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Last update: 12-05-00

11-22-00. Fandom.com, when not busy sending out cease and desist letters to fan sites who have the word "fandom" in their domain name, has found time to mention that, "I have been reliably informed (not sure how reliably!) that Ted Raimi is heading New Zealand way soon, and will be filming *at least* three episodes." I have asked around and it appears that Ted Raimi had some sort of medium level medical problem which will not allow him to do any trans-Pacific flying any time soon. So Raimi apparently will not be in ANY episodes of XENA's 6th and final season. That means most likely the Joxer ghost story, TOPPER, has been deep-sixed. Fandom.com also stated that, "Meanwhile, with Season 6 and the end of XENA fast approaching (boo hoo!) the rumours have already started that a XENA movie (tv or big screen) WILL happen! Word is that they are looking a couple of years down the line, but it is a strong possibility." I have heard no buzz about a movie other than pure wishful thinking from fans. What I have heard is that just about everyone associated with the show is looking for new work or towards a nice long vacation starting the 2nd quarter of next year. Anything though is possible in the Xenaverse. We already know that!

11-22-00. First it was separate, then it merged, and now it has been surgically separated again. THE LAST CENTAUR apparently started out as part one of a two parter which would be concluded by TO HELICON AND BACK. Then it was merged into one episode. And then...it was decided to separate the shows again, but this time make them stand alone episodes. So as of press time, I think they are two shows again. For those who notice such things, you will say, "But that makes 23 episodes on the production list". And yes, you will be correct. That is why I think TOPPER has been axed. This theory is not only supported by the news of Ted Raimi having to bow out of any XENA episodes because of a recent medical condition but also because no one has been saying anything about TOPPER for what seems like months now. That's good enough for me to take it off the list and regain the happy balance of 22 episodes on the production list.

11-13-00. On 11-07-00 I wrote in part: "I have been looking at some of the writers names [on SHEENA] and I have not recognized any except Steve Sears..." I have been reminded that Babs Greyhosky co-wrote DEATH IN CHAINS on XENA. That us true, however, I had the feleing from the article wthat he had taken over staff writers. I do not believe Greyhoskey was a staff writer on XWP, since she only has one credit on the show, and that was a co-written by Adam Armus and Nora Kay Foster, who were on staff. However, I should have made that more plain. I thank those that did write and correct me.

11-07-00. From the PR Newswire Oct. 16, 2000:

The hit "Xena: Warrior Princess," syndicated television's highest rated first-run action hour, will conclude its enormously successful six-year run at the end of the 2000-01 season. Studios USA Domestic Television President Steve Rosenberg and Rob Tapert, the series creator and executive producer, made the announcement today.

The series will wrap production on its full 22-episode sixth season order this spring and will air through summer 2001.

11-07-00. Kevin Smith is signed for 5 episodes of the 6th season, with an option for a 6th. He's already been in COMING HOME. That makes at least four more campers. He's obviously in OLD ARES HAS A FARM. He might be in one or the other or both for YOU ARE THERE and THE GOD YOU KNOW. That leaves one more, possibly two more.

11-07-00. In the last couple of laps of XENA Eve will return not only in the February sweeps but the May ones as well, along with the Amazons in the latter; there are rumblings that not only will Ares get his godhood back BUT there is a chance that the XENA SCROLLS paradox will be dealt with, the former in the Feb sweeps and the latter in the May sweeps; fandom will be homaged or teased during the Feb sweeps; Ares will try out a new profession during Feb sweeps; and, in the "modern day" episode during Feb sweeps, Xena and Gabrielle get chased down by a flashy car. Remember...anything is possible in the Xenaverse.

11-07-00. On August 20, 2000, E! TV news stated that some former XENA writers had begun to write for a new show SHEENA with Gena Lee Nolin coming to syndication in October. I have been looking at some of the writers names and I have not recognized any except Steve Sears, and he's the executive producer of the show and ex-co-executive producer of XENA. I would hardly consider him foremost just a "writer" that changed over. But if I see any names I recognize, I shall pass them on.

11-07-00. Angela "Emilia" Dotchin finished another "Lawless" TV movie a month ago. Her fellow actor on JACK OF ALL TRADES, Stephen "Brogard" Papps, appeared in it as well. The original "Lawless" was directed in 1999 by Chris Martin-Jones, who also directed the 6th season XENA opener, COMING HOME, and also starred Kevin "Ares" Smith.

11-07-00. Lucy Lawless has signed to appear in a downunder motion picture called DEALING WITH DONNA. It is not in the Internet Movie Database yet.

11-07-00. From TVGude OnLine 10-27-00:

Alexis Vs. Xena!

He may not be Dynasty's Alexis Carrington, but Alexis Arquette strives to be fierce and fabulous in his own right. A scion of Hollywood's Arquette acting clan - which includes famous siblings David, Patricia and Rosanna - the actor has carved out a colorful career of his own with roles in flicks like Bride of Chucky and She's All That. Now, he means to cross swords with another campmeister, Lucy Lawless of Xena: The Warrior Princess.

"I'm going to New Zealand to do the final episodes of Xena," Arquette tells TV Guide Online. "My friend has been the director for years, and I said, 'you have got to get me on before they're done.' I love that show. It's so corny."

