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These babies cover February 2001...that's why we call it an ARCHIVE!

Last update: 03-20-01

02-28-01. Recently on a mailing list, SHEENA Executive Producer Steven L. Sears mentioned that SHEENA had been renewed for a second season and that because of the possible strike, they were working on the next season even now. He said about second two: "I can say some changes will happen as the result of finding our way and letting the series grow, but nothing definitive was laid out. There were a couple of stories discussed that will be of notable interest but you'll just have to wait and see what those are."

02-28-01. The episode that will replace LAST CHANCE will be MANY HAPPY RETURNS, a comedy with Aphrodite. Apparently this is not the TOPPER script re-worked since Ten Raimi is supposedly not in it. It will be directed by Mark Beesley from a script written by Liz Friedman and Vanessa Place.

02-28-01. It looks like the wave of contradicting news which was predicted by some people has already started. The One that I recently spotted was this: Because of the exit of LAST CHANCE so late in the game, it looks like MANY HAPPY RETURNS, the episode replacing LAST CHANCE, will be the last filmed episode of XENA ever. Apparently JAPAN I and II will be filmed and then MANY HAPPY RETURN. However, that cannot be true since Alexandra Tydings who is in MANY HAPPY RETURNS is either currently in NZ filming OR has already returned. That one was easily solved. The second ones deal with who are in JAPAN I and II and are not so easily dismissed. Both Ted "Joxer" Raimi and Kevin "Ares" Smith have been reported as saying that they will be in the JAPAN episodes, however there has also been murmurings that they will not. My preferences are that the last two episodes be about Xena and Gabrielle, so I hope that the latter is true, since they both cannot be true. There has been rumors that the name JAPAN is just a trick to get spoiler fans off the track, and yet there are other rumors that say the gals will indeed be in Japan for a significant part of the episode. I have seen evidence that supports both of these theories, so either a lot of mind changing is going on, or there is at least an attempt going on to flood the rumor mills with contradictory information. So enjoy the pre-show antics.

02-28-01. 02/03/01, Renee O'Connor interview at Upbeat Magazine by Bridget Petrella with additional editing by Sonia Satra. Title: 'Xena' Star Renee O'Connor: Deeply Soulful And Subtly Engaging. Check it out at http://www.2upbeatmag.com/TUBE-FILE/tube_file_renee-oconnor-feature-intervie w.html. Here's some selections:

UPBEAT: The USA Network show `La Femme Nikita' was originally slated to end its syndicated series run this past August. But fans barraged the network with thousands upon thousands of phone calls, letters and e-mails_ In fact, they actually managed to shut down the USA Network e-mail server for a few days. In response to this the USA Network opted to add 8 more fan-inspired episodes which began in January. Essentially the fans spoke and the network listened to their demands, which I found particularly interesting. Do you think it's possible that `Xena' fans, who seem to have a much stronger voice, could overturn the decision to end after this season? Would you return for a 7th season?
Renee O'Connor: "I know that both Lucy and I are aware that there's been a strong influx of letters from fans saying how much they love the show and that they would love for it to continue. Everyone who works on the show wants it to go out in the very best form that it can, and I don't know if we can do that by continuing. Actually, I'm personally quite ready to start a family and just continue on with other aspects of my life. I mean, I love Gabrielle and I love the show, it's been such a blessing for me..."
UPBEAT: But you're ready to move on.
Renee O'Connor: "It's not so much that, I just don't want to see it die, you know? I don't want to see it go out in an awful way because I love it so much."
UPBEAT: So you're essentially preparing yourself for it.
Renee O'Connor: "Oh yeah, and you just have to think that if not everyone is going to be `completely' invested in the show, then it doesn't seem like we should continue to do it, at least that's how I feel about it. Personally, I think it`s time for it to go out on a high, that`s what Lucy and I both want. We want it to just `explode` on it`s way out."

UPBEAT: Do you watch the show at all?
Renee O'Connor: "I always watch the show as soon as the episode's been completed. For me it's a complete circle. I finished it and I like to see what the end result is. It also helps me keep track of my character and the journey that she's on. She's just changed so much (laughs)."

