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JUNE 2000

Here is the archive!!!

These babies cover June 2000...that's why we call it an ARCHIVE!

Last update: 07-12-00

06-28-00. Okay, we know there are 8 unaired episodes out there of JACK. What's on them? Well, Danielle Cormack was once approached to play Catherine the Great on the show. We do not have any informaiton whether anything came of it. However, we have heard that she will return in CLEOPATRA 2525 as Raina next season and also appear in a XENA episode, but not as Ephiny (she dead and been dead for 25 years!). And what else about those 8 gems waiting to see the light of day? Michael Hurst is directing at least one of them, if not more. AND he's going to play a new badguy named Captain Narbo, or something like that. There are some pictures of him directing an episode of JACK at http://freespace.virgin.net/dragona.hc/HurstNews2.

06-28-00. Last week at the Tulsa Trek Expo, Ted Raimi mentioned that Joxer's brother might appear in 6th season XENA. No info apparently was given what brother and whether it would be in the current time or a flashblack to the pre-Rip Van Winkle times. He also mentioned that a XENA spin-off might be in the works and that if it does take off, he would be involved in it.

06-28-00. A few people...okay A LOT OF PEOPLE, wrote in and informed me a variety of ways that Odin was brought back to life at the end of the HERCULES episode when HERK did his little deal with the Norn-chick. So, Odin is still with us in the Herkaverse. However, my sources still say that the same actor will not be used, or that ANY of the same actors will be used. They are considering it as totally apart from the Xenaverse trip.

06-26-00. I was concerned earlier about why RenPic was cutting it so close about developing PROJECT X...well, I think I might know why. I forgot that JACK and CLEO were given a 22 episode order. They have only aired 14 episodes. That will give RenPic 8 more JACK episodes to air next season, making PROJECT X happen in January 2001. That gives them 6 months lead time, which is what they basically had for developing XENA, CLEOPATRA 2525, and JACK. Now I can sleep at nights. So the bottom line is that although they have stopped production of JACK, there appears to be 8 episodes as yet unshown that would be probably shown until January since the Back2Back package was renewed a second season.

06-24-00. So, it looks like RenPic is actively producing XENA and CLEOPATRA 2525, while currently developing (and we hope quickly, they are really REALLY running out of time) a new show to replace the cancelled JACK OF ALL TRADES. Until further notice we shall call this show PROJECT X. To our knowledge the premise is still being worked out, no casting as yet, but there are rumors of a very very short list for the lead. No scripts, no writers, nothing. We are talking fetus here. And it's three months until showtime! However, RenPic does seem to arise to these types of challenges that would lead other production companies to drug addiction and mass suicide. And, if that wasn't keeping their hands busy enough, RenPic is still apparently developing CAMELOT SOUTH for TNT, which will recast the Arthurian myths in an urban gang milieu. The chief gang-guy will be Arthur. He will have a motorcycle. He will be cool. And if that ISN'T ENOUGH for you, it looks like a GLADIATOR homage is in the works. Tentatively called LEGION, it will follow the exploits of a Roman Legion in the days of the mighty Empire. Let's hope they put Adrienne Wilkinson in that one too!

06-24-00. Jay Laga'aia (Draco) has been cast in the second STAR WARS prequel, playing "a loyal security officer". Daniel Logan who has done some bit parts on HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS will play "a mysterious young boy". I still have not gotten any confirmation one way or another about whether Gillian Anderson has been cast as a Jedi Knight in Episode Two. That would be so cool if she were.

06-23-00. Chris Manheim has left Renaissance Pictures. She will not be back for the 6th season. R.J. Stewart has brought in a completely new team of writers to work on the 6th season. It is looking a lot like the 6th season will be a complete season, but also that it will be the last season. Now the question is...do they have ANY FEMALES other than freelancer Missy Good working on episodes this year?

06-23-00. The new Missy Good episode is called COMING HOME. Another episode name is UNDER THE SWELTERING SUN. This might be the mysterious 2nd part of HEART OF DARKNESS. The news today is that the first episode of the 6th season of XWP will be released Monday September 25, 2000. That means that XENA will have to battle the Olympics. This also means that HEART OF DARKNESS and it's sure to be cheery second part (no matter what it is named) may be aired later in October so that it does not have to compete head on with the Olympics. The first 6th season episode to be filmed was THE HAUNTING OF AMPHIPOLIS. This episode may be part of the "Gabrielle thinks real hard about stuff" story arc that will be explored over three episodes. These episodes are stand alone and may be aired interrupted and in no special order. Missy Good's first episode LEGACY just wrapped principal filming last week.

06-22-00. Geez, as soon as we get around to announcing it, the news switches right around. It looks like Kevin Smith's schedule has filled up again and that he will be only in two episodes of XENA in the 6th season. We are trying to figure out this one, so we are attempting to get a direct word from Renaissance Pictures on this. Maybe someone THERE might know...for a change!

