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Here is the archive!!!

These babies cover August 2000...that's why we call it an ARCHIVE!

Last update: 09-02-00

08-28-00. Jennifer Sky had to cancel her appearance at the Starfiry Con (09/23-24/00). Their site posted the following announcement:

"Due to the success of CLEOPATRA 2525, the format of the series has been altered from a half hour to a full hour show. As a result, Jennifer Sky's filming commitments to CLEOPATRA 2525 have changed, and she no longer has the time off to attend STARFURY."
I guess this puts another nail in JACK's coffin. She will be replaced at the con with Paris Jefferson.

08-28-00. Former XWP/HTLJ producer Liz Friedman has written a script for INVISIBLE MAN.

08-28-00. Dark Horse will be canceling the comic XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS with the fourteenth issue.

08-28-00. Howard Stern has a lot of "friends" (some less charitable would say "hangers on") that he associates with on and off the air. One of them is a D.J. known as "Crazy Cabbie". This is from a Stern fan site:

Crazy Cabbie called in this morning to tell Howard that he's going to New Zealand. Howard thought that he was part of the new ''Survivor'' or something. Cabbie says that he's going to be on some show called ''Cleopatra 2525'' so he's going down there to film it. He also let Howard know that he's taking Rebecca, the chick he broke up with on the show, down there with him. Howard just grunted when he heard that news. Cabbie claims that he hasn't had a drink in 13 days or so. He recently fell off the wagon and everyone was worried about him.. Okay, not everyone was worried.
The URL is: http://www.marksfriggin.com/news.htm

08-28-00. Bruce Campbell had to cancel some upcoming convention appearances because he will be directing more VIP episodes. Claire Stansfield will be replacing him at the Richmond, VA convention (09/02/00). After that gig, she will then be flying down under to film SEND IN THE CLONES written by Robert Paul Coyle.

08-28-00. There is a movement to keep JACK OF ALL TRADES alive! Go to http://savejack.exomediainc.com in order to join the campaign to bring JACK OF ALL TRADES back into production. There are also some brave souls who want to bring YOUNG HERCULES back from the dead! Seems like the original cast is behind the movement and are very interested in starting the show again now that FOX TV no longer owns the series. If you liked YOUNG HERCULES and want to see it again, then you need to sign this new petition. CLICK HERE to sign the on-line petition. This is a new petition. This is not the petition to ask Fox to renew YOUNG HERCULES, this is one asking to revive the series.

08-28-00. We know you all live for news about SOUTH CAMELOT, so here's the latest! According the official Xena mag #10, the directing of marketing (Ali Rasul) said this about Camelot:

"Question: What's the latest news on RenPics upcoming series, South Camelot?
Answer: It's currently in rewrite. That's Hollywood for you: rewrite, rewrite, rewrite... No word yet as to when we go into production."
That's it! Stayed tuned for more on the edge news of .... SOUTH CAMELOOOOOT!

08-28-00. According to the 8/11/00 ZENtertainment, Liev Schreiber has been cast in SPIDERMAN. Okay, I have a major Lievjones. However, the part seems to be the same part as the buzz says Ted Raimi is doing! OH NO!!! Who will play Dr. Curt Conners aka "The Lizard"??? Stay tuned!!!

08-27-00. The Emmy Creative Awards have been given, and XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS at last has been recognized. Joe Loduca's composing ability has been rewarded. He received the Emmy for Music Composition for a Series, Dramatic Underscore, for the incidental music in the episode FALLEN ANGEL. It's rare for the Academy to give awards to syndicated shows, so the award is doubly significant. Congratulations Joe LoDuca for a job very well done. LoDuca lost the JACK nomination to WEST WING. XENA was the only syndicated show to win any of these types of Emmies.

08-10-00. Just as I had feared months ago, looks like that Olympic pressure was too much!!! The season premiere of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS (XWP) has been pushed a week later, so instead of a traditional 09/25/00 release, XWP season 6 will officially start 10/02/00. Now, that raises some more questions...will they stick with COMING HOME to open? Or will they go back to HEART OF DARKNESS and just put that Christian arc to bed once and for all. Actually, by pushing the schedule one week later, and switching HAUNTING OF AMPHIPOLIS and HEART OF DARKNESS around, they would get HAUNTING airing about a week before Halloween. There was some buzz that they wanted to air HAUNTING around that time. So, I would say, keep COMING HOME as the season opener, follow with HEART OF DARKNESS. Then, that would mean HAUNTING would actually air that Halloween weekend on WGN.