Reminiscent of Joaquin Phoenix's treacherous turn in Gladiator, Arquette will portray a debauched Roman emperor in two back-to-back episodes airing early next year. "I'm going to play Caligula," he previews. "It's the basic story, except the only spin the show pulls is that Claudius - the brother who takes over after Caligula's killed - has always been portrayed as retarded. On Xena, he's only acting like [that] so he won't get killed by me in an untimely way, and he can take over."

Fortunately, the raunchy role lends itself to Arquette's penchant for wacky wardrobe choices. "Well, Caligula's a big freak, so I'll be in drag for half of it," quips the actor, who's well known for his dragalicous doings in the L.A. club scene.

"I'm all about what was hip last year," he jokes of his fashion sense. "I'm total drag wear, so what I wear, women can't wear. If a girl sees me wearing something, she should stop wearing it, 'cause I'm all about tacky. I'm all about what the hookers and strippers wear." - Daniel R. Coleridge

There is conjecture that these episodes, THE GOD YOU KNOW and YOU ARE THERE are NOT the season enders as this interview would lead you to believe. There is a very good possibility that these episodes will close out the 2nd airing period covering the February sweeps time. Eve will be appearing in both these episodes and Aphrodite maybe appearing in one or both. Ares has been rumored to be in them as well.

11-07-00. The mysterious production schedule episode #20 which was known as only "musical" for a while now appears to be the Sappho episode revived and reworked to be a musical like LYRE LYRE where previously recorded contemporary songs will be used in the story (not original music like BITTE SUITE). And what a story. Yup, Sappho returns. First Sappho appeared as a part of the multiple Lucy Lawless roles arc that started with WARRIOR...PRINCESS (15/115) and followed by WARRIOR...PRINCESS...TRAMP (30/206) and WARRIOR...PRIESTESS...TRAMP (55/309). Then that was tossed on the heap of old ideas and then it was revived again as a musical, but THAT incarnation became LYRE LYRE. But now, in the last year of its existence, XENA is ready to produce the long awaited Sappho episode, but the buzz is that the actress playing double duty will not be Lucy Lawless.

11-07-00. After five seasons of the same old opening titles, the sixth season of XENA decides to change it. Someone should check their oil, while they are at it.

11-07-00. As of October 31, 2000, Danielle "Ephiny" Cormack was not signed for any 6th season XENA episodes. This means that they are shelving the LAST CENTAUR episode with Ephiny's grand daughter OR they are going ahead but with a different actress. However, both Claire "Alti" Stansfield and Alexandra "Aphrodite" Tydings have been called back to New Zealand to film a few episodes in November.

11-07-00. Notice in New Zealand's ON FILM:


Actor Jim Ngaata (roles in Once Were Warriors, Topless Women, The Call Up, Trifecta, Mananui, Xena, Hercules, Jack of All Trades, Newsflash, Letter to Blanchy, the Overstayer) died unexpectedly in Auckland last month after suffering a heart attack. He was only 33. Ngaata is survived by his long-time fiancee, Maria Cassidy, and three children. Probably the best known Cook Islands film actor. Ngaata is remembered by director Poata Eruera as a "nice guy" and a versatile actor. "When we were casting Mananui, there was something phony about his Maori audition," recalls Eruera. "I read his bio and spotted it - the giveaway was 'Cook Islands dancing' as a hobby. Sprung! He was a Cook Islander pretending to be a Maori, but over compensating. I called him back, told him I knew, and asked him to re-audition. He got the part."

Jim Ngaata played Gareth the giant in A DAY IN THE LIFE (39/215) and Maximinimus in LYRE LYRE HEARTS ON FIRE (100/510) on XENA, and a guard in UNDER THE BROKEN SKY (H19/206) on HERCULES.

11-07-00. The Austin American-Statesman, Sept. 20, 2000, ran this item about Renee O'Connor's wedding:

Austin to Host 'Xena' Nups

Threadgill's owner EDDIE WILSON and WIFE SANDRA look for any excuse to visit New Zealand, where Sandra's daughter RENEE O'CONNOR makes her living playing Gabrielle in "Xena: Warrior Princess." But when Renee marries New Zealand restaurant manager STEVE MUIR on Oct. 14, there'll be a whole bunch of Kiwis headed this way for an Austin wedding. That the Wilsons will play hosts-in-law was the groom's idea. "He thought it would be special for his parents and friends to come to our neck of the woods for a change," says Sandra. Because "Xena" fans can be an obsessive lot, the location of the ceremony has not been disclosed. Also secret is the R.S.V.P. status of "Xena" star LUCY LAWLESS, who's reportedly as close to Renee off-screen as she is on (minus the sexual overtones)..."

11-07-00. On September 30, 2000, the NZ Herald reported that Joel "Strife/Deimos/Creegan" Tobeck was out of the "Lord of the Rings" because he was TOO TALL! Pertinent quote:

"SORRY, NEXT! It seems Auckland actor-musician Joel Tobeck, who divides his abundant talents between playing bad guys in post-Hercules productions (such as the just-cancelled Cleopatra 2525) and fronting Tadow, the house band on telly show Ice As, has become rarity - a Kiwi actor who has lost out on a role in Lord of the Rings.

"He had been named to play young Smeagol (the hobbit also known as Gollum, Trahald, Slinker and Stinker) but the role has changed in "height and stature," meaning the lanky Tobeck is out. Meanwhile, filming on the trilogy was in full swing this week on the set depicting the mystical town of Edoras, constructed on Mt Sunday in the Rangitata River Valley, Mid Canterbury."

The article can be found the NZ Herald site.


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