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General Rumors about XWP Archive
MARCH 1998

Here is the archive!!!

These babies cover March 1998...that's why we call it an ARCHIVE!

Last update: 06-08-98

03-17-98. It was earlier thought that Meleager might show up in the first part of season 4 but now it is looking bad for Meleager. If he does return for the 4th season, it looks like it will be in the later half. And to think we are still waiting for Perdicus' return!

03-17-98. The episode called FISH SHTICKS is getting a new name! It will probably have the word diamond in the title.

03-13-98. Airing schedule changed! VANISHING ACT was switched with TSUNAMI. Looks like we get Poseidon Adventure before the western about Autolycus recovering his GOOD NAME. After TSUNAMI we will have the exciting season-ender two parter. We at WHOOSH are looking forward with great anticipation about this season-ender. We want EVERYONE to watch especially the first part. More detailed instructions will be given later! Oh, and just to sweeten the pot, the first part is written by Steve Sears, so you know it's got to be good!

03-13-98. Julius Caesar will return to the Xenaverse in season 4. This is great news to all those Caesarophiles. Caesar is becoming a welcome adversary in XWP's mature years. Let's hope they don't wimp him out like they did Ares in the 2nd season. Ares started out really fascinating and tough, but he was soon reduced to a buffoon easily manipulated by everyone and their sister! It was one of the most disappointing things about the second season. Now that they have drawn from the Callisto well a tad too much, perhaps they will learn some lessons from Ares and Callisto's development and turn JC into the most memorable Xena nemesis of all time!

03-13-98. A YEAR OF LIVING RAIMIOUSLY! WHOOSH sources have confirmed that Ted Raimi is signed for a 22 pay or play deal with RenPic for the 1998-99 season (4th of XWP and 5th of HTLJ). It has not been clarified whether this is exclusively for XWP or whether there will be sharing of Raimi from among the sets. This season Raimi had an 11 show pay or play deal. He appeared in 8 episodes of XWP and 2 of HTLJ, leaving him one shy of his contract (don't worry, he was paid!!!). However, he may appear in either of the two Autolycus upcoming episodes, because his presence in either of those episodes has been neither confirmed or denied.

03-13-98. After MY FAIR CUPCAKE, HTLJ's will have four more shows until its 4th season ends. These four will include TWILIGHT (which may feature Callisto and may tie in somehow with XWP's two parter season ender SACRIFICE Parts 1 and 2) and WAR WOUNDS, which is discussed in more detail below. One of the remaining episodes will most likely involve a Hindu diety. This Hindu episode was mention in TV Guide last fall and has yet to be aired. It might have been scheduled to be shot later for the season due to Sorbo's injury OR it may have been shot earlier and held back for some reason OR it might have been shelved completely before filming. We must wait and see.

03-13-98. XWP is currently filming the last episode of the 3rd season. We have no idea what the name of it is so we are calling it SACRIFICE II. I was disappointed that they were not going to run a summer cliff hanger (reminiscent of what STTNG when did when it finished its shakey third season and after that it was like a bat out of hell in its growth...can you say BORG?), but on the other hand, we now do not have to wait all summer to see the resolution of what looks to be an interesting twist on this Dahak/Hope/loss of blood innocence/Rift/Callisto as goddess thing they have appeared to have painted themselves into a corner with. And the best news is that Joxer appears nowhere near the two parter season-ender. It looks like they are using Joxer as comedy fodder. And this trend looks like it will continue, especially with Rob Tapert's mention at the Burbank II Con (01/98) that there will be more comedies in season 4 and Ted Raimi's announcement at the St. Louis Con (02/98) of his 22 pay or play deal for the 4th season (this has been confirmed BTW, but not whether it will be akin to Bruce Campbell's sweetheart deal of working both HERK and XENA and a pilot and some directing chores).

03-13-98. Looks like HTLJ's ancient take on returning unpopular war veterans called WAR WOUNDS will also have in the cast Karl Urban playing Cupid and Kevin Smith playing Iphicles. If you remember, Gina Torres was also cast as Nebula in this episode. It was filmed last month.


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