08-10-00. I hate to say it, but with it looking like CLEOPATRA 2525 is going to an hour (Sky had to purportedly cancel on an upcoming con appearance at Starfury because they are going to start filming one hour episodes), I think JACK is dead. Campbell is busy making movie and TV deals, Dotchin has already been cast for RING, and reports have been that the NZ JACK crew has been dispersed, not to mention the general buzz down there that JACK is indeed dead. BUT... there are still 8 episodes in the can. Michael Hurst on his website even identified three of these episodes, one where he plays a character called Capt. Nardo, an "insane Italian inventor" (SHARK BAIT), and two others that he had directed (THE MORNING AFTER and ONE TWO THREE GIVE ME LADY LIBERTY). So, I assumed that they would just have a shortened 2nd season ala HERCULES. However, that means CLEOPATRA has to have one too...or does it. Maybe they will just think of Back2Back as being two CLEOPATRA episodes instead of one? It is weird having a 2nd season consist of 8 half hour episodes and 14 hour ones. What are they going to do? They could elongate the season and make an extra 8 episodes (4 additional hour ones for those into the math) so that the original 8 and be made into 4 hours ones. FOLLOW ME? Heh heh. Then, they will have a full 22 episodehour long season of CLEOPATRA. But then that immediately orphans out the JACK epsisodes. This is all too confusing for me right now.

08-10-00. Cinescape.com on 08/07/00 reported that Kathryn (Najara) Morris has been cast in Steven Spielberg's A.I. (the original project was by Stanley Kubrick, and Spielberg took it over after Ms. Kubrick's death). She joins Jude Law, Frances O'Connor, Haley Joel Osment, Adam Scott, and Sam Robards.

08-10-00. So far 10 episodes of XWP 6th season have been scripted with over half of them already shot. Fan fiction writer gone screenwriter Missy Good is visiting the New Zealand set mid-August to watch her 2nd script with XWP filmed. The episode is COMING HOME, and it is currently scheduled to open the 6th season on 10/02/00.

08-10-00. Some motion picures that XWP cast and crew are involved in:

THE PRICE OF MILK: Danielle (Ephiny) Cormack and Karl (Mael, Cupid, Julius Caesar) Urban.

THE IREEFUTABLE TRUTH ABOUT DEMONS: Karl (Mael, Cupid, Julius Caesar) Urban

MAGICK AND ROSE: Alison (Melosa) Bruce

TOPLESS WOMEN TALK ABOUT THEIR LIVES: Danielle (Ephiny) Cormack and Joel (Strife, Creegan) Tobeck

JUBILEE: Directed by Michael (Iolaus) Hurst

SAVAGE HONEYMOON: Directed by Mark (XWP director) Beesley

SCARFIES: Willa (Lila) O'Neil

08-10-00. Robert (author of THE XENA SCROLLS) Mellette's JACKS OR BETTER will be at the Riverrun International Film Festival in Brevard, North Carolina over the Labor Day weekend. He also has a book out called "Children of the Trees".

08-02-00. On July 30, 2000, Ted Raimi at the Mesa, Arizona XENA Con said again that Joxer will be back as a "bumbling" ghost next season. He also mentioned that he has gotten a role in the SPIDERMAN movie his big brother Sam is directing later this year.

08-02-00. On July 22, 2000, Alexandra Tydings at the Minneapolis, MN XENA Con (and also at the Agamemcon), said that Aphrodite will be back at least once in the 6th season. She encouraged her fans to write Studios USA to ask for more Aphrodite. She says it has worked before so it might work again.

08-02-00. Also at the July 22, 2000 Minneapolis, MN XENA Con, it was announced from the stage that there is a very good chance of a 7th season. And, in that vein, there is some buzz going around that if XWP can maintain something around a 4.5 average for November 2001 sweeps that the show will be renewed.

08-02-00. In July at the Olympiad 2000 Con, Danielle Cormack told the fans that she would be returning to XENA as Ephiny's granddaughter.

08-02-00. It is looking better every day that CLEOPATRA 2525 will go to an hour in January 2001. Also, its been heard that one of the episodes they have recently filmed has Creegan and Hel doing a body transfernece kind of thing. And talking of Creegan, Joel Tobeck, who plays Creegan, just got cast in LORD OF THE RINGS (Young Smeago). Also, did I mention that Angela Dotchin did get that part in LORD OF THE RINGS she tried out for? We will have to play "Catch the NZ actor" when the movies come out.

08-02-00. COMING HOME, local-fan-done-good Missy Good's second script is scheduled to begin filming August 14 to August 22, 2000. Writer Missy Good is planning to visit the set while it is being filmed. Fans at the 6th Southern California Xena Fest were treated to two small clips from the director's cut of LEGACY, which was Ms. Good's first script (which will air ironically AFTER the second script, which is currently scheduled to be the season opener). The reception was very enthusiastic but was sadly marred by an unfortunate unauthorized Internet posting of screen captures taken from the Fest's TV monitors.


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