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Here is the archive!!!

These babies cover December 1998...that's why we call it an ARCHIVE!

Last update: 01-05-99

12-26-98. On 12/15/98, XWP executive producer R.J. Stewart, chatted awhile at the RealHollywood site. Here's what he said:

"What about Morrigan or Nebula crossing over to the Xena world?"

R.J.Stewart says "I mean .. it's a possibility. I'm aware of those characters from Hercules. No immediate plans for it, but good characters are hard to find. There's a definite possibility that we'd bring them over."

On passionate fans

R.J.Stewart says "So, when I go to the conventions and see the people that have embraced the series I think we're lucky to have such passionate fans .. even the ones that are mad at us at times. Well, maybe. I mean we talk about that a lot, believe me .. that's one of things we talk about a lot. But, you know, that fifth season will have a lot of stuff in it that we've talked about before but have never realized."

"How do you all deal with [criticism of the show]? Do you really listen to it?"

R.J.Stewart says "As I said, I'm not the internet person. I believe that's where the criticism would be .. so I don't hear a lot of it. Others hear are more attuned to it and they give me a capsulation .. I'm sensitive to it, not cavalier about it. But, we made this series that we as a group here thought would be a good show that we like and we're going to continue to do that. We hear that data and understand and listen to it to a certain extent, but we're not going to design our show around it. But, we respect it. I have a great deal of affection towards the people that are so involved with it that they get upset about it .. but in the end, we're going to make the series that we want to make."

"DONT CUT GABS HAIR! YOU MAD?? I mean that in a very respectful way."

R.J.Stewart says "Okay."

HSHost says "So, I guess they want her to keep her hair."

R.J.Stewart says "Okay."

"[In Adventures in the Sin Trade 2] Was that Renee's real hair, or a wig? (In Crucifixion scene)"

R.J.Stewart says "That was .. let's put it this way, we cut her hair later on, so you figure it out."

"When are we gonna see the crucifixion scene!!?"

R.J.Stewart says "Thank you, great to hear that! I love it, too. You'll see it before the fourth season is over .. very late."

"[W]ill [Joxer] ever leave or die, he gets on my nerves?"

R.J.Stewart says "No, he'll be there forever and ever getting on your nerves."

HSHost says "Okay. So, better take some medication."

"What do you know about Bruce Campbell's character Autolycus, in terms of having him appear in some more eps?"

R.J.Stewart says "Well, Bruce is great for our show cause people love him and he's good for ratings. So, it's depending on his availability cause he's got other things going .. so he'll be back."

"Is it true they are downplaying the X&G subtext this season and in the future?"

R.J.Stewart says "Not at all. It's not true."

"[A]re you planing on using [Renee O'Connor] for another look alike?"

R.J.Stewart says "Once again, no plans for it. I think that maybe we've "look aliked" ourselves out for a while...Perhaps there won't be a lot more look alike shows in the future. But, I think it was cool to have Gabrielle play Hope."

"[W]ill ares ever stop tormenting xena"

R.J.Stewart says "No! Never! For eternity he's going to try to torment her and she's going to constantly foil him."

"Do you foresee another musical episode at some point? Or, at the very least, will Lucy get another chance to sing (something besides the funeral dirge)?"

R.J.Stewart says "Yes, she will get the chance to sing things other than the funeral durge. A musical like "The Bittersweet" we haven't talked about. Anything's possible. But, there's no immediate plans for it. That was tough. Oooh. That was toughie."

"Will an episode from Argo's point of view (like A Day In The Life) ever come about?"

R.J.Stewart says "You know, we played with things like that. And, there is ... you know, we haven't found out how to do it yet. But, we've played with things similar to that .. so we struggle with it. The time has come for us to do it so .. but we have played with concepts similar to that, yeah."

"When is Gabrielle getting a horse...I'm tired of seeing her walk..."

R.J.Stewart says "We talked about that a lot and I think there's a shot in the fifth season .. no decision has been made there."

HSHost says "Is there a reason she doesn't have a horse?"

R.J.Stewart says "It's just very difficult to have two horses on the set .. a production thing. But, it seemed to work that she's on the horse (Xena) and G's on foot. Like a Don Quixote thing. You get the point."

