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These babies cover December 2000...that's why we call it an ARCHIVE!

Last update: 01-18-01

12-27-00. Oops. Got it wrong. THE GOD YOU KNOW is where Aphrodite loses her powers, then in YOU ARE THERE is where Xena restores Ares and Aphrodite's powers by using a trick they learned up in the frozen north. YOU ARE THERE is a mockumentary which uses a character Michael Hurst may have played in SEND IN THE CLONES. It is a send up of the "You Are There" TV series where historical figures where interviewed as they were making history. This time, the interviewer follows Xena's attempt at restoring the god powers of both Ares and Aphrodite. Now, the airing schedule for these episodes has been pushed back to April. That is tentative. The official site has then beginning the February sweeps week. The were originally planned to end the February sweeps week. Now it is on the table to air them during no sweeps week in April 2001. If Ares is in PATH OF VENGEANCE, TO HELICON AND BACK, the unnamed Joxer episode, or LAST OF THE CENTAURS, then they may have to reshoot. There are plans to do reshoots for THE GOD YOU KNOW and YOU ARE THERE in early January. If they are going to stick to the April date for THE GOD YOU KNOW and YOU ARE THERE, then they are going to have churn out the Joxer and CENTAURS episode at record speed. That will leave all of February and half of March to film the series ender (still seems to be two episodes), the musical, and FATES.

12-27-00. Apparently the musical aka Sappho aka whatever you want to call it is still going on and is still being worked on. Of course, things are in such an uproar that what is true today may not necessarily be true tomorrow. There was about a 24 hour period when the musical was put on the backburner again, but the idea survived to be re-invented. The compromises might mean a non-double part for either Renee O'Connor or Lucy Lawless.

12-26-00. The Ring Trilogy of episodes won a "Bemmie" from IGN for "Best Episode" for the year 2000. Click here for more information about the "Bemmies". IGN described their choice as such: "Best Episode: The Ring Arc, Xena: Warrior Princess. For sheer audacity, this three-part arc (consisting of The Rheingold, The Ring, and Return of the Valkyrie) wins, hands down. Not only does it incorporate outrageous, epic twists into an already epic show, but it also throws in wild cards like Beowulf, Grendel, and a subtexty twist on the Sleeping Beauty legend (guess who gets to awaken snoozing Gabrielle with a smooch? Mmm hmm). The whole shebang is akin to a big*ss Xena movie, and it's a fine, emotionally-wrenching mark to leave on the show's final season. Here's to hoping that Xena and Gabs ride off into the sunset in similarly b*tt-kickin' style."

12-26-00. Word has it that the episode THE GOD YOU KNOW has been removed from the February sweeps schedule. If it is aired in January, it will bump either OLD ARES HAS A FARM or Renee O'Connor's sophomore director's stint, DANGEROUS PREY. If it not aired earlier, then it will air in April before the May sweeps. THE GOD YOU KNOW was originally scheduled to end the February sweeps.

12-26-00. In THE GOD YOU KNOW, both Aphrodite and Ares are powerless and Xena must figure out a way to get immortality back for both of them in THE GOD YOU KNOW. You may not have see the last of the Norse gods!

12-26-00. Over the December filming hiatus, Lucy Lawless shot an episode of JUST SHOOT ME, which is scheduled to air during the February sweeps.

12-26-00. And what the heck is Bruce Campbell up to these days? According to the Hollywood Reporter, he has signed for three movies! The movies are: SERVICING SARAH (Dir. Reginald Hudlin), about a process server (Matthew Perry) who is persuaded by a New York wife (Elizabeth Hurley) to serve her husband (Campbell) in Texas with divorce papers; SPIDER-MAN (Dir. Sam Raimi), will have Campbell playing the ring announcer during a fight sequence involving Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire); and BIJOU (Dir. Frank Darabont), that centers on a blacklisted writer (Jim Carrey) who loses his memory after a car accident and finds a new home in a small town, where he is mistaken for a soldier who died where Campbell plays a handsome movie star who is cast in the lead role in the blacklisted writer's movie, "Sand Pirates of the Sahara".

12-18-00. What a difference a week makes. Last week the telemovie deal looked pretty darn good and now this week it looks like its a proverbial longshot. So much a longshot that JAPAN is once again in the running for the season ender. The odds are favoring a two-parter season ender but that will make the show have too many shows in production (at least on paper). There is the chance that one can be dropped or merged into another show. There is also that old old rumor from way back that the show was planning on producing 23 hours this season instead of 22. That would solve the problem as well, especially if they were planning on airing the last two episodes as one two-hour episode. I often wonder why these things concern me, too.

