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Here is the archive!!!

These babies cover November 1998...that's why we call it an ARCHIVE!

Last update: 12-15-98

11-24-98. The first repeat phase is scheduled to last 6 weeks and then resume with 8 spanking new episodes. Of those 8, only 6 are already in the can. The people downunder and in LA will be working overtime in December and January to make sure that the fans get those episodes. The scuttlebutt is that one of the as yet unfilmed episodes that will air in the 2nd group of 1st runs this season will be DEJA VU ALL OVER AGAIN, the clip show to be directed by Renee O'Connor this December. This is perhaps evidence that the "India" episodes will air during the 3rd group of 1st runs this season, although if PARADISE FOUND is an India episode, then the pseudo-arc will begin in the latter half of the 2nd group of first runs.

11-24-98. There was a special presentation about YOUNG HERCULES with producers Liz Friedman and Cynthia Hsiung at a Burbank Star Trek Convention (11-21-98). During the Q&A some information was passed:

  • Why are all these Amazon Queens called Cyane? An Amazon Queen in YOUNG HERCULES is named Cyane and the Queen of the Siberian Amazons was named Cyane in ADVENTURES IN THE SIN TRADE. These are not the same person. Apparently it is all linked to that once and future pilot, AMAZON HIGH. The high school Buffyoid who goes back in time to join in on the formation of the Amazon nation is named Cyane. She at first has a really rough time (as Liz Friedman said, the poor gal no longer has access to a blow dryer), but then eventually matures enough to become the first Queen of the Amazon Nation. And subsequent Queens have taken the name Cyane when they ascended the throne in honor of Buffy, oops, I mean Cyane. Even though, it might be interesting to have an Amazon Queen named Buffy, "My name is Buffy. Does anyone have a problem with that?". Apparently Melosa, Ephiny, and Gabrielle have yet to hear of this hallowed Amazon tradition.

  • A question was asked about whether the similarity between Najara 'do and Gabrielle's in the 4th season crucifixion premonition had any significance. Liz says to her knowledge, none. So much for all those theories about how Xena has averted Gabrielle's crucifixtion because she got Gabrielle away from Najara's barber.

  • A question was asked about whether the episodes are indeed being aired in the proper order, and Liz Friedman said that they are being aired in the order of the preferences of RenPic. Now wait a minute...The schedule has already been shaken up a bit several times, and quite dramatically. If this is the order they feel is the best, I beg to differ. The most glaring boo-boo was running CRUSADER after LOCKED UP. I found LOCKED UP to flow more naturally if following CRUSADER. Makes more sense out of Gabrielle's dramatic mood changes. Anyways, if they think its the best airing order, I guess we can always humor them (what a thought!!!)
  • 11-24-98. Just to clear up any potential misunderstantings out there as regards Renee O'Connor directing an ep this season, we were told that she was going to direct the clip show, and we were also initially told that PEARL was going to be it. Obviously there was a mix-up in ep names somewhere along the line, and it's been clarified the clip show is DEJA VU ALL OVER AGAIN and yes, that's the one Renee is directing. We get our episode information directly from the source in most cases, but sometimes it's inevitable there will be a miscommunication along the line. We endeavour to clear up any and all info glitches just as soon as we're made aware there's a problem, and we try to get that out to the general public just as soon as we're able. Remember, if you're unsatisfied, you can always return the unused portion of your WHOOSH! subscription for a full refund. (:

    11-20-98. On or about 11-15-98, Bruce Campbell, on his website, stated that he's planning on taking it easy for the next few months. His contract with RenPic has run out and he wants to take a vacation and then further pursue his film career. Will he be tempted to return as Autolycus? Stay tuned...

    11-10-98. Have time for some YOUNG HERCULES news? It's now my current rage. I have started watching it with my ten year old son. Okay, some of the episodes I would not characterize as Y-7, more like Y-12 or something (those Bacchae bar scenes are always a bit more intense than I think they intend them!), but I watch them with my son and we discuss the "message" of the show and more often than not we are not discussing sex, so I am a happy parent. So, that is why I was horrified when I heard the rumor that FoxKids was going to cancel YOUNG HERK. Well, what is happened is not cancellation, it is just that a show with a bigger toy tie-in (can you say Power Rangers and Tirna Nog?) has been moved to the primo 4:30pm and Saturday morning slots. YOUNG HERK is still with us but only 4 days a week (which actually isn't bad because it still gives us 2 hours a week of the gang and they will not have to repeat episodes as frequently), Tuesday through Friday at 3:30pm. So, do not panic. YOUNG HERK is still with us, just more precious and shown earlier. But, if you like the show, be sure to vote for it at the contest they are having at the KidFox page. Just click "WIN BIG" and vote for YOUNG HERK.