"Are the current eps being run out of order? The characters seem a little disjointed from one ep to the next."

R.J.Stewart says "Well, it depends on what you mean by out of order.. run out of production order, yes. But that doesn't mean we didn't plan them to run in the order in which they're being run. You develop an episode, try to take into consideration what happened in episode one so that it's reflected in episode two, but you really can't ... each episode has to stand on it's own anyway .. that's not good that they seem disjointed .. but I don't think the solution is rigorously cementing in an order .. I think that'd make it too rigid. I don't know if I answered that question?"

"Will there be many more episodes with Hercules and Iolas as guests in XWP?"

R.J.Stewart says "Uh .... we're not planning that now. It's not on the immediate horizon."

"Any little tidbits for the rest of Season 4?"

R.J.Stewart says "Right now Robert Trebor's scheduled to be in an episode...And, we're going to India. The spiritual quest that we keep talking about and tantalizing people with .. we're going to get into that ... brace that totally .. that spiritual odyssey once we get into India. And, some characters will return that you might be glad to see."

"[H]as Xenastaff begun discussing the direction of "Xena" for the fifth season?"

R.J.Stewart says "Yes and no. I mean we have a glimmer of a direction but we could change it completely. We're just beginning to discuss it.. some things in the fourth season will necessitate we address them in the fifth season. We had to address Xena's killing at the beginning of the fourth .. so there are things being planted now that we have to pay off next season .. but as far as designing particular episodes, it's in the most embryonic state right now."

"Are there any possibilities of a Xena episode where she would be in the 1990's."

R.J.Stewart says "Um, no comment which means we're kind of in that area already...I mean we .. nevermind. I'm not going to say anymore about that."

"[W]hat is the ultimate Xena storyline that you would like to write, but haven't yet written?"

R.J.Stewart says "We've done a lot of them. I'd like to do something with Pompei, the destruction of it. I don't know if we can afford to do a convincing lava flow destroying a city but I'd like to see how they handle it .. like the bad guys in Jaws .. trying to cover up the fact that the volcano is about to blow and Xena and Gabrielle moving people out. And, it'll turn out that the bodies we've discovered in Pompeii today were the bad guys!"

"On the first appearance of Xena in Hercules she told Iolaus that she had THREE brothers but so far they've only introduced two Lyceus and Toris are you planning to introduce the third one or what?"

R.J.Stewart says "Hey, that's a good idea!...We hadn't planned on it but why not go to that well again? I don't think we did the brothers right so far and I wouldn't mind exploring it .. a good idea. But, we hadn't planned it."

"Are you going to the Xena convention in Santa Monica?"

R.J.Stewart says "Yes."

12-26-98. On 12/09/98, producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci spilled more than beans, during a RealHollywood chat. Here are the highlights:

  • As to the season ahead,
    Orci: "You can expect...the wrap up of the Dahak arc, you'll see how that goes."
    Kurtzman: "Expect to see Michael in a dress again."
    Orci: "[S]ome old characters to come back and a few lighter things."
    Kurtzman: "[A]nd you can expect people to meet their double...and romance and you'll laugh and cry and come to terms"
    Orci: "And, Alex and I will get fired."

  • They mentioned that not will Michael Hurst be singing in a quickly upcoming episode, but that we will also be hearing Kevin Sorbo sing as well.

  • They mentioned that a Morrigan/Nebula spon-off has been considered and that there is a chance that there will be one.

  • There are no plans to bring back "The Destroyers" or "The Enforcers", however, Orci mentioned that "our exec producer really likes the Enforcer so you may see that." Kurtzmann added, "[T]hat fight between the two of them was one of the best fights we ever did."

  • The episode Redemption was never titled Exorcism, or at least Orci and Kurtzmann don't think so.

  • They are considering having a show in the 6th season where Hercules discovers America.

  • The contracts for HTLJ runs through 2000, which is the end of the 6th season. Orci stated that the year 2000 is the "point the world will end anyway and there will be no more TV."

  • When asked when Morrigan is scheduled to die, because she became a significant other of Hercules, Kurtzman stated that, "Morrigan is not scheduled to die."

  • Will Caesar appear on HERCULES again? "no plans" and at least "not this year".