06-22-00. I have been trying to find out something...anything about this show in development by RenPic called SOUTH CAMELOT. Robert Tapert and R.J. Stewart will be producing the pilot and TNT has the pickup rights. It's a modern day telling of the Arthurian myths set in a nameless urban center (based loosely on South Miami Beach -- let's hope they get rid of the art deco buildings and South Beach color schemes). They will not be reincarnations and they will approach this as the first time these myths have been played out (I guess that's code for ALTERNATIVE TIMELINE campers). And as a tangent: since JACK OF ALL TRADES has been cancelled, what the heck are they going to replace JACK with? The whole world waits patiently...

06-22-00. Weird freaky VIP connection: Ted Raimi stated at a con recently that he was going to appear on some VIP's, and now word comes down that Bruce Campbell (who is 42 years old TODAY!!! Say 'Happy Birthday Bruce') will directing at least one VIP episode. Is this coincidence? I wonder.

06-22-00. I want to apologize to Missy Good for letting the news about her penning another episode out before it was meant to be. I screwed up in that I was sure that I confirmed the news from another source, but I was mistaken. I try to stick to the policy of having everything that we do print here confirmed by at least another independent source (or in the case of bold-faced rumor, have it pop up in different areas), and usually I hold out for two because I am a Michigan-bred paranoid chick. However, I got my signals mixed up. Unfortunately mistakes happen, and I am sorry it happened while on my watch. Missy may punish me at DragonCon if she so desires. Tickets will be sold with proceeds going to charity.

06-17-00. Ariel Penn asked R.J. Stewart a whole slew of questions at the "Feminism and Classics Conference" at the University of Southern California on Friday, May 19, 2000. The entire article can be found at http://extra.newsguy.com/features/heroines/051500.htm.

Apparently RJ Stewart hinted that there might be a 7th season in XENA's future, although we are all familiar with Lucy Lawless' statements to the contrary. Penn reports that Stewart "said his plan was to continue producing the show as long as people want to watch it. I must say I detected a bit of hopefulness in his voice and a strong desire to make a quality show that people will continue to want to watch." Go RJ!!!!

RJ also stated that the show was done with the Christianity story arc [since then we have heard murmurings that the Christianity/Eli arc will be concluded in a season-opening two parter called THE HEART OF DARKNESS. It was originally being planned as a big bang in the tradition of FALLEN ANGEL and ADVENTURES IN THE SIN TRADE, however, they are still debating whether to go out with a bang or a whimper with this story line. RenPic is famous for blowing a wad or two on the season openers and thus almost making it a done deal that they will run out of production money down the line and therefore guarantee some stinkers and successive bottle shows. So right now the question is will they keep true to form or decide to show a little prudence and economy? But then who has ever wanted prudence or economy from Tapert and Company? If we wanted THAT we'd all be going obsessive over HONEY I SHRUNK THE KIDS].

RJ stated that they were planning on having Alti return [This was kinda sorta confirmed by Claire Stansfield at a convention last month. She will be getting more coverage at the con scene with her Toronto appearance coming up and an Atlanta one at DragonCon in two weeks. Perhaps we will get more information then. It appears Alti is NOT in the first 8 episodes already in production. She might be in the next group of episodes just entering pre-production. Oh, and by the way, since they ARE going into another group of scripts into pre-production, that means that we will most likely have a FULL 6th season for XENA. The most logical place to stop production would have been at the 8th of the season mark, but with this order of more scripts, looks like they are in it for the long haul].

Penn reported that "they were planning a three part trilogy involving the Norse gods where Xena and Gabrielle will be physically separated and dealing with their emotional loss. He promised it would a very emotionally satisfying series for those who appreciate their 'friendship.'" [This trilogy is currently scheduled to end the November sweeps and the series of original episodes for the end of the year 2000. The titles tentatively are THE RHINEGOLD, THE RING, and RETURN OF THE VALKYRIE. If you remember, one of the best arcs in HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS included Herk's visit to the Norselands. This time, Xena gets involved in the mythology behind the great Norse saga called "The Ring of the Niebelungen" where a magic ring is stolen and all h*ll breaks loose, and the hero Siegfried is made, um, a hero. It should be a fun time for all. I am sure they will not be able to keep themselves from homaging Richard Wagner's Ring trilogy either]. [Apparently Odin will be in the show even though he was killed in a HERCULES episode. In fact, we have heard that it will not be connected with the HERCULES Norse arc and will not even share the same actors -- which will be quite an accomplishment since there seems to be only so many actors IN New Zealand].

Penn also said that Stewart said that the legendary Sappho episode evolved into the musical episode LYRE LYRE HEARTS ON FIRE.

