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These babies cover August 2001...that's why we call it an ARCHIVE!

Last update: 09-10-01

08-24-01. The ratings for syndicated genre shows for the airing release date of July 23, 2001:

The X-Files 2.8
Stargate: SG1 2.7/2.8 (63R Maternal Instinct)
Andromeda (2.3) (14R Harper 2.0)
Xena (2.2/2.3) (127R To Helicon and Back)
BeastMaster (2.1/2.2) (32R Heart Like a Lion)
VIP (2.1/2.2)
Earth: Final Conflict (2.0)(23R First of its Kind)
Profiler 2.0
Maximum Exposure (2.0)
The Invisible Man (1.9/2.0) (9R The Value of Secrets)
The Lost World (1.7) (36R Under Pressure)
Baywatch Hawaii (1.6)
Relic Hunter (1.5) (27R Fertile Ground)
The Outer Limits (1.5) (132R Final Appeal Part 2)
Early Edition 1.5
Sheena (1.3/1.4) (21R Marabunta)
Queen of Swords (1.1) (13R Kidnapped)
Source: Nielsen Media Research. Week ending 8/5/01

08/24/01. More in about TNT's approach to the WITCHBLADE series. It looks like the 13 hour order will mimic how the first season was designed: One telemovie followed by an 11 episode miniseries many months afterwards. The telemovie is already in pre-production and is scheduled to air in January, where it will have at least one encore airing before it is aired again in June. The new 11 episode mini-series (season, whatever you want to call it!) will then premiere in June after the telemovie encore. My take is that TNT sees WITCHBLADE as a potential cult classic and will probably repeat this pattern as long as it can. Think about it. It can do the non-series telemovie and release it in European theatres once a year while airing it in the US in January to keep the domestic WITCHBLADE fans satisfied. If that weren't sweet enough, all they have to do each year is prepare half a traditional season (11 episodes) and the fans will love them for it. Because it has cult appeal, TNT can run it over and over again the rest of the year. ALSO, the January telemovie helps get rid of some sticky plot problems that the 2nd season would have to deal if there were no telemovie. Basically, for the series to make any sense, Sara Pezzini has to relive the last season over again! Can you say potentially boring? Well, the telemovie solves that problem. They can use that two hour block to bring the loyal 1st season fan up to snuff on how Ms. Pezzini relives her past with the intuitive knowledge she picked up in the first season, yadda yadda yadda. Then for the 2nd season episodes, they can go on to "virgin" territory and not have to worry about picky 1st season fans and alienating clueless 2nd season fans.

08-23-01. The Tia Carrere on-line chat will be Saturday Aug. 27th EST 10pm at http://www.citytv.com/events/relichunter01/

08/23/01. TNT has renewed Witchblade with an order for 13 episodes. Here's the Hollywood Reporter article announcing it:

Hollywood Reporter:
TNT flashing 'Witchblade' in '02
Aug. 23, 2001
By Jim McConville

NEW YORK -- It's expensive, but Turner Network Television's original series "Witchblade" might be putting more fannies in front of the cable network, which explains why TNT has reupped it for a second season next year.

Turner is plunking down an estimated $1 million an episode for "Witchblade," its action-adventure series starring Yancy Butler as a female New York detective who fights the forces of darkness with an ancient, supernatural weapon.

But it may be money well spent because its TNT's successful original series has done better viewer-wise than the acquired material it had been running before.

TNT president of original programming Robert DeBitetto said Turner has ordered a 13-episode second season.

DeBitetto said "Witchblade's" renewal is related directly to its first-season ratings performance, especially in its key 25-54 demographic.

"It's really nailed our key demos," DeBitetto said. "Nearly 60% of the viewers are 25-54, and over half of our viewers are in the 18-49 demo."

Tuesday night's season finale of "Witchblade" drew an estimated 2.2 million TV households, according to Nielsen Media Research, tying its top viewer draw for its season premiere June 12.

"Witchblade" averaged a 2.3 rating and 1.9 million households during its 11-episode first season. That compares with a 1.6 rating and 1.3 million homes TNT's Tuesday 9 p.m. slot averaged before "Witchblade" on a diet of off-network movies.

Produced by Top Cow Prods. and Halstead Pictures Inc., "Witchblade" will relaunch in June.