  • They have been trying to get Sam Jenkins Sorbo to appear on the show but she has been too busy and its been difficult to coordinate her appearence. If they can get her, she will appear as a new character, not one that she has played before on the show.

  • Hope will not be back on HERCULES.

  • When asked, ""When you say that Iolaus is coming back you mean the 'Real' Iolaus right, not the 'Alternate Universe' Iolaus?", Orci answered, "[Y]es. But, you may see a little of both."

  • Asked whether Robert Trebor will direct another HERCULES, Orci said, "[y]eah when his number comes up again."

  • when asked, "Who will you kill off next?" Orci ansered, "Um ... Who's next? Let's see." Kurtzman said, "I don't think we have any deaths this year .. there's nobody left! We've killed everyone! [W]e don't like to do it randomly .. we like to put a lot of thought into it .. there's got to be a reason." Jokingly, Orci ended with, "We'll kill Salmoneus."

  • They plan to deal permanently with the Dahak story line. Orci said, "[O]nce he's out of the picture, it's for good."

  • No Iphicles this season. Orci observed however, "[H]ave you noticed that you never see those two in the same room together? Ares and Iphicles?"

  • No baths for Herk and Iolaus together, this season or next.

  • Ares will be returning in a couple of shows.

  • Big plans are being made for the 100th episode. "[I]t'll be the mixture of two famous myths .. Hercules being one and the other you'll see. The other mythological character will not be from our time period."

  • They do not know whether Cory Everson will return.

  • Salmoneus will be back on HERCULES. In fact, they were writing an episode wih him in it the week they did this chat.

  • As to Callisto and hudson Leick, they said, "We love Hudson and Callisto and she's made the jump over to features .. she's become more difficult to get .. but we will bring her back. I bet you have a Callisto poster, the person who asked that question."

  • There's a chance that Morrigan will become a regular on HERCULES. She will definitely be in a couple more shows. They have no made the big decisions about next season yet.

  • They are working on some possible crossovers, but "it's very difficult to do that given the schedule of both shows don't always allow it .. but we'd like to do it .. always trying .. as soon as we can."

  • As to Iolaus death, they said, "One of the reasons we killed him is that everyone said they were tired of the comedies we had to do due to Kevin's absence. And, there are unsubstantiated rumors flying around .... make no mistake about it ... Iolaus will be back." On the same topic, they stated, "We wanted to put everyone through the pain Hercules is feeling and the best way is to take away something that you also love. You can't like a dark storyline without having a reason for it to be dark. That's why the dark storylines work."

  • There philopshy of the show? "[T]he key to making the show work is variety .. some are dark, and some are absolute comedies. And, the shows in between."
  • 12-26-98. And what about Iolaus? What's all this about the rumors of Iolaus being no more? Could these rumors have been fanned by Michael Hurst's comments in Topps' HERCULES/XENA YEARBOOK currently available at newstands? To wit:

  • On Iolaus' death: "Make no mistake about it...Iolaus will in fact truly die and be laid to rest. The fans who will be hoping to see the old Iolaus come back... well, he won't. 'Hercules, you're hanging on to what we had, you better grow up buddy, because that's gone.' It may be difficult for some viewers to accept this, but that's definitely the gist of things."

  • On Iolaus' return: "Somehow, the parallel Iolaus [introduced in STRANGER IN A STRANGE WORLD] winds up with Hercules. And he's quite different...He's not as brash, not a fighter the way the old Iolaus was. He wants to be an inventor, he's a good cook... he's all the things Iolaus wasn't."
  • 12-15-98. We are in the midst of battling airing schedules again. One camp states that the next first runs for Herk will be: FOR THOSE, LET THERE BE LIGHT, REDEMPTION, SKY HIGH, and STRANGER AND STRANGER. The other states that the order will be: FOR THOSE, JUST PASSING THROUGH, RETRIBUTION, REDEMPTION, and LET THERE BE LIGHT. We are working on getting confirmation on either of these or on something else. I will not change the airing schedule until we get more evidence that this new information is more likely to be correct.

    12-15-98. Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman were on a RealHollywood on-line chat Tuesday 12-08-98. Here's what they said:

  • The most important news is captured in this exchange:

    HSHost presents the speaker with question #294 from Heath96001: any chance for a Morrigan/Nebula spin-off series?

