrielle's long neglected and once thought dead adult child will be making an appearance in the season ender in MOTHERHOOD. Maybe we will get a family reunion scene with Xena, Gabrielle, Hope, and Eve.


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