12-18-00. Josh Becker on his website on 12/13/00 mentioned "There's some talk right now of me going back to New Zealand for one more zany comedy episode of "Xena" with Ted and Bruce." This would have to be the as yet unnamed "Lost Scrolls" episode with Ted Raimi as the pre-25 year freeze Joxer. I have heard that both Raimi and Campbell were asking for another shot at an episode before closing the shop, and it looks like Becker might be thrown into the last chance mix as well.

12-18-00. The 2000 TPEC (Television Publicity Executive Committee) Awards presented Studios USA and XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS with an award for Outstanding Publicity Campaign for a Syndicated Series. I guess they really liked the return to "Battle On, Xena" at the end of the promos. MediaWeek announced this 12/12/00.

12-18-00. Seems like the new recurring Amazon character, Varia, just can't seem to keep herself out of trouble. In the upcoming episodes DANGEROUS PREY and TO HELICON AND BACK, trouble sticks to her like clay on a would-be basted bard. Is she related to Amarice?

12-18-00. If you are following the fandom.com cease & desist adventure, Salon did a comprehensive article on the situation. Read it by clicking here. As of post time, fandom.com has not worked out any type of agreement with fandom.tv. They are still disrupting her life by not quickly resolving this issue. I hope that fandom.com will come to its senses and terminate this action as soon as possible. It is not helping them or their interests at all to continue.

12-18-00. Vicky "Cyane" & "Sarge" Pratt was at the Long Island Creation Con 12/10/00 and she stated that there are at least seven hour long episodes of CLEOPATRA 2525. My sources have been saying 6, but that's close enough for my needs (actually, she also said that one of the hour episodes was a half hour script which they must have padded to high heaven! So our sources really do jibe). It appears that the Back2Back series will be repeat the 8 episodes they aired this season and then in late January the hour long CLEO episodes will be aired. I suspect they will then repeat those and than perhaps start to repeat the Back2Back series. Whatever they do, after they have played the season two 8 Back2Back episodes plus repeats, and the 7 hour CLEOs and repeats (plus the repeat of a first season Back2Back that they showed the third week of the 2nd season), means they still have 21 weeks to deliver if they have a 52 week obligation. If they run everything straight through (which is looks like they are planning on), then they will run out of episodes on May 7th, which is the MAY SWEEPS, so we know they are going to run some of those new episodes then. Therefore, they will have to start repeating the shows a third time. They have 15 new episodes so even if they air everything 3 times, they will still have to come up with 7 more weeks of program. Perhaps they will repeat some of the earlier Back2Backs and allow aficionados another chance at taping the earlier episodes.

12-18-00. Looks like Lucy Lawless might have a movie deal waiting for her when she finishes up the last of the XENA episodes. It is not the Australian movie that was announced awhile back (which was inaccurate and Ms. Lawless will not be appearing in that movie). I will pass on more information when I get it.

12-18-00. Robert "Salmoneus" Trebor was at the Long Island Creation Con 12/10/00 and he stated that he doubts he will be in any of the 6th season XENA episodes. However he did mention than he talked with Paul Robert Coyle about a possible appearance in SEND IN THE CLONES. Since that episode has already been filmed, we can probably safely assume that Salmoneus will not make it into any more XENA episodes.

12-11-00. The JAPAN I & II episodes have apparently been tabled (probably for the upcoming telemovies?). In their stead will be two new episodes (duh!). One will be the Lost Scroll episode (if anyone knows its name, please tell me!) that will feature the pre-25 years (and pre-dead) Joxer dealing with (and hopefully SOLVING) a perplexing problem that has had XENA fans scratching their heads over for about two and a half years. I am very heartened by this news. I like it when more puzzle pieces are added to the mosaic so that the large-scale picture becomes more clear. The episode replacing JAPAN II is still being batted around, but there is a good chance it too will deal with some currently untold story/history about one of Xena's weapons or accouterments.

12-11-00. Four, three, or two telemovies? Seems like it depends on who you ask, so to be safe, lets say that there is a chance that there will be at least two telemovies with maybe options for up to two more. If they are to be written by RJ Stewart, who is the presumed top candidate for the job, they have to be written and ready for the cameras relatively fast. The last few episodes of XENA are bring written now and will be polished over the next 3 weeks and filming for unit 1 will last until February 2001 with the 2nd unit probably filming a little into March. With the WGA contract running out in May 2001 and a writer's strike possibly looming in the future, that gives him time, but not much, to churn out final drafts for two telemovies.