TNT has not been as successful with its other original series attempts. TNT's first dramatic series, "Bull," which cost more than $1 million per-episode to produce, was canceled in the spring before finishing its first run. TNT's other original series, "Breaking News," never made it out of the starting gate.

08/01/01. Along with the on-line petition there is a good old fashioned write-in campaign to re-new Witchblade for another season. Fans are including PEZ candy wrappers (Sara's nickname is Pez) in order to make the requests stand out. Send those letters and PEZ wrappers to:

Programming Director,
1050 Techwood Drive,
Atlanta, GA 30318
United States
Also, you can e-mail you request to tnt@turner.com. However, it is advised that sending actual letters by the the mail are more effective than e-mails. Many are doing both.

08-20-01. Season Two preview! At this time only 13 episodes have been produced, however it is anticipated that production for the rest of the season (9 episodes) will begin in either January or February 2002. And what a 13! In terms of guest stars there will be Laila Ali (Muhammad Ali's daughter), Ron "Tarzan" Ely, Mira "Babylon 5" Furlan, Gary "Alien Nation" Graham, Peter "Days of Our Lives" Reckell, Patricia "Babylon 5" Tallman, and Alexandra "Xena" Tydings.

Carl Weathers (who played Apollo Creed in ROCKY), Chuck "A-Team" Bowman, Walter "Swamp Thing" Von Huene, Jon "Forever Knight" Cassar, Goran "Babylon 5" Gajic, and Terry "Relic Hunter" Ingram will all be directing. Tony "Charmed" Blake, Paul "Charmed" Jackson, Christopher "ER" Mack, Melissa "Xena" Good, Rick "Charlie's Angels" Husky, Steven "Xena" Sears, Babs "Xena" Greyhosky, Harold "Earth: Final Conflict" Apter, Carla (TV movie writer) Wagner, and Tom Blonquist will do the writing duties.

Now to plotlines! Sheena discovers a feral teenager living deep in the jungle (can you say Tarzan homage?), a shaman arises to challenge Kali, Sheena has only 48 hours to get an undercover drug agent safely out of harm's way, an assassin comes into the jungle and kills some of the locals (which not surprisingly annoys Sheena), a high stakes boxing tournament happens on Sheena's turf, a valuable relic that was to be sold for a needy village is stolen by thieves, Kali is accused of some local crimes, an international hostage situation arises in Maltaka, an outsider comes in to reform the social and educational systems of the villages, and two major homages: an X-Files one where villagers begin to suspect alien abductions, and a Survivor one, where a Survivor-like TV show is interrupted by a civil war.

08-18-01. Oh boy!!! More X-Files rumors!!! My heart! My heart! Can it take much more of this???? Anyways, about a week or so ago some info was leaked on an X-Files board about a monster that would appear in X-Files this coming season who was an aquatic siren who went around sucking the life blood out of peope. I personally ignored that because the characters was (1) a monster of the week; (2) went around NUDE; and (3) there was no ambiguity about whether it was a good witch or bad witch...it was a monster for goodness sake, going around sucking the lifeblood out of guys and such. So, since Lawless has stated that she wears regular clothes in X-Files, a producer stated that you cannot tell whether her character is good or bad, and that they were thinking of having her return for up to 6 more episodes... I thought this cannot be her character. But yesterday, Xenaville posted a rumor which has Lawless INDEED playing this character. I dunno. I just report these things folks, but I am a tad disappointed. Anyways, to finish the rumor content:

According to Daniel at Cinescape.com, Lucy is playing a character called Shannon McMahon - and she sounds a fascinating character!...The first two episodes, Nothing Important Happened Today and Nothing Important Happened Today II airing on November 4th & 11th in the US, include a mysterious woman who in part one: "[A Government] guy is killed by a mysterious woman he picks up in a bar. She forces them off the bridge. She also has the unique talent of being able to breath under water. This woman pops up a lot in the script running around naked and drowning people like a worker at a water treatment plant."
And here's more:
In Part 2 there are more spoilers about Lucy's character and who she might be. This from a source at Cinescape.com: "Agent Doggett(Robert Patrick) appears to be dead in Act 1 of the episode but is rescued by what I am assuming is our water woman/Lucy Lawless now named Shannon McMahon. Shannon claims to be some sort of super soldier. Knowle Rohrer (a character we met in S8) somehow survived the car crash and Shannon claims he is also a "Super Soldier". She also claims that the people she killed in 9X01 (Nothing Important Happened Today) were "preparing the water supply" and this needs to be exposed by Doggett. "

08-18-01. I know you are all going to just love this! An even more complete ratings listing for the airing week of 07/16/01!!!

