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General Rumors about XWP Archive

Here is the archive!!!

These babies cover September 1998 to October 1998...that's why we call it an ARCHIVE!

Last update: 11-01-98

11-01-98. No news was posted in October 1998. Oops. Must have got preoccupied elsewhere.

09-29-98. Info from the Cherry Hill, NJ Con (08/29-30/98):

  • Videotapes are in our future! Can you handle another season worth of tapes? Maybe, since they will be for XWP Season 2 and HTLJ Season 1. No info about DVD yet. One wonders what the market will be now that you can watch the older episodes every three months or so on USA.

  • The Janice & Mel "Xena Scrolls" sequel is still being discussed, but nothing concrete has happened on it yet. Also there is no info whether it has been assigned to scriptwriter yet. But there still is healthy interest in it. Maybe after the fanfiction edition of WHOOSH comes out, TPTB will realize that Janice & Mel are highly marketable characters that they should give another chance.

  • The Sappho episode {"Warrior...Poetess...Tramp") is still on the back burner. They still want kd lang and they are willing to wait for her. And it looks like they will have to because, let alone lang's schedule, they have boxes full of legal matters regarding releases, rights, licenses, and the such. In other words, expect to see Janice and Mel before kd.

  • The episode WILD HORSES will be the long-awaited "Starring Argo" episode. Argo finally gets her own episode and shows off her acting chops.
  • 09-29-98. In A TALE OF TWO MUSES, everyone seems to be really excited over the gang doing the limbo with Tara. Danielle Cormack, who plays Ephiny the Amazon Regent in XWP, will not apparently make it into any XWP episodes this season, but will make it over to HERCULES playing the same character. In DAUGHTER OF POMIRA, Xena has to infiltrate the Horde in order to save a non-Horde woman being raised as a Horder! This task is made easier by the fact that Xena has a lookalike in the Horde camp as well. Turns out that the "chief"'s daughter is the spitting image of Xena -- well, after she rats out her hair, puts on some skins, and rolls around in the mud a bit.

    09-29-98. Ach meine Gott! Not only does Xena meet up with an old flame this season, but she also pays heavily and oftenly for her past when she meets up with people whom she had screwed over while in her Destroyer of Nations phase (let me see, was that ten winters ago?). In ADVENTURES I & II, while in the afterlife she deals with an Amazon she had previously placed there (and let's say that the Amazon ain't too happy about it); she runs into another "old friend" who is still working out their issues in PAST IMPERFECT; and in SHARK ISLAND PRISON, Xena visits yet another woman from her past who would love to read Xena a few riot acts.

    09-29-98. Some news from the Josh Becker (director for XWP) site: "It also looks like I may have another Xena episode this season, presently entitled, "If the Shoe Fits . . ." which is a variation on "Cinderdella." If this does become an episode, it looks like some of thee episode names bandied about for this season hase been re-named or have put on the back burnere with the Sappho and Janice & Mel episodes. This is not shocking news. The show usually has at least 2-4 episodes which are carried far enough to receive production numbers yet never sees the light of day.

    09-29-98. Avicus (aka Robert Field, film editor extraordinaire of XWP), made a rare appearance on AoL Sunday night chat on 09-20-98. During this chat he mention a few very interesting things:

  • He mentioned there was a take in ADVENTURES IN THE SIN TRADE where a spider went in and out of Lucy's mouth. They did not get it on film, though.


  • In response to "What was that goo all over Hope when she hatched", Avicus said "Hudson says it was yeast infection and snot, but really it was milk and some powdery substance that gets gooey when wet. Pretty harmless stuff, apparently."

  • SICKNESS apparently is an homage, at least in part, to the film THERE"S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY

  • 12 episodes have been shot to date and are in various stages of post-production.

  • Vicky Pratt's character whups Xena pretty good in ADVENTURES and also has a nude scene. This may be the one that got by the censors.
  • 09-29-98. At the Dearborn Con back on August 22, 1998, it was mentioned during one of the presentations that Joxer appeared in ADVENTURES IN THE SIN TRADE I. The scene was supposedly one where Xena got especially emotional and Joxer comforted Xena and actually matured. Well, I haven't seen ADVENTURES I yet, but I have heard the reports and read the synopses and have seen hide nor hare of Joxer. It looks like he was indeed cut out of the entire episode as it was rumored a couple of weeks ago.

    09-15-98. In June 1998, TV Guide reported that Xena and Gabrielle would visit India, and while in India, Gabrielle would "question and seek different types of religions". This was corroborated by Bruce Campbell in an interview in the November 1998 SCI-FI TEEN Magazine from those wild and wacky people at STARLOG. Campbell implied that the usual gang of supporting characters (who just so happens to include Joxer) would be missing from an entire story arc where Xena and Gabrielle do some intensive sightseeing around the world. It must be contagious, because Hercules travels as well this season. Campbell's substantive quote was, "All I know is that both of them [Xena and Gabrielle] will be doing much more travelling to really funky parts of the world. That's why I won't be in as many. They will be taking these characters on different journeys. What is really on everyone's mind about this India trip is Xena's chakram. Will we at last see how she trained it so well?

    09-15-98. In early July 1998, Steven L. Sears, a co-executive producer for XWP, joined a chat session at Digital Worlds on AoL. Apparently, Sears had just finished the script for PAST IMPERFECT. He also stated that XWP will introduce a new god character and that one of the characters will have a "patron" god. He also stated that they wanted to use Velasca again, but the actress, Melinda Clarke, was too busy with SOLDIER OF FORTUNE to take time off and film it. They considered having Boudiccea return in the 4th season, but it did not pan out. They also discussed having Alexander the Great show up too, but that didn't work either. Finally, Sears stated that the Sappho episode was still on the back burner.

    09-15-98. How about some Hudson Leick news? Ms. Leick has been signed for a movie, and she is still in negoitations for a role in a TV series (non-XENA related, and may also be a non-genre show). Also, the rumors that Hudson Leick is pregnant appears to be exactly that: RUMORS. It is highly doubtful that this is an accurate rumor since Ms. Leick's appearance and work schedule has grown in frequency. In otherwords, she ain't acting like a pregnant person. So, until I get news otherwise, I am going to ignore that rumor.


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