    11-10-98. And more YOUNG HERK news. Chris Conrad (Young Jason) may not be in many more episodes because he has recently signed to do a motion picture. His already filmed coronation episode will air very soon and the production staff wants him back at least as a guest star during season two, if not as a regular like he is this season. And yes, there are plans afoot for a second season. RenPic is very optimisitc and are forging ahead to planning the second season. The show, to cover Young Jason's absence, will continue to use Lillith more. Lillith is played by the same actress who played Seraphim in XWP's SACRIFICE. However, they plan to mature her a bit and have her be less rude and wimpy as she has tended to be in the show.

    11-10-98. So, where has Ares been of late? Kevin Smith has been working almost fulltime over at the YOUNG HERK set. Ares is a major recurring character on the show and perhaps this is why he has been somewhat absence on the parent shows? Or could it be his band is playing more gigs and he is hitting the stage circuit again? Whatever is happening, Smith is a busy guy. Did you know he also does stand-up? That is no surprise if you have ever seen him at a convention. Highly personable and friendly. I wish him luck in WHATEVER he's doing these days.

    11-10-98. And now we come to a Ted Raimi update. Raimi was signed for 13 XWP, 2 HTLJ, and possibly the rest of his contract spent on YOUNG HERCULES (approx. 7 episodes). So far, Joxer has been in 2 XENA episodes: A FAMILY AFFAIR and IN SICKNESS AND IN HELL. He has not been mentioned as a cast member for either LOCKED UP AND TIED DOWN or CRUSADER. We know he is in KEY TO THE KINGDOM and IF THE SHOE FITS. That leaves 12 episodes where Raimi may appear 9 times. The problem with these numbers is that we were told that Joxer does not appear as Joxer in the India episodes, which are 4 in number. That makes it 8 episodes for 9. And then, I do not recall seeing Joxer listed in the cast list for DAUGHTER OF POMIRA. He might be in PARADISE FOUND, which supposedly has only 4 characters, but I thought the four characters were Aiden, the Gatekeeper, Xena, and Gabrielle! And then he might be in PAST IMPERFECT, but that is a flashback/Caesar episode which seems a bit too dramatic and intense for Joxer to be around. Anyways, it looks like Raimi might not make his 13 episode quota. Over in HERK, Raimi is signed for the YES VIRGINIA sequel, playing a writer on the HTLJ's staff. It was supposed that Raimi would play the alternative universe Joxer in STRANGER AND STRANGER, but the director, Bruce Campbell has stated that Raimi has not been cast in that episode...so where will Raimi pop up in HERCULES? And I have not seen him in YOUNG HERK either, but then there are about 26 more episodes of YOUNG HERK to go this season. This has been a Ted Raimi update. We now return to our regularly scheduled gossip.

    11-09-98. We have been assured by several sources that this 6th season will not be Herk's last season; however, we have gotten no news on contracts being signed or number of seasons being renewed. The same is almost true of XENA. The voices aren't as adament as Herk, but there is a strong feeling that season 5 mightnot necessarily be Xena's last.

    11-09-98. Over the summer, the co-producers of HTLJ, Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman said that their goal for Herk's 5th season would be to beat XWP in the ratings. So far no dice (but then the season is young!), but I predict that on the repreats HTLJ will see some improvement where XWP will dip. HTLJ is currently airing quite a compelling and well-done storyline and I am confident that it will find its audience soon. It takes a while for the audience to turn and I hope that HERK gets the audience it deserves, especially this season which this year has been it's best ever, in my humble opinion.

    11-09-98. The new and improved USA channel is now going to do orginal programming. And RenPic is right there! Tapert/Raimi are developing with Shaun Cassady (they teamed up before for AMERICAN GOTHIC; and Cassady did recently ROAR for FOX) a weekly hour show called LOVE POLICE. Yes, LOVE POLICE! According to the press release, it is the story of a cynical Philadelphia cop who teams with a love goddess to fight crime. I wonder if anyone has contaced Aphrodite?

    11-09-98. Bruce Campbell will be directing the HTLJ STRANGER AND STRANGER, and Campbell reports that neither Hudson Leick or Ted Raimi will be in it. That means, of course, no showings by the alternative Callisto (Priestess CAllisto) or alternative Joxer. Which makes us wonder if indeed Priestess Callisto may have been written out of whatever she was going to appear in.