The X-Files 2.9 Stargate: SG1 (2.7, - 4), (62R New Ground) Andromeda (2.5), (16R The Sum of Its Parts) Xena (2.3/2.5, -26), (126R Path of Vengeance) VIP (2.3/2.4, -21), Profiler 2.1 Earth: Final Conflict (2.0/2.1, - 5), (22R The Joining) Maximum Exposure (2.0/2.1), The Invisible Man (2.0, +25), (32 Den of Thieves) The Lost World (2.0, + 5), (35R The Guardian) BeastMaster (2.0, - 9), (38R Fifth Element) Baywatch Hawaii (1.9/2.1, -14), Sheena (1.9), (20R Unsafe Passage) Relic Hunter (1.7, - 6), (40R Midnight Flight) Early Edition 1.5 The Outer Limits (1.4, -13), Thunderbox (1.3), Queen of Swords (1.1) (10R 112 The Serpent)

08-17-01. Here's the ratings for the genre shows released in syndication on 07/16/01:

The X-Files 2.9
Stargate SG-1 2.7 (62R. New Ground)
Andromeda 2.5 (16R. The Sum of Its Parts)
Xena 2.3 (126R. Path of Vengeance)
Profiler 2.1
Earth: Final Conflict 2.0 (22R. The Joining)
Invisible Man 2.0 (32. Den of Thieves)
Early Edition 1.5
Outer Limits 1.4 (131R. Final Appeal Part 1)
Source: Nielsen Galaxy Report, 7/23/01 - 7/29/01 [Shows released 7/16/01]

08-17-01. I do not know where or when yet, but Tia "Relic Hunter" Carrere will be doing a live chat on-line sometime later this month.

08-17-01. Oops. I forgot to mention that Lucy Lawless got a job! Yup, she's got herself a recurring role on X-Files. Her character will be introduced in the two part season opener for X-Files, and if all goes well, X-Files has an option for 6 (count 'em 6!) more episodes to do on the show. This is how Joxer started, so do not think this insignificant.

The episodes NOTHING IMPORTANT HAPPENED TODAY I and II, are being filmed this past week and into the next. They are scheduled to open season nine of the show that refuses to die on November 4 and November 11, 2001 at 9pm. The first will be directed by Kim Manners and written by Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz. The second part will be directed by Tony Wharmby and written by the same people who wrote part one. The character Ms. Lawless will play is, of course, bigger than any State secret. All TPTB [the powers that be] at X-Files would say was "You won't be able to tell if she's a good or evil force", so we will probably never know whether she's a good witch or a bad witch-- which might push Glinda over the edge at last (so it's a good thing).

For those who notice, bit Lawless and Tapert stated they were going to take off a year after Xena had been put to bed, but Lawless was given an offer she could not refuse. Does this mean we have more JACK OF ALL TRADES and CLEOPATRA 2525-like shows to look forward to in the near future???? Let's hope not. Let's hope Tapert gets a nice long fishing break, and comes back rested, tanned, and ready to produce something as fun and fascinating as Xena.

08-17-01. Oops. The Sundance Channel info from 08-12-01 is from the New Zealand Sundance Channel not the US one. I was thinking the US one got a little too hip for its own good.