UPBEAT: Your character has literally evolved full circle, and I have to commend you for that, because most of the deeper sense of character always comes from the actor or actress playing the role_ and let's face it, you are selling a pretty tall order of fiction with `Xena'. I mean, you are asking the audience to believe some incredibly far-fetched stuff like, the characters slept for 25 years_ and quite frankly, they're (the show's fans) loving every single minute of it, so it's obviously working.
Renee O'Connor: "(laughs) Oh I know... (laughs) I think everyone who works on the show, Lucy and I, Kevin Smith, Ted Raimi, Alexandra Tydings and all of the wonderful actors that we've had, we all try to relate to each other on a very honest level with the characters. So it's all about people speaking to other people honestly, and I guess everyone can relate to that."
UPBEAT: Okay, so at some point in your lives, you've slept for 25 years (laughs).
Renee O'Connor: "(laughs) I would love to sleep for 25 years... (laughs)

UPBEAT: Yes it is. That being the case, what topic or area hasn't the show covered or ventured into that you would have liked to have seen explored a bit more? I mean, you've died, you've traveled through time... you've gone to hell, what haven't you done?
Renee O'Connor: "Xena and Gabrielle haven't yet invented travel through space (laughs). That would have been interesting to see. I do think we've covered everything else (laughs). Wouldn't that be funny though, seeing Xena and Gabrielle trying to build a spaceship or a rocket ship? I could just see Gabrielle messing that one up (laughs).

UPBEAT: Speaking of which... Gabrielle has experienced somewhat of a wardrobe "facelift" over the past several seasons, her outfits have become much more provocative. Anyway, during those first couple of seasons, did Gabrielle ever felt compelled to turn to Xena prior to a big battle and say, "Hey, could you at least lend me a wristband or something?"
Renee O'Connor: " (laughs) Can I please take just one breast plate (laughs)? I think every outfit that Gabrielle's been in completely suited the stage that she was in. From `The Little House On The Prairie' skirt, to the present, it all suited her evolution, her innocence at the time, and then her transition into trying to be a little warrior."

UPBEAT: What is Gabrielle searching for and has she found it?
Renee O'Connor: "That's an interesting question. You know I'd have to say that I think Gabrielle is probably searching for her soul mate and that she found it in Xena, actually. Having been through the entire series, she's probably been searching for the love of her life_ which is Xena."
UPBEAT: So it's been something that's been right in front of her.
Renee O'Connor: "Yes. But it's also something that she had to leave her home and go through all of these different tragedies to finally discover."
UPBEAT: What is Gabrielle's perception of Xena?
Renee O'Connor: "She can't cook_ she never cleans her teeth (laughs)_ She'll never quite resolve her demons, will she (laughs)? Gabrielle's frustration (laughs). I'm kidding. Really though, Xena is the ultimate hero, isn't she? I know Gabrielle would admire that, I'm sure." UPBEAT: Looking back on all six seasons, which episodes do you feel have allowed Gabrielle the most growth as a character?
Renee O'Connor: "In every season, my character has been through a little arc of some sort, where she's been forced out of her comfort zone. I don't think I could pinpoint one particular episode that I would say is her actual turning point, at least not right now, it's still too close to me. I just believe that every year she's been through a transition. And you know, I completely believe it, I was going through my 20s as Gabrielle, the character going from 18 all the way to now_"

02-26-01. Bruce Campbell has been signed to appear in a second season ANDROMEDA episode. Michael Hurst has not signed yet, but he is in talks to make an appearance on ANDROMEDA as well, most likely NOT the same episode.

02-26-01. RUBBERNECKING, the little movie that could, that features a traffic-jammed Renee O'Connor in one of her rare non-TV gigs, is going to be screened at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival on April 1st 2001 [Eek!]. The film even has its own website! Click on Rubbernecking - The Website, http://xenamedia.com/rubbernecking. From the press release: "The debut feature for filmmakers Sean Kinney and Ross Martin, 'Rubbernecking', has been invited into the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival. The film will be screening April 1st (No prank) at the El Tinker, French Institute, at 22 East 60th Street (Between Park & Madison Ave.). General Admission tickets are $10. For industry/press passes (Distributor or Press) please fax a request on letterhead to (212) 387-0873. 'Rubbernecking' has already screened at the Angel Citi Film Festival and Market in Los Angeles at the Chaplin Theatre of Raleigh Studios Saturday February 10, 2001." [I am totally disappointed that they never let WHOOSH know about the Feb 10th showing. I am curious to see what the final product looks likes; the clips I have seen have been very rough].

02-26-01. Lucy Lawless is interviewed about the end of the show by Cindy Perlman in Cinescape.com's CinCity: Scoops from the Movie Beat. Check it out at http://www.cinescape.com/cincity/010216.shtml

02-26-01. Kevin and Sam Sorbo are expecting their first child. No word on the expected due date.