12-11-00. Moreover, speaking of that drop-dead date of March 2001, that's the scheduled Great Exodus when RenPic will quit New Zealand and everyone will go on those eagerly looked forward to indefinite vacations. BUT, those two to four telemovies, which are still in negotiations and NOT written in stone yet, make it kind of sort of look like they may push back that deadline. ALSO, there are rumors and rumors of rumors of some last minute pitches that RenPic is giving to a network or two. If there is a nibble or a bite, that means no indefinite vacation for RenPic. In addition, where will the production move to if leaving New Zealand? Will they even go to the trouble of relocating if they get an order for the movies and a new show? Rumors of that tax break expiring and the NZ dollar doing better these days make the production increasingly expensive as time goes on. Then moving the production elsewhere is going to be a serious chunk of change as well. Decisions, decisions.

12-11-00. Moreover, speaking of RenPic pitching a new show, will it be a syndicated show or a network show? Let us hope it is a network show. Although RenPic has had some bad luck on network shows, the current climate for syndicated action/adventure hour shows is brutal. YET, have you been following the trades lately? There are about 6 new syndicated action shows in current development to premiere next season. SIX!!! Sadly, none appear to feature female leads or have strong independent female characters other than for support. This year's bumper crop of women action shows looks to be unique (we have Xena, Sydney Fox, the Queen of Swords, and Sheena's syndicated adventures to look forward to weekly, next season will not be so plentiful). However, with DARK ANGEL and NIKITA (in limited run), the networks and cable stations are slowly experimenting with carrying female helmed action shows. The pitch that RenPic has is rumored to be another female helmed action show but more ensemble oriented than XENA and more of an ensemble than CLEOPATRA 2525. From the new winds blowing in TV production land, especially after being bullied by the new Tribune/Atlantic Atlantis cartel, it behooves RenPic to start looking into the virgin land of female helmed action shows in the network/cable channel arena. Our current TV climate cannot have enough female helmed action shows, so I applaud and encourage RenPics in their efforts to get their vision on the air. After a movie season with CHARLIE'S ANGELS and CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON, my appetite for women kicking hinder has been whetted and the success of these movies shows that there is a market for it. XENA found that market and fed it for six seasons. There will be a lot of hungry fans out there for something more when XENA the TV series ceases. The telemovies will help a little, but we really need our weekly fix.

12-06-00. Looks like the chance of having a major motion picture XENA is worse than a snowball's chance in Hades...BUT...it looks like there is some serious discussion going on about having a four telemovie XENA deal in the works after the syndicated show's closure. There is still much negotiation that has to be worked through and some major hoops that have to be jumped but...and this is a big fat "could go either way" but...it looks like XENA may survive the 6th season. This means XENA will have a chance to explore some of those ideas they have been constrained with in the one hour format. Boggles the mind what they would choose to do in a movie format, eh? It was decided last month that the WHOOSH journal would go quarterly starting Fall 2001..little did we realize that there was a good possibility that XENA would join us in this change. Another good thing about this scenario is if they get all their ducks in a row in time, they can probably get those scripts written well in time to beat the May 2001 deadline of when there might be a major writers strike. That means if there is a strike, all we might be watching the 2001-2002 season is a bunch of reality shows, lots of repeats, new weekly ANDROMEDA episodes, and A COOL NEW XENA TV MOVIE every couple of months!

12-06-00. The Tedster is in like Flynn! Ted Raimi has been signed for one episode of XENA in this 6th season. It WILL NOT be the TOPPER episode, which has either been renamed and incorporated into another episode and/or is still being developed WITHOUT Joxer or Raimi in it. It WILL NOT be the show-ender (at least to our knowledge at this time) which is tentatively the JAPAN double-episode featuring that "Maiden" chick. BUT WILL be about Joxer and cover the story contained in a recently founded "missing Scroll" from the Xena Scrolls. This episode too may be incorporated into another pre-existing script or script currently in development.

12-06-00. Danielle Cormack is THIS CLOSE (><) to being signed to appear in THE LAST OF THE CENTAURS.

12-05-00. According to an interview interview Missy Good gave to Lesbianation.com (released 11/24/00), she has been given the go ahead to write another episode for XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS. This will make her third script for this season.

12-05-00. Turns out that Ted Raimi's eye problems are not the cause of him not getting a gig on XENA, it is just the challenge of fitting him in. At this time, it appears Raimi has stated his availability for three episodes and now the staff is trying to figure out where to put him, if they indeed can put him anywhere. Also, Raimi is not the only one trying to get on the show before it ends. Bruce Campbell has informed RenPics of his availability as well.


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