    11-08-98. It looks like the clip show for XENA will be PEARL AND THE BOOK. It is to be directed by Renee O'Connor and features Robert Trebor playing Salmoneus. Salmoneus' last appearance on XWP was back in the middle of the second season on HERE SHE COMES...MISS AMPHIPOLIS. This also seems to put to bed the runors that the clip show would be the long awaited return to the adventures of Janice Covington and Melinda Pappas. HTLJ's clip show will be a sequel to YES VIRGINIA THERE IS A HERCULES, called FOR THOSE OF YOU JUST JOINING US. This time around the happy production crew of HTLJ goes to a writing camp under the tutelage of camp counselor Sunny Daye (played by Renee O'Connor). Robert Trebor, Ted Raimi, Hudson Leick, Kevin Smith, and Bruce Campbell will also apppear in FOR THOSE OF YOU.

    11-08-98. So, what is really happening with the proposed episode WARRIOR...POETESS...TRAMP where our ladies visit the isle of Lesbos and meet the poet Sappho? It was on the fast track for a while and Lucy Lawless even promoted it in a TV Guide interview over the summer, but then according to Steve Sears they ran into some writing problems. They just couldn't get it to work apparently they way they wanted it work. Also, singer kd lang showed interest in the show. Originally Lucy Lawless was to play the role of Sappho and would run it as one of their traditional annual Lawless playing multiparts episode (e.g., WARRIOR...PRINCESS, WARRIOR...PRINCESS...TRAMP, and WARRIOR...PRIESTESS...TRAMP). But then kd lang expressed interest in playing Sappho. Also, the parties thought this would be a good episode to spin a record off from, so suddenly record producers and publishers came into play and before you could say "Read me another poem, Sappho", the episode had been buried under enough red tape to keep it from seeing the light of day for years! It all links back to that dance CD they wanted to release once upon a time. They decided that a kd lang number would be great. But MCA Records (linked with Universal) at that time showed little interest in the possibility of a CD yet also did not want Polygram to produce it either (Polygram was about to be purchased by Universal at that time). Politics. It's a fun game, don't you think? So, this episode is currently still in development hell. Along with the Mel and Janice sequel as well, apparently.

    11-07-98. Robert Tapert is slated to direct PARADISE LOST which is supposedly going to out-do BITTER SUITE in the mystical factors.

    11-07-98. As strange as it sounds, as reported at the Phoenix Con in May 31, 1998, Herk and Iolaus (his currently very dead best pal) were slated to do their own "Day in the Life" type episode were they get to bathe together too. And speaking of Iolaus, my money is on Iolaus coming back as the blind date of Hope for DARKNESS RISING. Hahahahha. Just kidding. But we were told that Dahak was going to make more than one appearance this year, and they have to get Iolaus back somehow so the boys can take a bath together. And, also it was mentioned over last summer that Hope would make YET ANOTHER appearance on HTLJ. Have you noticed that after she is killed on XENA, she just moseys on over to HERK to be reborn again? Well, she missed that step after falling into Daddy's fire pit, but after getting one of Junior's spikes, it looks like a trip to Uncle Herk is needed to get her back into action. What better way than to have Daddy bring Iolaus back as a low paid lackey? And with HERK being so wacky already, I think it'd make a great ending to this series of first runs. Then we have all of December to ponder this problem and then the next collection of new runs can take a couple of episodes to show us how Herk gets back Iolaus from mean Dahak and the boys can get to that bath. Actually, I could care less about the bath. I am anxiously waiting that great double date episode called "Hercules, Morrigan, Iolaus, and Nebula".

    11-07-98. Ted Raimi is purportedly signed for two HERK episodes this season. We know one will be the YES VIRGINIA sequel, FOR THOSE OF YOU JUST JOINING US. Perhaps the other will be the ex-3D Alternative universe episode to be directed by Bruce Campbell? Raimi also might make some appearances on YOUNG HERCULES as Joxer's grandfather.

    11-06-98. It looks like that wild and woolly epic WEEKEND AT JOXERS (where Joxer and the gang were going to be stranded on an island and have Joxer worshipped as a god, and all still have something to do with WEEKEND AT BERNIES) has been dropped. Yup, it has disappeared, as they say. It has been replaced in the production schedule by IF THE SHOE FITS. SHOE is looking like a Joxer intensive comedy based somewhat on the Cinderella story. It will be directed by Josh Becker, the autere Joxer director.

    11-06-98. More info about Indrajit, found at TV Zone: "Xena, Warrior Princess, has faced legions of monsters in her syndicated adventure series. This season, she'll face the ultimate evil: Indrajit. This Indian devil sprouts multiple arms when angered, and loves to make snacks out of cute blonde sidekicks." SNACKS OUT OF CUTE BLONDE SIDEKICKS???? Uh-oh. Might be time for Gabrielle to go for those post-Grad credits in Athens she had been thinking about...