Stewart mentioned that Beowulf would pop up on an episode and Xena, of course, would help him show that dragon, Grendel, a thing or two. [Since then we have heard that Beowulf becomes a bit enamoraed of Gabrielle as well. We are not sure of the name yet or of the airing order. However it has been conjectured that Beowulf will appear in THE HAUNTING OF AMPHIPOLIS with Grendel being the haunter. If that is true, then it will be part of the pseudo-Gabrielle trilogy/arc of three indepedent stand alone episodes which will begin with WHO'S GURKHAN -- a pickle salesman? where's Salmoneous when you need him?-- and explore Gabrielle's evolution into a lean, mean, killing machine and the toll it has taken on her].

Stewart said that Gabrielle would not become a sidekick to Virgil. Virgil would, however, show up from time time since "Gabrielle still needs to teach him how to write poetry". [Since then we have heard that he and Eve will resolve their difficulties and then walk off into the sunset together sometime around the time Gabrielle is having her pseudo-trilogy/arc/internal issues resolution].

06-17-00. In the June 2000 issue of Chakram (#11), the newsletter of the Official Xena Fan Club, actor Reneè O'Connor said, "We're just going to try to do whatever we can to make it [the 6th] our best season. I know Lucy's trying to put in as much time as she can discussing beat sheets with Rob as the episodes originate. I think the passion is there to try and go out on a high."

06-17-00. At Creation Con's Orlando XENA Convention last month, Ted Raimi said that there was discussion about a flashback episode where Joxer and Meg get married and that he may return as Jett. He said that he hoped he would never have to return as old Joxer. He also mentioned that Aphrodite would be back. Raimi also said that he had filmed some episodes of VIP.

06-17-00. Three recurring actors on XWP are working on the "Lord of the Rings" movie trilogy now being filmed in New Zealand: Marton Csokas (Borias and Khrafstar), Karl Urban (Cupid, Caesar, and Maell), and Nathaniel Lees (Nicklio and various on HERCULES).

06-17-00. Kevin Smith as Ares will show up in season 6 quite a bit. They at first thought he would not be available, but have found out that he is afterall so TPTB have decided to use him as much as they can. Also, Alexandra Tydings as Aphrodite will return, but how often and in what shows are unknown to us as yet.

06-17-00. The official line on the chakram throw in MOTHERHOOD seems to be this: Xena knew the Furies were inside Gabrielle's head. Apparently they had planned big special effects for this scene, but due to budget and time constraints, the SFX were not possible, so the audience saw Xena slicing open the head of her best friend for no apparent reason other than she was "p*ss*d" again. Those two are just *so* co-dependent at times.

06-17-00. Eve will have a good old time debating the nature of good and evil and whether she went looney tunes because she was the spawn of Xena or because of the guiding hand of Octavius (yes, nature vs. nuture or biology vs. environment -- who will win?? One can never be too sure of ANYTHING on this show). This apparently is resolved without any more deaths, as it is rumored than she and Virgil will kiss and make up and walk off into the distance together.

06-17-00. Supposedly TPTB have started discussions on how to end the series and plan to make a memorable final episode.

06-17-00. Supposedly TPTB have brought in a new writing staff for XENA's 6th season. Some came over during the spring when Stewart coming back from his brief departure, brought over many of his CLEOPATRA 2525 writers.

06-17-00. Creation still is stalling on setting a date for the next L.A. area convention. Traditionally they hold it in January, but there are rumors aflying that they are going to hold it in May 2001 in Pasadena and are trying their darndest to get committments from Lucy Lawless and Reneè O'Connor to appear together FOR THE FIRST TIME (and apparently last time as well). All I can say is good luck on them.

06-17-00. Reneè O'Connor has been tapped to direct the 10th filmed episode of the 6th season.The episode will go into filming around October 2000 and will be aired sometime in early 2001. O'Connor's episode will be her sophomore directing effort. Her first was DEJA VU ALL OVER AGAIN, the finale of the 4th season. In the 11th issue of the Official Fanclub newsletter Chakram, O'Connor mentioned her directing an episode:

"Are you going to direct next season?" I [the interviewer] asked, getting ready to wind down the interview.

"I hope so. I'd like to," Renee said. "Rob's doing his best to make it work out for me. He's trying to write me out of an episode so I have a proper prep time. That's not the easiest thing to do now. Especially since Ted's not around anymore next season."

06-17-00. In May 2000, Director Josh Becker stated that since TPTB have decided not to film any comedies in the 6th season XWP, that he would not be directing any episodes for them in the 6th season.

06-17-00. In the June 2000 issue of Chakram (#11), the newsletter of the Official Xena Fan Club, executive producer Robert Tapert said, "there'll be no more Joxer next season".

06-17-00. Missy Good, the XENA fan fiction author who wrote the 6th season episode LEGACY, has been asked to pen another script for the 6th season. Apparently, they are still in negotiations and nothing has been signed to date.


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