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Last update: 10-27-01

09-21-01. CN Winters has organized an auction with fellow bards, authors, fans and stars of Xena: Warrior Princess in the effort to raise money for the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. Items include original artwork, season video sets, autographed photos of Lucy and Renee (as well as other cast members) from Creation Entertainment, rare collectibles, hard to get magazines and many items too numerous to mention. All proceeds go to benefit the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. Bidding starts Friday, Sept. 21st, 2001 and will end Wednesday, September 26th at 11:00 PM EST. Please stop by and visit the site at http://cnwinters.tripod.com/auction/charityhome.htm.

09-10-01. Sigh. Creation shafts fans again. I was hoping with the end of the show that this obvious animosity and disrespect that Creation holds for some of the fans would be at least tempered, if not quietly put away to be forgotten. Sadly, I was wrong. Originally I was looking forward to sharing the news that Sword and Staff was elected by a school in New Zealand (an alma mater of Lucy Lawless') to run an auction of Lawless' memorabilia to help support the school. The school approached Sword and Staff and Sword and Staff accepted. Sword and Staff immediately went to work. The school announced the project on its web page. It was quite a proud moment for Sword and Staff. The fan-run charity organization was being honored in a very important way. Sword and Staff publicized the auction, started working out the logistics, and was busy organizing the event. Then there was a lapse of communication lasting over a fortnight. A day ago Sword and Staff got the message that the person who had been organizing the event had an illness in the family and another person took over and re-assigned the auction to Sharon Delaney and Creation Entertainment. In short, either Sharon Delaney and Creation outright stole the event from Sword and Staff or allowed the school to unwittingly to give it to them. This has been quite a slap in the face to Sword and Staff and to many fans. The responsibility clearly rests upon Delaney because the auction agreement was public knowledge and there is little doubt that she was aware of the original agreement. Apparently she wanted it and did whatever she had to (or passively exploited a mistake by the school) to get it. If mistakenly approached, she should have referred the person to Sword and Staff. But no, she used her position and power to usurp yet another activity the fans had commenced. Sadly, it is just more evidence of how badly Xena fandom has been treated by those purportedly representing the object of the fans' interest.

09-10-01. Evil Dead Alert for LA Area Fans. The Egyptian Theater in Hollywood will be showing a restored print of The Evil Dead on Halloween night and they are hoping on getting a panel of the filmmakers (Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, Bruce Campbell, etc.) for a Q&A afterwards. The site for the theater is http://www.egyptiantheatre.com.

09-10-01. DragonCon 2001 took place over the Labor Day weekend (Aug. 31 - Sept. 3) in Atlanta, GA. Katherine Fugate was a panelist. During the con she stated that she wrote the script with the mind that Xena and Gabrielle were lovers. She also explained that in her parable, it was her intent to show that although Xena and Gabrielle were given what they most coveted in life (fame, power, riches), they both discovered that it all meant nothing without each other [awww]. Finally, at the con, there was mention of a kiss that was written into a later draft of WHEN FATES COLLIDE by order of Rob Tapert, but then removed by the same in a later script.

09-10-01. Ted Raimi at the SFX convention in Toronto on Aug 25-26 2001 stated that although there will not be a Xena movie in anything resembling the immediate to intermediate future, he did say that him, along with Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor, and Bruce Campbell are planning on making a film in the near future. Again, remember who the source of this information is from. But also remember, he sometimes actually does give accurate information.


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