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These babies cover February 1998...that's why we call it an ARCHIVE!

Last update: 04-23-98

02-24-98. Steve Sears was on an AoL Digital Worlds chat on Friday 13th 1998 and when asked the question, "...was HJ Bader brought on just to make Joxer more palatable?" Sears answered, "HBader was supposed to make him edible..."

02-24-98. On 02-21-98, at the NYC Creation Convention, Ted Raimi stated that in a future XENA episode Joxer's sibling Jace will be introduced. He said that Jace will either be Joxer and Jett's sister or it will be their cross-dressing brother!! The excitement is just **too much** with this show at times.

02-24-98. Made a mistake earlier. Gina Torres repeats her role as Nebula in HTLJ: "War Wounds" (she does NOT play Cassandra, who was played by another fine actress, Claudia Black, who already made a re-appearance in HTLJ: "Hercules on Trial" and is NOT appearing in "War Wounds" that we know of.)

02-23-98. Steve Sears was on an AoL Digital Worlds chat on Friday 13th 1998 and stated that the budget for the third season was eaten up by THE DEBT and BITTER SUITE. Since they did not have that much larger a budget from previous seasons, they are making up the difference by shooting less expensive shows. If ONE AGAINST AN ARMY is an example, they should strain the budget more often!

02-23-98. On 02-21-98, at the NYC Creation Convention, Danielle Cormack (actress, Ephiny) stated that something might be in the works where her character Ephiny will appear again on HERCULES. Cormack also appeared in the RenPic's pilot AMAZON HIGH, which is reportedly being scored in March 1998 by Joseph LoDuca. An interview with LoDuca will be featured in the April issue of WHOOSH, which will be a theme issue based upon the XWP episode THE BITTER SUITE. Other theme issues in the works at WHOOSH are the June 1998 Gabrielle Year of Hell Retrospective (contrary to earlier rumors there will be no t-shirts printed up in commemoration of this issue which states Gabrielle had a year of hell and all I got was this lousy t-shirt'), and Octboer 1998 Fan Fiction Expose.

02-22-98. HERCULES just finished filming WAR WOUNDS, an episode that deals with the aftermath of the Trojan War with the return of the Greek soldiers and how difficult it is for them to reassimilate after their war experiences. Written by Paul Coyle it will be the directing debut of HERCULES' regular Driector of Photography. It will also guest star Gina Torres. I do not know for certain, but I assume she will be playing Nebula..

02-22-98. Those wacky hygenically-challenged water-lovin' HEATHENS called the Horde will be back next season. Many fans are eagerly awaiting an episode of the same magnitude as THE PRICE, where the Horde were first introduced. Just remember what "kaltaka" means and that should get you through the first part.

02-22-98. On 02-21-98, at the NYC Creation Convention, Ted Raimi stated that he had been signed for 22 episodes of XWP for the 4th season. This means he is signed for every episode...can you say REGULAR CHARACTER?

02-22-98. In the 02-21-98 TV Guide the following is reported:

"What she does reveal is that quite a lot of odd people' want to appear on her syndicated series, including comic Buddy Hackett and singer k.d. lang. That would be thrilling,' she says of the latter candidate. Considering that Xena has a devoted lesbian following, everybody would love that.' No word yet on what character lang might portray, but it won't be Sappho, the ancient Greek writer known for her love poems to women is already part of an upcoming episode. She gets a hankering for Gabrielle, and Gabrielle doesn't know how to handle it,' Lawless offers, laughing. So who will play Sappho? It's someone quite well known,' she quips--Lawless herself. Better luck next time, Buddy."

02-22-98. In an interview with the Austin Chronicle, 02-12-98, Renee o'Connor got mega-confused along with the interviewer! The paper asked: "What's the technical definition of a Hardcase Nutballer'? Is it sort of a Nineties Trekkie'?" That started the problem. The correct term as any TRUE hardcore nutballer would know, is hardCORE not hardCASE. Then to add to the confusion, Ms. O'Connor stated, "Nutballers! Lucy was at a convention and walked out and said, You guys are nutballs'" It just sort of stuck. She meant it very endearingly. I saw some stickers [at the Valley Forge Xena Convention] saying, Hardcase Nutball.' It's that group of people who love the show who are loyal fans." First of all the term "hardcore nutball" did originate with Lucy Lawless but from an e-mail message she sent through Robert Mellette (aka Xenastaff) on the Internet in the MCA Xena NetForum on 03-29-96, which happened to be Ms. Lawless' 28th birthday. The pertinent part of the post is "Thanks very much you guys for your letters and best wishes, especially all you hard core nutballs who've been around since the dawn of time." Internet fans started using that term to describe themselves and it simply got quite out of hand. I am surprised that there were people runnig around with signs that said "Hardcase Nutballs", I am sure the signs must have actually said "Hardcore Nutballs". The complete post can be read in its entirety in the Xena Media Review Archives in issue XMR #17, Amended Annotations 215.5 (in part three).