08-12-01. Hourglass news. The TV development project of Claudia Christian and Alexandra Tydings is still afloat and going strong even though their valiant pitch from a fortnight ago did not soften the hearts the studio they pitched too. There are still more pitches to be made to other studios. This project is far, far from dead. One has to jump through many hoops and travel down many deadends to get a TV show onto the little screen. Christian & Tydings are very responsive to their fans, and it is amazing and kind that they are sharing this experience with us. The only other producer who did anything like this was J.M. Straczynski, when he started talking about a little project that popped up in his head one day, later to be called Babylon 5, over four years before the TV show first aired. He knew that the fans would be instrumental in creating and maintaining the project. He was not afraid of his fans. He embraced them and interacted with them as thoughtful and intelligent people. He used this internet bonding (this was all pre-web and he used e-mail and newsgroups and bbs networks) to create a project which fans were able to participate in prenatally. Talk about creating responsible relatives and exploiting the instinct of nurturing. The fans made sure that Babylon 5 made it through its 5 years. Now, Christian and Tydings are offering us a similar and very rare experience. I wish them all the luck they will need (and they will need it!), and hope that they succeed. They are doing a brave thing AND they are asking us to walk with them in their production adventure. Let's rally behind them and support the project anyway we can. I have already written at length why I think it is an important project (in short, we need more female helmed action/adventure shows, regardless of what Tribune may think). It still goes. This is the age where grassroots fan movements can make or break a show. Let's use this power to allow another show in the true spirit of Xena to get made.

Now, after the polemics, here's some actual news for a change. The completed pilot script for Hourglass has been penned by Alexandra Tydings and it is called ABOUT TIME.

08-11-01. The buzz is that the pitch from a fortnight ago went very well but because of other projects already in production with the studio, they passed on the deal. However, there are still more pitches to be made to other studios. This project is far,far from dead.

08-12-01. Need a Danielle "Ephiny" Cormack fix? Then go out and subscribe to the Sundance Channel! The hottest actress in New Zealand is featured in a few films being aired by the Sundance Channel this month. Here are some upcoming flicks with descriptions (we are a FULL service website, you know?):

Siam Sunset
Wednesday, 22 August 2001 10:35PM
Director: John Polson
Starring: Danielle Cormack, Linus Roache, Ian Bliss
1999, Australia
(MVL) Comedy
Acclaimed Australian actor John Polson ('Idiot Box', 'The Boys') makes his directorial debut in this delightful, energetic film with a stunning cast. British paint technician Perry (Linus Roache), seemingly has everything going for him but his life takes a strange turn when his wife is killed in a tragic accident. He decides to getaway from it all by taking a trip to Australia in search siam sunset, the perfect paint color. He takes a bus tour around the northern territory where he meets a wild group of eccentrics, including Grace (Danielle Cormack), a woman who has stolen cash from her drug-dealing ex-boyfriend (Ian Bliss). As the movie moves along, we learn further that the Perry is constantly accident-prone and drawn into unlikely situations. Perry realizes that the malignant force which led to the death of his wife is still pursuing him. In the dazzling wasteland of central Australia he has to come to terms with his grief and fight to establish a new life. This quirky Australian comedy gained New Zealand actress Danielle Cormack the award for Best Actress at the Fantasporto Film Festival where 'Siam Sunset' also won awards for Best Film and Best Screenplay. The Hawaii International Film Festival also awarded John Polson for Best Film.

Channelling Baby
Thursday, 16 August 2001 10:00PM
Friday, 17 August 2001 11:15AM
Sunday, 26 August 2001 3:40PM
Monday, 27 August 2001 6:00AM
Director: Christine Parker
Starring: Danielle Cormack, Kevin Smith,
Joel Tobeck
1999, New Zealand
(M) Drama
Danielle Cormack and Kevin Smith star in this moving New Zealand drama which serves as a stunning directorial debut for Christine Parker. After being blinded by taking drugs in the 1970's during an eclipse, Bunnie (Cormack) marries her Vietnam soldier boyfriend Geoff (Smith). Bunnie and Geoff have a fiery relationship and when their baby girl is mysteriously lost, things go from bad to worse. 20 years later, Bunnie decides to use a medium (Amber Sainsbury) to try to find her daughter. 'Channelling Baby' deals with the issue of individual truth and is filmed from the points of view of those involved who each have a different version of the same events.

Be sure to note that Kevin "Ares" Smith and Joel "Strife" Tobeck appear in Channelling Baby as well. That's three Xena alums for the price of one!

Click here to read Danielle Cormack's most informative interview with the Sundance Channel.

Ms. Cormack has just finished her run in the stage play "The Blue Room" with Kevin Smith. After a modest break, she will star again on stage with Mr. Smith in "A Street Car Named Desire" opening on the August 29, 2001 in Auckland, New Zealand.