02-26-01. Ted Raimi was interviewed by Joe Nazzaro (who else, eh?) in Dreamwatch Magazine issue 79, April 2001.

02-26-01. A group of "Applesaucers" (as followers of the actress Shiri "Tara" Appleby call themselves) took out a full-page ad in 2/23/01's Variety, reading "Thank-you SHIRI APPLEBY for touching our hearts. You make Roswell MAGIC!"

02-26-01. XENA Fan-Fiction prodigy Missy Good is currently working on a SHEENA script, tentatively called FERAL KING. SHEENA, by the way, has been renewed for the 2001-2002 season. A rumor has it only for 13 episodes, but that has not been confirmed yet. I suspect that means it will make 13 episodes BEFORE the possible strike in May. QUEEN OF SOWRDS has been canceled and RELIC HUNTER has been renewed. There are no female-centric syndicated hours slated for premiering in the 2001-2002 season. Sad, but true. Looks like we may have used them all up this season.

02-26-01. I forgot whether I already mentioned it, but I will err on saying it again...the Sappho disco musical extravaganza has been dumped! Yup, LAST CHANCE is no more. Legal snafus and the like have deep-sixed this project. It will be replaced by a Joxer comedy, possibly a re-re-re-worked TOPPER.

02-26-01. This is spooky (at least for me), but it looks like some people out there ARE ACTUALLY READING MY MANIC MONOLOGUES. On 02/15/01, I made an especially smarty-pants diatribe about some items found on The Encyclopedia of Lesbian Movie Scenes. THEN, I received 02/19/01 the following from a representative of the film company which is producing the flick SEVERAL DEVILS [my comments in brackets]:

We were informed of a post on your site "Whoosh" regarding our upcoming film, "Several Devils." [Uh-oh] Upon reading the information, we'd like to provide a more current update. [Whew!] A similar update has been provided to the Encyclopedia of Lesbian Movie Scenes as well. [All right! We are "brethren" with the Encyclopedia of Lesbian Movie Scenes!!!]

Renee O'Connor has turned down the role. [I can hear thousands, nay HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS, of deflated sighs] Though her agent thanked us for considering her, no specific reason was given. [I think that agent should have told her not to do RUBBERNECKING as well! Okay, okay, I will not be mean to that movie anymore. RUBBERNECKING, by the way will be having New York premiere at a film festival in May 2001. I have more info about it somewhere in today's general news releases. I trust they got their funding to finish it, and are now looking in earnest for a distributor. Let's hope someone likes it in New York and picks it up. Ms. O'Connor needs exposure!] However, Hudson Leick has agreed to play the role of Monica. [I can hear thousands, nay HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS, of cheers] In Renee O'Connor's place, we have cast Paris Jefferson as Cassie. [Whoa] As Devlin, we have on consideration Patrice Donnelly who did "Personal Best" with Mariel Hemingway. We understand that she is an older woman which is why we haven't completely committed to her yet, but it's also why we're interested in her. We feel women past 40 deserve just as much work as the younger women, can be just as good, and just as sexy. [Kym is doing somersaults by this time] Deborah Abbott, a Xena look-alike is also being considered for the role. [Hey! We've interviewed her!]

And just to clear up a bit of the story line, Cassie and Monica hate each other throughout the entire story's series. It is Devlin and Cassie that end up in a relationship, not Cassie and Monica.

And lastly, [this is where I am gently and subtly chastised!] regarding the "It's not a typical lesbian film," that simply means that the lesbians in the film aren't killers, crazy women, nympho's, someone interested in a one time swing, and they aren't porn stars, and this isn't a porn movie. Too often are lesbians considered to be only these things, especially in films. In fact, we had someone email us to ask if we were a porn company simply on the basis that we had Several Devils and The Chosen One listed as having lesbians in it. This film is about internal struggle, external struggle, fighting against society while fighting against yourself. [Okay, okay. I am sorry about being flippant. But hey, you use the material one can get! And that tag "It's not a typical lesbian film" was just too tempting not to "explore"] Details about Several Devils can be found at: http://severaldevils.homestead.com.

Lori Cerny
King Productions, LLC

02-26-01. Renee O'Connor interview in T.V. Zone #136, called "Renee O'Connor: Gabrielle's Hope. As six years of Xena come to a close, Renee O'Connor looks back on her life with the warrior princess". Check it out at http://www.visimag.com/tvzone/t136_display_f.htm.