    Alex/Bob says, "It's definitely been considered. So, yes there is a chance."

    Alex/Bob says, "A: Sure."

    Crystal Ball: If there were a NE-BU-LA spin-off series, WHOOSH would become decidedly NEBULIZED.

  • And what would be a season without...Dahak?

    HSHost presents the speaker with question #292 from Sid: Can you give us some words about what we can expect for the season ahead....?

    Alex/Bob says, "B: You can expect .. um .. the wrap up of the Dahak arc, you'll see how that goes."

    Crystal Ball: I see NE-BU-LA whupping some Dahak hinder for messing with her man. She's fair, so she'll let Herk and Morrigan get some action too.

  • The boys mentioned that "their executive producer" would like a XENA/HERCULES crossover. Since STRANGER AND STRANGER reportedly has Xena and Gabrielle appearing in it as themselves (not as their alt universe doppelgangers), and this was well known when they said this, perhaps they are thinking about another more mainstream crossover in the vein of PROMETHEUS.

  • As to you can't keep a good villain down theory:

    HSHost presents the speaker with question #182 from Delphi_Oracle: Please! Please! More Callisto.

    Alex/Bob says, "We love Hudson and Calisto and she's made the jump over to features .. she's become more difficult to get .. but we will bring her back."

  • Appparently Hercules and Iolaus will bathe, not withstanding the trepidation of some fans, but they will do so not together.

  • Michael Hurst in drag and with a song on his lips will be back. The Widow Twanky apparently cannot be held back.

  • When Iolaus FINALLY returns (yeah, he won't stay dead for long), he'll be A cross between the 'old' Iolaus and the 'alternate' Iolaus, whatever the heck THAT means.

  • The episode REDEMPTION was never named EXORCISM. EXORCISM is either an episode which has been dropped or will show again. Apparently it has not be renamed.

  • Salmoneus (Robert Trebor) will be back in the Hercaverse (in fact they were currently trying to get Trebor for a script they were going to start writing in a couple of days). Autolycus' (Bruce Campbell) status is unknown. Ares (Kevin Smith) will sneak away from the YOUNG HERK set and be in a couple of episodes, one of which, which may be coming up shortly. Iphicles, Kevin Smith's other regular role on HERK, will not appear this season.
  • 12-15-98. There are more rumors that Kevin Sorbo wants to call it quits at the end of the 6th season (which he considers the 7th season, when you include the Action Pack HERCULES TV movies from 1994), especially after he said about the same in an ACCESS HOLLYWOOD interview this month (apparently he wants to cut his hair differently). This is not bad news. Stay with me. What if they used the last season of HERK to build up on a Nebula/Iolaus show? And then have Sorbo guest star every now and then? Just a thought.

    12-15-98. I don't know about you, but I apparently cannot get enough of NE-BU-LA. Click below for some shots of NE-BU-LA in what I think is LET THERE BE LIGHT, but I could be wrong.

    Click here to see NE-BU-LA along with her pals Morrigan and Herk and some other dude watch Iolaus go through a Dahaktomy.

    Click here to see NE-BU-LA and Iolaus in a touching moment.

    Click here to see NE-BU-LA and her Mod Squad.

    All I can say, is GET THIS WOMAN A SHOW OF HER OWN. NOW!!!!

    12-15-98. Latest from the Josh Becker website! Renee O'Connor and Ted Raimi not only cut a rug together in IF THE SHOW FITS, but also get to sing a song. Let's hope it is NOT Joxer the Mighty.

    12-15-98. Claire Stansfield has just recently filmed the XWP episode BETWEEN THE LINES in NZ. She plays Alti (and Alti's really mad at Xena this time!) with Rick Jacobson directing. WHOOSH will have an interview with Ms. Stansfield in their special GRRLFRIENDS OF XENA issue, scheduled to be released January 1, 1999.

    12-15-98. LOVE ON THE ROCKS, a new HERCULES episode, was filmed earlier this month in NZ. It was written by Kevin Maynard and is about a mermaid who falls in love with Iolaus (sounds liek the start of a limerick). Sorbo is either not in the episode or appears peripherally, because Sorbo was in Hawaii having some R&R at the beginning of this month.


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