08-12-01. And what about Bruce "Autolycus" Campbell? He's still hawking his book in the heartland of America. He has enjoyed this experience so much that he is seriously considering writing another book. His motion picture documentary about his fans is done and is now being shown in select areas for pre-release tweaking. AND the big news is that Brisco County Junior will be coming out in video. I am going to hold out until DVD (I am no longer buying video ANYTHING these days...video...like the dinosaurs...EXTINCT!).

08-01-01. Variety reported on July 27th that Lucy Lawless had signed for the first two episodes of the new files season. It was also reported elsewhere that it included an option for 4 more episodes later in the season. Nobody is talking yet about what her role will be, but 6 episodes implies it will be more than just a two ships passing in the dark gig. There was also hints that it might go beyond the contracted 6 episodes. This is most interesting. It is definitely a step up for Ms. Lawless to appear in a once top ten network drama (and get her foot in the door to the files film franchise) and it will be a badly needed shot in the arm for the tired files series. Will this work? And why files? There is conjecture that Lawless was tapped because of her connection with the William "CSM" Davis Acting School that she attended many years ago in Canada. The files new season will premiere November 4, 2001 on the Fox Network.

08-01-01. The Annual Argos Awards was held July 28th 2001 at the new squeaky clean Whoosh Warrior Palace. The Whoosh Warrior Palace is the latest incarnation of the old Xena Warrior Palace...as the warrior princess moves on, so do we, I guess. If you want to find out more about the Whoosh Warrior palace, please go to http://whoosh.org/palace. Now, where were we. AH! The 2001 Argo Awards. It was quite a night. I was supposed to be a presenter but I showed up way too fashionably late (a misunderstanding about what was Eastern time and what was Western time...it can be confusing living on a sphere). Here's a transcript from where they noticed my lack of existence:

Laura Sue: Laura Sue would like to welcome her boss and favorite gal to bail her out...Whoosh's big cheese,
Kym Taborn, to present the award for BEST COSTUMING!
Moderator: Shelody says: "applause cheers and whistling and stamping of feet"
Moderator: DdP says: "The ARGOS R O C K!!!!"
Laura Sue: Is that windy ol battleax..I mean..Kym here?
Moderator: well, we would like very much to welcome Kym...
Moderator: except...she's not here
Moderator: so DdP, would you do the honors for Best Costume Ep?
Laura Sue: You know..I HEARD Kym had taken up drinking....
DdP is on the stage.
Laura Sue: Dave..here you are again
DdP: Where's the Penguin
Moderator: you two dancing?
DdP: I get dragged up again!
Laura Sue: The penguin is indisposed..
Moderator: Gene says: "Penguin Power!!!"
Moderator: the case of the missing penguin
DdP: I see. Which category is this again? LOL
Laura Sue: I hear she's collapsed under that Group Therapy Whoosh issue
DdP: I'm not drunk...really!
FYI, the penguin references are due to me insisting upon going undercover as a penguin at the Palace. The entire transcript of the fun-filled, dramatic, and simply marvehlous proceedings can be found at http://whoosh.org/palace/argoawards2001.txt. If you cannot bring yourself to relive those wonderful and highly entertaining two hours, then here is the short list of winners:
Best Music: FRIEND IN NEED II, Joseph LoDuca
Best Director: WHEN FATES COLLIDE, John Fawcett
Best Fight Sequence: Tie: FRIEND IN NEED II, Xena loses her head; FRIEND IN NEED II, Gabrielle kicks some samurai hinder
Best Writing: WHEN FATES COLLIDE, Katherine Fugate
Best Costume: WHO'S GURKHAN
Most Villainous Turn: WHEN FATES COLLIDE, Alti
Argos Achievement Award: Robert Tapert
Best Line of Dialogue: FRIEND IN NEED II, "If I only had thirty seconds..."
Best Guest Performer: WHEN FATES COLLIDE, Alti
Best O'Connor Performance: FRIEND IN NEED II
Best Lawless Performance: WHEN FATES COLLIDE
Best Episode Comedy: OLD ARES HAS A FARM
Best Episode Drama: WHEN FATES COLLIDE
WHEN FATES COLLIDE won 7 Argos to FRIEND IN NEED II's 4, and WHO'S GURKHAN and OLD ARES HAD A FARM each won one. The awards ceremony opened with messages from Adrian Wilkinson and Robert Trebor, and Katherine Fugate was in attendance to receive her award for best writing. Here's another "clip" from the awards:
AW [AmandaWannnabe]: This year saw some spectacular writing, so it was difficult to choose just one. But one you did. So, this year's winner for Best Writing is....(the envelope please *g*)
Moderator: DdP says: "Preach it girlfriend!"
AW: Katherine Fugate for When Fates Collide!
Moderator: abbagirl says: "yay!!! Katherine Fugate is amazing."
Moderator: Cathy says: "yay! Great choice!"
Moderator: *Loranna, The_Muse says: "WHOO HOO!"
Laura Sue: YAY Ms. FOOOJAYYYY..that ep rocked!
Moderator: katherine says: "O MY GOD I'M SCREAMING LIKE AN IDIOT!"
katherine is on the stage.
Moderator: *phoenix says: "YAY!! katherine!!"
Moderator: ALWheaties says: "Yeah Katherine!!!! WTG! You're GREAT! :)"
katherine: o my god i am crying.
Moderator: *eLPack & Ass says: "yay!! good choice!"
AW: Also in the top three were Missy Good for Legacy and R.J. Stewart for A Friend in Need II.
Laura Sue: Yay Katherine...congrats baby...
Moderator: Guest 3917 says: "yes. great ep!"
Moderator: abbagirl says: "whoa, is that the real katherine?"
katherine: i screamed so loud -- my neighbors are calling the police.
Moderator: yes, that is the REAL virtual katherine!
katherine: thanks for saying my name right too.
Laura Sue: happens to me ALL the time
AW: Congrats, Katherine. That ep rocked!
Moderator: Gene says: "Katherine, Welcome!!!"

