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These babies cover October 1997...that's why we call it an ARCHIVE!

Last update: 04-01-98

10-31-97. Kevin Smith and Ted Raimi will be filming the episodes THE QUILL IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD and BITTER SUITE in November 1997. There is a rumor that ET is flying down to cover the taping of BITTER SUITE.

10-31-97. HERCULES NEWS! The HERCULES episode FANCY FREE features Iolaus (Michael Hurst) in drag, while MEN IN PINK feature Autolycus (Bruce Campbell) and Salmoneus (Robert trebor) in drag (no subtext jokes from me folks). Both are homages to movies, FANCY FREE to BALLROOM DANCING, and MEN IN PINK to SOME LIKE IT HOT. IF I HAD A HAMMER guest stars Salmoneus and Atlanta (Corey Everson). Obviously they picked up Robert Trebor for one more HERCULES episode, but he's still as yet not signed for ANY third season XENA episodes. Because of Kevin Sorbo's health problems, there is a rumor that at least three of the fourth season's episodes will be HERK-LITE. Tony Todd might be filming a HERCULES episode after Thanksgiving. This has not been confirmed. Todd has been confirmed, though, as signed to appear on STAR TREK: VOYAGER later this season as a new character who is of a predatory alien species called "Alpha-Hirogen".

10-26-97. HTLJ episode IF I HAD A HAMMER begins filming in November 1997 and guest stars Robert Trebor as Salmoneus and Bruce Campbell as Autolycus.

10-26-97. Ted Raimi at Valley Forge Con (10-05-97) said that the name Joxer came from a Eugene O'Neill play. He also said that in an upcoming episode, he will play Joxer, Jett, and an "Unnamed actor will play Joxer's sister." The scubblebutt is that the episode is KING OF ASSASSINS and that Raimi will be playing the sister role as well. It looks like 97- 98 will be the year of the drag. There will be cross dressing in an HTLJ's episode as well. He finally mentioned that he had written a script for Xena and would soon "pitch" the story to the staff on the show to see if it can be done or not. He said the story was basically about Xena and Gabrielle come to a town where the people are being kidnapped one by one but no one seems to care. He said it was a very dark story, rather than a comedy.

10-26-97. Robert Tapert in STARLOG #245 (November 1997?): "This season on XENA, we're doing some tricky and questionable things, and to some extent, we're deconstructing our hero." Also, "[W]e're going to orchestrate our characters into making decisions that ultimately prove 'very' wrong. I don't think we'll be doing it to the same degree on HERCULES, but Xena will make a few wrong decisions, and she and Gabrielle will pay for them over the entire season."

10-26-97. From Nitefal@aol.com: Starlog Magazine #245 (November 1997 issue?) contains an interview with Rob Tapert, executive producer of XWP. Joe Nazzaro conducts the four page (including 8 photos) interview. The Tapert article covers a wide range of topics, including - The differences between HTLJ & XWP; info on the new animated movie & YOUNG HERCULES (Tapert is hoping YH becomes an afternoon strip series with 80 episodes a year); a little info on the current season of these two series; the subtext on Xena; the Joxer controversy on Xena; directing (himself, Hurst, Sorbo, Trebor); and his one-shot at acting in the "Xena Scrolls" episode ( which was his tribute to writer/producer/actor Stephen Cannell).

10-26-97. From Nitefal@aol.com: Starlog Magazine #245 (November 1997 issue?) contains an interview with Michelle Yeoh, the Chinese action hero actress, whose roles were some of those apparantly used by Tapert's Renaissance team as a blueprint to develop Xena. Ms. Yeoh is starring in the latest James Bond movie, "Tomorrow Never Dies" ( but definitely not as a typical 'Bond Girl' ). The article by Michael Gingold is four pages (including 9 pictures ), and it contains the most info on this interesting actress that I have come across to date.

10-26-97. Karl Urban mentioned at WarriorCon (09/13/97) that we might see Caesar-Julius-Caesar again, even after his upcoming DELIVERER episode in a yet-to-be-filmed ep after hiatus (this is still in discussion phase). And right after WarriorCon he had to get to work on AMAZON HIGH in a small part in which he plays a cannibal.

10-26-97. Received this e-mail on 10- 09-97: "Recently I sent an E-mail to Bruce Campbell and asked him if he was going to work on any episodes of Xena and Hercules while he was in New Zealand next month. He just wrote me back today. He didn't mention anything about Xena but he said he was doing 2 episodes of Hercules. His exact message to me was, 'Yes - 2 'Hercs''. I don't know if this means he if this means if he is starring in or directing them."