    11-06-98. I thought it would be fun to review the spoiler news that Marilyn Beck posted at the beginning of the season. Beck mentioned that "In subsequent episodes, Xena engineers a decisive battle between two feuding cultures and embarks on a spiritual quest that leads to Egypt, Mesopotamia, India and Jerusalem." The Egypt one is easy. It will no doubt be LOVE AND DEATH IN ALEXANDRA with Cleopatra (portrayed by that wonderful actress, Gina Torres -- can you tell I am a fan?). India we know will be covered in 4 episodes or so. Supposedly they will be stand alones and not a great sweeping 4 episode arc (bummer, but live with it). I haven't been able to pinpoint exactly which episodes are the "India" ones, but as soon as we figure them out we will post. My money is on SMOKE AND MIRRORS being one. Others think BETWEEN THE LINES may be as well, whereas others think BETWEEN THE LINES may be the clip show to be directed by Renee O'Connor. The two wild cards are Mesopotamia and Jerusalem. Hercules hung out in Mesopotamia in his season-opener FAITH, and we found out in DESCENT that Nebula (again, protrayed by that incredibly wonderful actress Gina Torres -- seriously, can you tell I am a fan?) is the Queen of Sumaria. Perhaps if the ladies do indeed visit Mesopotamia, we will finally have Xena and Nebula meet? Or maybe have Gabrielle pair up with Nebula for the episode? Oh, the possibilities are limitless. Anyways, enough about my fantasies, it would be cool to see Nebula on XWP. However, again, some believe that Najara from CRUSADER will take the gals to either Mesopotamia or Jerusalem. The odds look bad that CRUSADER is an India episode since it is to be aired so early in the season. So, we have a lot more travel in sight for the ladies and this can only be good. But what about the two feuding cultures? It couldn't have been GOOD DAY since Caesar and Pompey are of the same culture, Imperilist Rome. How about DAUGHTER OF POMIRA, where Xena seeks to open a dialoge with the Horde? Or could she be talking about the evil Xena and how she engineered the Battle of Corinth in PAST IMPERFECT? One thing about Xena, she seems to be engineering battles at the drop of a hat or broadsword.

    11-06-98. The contract looks like it is falling through, but supposedly FoxKids took an option on AMAZON HIGH that of YOUNG HERCULES did well, they would pick up AMAZON HIGH as a thirty minure companion piece for YOUNG HERK. So...that means AMAZON HIGH is being developed not for an adult audience such as XWP or HTLJ, but as a children's show. Food for thought.

    11-06-98. Some rumors here and there that Renee O'Connor hopes to make at least one convention apppearance in 1999. The possibilities are still California (longshot), Texas or Orlando.

    11-06-98. The film that Renee O'Connor shot in June 1998, RUBBERNECKING, hasn't been sold yet. So we wait patiently...

    11-06-98. Just to remind everyone, Steve Sears (co-executive producer, XWP) said in a Real Hollywood Chat 04/14/98 that they were expecting to have more singing in the 4th season. The episode TALE OF TWO MUSES looks like it might have a musical number, and also the episode IF THE SHOE FITS could conceivably throw in a song or two. Joxer sang yet another verse of his song in IN SICKNESS AND IN HELL.

    11-01-98. At the Chicago Creation Con (10-31/11-01-98) Robert Trebor announced that he is going back to NZ in December to do a XENA episode (more info to follow). Salmoneus shall return to the Xenaverse!

    11-01-98. Renee O'Connor is expected to direct the XWP clip show for the 4th season. O'Connor spent a lot of time behind the camera working with T.J. Scott as he directed ADVENTURES IN THE SIN TRADE. The clip shows of XWP/HTLJ are usually stand alone episodes themselves that happen to consist of 50% previously aired clips, which often times make great contributions to the show's "canon" and understanding of the arcane storylines running throughout the two shows.

    11-01-98. RenPics released a casting call on 10-19-98 for a character called Indrajit -- the devil, according to East Indian lore. The role requires a tall fellow willing to wear prosthetic devices. Indrajit may initially appear kindly and unassuming, but if angered or threatened, he sprouts multiple arms and is ruthless and deadly. Sounds like a fun party guy, eh?

    11-01-98. Claire Stansfield at the San Francisco Creation Con (10-17-98) stated that she will be doing another XWP episode in the future as a re-incarnated character. My money on on a return for Alti.

    11-01-98. First season HERK videos and second season XENA videos are on their way. It is also possible now to purchase first season XENA videos separately. I believe they are being packaged with two episodes per tape.