Moderator: }{anthe says: "its well deserved katherine!! congrats!!"
katherine: jesus this is the most exciting moment-- it's amazing!
Moderator: abbagirl says: "welcome to the palace katherine!!!"
katherine: my heart is pounding - my hands are shaking!
Moderator: *Loranna, The_Muse says: ""
Moderator: BethG says: "Tell the police you just won a rockin' award. :)"
katherine: thank you everybody so much!
Moderator: abbagirl says: "If it were up to me you'd be writing Season 7 of Xena right now :)"
Laura Sue: When Fates Collide was one of the best episodes..in my never humble opinion
Moderator: Lucy's Bard says: "YAY Katherine....YOU ROCK!!!"
AW: Thank you for giving us one of the best episodes ever of Xena.
Moderator: BethG says: "Thank YOU Katherine - truly awesome episode!"
Moderator: Member 3976 says: "it was the true ending..."
Moderator: Cathy says: "Thank YOU .....WFC rocked - big time!"
katherine: o god - well everyone worked so hard on it. it was a special experience from beginning to end.
Moderator: *eLPack & Ass says: "it should have been the finale!"
Laura Sue: Wish it could have been the finale
Moderator: deb7 says: "Congratulations!!!!"
Moderator: abbagirl says: "yeah, wfc is how i think of the end of the show."
Moderator: Shelody says: "great choice!! loved it!!"
Moderator: Guest 3973 says: "My fav line from that ep is when Gabrielle is about to destroy the loom and she says " Your loom destroyed what was meant to be!" Congratulations Katherine-- well deserved!"
katherine: thank you!!! that is one of my favorites too as it sums up everything.
Moderator: SnuggleGrrl says: "Awesome! See you at DragonCon Kat! "
katherine: i cant wait for dragon con!
Moderator: abbagirl says: "I think yer in the X:WP hall of fame now, lol"
Moderator: ALWheaties says: "Thanks so much for joining us!!! :) It's one of my fav eps!"
Laura Sue: Dragoncon will be great...
Moderator: Cathy says: "gonna make a speech Katherine?"
katherine: thank you again. i shall move back to my spa so you can move on. thank you so very much. i am so moved and touched. really.
Moderator: *applause*
Laura Sue: Thanks katherine..thank you so much for indulging us
katherine left the stage.
Moderator: and thank you Amanda
Laura Sue: And you must e-mail Laura Sue with her gossip faux pas...
AW left the stage.
Moderator: AQ says: "A well deserved award Katherine!"


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