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General Rumors about XWP Archive

Here is the archive!!!

These babies cover November 1997...that's why we call it an ARCHIVE!

Last update: 04-01-98

11-10-97. Danielle Cormack has a brief appearance as Ephiny in the HERC episode PRODIGAL SISTER. Also appearing with Ephiny will be her centaur son (on screen at last), Xenan.

11-10-97. From "Lesbian News" vol. 23 no. 4 (November 1997) by Emma Hayes: "'We're doing a musical this year,' she [Lucy Lawless] squeals in laughter. 'A really wanky, Wagnerian type opera Xena. It's going to be great.' Will there be any lesbian subtext, or, better yet, any lesbian sex? 'Look, it's ambiguous. That way everyone can get from it what they want. Really, who cares anyway. Pretty nasty, dark stuff coming up this year, though, so, don't let your children watch. This season's really got to be screened.'"

11-10-97. MORE INFO ON THE BRUCE CAMPBELL AS ROBERT TAPERT EPISODE HTLJ EPISODE. Bruce Campbell told a fan that Ted Raimi will play the part of a writer in the episode.

11-09-97. In an upcoming episode of Hercules Bruce Campbell will play the part of Robert Tapert, producer of Xena and Hercules. It said that the story will revolve around what to do when Kevin Sorbo is unavailable for filming. It said that the episode is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Hercules. It sounds kind of strange but Bruce Campbell was e-mailed about this and he confirmed it was not a joke!

11-09-97. Renee O'Connor, 11/08/97 on the WB 17 television interview: "I: What does the future hold for Gabrielle and Xena? RO: I know the writers are working on our friendship this year where we might split up. Our friendship will be tested. And I think every year no one really knows what we'll do. I think the audience plays into that. I just hope that we continue to be strong and to try new, to embrace our characters in a new way. I think the friendship of the characters will be tested and, I think, I hope that we'll always be true to each other and have a friendship that will be a part of history -- that everyone can say these two women were good people, you know, influenced our lives in some way. It'll beinteresting to see."

11-09-97. In an on-line interview on 07-03-97 RJ Stewart discussed some general XWP news.

"I: What is XENA's dark past?

RJ: The details of the back story, we continue to create. A lot of it we're exploring next season. I'm not gonna tell you anything about that.

I: No sneak previews?

RJ: No, but I will say that an important part of it takes place in China. We're doing XENA goes to China, and we got a great actress, Jacqueline Kim, to play her mentor [THE DEBT, PARTS 1 AND 2].

I: What about incorporating time travel?

RJ: One idea that I had for a while is with a villain named Callisto. I've played with the idea that Callisto escapes from the ancient world into New York.

I: Modern day New York?

RJ: Yeah, and XENA has to chase her there, but we haven't gotten to that. That would be fifth season when we're out of ideas. (Laughter)".

"I: Are you ever going to work in the Egyptians days?

RJ: We want to, but I understand that they're going to do that over on HERCULES. So we won't. [And yet KING OF ASSASSINS is alledgedly taking place in Egypt...they must have changed their mings once again!]

I: Do you ever discuss story between HERCULES and XENA so the stories aren't similar?

RJ: Well Rob, of course, produces both shows, so if I pitch him an idea that they're doing on Herc already, he'll just tell me [What about GABRIELLE'S HOPE and THREE MEN AND A BABY? Must have slipped through the cracks!].

"I: Do you read your fan e-mail?

RJ: I didn't for the longest time, but I interviewed recently for a fan magazine called "Whoosh," which is [named after] the sound that the weapons in Xena make when they swing. It's a XENA fan magazine. In it a woman wrote a critical review of my work. At the end of the article was the e-mail address of the author. So I sent her e-mail. This lady has a love/hate relationship with me, you know loved my work, hated my work. She called me an Agent of Evil, which I thought was really funny. So I e-mailed her and signed it, 'Your Ever Loving Agent of Evil.' She and I have had a pretty funny correspondence.

I: Do you ever go specifically online to look for what audiences are saying about XENA?

RJ: I don't look for it. When I discovered Whooosh Magazine, I stumbled on a whole bunch of it. I found this 'Rate-A-XENA' page where the fans rate the episodes. It's kind of fun. But just to keep it in perspective, "Rate-A-XENA' gets about 400 fans voting. They're 400 great fans. I wouldn't want to ever lose them, but let's face it, they could all ascend to heaven in the same day and it wouldn't hurt our ratings. You can't take it too seriously. The woman that I correspond with, the one that calls me the Agent of Evil, she's very funny and I enjoy the correspondence, but we don't talk much about the show. We created the show and we've run it for two years without taking that feedback very seriously. There's another guy on the show, STEVE SEARS (supervising producer), who's really into net. He keeps me informed as to what's going on on the net. I kind of get a kick out of it when I hear that they're lynching me. When they love me, I like that too."

For more of this interview go to http://www.writerswebsite.com/interviews/intv_rjs.htm.


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