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Last update: 06-18-06

06/16/03. From Comingsoon.net, a fangirl's wetdream (Robert Tapert, by the way, denies it, and even though he does deny it, I am convinced it is total rubbish, but what a high concept!):

Rumor has it that a televised Relic Hunter movie focussing around the Xena chakram is planned for next summer. According to Cult Times, Sydney Fox will uncover the weapon and two lost Xena scrolls.

In a recent interview, Lucy Lawless exclaimed- "Me and Tia always wanted to have the two series' merge, but then Xena ended". It is unclear yet whether Lucy Lawless herself will appear in the movie, which will feature references to Xena episodes.

Tia Carrere said: "It's very exciting. It's never been done before. We're taking an established series and weaving a narrative around it".

Rob Tapert- executive producer of Xena- has said that this will not hinder chances of a fully-fledged Xena movie in the future.

04/16/03. From Zap2it.com, some Katherine Fugate news (something to keep food on the table while she's waiting for the okay for the Xena script order):

Jennifer Aniston will star in and possibly produce an untitled comedy by screenwriter Katherine Fugate ("Carolina") for New Line Cinema.

The story, based on an idea by Wayne Rice ("Dude, Where's My Car?" ), centers on the wife (Aniston) of a wealthy politician who is confronted with her past when the 10-year-old son she gave up for adoption resurfaces in her life, according to Variety.

Aniston's husband, Brad Pitt, and Brad Grey are in early negotiations to produce the picture through their production shingle, which is based at Warner Bros. Pictures.

Aniston, who is currently starring in the hit television series "Friends," most recently appeared on the big screen in "The Good Girl." She will next co-star opposite Jim Carrey in Tom Shadyac's "Bruce Almighty" and she also recently

04/03/03. From ZENtertainment:

Karl Urban (LOTR: THE TWO TOWERS) is has joined the cast and Thandie Newton (MI2) is in negotiations for THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK, a sequel to PITCH BLACK.

03/28/03. Katherine Fugate explains the Xena reference in The Core (from the TX forum):

Katherine Fugate Online
TX New Member
Posts: 3
(3/28/03 11:57:29 pm)
Reply Re: Xena mention in "The Core" (6th post down from top)
maybe i can help out here. friends wrote me about this post and let me know
of this thread so here's the inside scoop:

jon amiel the director of "the core" deliberately inserted the xena
reference as an inside joke to me. jon and i are working on another movie
right now and he's a very dear friend. i had mentioned i wrote for xena and
introduced him to the show and to renee o'connor, whom he tried to cast in a
role in another film, but she was pregnant at the time.

as far as i know from jon, there was no star trek request first but i will
ask him about this rumor. there was an actual clip from xena used in "the
core" but in the end it was cut for time...

so = as far as i know, jon inserted the xena reference simply to make me
smile. he had told me about it months ago and so i mentioned it at the xena
convention in pasadena, telling the crowd to look for it - as well as a
famous line i inserted in the upcoming "carolina."

hope that clears up any confusion out there.

stay safe, drive safely and obey all the traffic laws.

katherine fugate

02/16/03. Kevin Smith Tribute video available (from Crispian Stewart aka Kiwiattic):

Just wanted to let you know that we have on tape the 1 hour special tribute programme on Kevin Smith a year on from his sudden death. It gives a real insight into Kevin's childhood, family life, career achievements and what the future held for our rising kiwi star. It features commentaries from Lucy Lawless, Craig Parker and Joel Tobeck among others.

This will be available in NTSC format at US$12.00 + shipping (US$8.00 per tape). This covers our costs and allows a portion that we would like to contribute to the Kevin Smith Trust for each tape that we record.

Please let me know if you are interested and I will put together an order for our recording contact. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Crispian Stewart
Kiwi Attic 2000 Ltd
PO Box 931, Napier, New Zealand

02/14/03. Apparently, when not working on the Xena movie pitch, Rob Tapert still has gainful employment, even if it is kinda sorta passive! Around the time Renaissance Pictures disbanded, Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert in partnership with Senator Pictures formed Ghost House Pictures. Ghost Houses's mandate is to finance cheap and quick horror, science fiction, and fantasy movies, while honing the skills of neophyte directors. Just think Roger Corman for the new millennium. There are two films in the production line: Boogeyman (written by Eric Kripke, Juliet Snowden, and Stiles White; executive produced by Steve Hein and Gary Bryman; directed by Mehdi Norowzian; filmed in New Zealand starting in May 2003), and 30 Days of Night, based on a comic-book series (like what isn't these days, eh?).

02/10/03. Katherine Fugate announced at the 2003 Xena in Pasadena, California that she and Rob Tapert are working on a movie pitch that they will eventually present to Universal Studios for a Xena major motion picture. Fugate also conjectured that if the film takes place post-FRIEND IN NEED, then the film could be about Gabrielle's trip to Egypt and bring in the book of the Dead mysticism in bringing back Xena and not having to worry about the Greek gods (thus avoiding having to recast Ares).


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