02-23-01. Looks like Ted Raimi will be playing a Bugle reporter named Hoffman and not Curt Connors in his brother's SPIDER-MAN flick.

02-15-01. Due to legal clearance difficulties, the episode LAST CHANCE, the wacky S&M Sappho musical, has been KILLED once again. This time it looks like it is dead for good. The show is planning to replace it with a comedy, possibly with Ted Raimi playing Joxer and it might even be a resurrection of the TOPPER episode which was killed and resurrected several times itself. Alex "Aphrodite" Tydings was signed to be in Sappho, and it appears she is still traveling down under, so hopefully they will use her in this as yet unknown comedy.

02-15-01. On February 10, 2001, Kevin "Ares" Smith mentioned at a New Zealand SF Convention that he would be in the JAPAN episodes of XWP. He also mentioned that the working name is JAPAN and he has no idea what it really is going to be named or what it is about.

02-15-01. This was too amusing NOT to share. According to the The Encyclopedia of Lesbian Movie Scenes, a website which lists all lesbian scenes in movies they can find PLUS monitoring rumors of upcoming lesbian scenes in movies, has recently posted news of two upcoming projects affecting personages associated with the Xenaverse.

FIRST, it has information posted about the "Tropical Storm" project, which is a series based upon Missy Good's uber novel "Tropical Storm". Missy Good is not only an uber and XENA fan fiction writer, but also penned three XENA scripts, two of which were produced. The information is as follows:

Tropical Storm (TV-series)
(US) Unknown premiere date

This TV-series, that will probably begin airing sometime next year, is based on the book by Melissa Good. It's a story about the corporate executive Katherine Roberts and her personal assistant Kerry Stuart who fall in love with each other.

The director for this upcoming tv-series has said that the story will focus on their relationship and that he will not rush things. It will not be like they meet each other in one episode, become lovers in the next and from then on, nothing more will happen. He also said that it will be airing on either HBO or Showtime because of its content.

Following is a list of actresses that the producers have in mind for the two leading roles. Click on the name to see a picture of her.

Catherine Roberts:

Michelle Forbes
Has guest appeared on "Star Trek: The next generation" as Lieutenant Ro Laren several times.

Yancy Butler
Has starred in many TV-movies and TV-series but hasn't really gotten any big parts yet.

Nancy McKeon
Was a lead actress on the tv sitcom "The Facts of Life".

Kerry Stuart:
Alexandra Tydings
Has played Aphrodite in both "Xena: Warrior Princess" and "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys".

Elizabeth Mitchell
Was Angelina Jolie's lover in "Gia"

Christina Cox
Starred in "Better than Chocolate"

Comments. Both Yancy Butler and Nancy McKeon are castmembers of shows. McKeon on a Lifetime series (The Division, which is currently Lifetime's most popular show), and Butler on either TNT or USA (it is Witchblade which hasn't aired yet but is currently in production), so they appear to be more than gainfully employed at this time. I have no idea what Ms. Forbes is doing these days. Elizabeth Mitchell is now appearing in ER which is one of the most popular network TV shows in history! Anyways, if they can get this project off the ground, good luck to them! There is some buzz that HBO is looking for "gay" oriented material in order to compete with SHOWTIME's recent foray into "gay programming". However, "Tropical Storm", at least the novel and the sequels, are more romantically focused than in your face gay sex which appears to be what HBO is really looking for. Heh heh. Anyways, something to follow for the rest of this year. It looks like if this does get off the ground, we are still looking at a Fall 2001 or Winter 2002 premiere. I won't even ponder what happened to Dar.

SECOND. If TS news wasn't exciting enough, the site has this other intriguing tidbit for our rumination:

Several Devils
(US) Unknown release date

Hudson Leick andd Renee O'Connor have been contacted for two of the roles in this movie but nothing has been decided yet. The story is about a woman working with advertising, who starts to have vivid nightmares about another woman. While trying to stay sane because of the nightmares, a girl-friend of hers becomes the "focus of her life".

The movie is said to "deal with the trials of "coming out" to yourself and to others" and it's also been said that it's not a typical lesbian movie..