    11-01-98. At a recent Creation Con, Ted Raimi mentioned a few things:

  • We will meet Joxer's brother Jace, who apparently has both male and female characteristics. I don't know about you, but that really gives me the creeps. Hee hee. The episode will NOT be WEEKEND AT JOXERS.

  • WEEKEND AT JOXERS takes place on a deserted island.

  • Raimi purportedly stated that there will be a love affair between Gabrielle and Joxer. However, this contradicts information from Steve Sears at Dragon Con (09/98). Sears did offer the qualifier that there would be no romance between the two if Rob Tapert didn't change his mind. Did Tapert change his mind? Or is Raimi having fun with the fans again as he has a history of doing? Once again, only time will tell. If Joxer does have a romance, it looks like it will have to be a very quick one. Xena and Gabrielle's dance card is almost filled up for the season. One spot it may pop up in is, IF THE SHOE FITS, another Josh Becker/Joxer direction. Sounds like it is based upon the fairy tale, Cinderella, and it might allow some "fantasy" element of a Joxer/Gabrielle romance, but ending with a Bobby Ewing in the shower type thing.

  • CINDERELLA is in the process NOW of being filmed (late October-early November shoot). Before flying to New Zealand, Raimi was instructed to take some ballroom lessons as preparation for the episode.
  • 11-01-98. Sharon Delaney, head of the Official Xena and Herk Fan Clubs administered by Creation Entertainment, was at the Cherry Hill Creation Con (08-29-98) in NJ and shared the following information:

  • The 3D episode is titled STRANGER AND STRANGER and features the Sovereign and the rest of the alternative universe originally set up in STRANGER IN A STRANGE WORLD (H64/405) and ARMAGGEDON NOW (H72-73/413-414). Xena and Gabrielle are in it, but they might be the "normal" Xena and Gabrielle, not the alternative universe ones. Since this con, Bruce Campbell, the director of the show, has stated that the show is no longer planned to be in 3-D. Bummer, man.

  • There will be a sequel to "...AND FANCY FREE" (H67/408) with the Widow Twankey. Some were thinking it was going to be SOMEWHERE OVER RAINBOW BRIDGE (H88/507), but we now know RAINBOW BRIDGE is the conclusion of the two parter where the Herkster visits Sacandanavia and Valhalla -- not really a Widow Twanky kind of thang.

  • Ephiny, Hope, and Atalanta will be back to visit Hercules. Ephiny, however, will not be in XWP's AMAZON REUNION because of conflicts in her calendar. We are happy that she's working steady, but we are also sad that it looks like Eph will miss out on Xena's 4th season...but it looks like she will be able to fit into the HERK schedule. I am curious how Hope will appear in HERK. We all know that woman has nine lives, but still...I wonder if she will mention anything about the tragic end of her and Ares' love child, Junior (O Chupy, we knew thee not long enough)?

  • Callisto will not be back in either XENA or HERK. But Hudson Leick will return as "Liz" in the sequel to YES VIRGINIA THERE IS A HERCULES (74/415). That sequel, FOR THOSE OF YOU JUST JOINING US (90/509), the gang goes to a writers camp in the wilds. The episode is scheduled to ne released after the holiday break on January 4, 1999. Renee O'Connor joins the cast as a new character, Sunny Day, a camp counselor.

  • Sharon said, "It will be a tough year for Iolaus". And BOY, she was not kidding. Already we are into the 5th episode of the season and Iolaus is still cold as a rock. Well, they fooled me. I thought Iolaus would be back by Resurrection. WHAT DID I KNOW??? I don't think they will bring him back during the Scandanavian escapades, so that leaves DARKNESS RISING (89/508) for Iolaus to come back to us. Some conjecture has Iolaus coming back possessed by Dahak for a couple of episodes and then becoming himself again around EXORCISM, which may or may have not been given a new name. You know, whenever the Iolausster comes back, you have to admit, that this is the story-arc to beat all other story-arcs and the XENA writing staff should study this as how to do a long term story properly.

    Finally, Michael Hurst has been signed for 22 episodes but Sharon didn't know whether it was for one year or two. I am still holding out for one year. The deal was most likely pay or play to reserve his time and included some directing gigs. I also heard another version of this as being 22 episodes for season 6. I guess we will just have to stay tuned. The good news, of course, is that Hurst IS coming back.
  • 11-01-98. Bruce Campbell will be directing the HTLJ episode REDEMPTION, which supposedly involves an exorcism of Iolaus. This may be a new name for the episode EXORCISM, or EXORCISM might be part two of REDEMPTION. Campbell on his website describes it as a cross between "The Exorcist" and "The Last Temptation of Iolaus."


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