02-22-98. In the same Austin Chronicle, 02-12-98, interview:

AC: I'd like to ask about the dynamic between you and Lucy and people's perception of you two, versus their concept of the characters. A friend of mine who visited the set and met both of you was impressed by the difference between your handshakes. She said that Lucy Lawless is very polite and demure, and that you would not imagine that she has such a girly handshake. To shake Renee O'Connor's hand, she said, however, you know she's the one that you want in a bar brawl with you!

RO: [Laughter] There's definitely a sense of Xena in Lucy, in the sense that she's a strong woman who won't take less than proper respect from anyone. She is a strong woman. She's so intelligent. I think she'd be a great person to have in a barroom brawl because she'd be more like Gabrielle. She could probably talk her way out of the situation; she's witty in that respect, but if it didn't work out, she could punch 'em. Actually I'm one to stay away from any sort of conflict whatsoever. If it happens, I can deal and hold my own, but I would probably let her handle it! When it comes to the physical, the difference between us physically, Lucy's much more feminine.

AC: Is there something in the contract that says you can't be more formidable-looking than Xena?

RO: Oh, not at all! [laughs] Remember the first season I had this long skirt? The na´ve, young Gabrielle! As soon as they put me in a short skirt, the comment from the L.A. office was, "Where did Renee the Robo-Cop come from?" They had no idea that I actually worked out. It was all hidden under the skirt! They questioned the fact that Gabrielle would be muscular. They're used to young women and actresses who are quite feminine, fragile. I'm not like that and I didn't want Gabrielle to be like that.

02-22-98. Steve Sears was on an AoL Digital Worlds chat on Friday 13th 1998 and stated that he was writing the season ender and he stated that it was not a comedy. Also, with the rumours of Callisto's upcoming demise and the intelligence that Hudson Lieck has two more episodes of XWP to film (infact, the filming is reportedly happening in the begining of March), we can perhaps safely conjured THAT Callisto is in the season-ender? Let's hope this season ends with a bang and not a wimper like it did last season with a mopey Joxer staring at a fire.

02-10-98. The clip episode for the third season XENA will be FORGET ME NOT.

02-06-98. From Varise Sarabande themselves: "The soundtrack to the Xena episode [BITTER SUITE] is scheduled to be released on 3/24. We are still working on the cover art for the CD - but so far it looks and sounds great. The CD should be available at record stores across the U.S." The website for that label is Varese Sarabande.

02-06-98. The second Aphrodite episode has been identified! It is FISH SCHTICKS!

02-06-98. And speaking of Joxer, where do our 11 episodes for season 3 line up? Joxer has appeared or will appear in (01) BEEN THERE, (02) KING OF ASSASSINS, (03) PRIESTESS, (04) QUILL, (05) BITTER SUITE, (06) KING CON, (07) FISH SCHTICKS, and (08) FORGET ME NOT. Joxer was not in or will not be in: (01) FURIES, (02) DIRTY, (03) DELIVERER, (04) GABRIELLE'S HOPE, (05) DEBT 1, (06) DEBT 2, (07) MATERNAL INSTINCTS, (08) ONE AGAINST AN ARMY, and (09) FORGIVEN. That leaves five shows where joxer may turn up on hree of them: WHEN IN ROME, VALEY OF NO RETURN, VANISHING ACT, TSUNAMI, and the season ender. The money is on the season-ender and ROME being non-Joxer episodes.

02-06-98. At Burbank II Con (01-18-98), Kevin Smith mentioned that he had some more appearances on XENA around March.

02-06-98. From Heath Opper. I also found this announcement on the Bruce Campbell website from the man himself:

"Hey gang!

Guess what? It looks like the King o' Thieves is gonna steal about 11 more episodes this year between the two shows, 'Herc' and 'Xena'. This new assignment will also include a few more directing assignments and a pilot for a new show (no, I don't know what it will be) later this year. As always - stay tuned for det ails, but better yet - watch the darn shows!


Bruce 'Auto' Campbell"

02-06-98. From Heath Opper. This is about the HTLJ's episode ONE FOWL DAY and it is straight off of the Bruce Campbell website: "The storyline has changed on 'One Fowl Day'. It is a direct continuation of 'Porcules'. In 'Fowl' the dastardly Discord (Ares mole) is turned into a chicken by Iolaus. Ares then punishes him (and Auto by association) in many many many ways ... think chains, nakedness, and mud. The current project is being directed by the jovial Michael Hurst." On the website they also have pictures from the episode with Iolaus and Autolycus dressed like trees. You can see them at www.bruce-campbell .com.

02-01-98. The tentative titles for the two Bruce Campbell episodes are "Tsunami" and "Vanishing Act". At this point we have no idea whether these are going to be in the third or four seasons.


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