COMMENT. Would O'Connor really pick to be a lesbian character after her long run as Gabrielle "Is She or Isn't She" on XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS? The poor woman at first appeared embarrassed by the urban legends of Gabrielle and Xena's "special" relationship, and then she got a tad more sophistiocated, but she still tip toed around it in her interviews. On one hand it would be playing on the "gay" momentum that XENA already has, but then from her interviews, I would have just assumed she'd steer as far away from the gay projects as much as she could. THEN AGAIN, her career could use...something. Her last flick was RUBBERNECKING which is still looking for a distributor after godknowshowmanyyears and from the clips I saw from it, true it was without soundtrack and needed a tighter edit, but it was bloody boring and tedious and went on FOREVER. It was p-a-i-n-f-u-l to watch. She can do better. I hope she agreed to do it as a favor to a friend, because if her agent/manager found that gig for her, I would suggest she take that person and shoot them now. She'd be doing her career and Western Civilization a big favor.

Okay, but what a subtexters wet dream...Leick and O'Connor...together at last...in "that" way. Hee hee. Not just subtexters but every heterosexual male in America!!! And since Leick and O'Connor are so likeable, they'd probably pick up a lot of heterosexual females as well, because...well, just watch XENA, you can figure it out. The demographics could be INCREDIBLE. And since it would not be "a typical lesbian movie" [what do they mean??? are they saying this won't be your dad's lesbian movie? your mother's? what??? a lesbian movie for the next millennium?? A lesbian movie without lesbians? what??], I guess the sky would be the limit.

02-15-01. Conjecture that Alti would be in the JAPAN arc has been dismissed since Stansfield has stated that FATES will be Alti's last episode. There had been rumors that the JAPAN episodes would use either Alti or Callisto as the main "bad guy" or even both, but those rumors have been denied by both Claire "Alti" Stansfield and Hudson "Callisto" Leick.

02-15-01. Claire Stansfield at a convention in Seattle in February 2001 said that she wanted an Alti/Callisto showdown but that it won't be happening now with the show ending. But she said she had heard that Hudson Leick was saying at cons that Callisto could beat Alti and so Claire joked that she might have to kick her a** at Pasadena. She also said that Lucy Lawless and company were planning something very special for the Pasadena con as a thank you for the fans (I got the impression this was some sort of acted out stage performance, so those of you going will be in for a treat). Also, Stansfield had just got back from filming When Fates Collide the day prior. She said that she's not going to be in any more episodes and she said in the future she would like to get into directing. Claire said she tried to call Lucy the day she left NZ and Rob (Tapert, her husband and executive producer of the show) got emotional (she says that's usually NOT like him) and said "I'm going to miss this little show". Reported by Michael Oliva.

02-06-01. Jennifer Sky recently stated at a convention that 6 episodes of CLEOPATRA 2525 were shot as hour shows, while two half-hour episodes were joined to create a 7th hour long one. She also stated that the last few episodes were filmed with the idea of some closure happening. It was not like they were filming and someone pulled the cord on them, but they knew ahead of time of the canceling and that the final episodes will reflect that.

02-06-01. Ted Raimi will not be appearing in VIP, but has gotten a directing gig for a music video for a Detroit band.

02-06-01. Joxer will appear as a ghost in the season-ender, an alternative Joxer in WHEN FATES COLLIDE, and as historic Joxer in SOUL POSSESSION.

02-06-01. WHEN FATES COLLIDE has just wrapped unit 1 photography.

02-06-01. The Tedster (Ted Raimi) is back for three or four episodes of XENA. He had SOUL POSSESSION written for him, and now he is being written into WHEN FATES COLLIDE (the episode which will be airing when the Pasadena Con is going on) and the season-ender, the "Japan" episodes. It is unclear whether he will be in one or both of the "Japan" episodes. Also, since the "Japan" episodes are supposedly to be be kept hush-hush, who knows, maybe he will be in the season-ender, maybe not. There are supposed to be a lot of red-herrings released about the "Japan" episodes so we are not even sure that it is taking place in or has anything really to do with Japan. We'd like it to be about Japan or touch on something "Japany" since we at WHOOSH have been calling it "Japan" for a godawfully long time. However, if the rumors of lots of fake info being released is true, then who knows what will happen. All we can be sure of is that RenPics is contractually obligated to produce episodes #21 and #22.

02-06-01. A press release from Sony Pictures Consumer Products released on January 30, 2001 indicated that Ted Raimi will be playing Dr. Curt Connors in the Spider-Man movie directed by his brother, Sam Raimi. This was first reported in WHOOSH way back in August 8th and August 28th, 2000! So far the only other XENA alum in the flick is Bruce Campbell who makes a cameo and that has already been filmed.


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