10-26-97. More Valley Forge info 10-04- 97): Sam Raimi has nothing to do with the TV show, just Renaissance Pictures.

10-26-97. More Valley Forge info 10-04- 97): Lucy Lawless and Kevin Sorbo are definitely going to be at > Burbank and that Renee and Michael will not. Apparently, the Cons are written into their production schedule and at the same time, Renee and Michael will be filming an episode called "The Quill is Mightier".

10-26-97. Merchandise update from Valley Forge Con (10-04-97). A Dance CD with re-mixes of Joe DoLuca's songs and Lucy Lawless singing on it. There will be no Grease CD with Lucy Lalwess. It would cost too much for them to re-mix it with her voice. In Spring of '98, 12 inch Xena and Gabrielle doll twin packs will be sold. In July '98, 6 inch Gabrielle and Callisto dolls will be sold. More comics, character comics based on Callisto/Autolycus and so on are going to be coming out. Making of XENA and HERCULES Books; The Animated Movie is coming out Jan. 6 1998. In July 1998, The Xena/Herk Trilogy will be coming out on video, with the Callisto trilogy and so on coming out later. A limited run of 500 Chakrams made from the same people who make them for the show are coming. T-shirts: Warrior..Princess..Tramp; Bard of Poteidaia; Amazon Princess; Ultimate Evil; Iolaus shirt; Xena and Gabrielle friendship shirt; Reign of Comedy shirt with Joxer and Autolycus. Also, the Home Shopping Club is going to be live at the Upcoming Burbank Con with some exclusive stuff.

10-26-97. Sharon Delaney at the Valley Forge Con (10-04-97) mentioned that there's word of a sequel to A DAY IN THE LIFE. She also revealed that she is 5'7" and eats Eggos and drinks McDonald's shakes while answering her E-mail.

10-26-97. Someone asked Hudson Leick at the Valley Forge Convention (10-04-97) if she did her own stunts on XWP and she said she did the fight scenes but not the flips or equestrian stunts. She added that sometimes men are dressed up as Callisto to do scenes "to scoop up Gabrielle." She pointed to her arm. "These arms aren't gonna be scoopin' up Gabrielle." The audience reacted with approval. Then she added "Not that I wouldn't give it a go!" This caused more laughter and applause.

10-14-97. Looks like either Tony Todd has been greatly confused or the fans have. It was reported by some fans at a SF Charity Con a couple of months ago that Mr. Todd said that he had been signed for 4 shows. Now, Mr. Todd told a fan this last weekend that he has signed for NO SHOWS this season. So it looks like NO CECROPS and NO ROMANCE for the one of the lucky ladies. Unless of course, Mr. Todd or the fans were confused again. WHATEVER IS GOING ON, be sure that we shall be documenting this most PECULIAR turn of events.

10-14-97. Reported from the Valley Forge Con 10-04-97: "When asked whether Gabrielle would have a romance this season, ROC said not that she was aware of. Besides, Gabrielle's plate was rather full as it was. (Guess that rules her out as the love interested for Cecrops.)" [Note: looks like the Cecrops romance is MOOT!]

10-14-97. Hudson Leick stated at the Valley Forge Con (10- 04-97) that she had three more XWPs to film. She had already by then filmed MATERNAL INSTINCT, and BITTER SUITE would be included in thoese to film...so it looks leick Ms. Leick has been signed for two more episodes!!! That makes her tally to 4 (MATERNAL INSTINCTS, BITTER SUITE, and two unknown at this point).

10-14-97. Bruce Campbell is reportedly down under this month to film two HTLJs episodes. No word on whether he will be acting or directing or both.
10-02-97. Autolycus will appear twice in XENA [KING OF THIEVES and one other] and twice in HERCULES [Season opener and one other].

10-02-97. According to an AoL chat on 09-29-97, Bruce Campbell has been signed for two episodes each of XENA [KING OF THIEVES and 1 other not filmed yet] and HERCULES [Season opener and 1 other not filmed yet].

10-02-97. Kevin Smith (Ares) has been signed for 4 episodes, but we do not think that number includes THE FURIES, which was originally conceived of being the 2nd season-ender [BITTER SUITE; DIRTY HALF-DOZEN and 2 more!].


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