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MARCH 2001

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These babies cover March 2001...that's why we call it an ARCHIVE!

Last update: 04-11-01

03-20-01. The big news around the Xenaverse is the alleged leak of the news that Xena will be killed off in the last episode of the series. This rumor is turning into an eerier replay of the pre-third season rape rumor that kicked off a summer of division and argument among fans and production people that never really recovered. Of course there are major differences: First, killing Xena off is not as serious as the issue of rape. Second, we only have two months to seethe in the rumormongering instead of four months. But, the similarities are still there. My take personally is that I am going to take Robert Tapert at his word that he gave to WHOOSH is his interview that he is not going to kill off Xena and Gabrielle. He is of course free to have changed his mind (and it is something that has already happened -- principal has already ended and and unit 2 photography will end shortly this week), but so what if Xena is killed. She will no doubt some back again at the drop of a hat as she has done other times. I was hoping for more surprise than that, but its their show. They can end it however they like. Yet, personally, I just do not believe this one folks. I have no inside info on that other than what WHOOSH has been told earlier and my own experience from the past 6 years. Geez. Six years.

03-20-01. There is some buzz that RELIC HUNTER, which has been one of the few lucky action syndies to have been renewed for a third season, will be moving part of their production to London from Paris. The first two seasons they filmed 6 months in Toronto and 3 months in Paris. Apparently London is waving some mighty fine tax breaks in their face to jump over the pond. The production would then do its overseas three months in London instead of Paris. Also, the productions are in the process of hiring new writers. There are suggestions that they want to change the format of the show for the third season.

03-20-01. Dark Horizons website on 03/01/01 published a fan's conversation with Jay Laga'aia about Laga'aia's musings on being in STAR WARS EPISODE II:

I've just finished playing at a Polynesian festival today in Auckland, where Jay Laga'aia was performing. We were both awaiting for our respective spots when I asked "What's the latest on episode 2?". He looked at me dumfounded and then his face lit up. He regaled us with tales of actually touching R2-D2 and using a remote control to move one of robots doubles of the famous automaton. He also said that the most thrilling experience he had was watching a scene with Anakin and Obi-wan where Obi says, "May the force be with you".
Both New Zealander locals Jay Laga'aia (Draco) and Temuera Morrison are appearing in STAR WARS EPISODE II. Morrison will play Jango Fett, and Laga'aia will play Typho, the Captain of the Guard. It is also been mentioned that Laga'aia may be in MATRIX II. However, he is currently shooting some make-up scenes for EPISODE II in the UK, and that might get in the way of him being involved with MATRIX II.

03-20-01. For the record, Hudson Leick denied any association with the movie "Several Devils" during a Q&A at the Creation New York City convention on Feb 24-25, 2001.


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